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Get To Know Jen Kingwell!

Hello everyone! Please welcome back Jen Kingwell to the Jolly Jabber! A few months ago, we asked you to post your burning questions for Jen through our instagram (if you don’t follow us, you should!). We have compiled the questions and recorded a special Q&A edition with Jen today. And we know you’ll LOVE it. 

We know that you’ve been begging for a tutorial on Jen’s ring pincushion that she sported during our filming day and she was sweet enough to do a tutorial with us. If you’re sewing your own version, don’t forget to tag us with #ringpincushion and #fqsfun on instagram. 
Ready for another giveaway? Let us know what surprised you the most from Jen’s Q& A video in the comments section of the blog and you might just win 5 of Jen’s patterns. We will randomly pick a winner on April 21, 2015. Happy Quilting everyone. 

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  1. I was surprised that I've got the same experience with my first EPP hexagon quilt (still not finished with papers that mean a lot to me). I am thankful for the tip with organizing stash by scale of print – I didn't thought about that earlier!

  2. Jen was the first person I have ever heard that suggests sorting by scale of fabric. Also very interesting that Jen was trying to design a line of fabrics that looked scrappy. Everyone else is busy coordinating every piece. Love her work. Cheryl

  3. I was surprised that she hand quilts with 12 wt. thread! Not that there's anything wrong with that. It does give a certain look that obviously she likes! Gotta do what makes you heart sing, right?!

  4. I was surprised at the size of needle she uses to hand piece. I was excited to lean she uses lots of different fabrics of all different types in her quilts.
    tracinecharest at Gmail dot com

  5. I was (pleasantly!) surprised that she said to take your time with quilting. So many quilters – professional and otherwise – seem to think the faster you can sew, the better. I feel that takes a lot of the fun out of it, and I love that Jen does not think one has to rush.

  6. Love the three tips given. Many quilters will give more technical tips but hers were spot on and goes to the heart of quilting.
    I also appreciate the needle feedback. I have been struggling to find the right needle for applique and I still have not found the one for me. Will need to give those she suggested a try. Finally, great sorting tip. Never thought about the scale thing. It definitely would help if you have a substantial stash. Thanks for the excellent video.

  7. Hi! I love that she has unfinished paper pieces from nursing school, on which she used medical notes, and how she keeps them that way as part of her history.

    This line is so cheerful, I hope I get a chance to use them!

    Thank you!

  8. I love that she is a nurse also (me too!). And her advice on wishing she had taken out a problem area of a quilt rather than ignore it. I've wondered many times about that—if I should take the time to redo something. She answered my question on that!

  9. I think I may have read that Jen had a nursing background but that had slipped my mind. So, I was surprised to (re)learn that we have that in common.
    I had a pincushion like that years ago that was designed to go on the thumb. I believe it was purchased from "Just Jennifer" but don't know if she was the original designer.
    Just a warning….don't forget that you are NOT wearing the pincushion. I have stabbed my self a time or two!

  10. Loved her tip to sort fabrics not only by color (I do) but also by SCALE. Brilliant. Guess how I am going to spend my weekend(s)!

  11. I was surprised that Jen grew up in a household where her mom (and presumably other maternal figures) didn't stitch or have a machine. For a young girl to do a lot of hand stitching and carry that love throughout her life as a career and hobby is truly unique. But then, it's JEN!!

  12. I love that she is a nurse – my mom is a nurse and always used that as an excuse not to sew – said she couldn't do both!

  13. Being a nurse , I guess I was surprised and fascinated both that we had common ground. I can see why the hexagons she kept , I also worked i. The nursing home and those residents touch your lives.
    Thank you for the chance to win the patterns

  14. What an enjoyable interview. Love that she was inspired by Freddie Moran with the paraphrase about if 10 fabrics won't work, then 110 will. I also love to embrace the process like she does and smiled with the medical paper piecing she started.

  15. That Jenn has been living in the Middle East. We don't hear much about quilting in that part of the world. Thank you, I really enjoyed the interview.

  16. Loved to hear she is a nurse. Me too, and several in my family. the store about the unfinished hexi quilt is precious.

  17. I was surprised that she did not think she could get a "scrappy" made quilt from a single line of fabric…That is how I feel whenever I see a quilt pattern stating that it was sew with "so and so's, line of fabric"…..

  18. I was surprised and then elated to hear her suggest sorting by scale. Now I can go back and add a subset to my sorted-by-color fabric. I am a nerd and love that kind of thing.

  19. Several things about Jen surprised me. First of all that she has not yet finished her first quilt! Secondly, that she uses a #24 chenille needle with 12wt thread for hand quilting. Thirdly, that she hand quilts in sections. Love it. Fourthly, she does not use one method of EPP or hand piecing exclusively. Refreshing and encouraging. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway.

  20. I was pleasantly surprised that Jen shared the size needles she uses but says it is a personal preference. Some instructors insist that their way is the only way! i'm a scrappy quilter too and I'll be on the lookout for her Moda line of fabric.

  21. I was surprised to hear that Jen has an UFO hexagon. I have been working on one for awhile now. Also that she used scrap medical papers. My daughter cut ours from papers from a job she had.

  22. I found most surprising is use more fabrics rather than less – "10 might not work but 110 will".

  23. What a great interview! I so enjoyed listening to Jen talk about quilting and hearing her tips. And I'll definitely be making a ring pincushion — so cute and practical! I guess the thing that surprised me most was that she grew up in a non-sewing household because I did too and I've always loved to sew ever since I was a little girl. I think, maybe, sewing/hand-stitching/quilting is just something you're drawn to.

  24. Interesting way that she sorts her fabric … never thought of sorting by scale, but that definitely makes sense!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  25. I loved that she suggested taking time and enjoying the process. How wonderful to hear. As others agree, the tip on sorting by scale was very helpful. Would love to hear more on her quilting experiences in the Middle East. Thanks so much for time with this lovely lady and an opportunity to win some of her patterns!!

  26. I too was surprised when she talked of sorting fabrics by s ale, WHICH IS GENIUS, my husband just finished building my sewing room recently and I am SOOO excited. I am now in the process of moving in and in my walk in closet I have very large built in shelves, I was trying to decide how I wanted to separate my fabric. Color and s ale IT IS!! I was also surprised she uses 12 wt thread, wow!

  27. I was surprised that Jen , (like I want to do) , uses lots of fabrics instead of just a set few choices! I love the ring too, and how easy it looks to make!

  28. My favorite tip, was organizing fabric by scale. I loved that she has a quilt she doesn't want to finish because it's a record of part of the history of her life. I think that's so cool! I was surprised at how down to earth and ready to say that it's really a personal preference with needles. Wonderful!

  29. What surprised me is that she could move so far away from her quilt shop and her family – that I think would be super hard! I Iove the ring pincushion idea and it looks super easy to make.

  30. I was surprised by the number of fabrics she used and the way she sorts by scale. I also like the tip on a quarter yard is enough.

  31. I was surprised that she's a nurse. For some reason, I forget that professional quilters often have a prior career that funded (or funds) their obsession!

  32. I love that she confess to be annoyed by a mistake not fixed in a quilt. I've gave away a quilt with a strip accidently sewn turned to the left side not nearly noticeable because it's a light blue but I KNOW it's there! To my defense the quilt was quilted then and I was in a rush but still … I'm happy Jen feels the same way.

  33. Hi there,
    Do you know what? I had always imagined Jen Kingwell to have longish brown hair…don't ask me why!! So I was most pleasantly surprised to actually see her "in person"!!!
    Quilty Huggs,

  34. Jen Kingwell is exactly what everyone says, just so nice. She also seems very calm. The finger pincushion looks so easy. There, I said two surprises!

  35. I loved how she said that the first quilt she made was the English paper piecing one that she made when she went to Nursing school. She didn't finish (I never finished my first project either!)and she said she could never take out the paper as it was made of her medical papers and that was a history she could not take out! Loved it!

  36. I loved learning that having lots of fabrics works for Jen. I am always adding more to quilts – and feeling guilty for some reason – but now I will roll with it! I love lots! Thank you!

  37. I was delighted to find out she was coming out with a fabric line & surprised to hear she uses 12 wt thread to hand quilt.

  38. I only recently learned Jen had a medical background. I think I heard she was a midwife? It tickled me that she used medical notes for paper piecing.

  39. I think the one thing I had not known from previous videos was that she was a nurse as am I. Love the patterns and eagerly awaiting the fabrics.

    thanks for the chance to win

  40. How fun. I love that she auditions the scraps before diving in. I also love that she has a UFO from way back that is so dear to her for its history. Listening to her made me feel better about being so slow!

  41. I like the idea of sorting by scale, also that 10 fabrics don't work, but 110 do. I'm not great with scrappy, so I love that Jen's line is specifically designed to look scrappy.

  42. How wonderful is Jen Kingwell!!! Just adore this woman … she's such an innovator and doesn't even know it! Because of your introduction to us, I have started hand stitching and absolutely love it! So therapeutic!Keep bringing her back … she's such a delight!!!

  43. I loved learning that she has lived in the Middle East and that she has a medical background (great story about her medical notes in her paper piecing). Her suggestion of sorting by scale is a great one. I also like her notion that if 10 fabrics aren't enough, 110 will be. Lots of justification for my huge fabric stash!

  44. She gave lots of good tips. It seems like most people say not to worry if there is a mistake and that most will not notice. It surprised me that she said take the time to fix it so that it will not continue to bug you. Nice to be given the permission to be a perfectionist even on a scrape quilt.

  45. I thought her stash organization suggestion about organizing by print size was interesting and love hearing about her families involvement in her shop.

  46. I learned (a lot) about needles. I LOVE her comment about using what works for me instead of me MAKING myself like a particular size/kind because of who is recommending it to me. Thanks Jen!

  47. Another way to organize your fabric is by scale of print.

    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  48. I was surprised to hear her say that she sorts by pattern size as I not heard of sorting by scale before. Also that she didn't feel she could do her own fabric range, she is such a natural with electric design. x

  49. Such fun and informative videos. Thanks! and I am going to make a pile of those cute ring pincushions for my friends, so cute!

  50. this was a wonderful Q&A thank you. I thought it funny and a little surprising that she cant finish the quilt because of the medical notes on the back. Actually it is really cool.

  51. Jen is a person I would like to meet. Liked her comment about needing a large variety of fabrics in a scrap quilt to make it work.

  52. I love all her quilts! I'm hooked on her fabric and her new book! I have only quilted for a few years now myself and I can understand why she wouldn't want to take the paper pieces out of the quilt she first made. They are memories she holds dear to her heart. I started quilting to heal my broken heart after my baby sister passed away from breast cancer. My sewing room is pink. My first quilt is pink and hangs on my wall in my room. Quilts have been made for generations with lots of memories to be passed down to future generations. Her daughters will continue to enjoy her work. I give my work away. My sons each have a quilt and someday I hope to have daughters-in-law!

  53. What a great interview with wonderful tips! I think what surprised me was that it bothered her knowing there was a mistake in a quilt. I'm pretty sure there's a mistake in every quilt I've made, and if I know about it I usually point it out myself! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  54. This is embarrassing but I didn't know she was Australian! That was a surprise right off the bat, lol. Her patterns look fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. Learning about Jen's mistakes, and that if she did not fix them…that they drove her nutsn when the project was finished . LOL, I tend to do this. Also that I heard her say that you can sort fabric by the scale of the print, I have never heard that.

  56. Thank you for taking the time to share you knowledge and experience with us. Your comment to take the time to enjoy the project really hit home with me. Seems I think I feel I have to complete every project yesterday. You have a very relaxed approach to teaching that keeps the student interested and eager to try new things. I have watched all of your videos on Fat Quarter and am anxious to step out of my comfort zone and try appliqué, which I would never have attempted before. Also, it is surprising to learn that there is an unlimited number of variations one can use in a single project. Thank you for taking time to share with us.

  57. that she had unfinished quilt projects.

    Her quilts are so intricate that I would imagine she is a finnisher of all things

    I want to make gypsy wife!

  58. I was surprised that she sometimes only buys 1/4 yard of fabric! I guess we think everyone in the business probably buys yards and yards. I too was surprised at sorting fabric by scale. I recently organized all my cottons by color with comic book boards. Hmmm now I will have to organize each color by scale. Love her, I have sewed since a little girl, but recently just started quilting and for about 3 weeks started EPP hexagons. I am obsessed with them. I got started after watching her video on Fat quarter shop. Thank you

  59. Not much surprises me anymore. However, I liked the tip about sorting fabrics by scale as well as color.

    senstrings at yahoo dot com

  60. At first glance the circle pattern looked familiar then it dawned on me what it reminded me of. The television test pattern. Tells you how old I ma. LOL!

  61. I'm a scrappy quilter too. I hate being restricted to a few fabricss or one line of fabrics. The more the merrier is my motto. I usually buy lots of fat quarters or 1/2 yard cuts. And organize by color. But I do have a separate space for large prints or novelty fabrics. Thanks for the chance and enjoyed the videos! bgrantrn at

  62. I was surprised that she has an unfinished project and that not fixing a mistake will "bug" her. Thanks for the interesting video and a chance to win!

  63. I love her last comment about not fixing a mistake. I had to contemplate fixing a mistake that was barely noticeable but I ended up doing it because I didn't want to send it away and then know I could never fix it, That would have been horrible. Fixing it was a pain though because I didn't notice the mistake till I was half done quilting it.

  64. I loved so many of her comments, her last one was wonderful about correcting our mistakes, but my favorite was quilting with a needle.
    Whatever size we choose to use is a personal preference, there is no right or wrong! This gave me relief that the needle I choose is O.K.

  65. Still learning every single day and thank you for helping me. Hexagons are difficult for me, but you have a great deal of wisdom to share.

  66. Glad that she says that you don't have to be the fastest sewer. I like the process and so would rather be a little slower and not have to rip anything out and resew.

  67. What a pleasant interview, loved that Jen has a daughter that doesn't want to learn to quilt but will borrow them occasionally to decorate. You have to love daughters:)

  68. Sorting fabric by scale and the fact that she is designing a line of fabric that looks scrappy were both very pleasant surprises.

  69. Sorting fabric by scale and the fact that she is designing a line of fabric that looks scrappy were both very pleasant surprises.

  70. For some reason I was surprised that Jen is a scrap quilter. I somehow envisioned her more in keeping with using a certain Fabric Line for each of her projects. Jen is delightful and I wish I had just an eighth of her patience with paper piecing!

  71. I was surprised to hear that she uses a CHENILLE needle (size 24) FOR HAND QUILTING. Never heard of anyone else using that type of needle for quilting. But I suppose when you're quilting with 12-wt thread, it makes sense.

  72. I have never heard of Jen before today. Thank you for the introduction! I was surprised to hear that that she uses a big needle for hand quilting. I love how she stated, though, that it is personal preference and whatever works, use it!

    Sandy A

  73. I loved to hear that she has a daughter that doesn't want any thing to do with sewing. My oldest daughter is the same way but my youngest has the love of sewing as I do. Love listening to your accent!!!

  74. Great interview! I was surprised to hear how she sorts fabrics by scale and what size needles she uses to hand quilt 🙂

  75. I had never really thought of using something as big as a chenille needle for hand quilting. I have never been able to do well at quilting because my hands seem too big for the needle, I am going to have to give that one a try.

  76. I was delighted to hear that her first quilt is not yet finished! So much pressure out there to create a lot quickly and finish everything – seemingly overnight!
    I also love that she suggests using a quilting needle that works for you rather than having to force yourself to use ones that are uncomfortable. Great piece. Thanks!

  77. Like the tip on buying small bits of fabric to build your stash. So far I'm too reluctant to put too many fabrics in a quilt, but I don't want to do just "cookie cutter" quilts all the time either. Need to get brave and go scrappy!

  78. Very interesting interview! I was amazed that she said she lived in the Middle East for a while and her youngest daughter, Lucy, manages the store.

  79. I was surprised that she only buys a small amount of a fabric she loves. Myself, I buy at least 2 yds if I love it. She is more a scrap quilter than I am. I would like to do more scrap quilts.

  80. What surprised me most was that I agree with her on so many things. Having quilted over 30 years, I always tell people to enjoy the process. I have quite a few UFOs that I probably won't ever finish because my tastes have changed (I'm in the process of giving them to charity). I LOVE Jen's patterns and can't wait to get my hands on some Gardenvale! Thanks for the opportunity to get to know Jen better!

  81. I was surprised about everything Jen said as I never heard her speak before. I never heard of people sorting fabrics by scale or even using different kinds of fabrics together. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she has 3grown daughters because I do also!

  82. I learned so much from such a short interview. The comment that caught my attention was when she was approached by Moda, she didn't think she could work within a limited range of a collection since she is such a scrappy quilter. How cool she stepped out of her comfort zone!

  83. Great interview with a fun scrap quilter. Lots I didn't know about Jen, but most surprised that she didn't finish that hexie quilt, although she sure didn't need it for inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win.

  84. As a scrap quilter and slow quilter I really related to her style and will seek her out! I was surprised by the chenille needle she uses to hand quilt with. I am really interested in her new line of fabrics and the color way she designed. Thanks for the chance

  85. Love the idea of sorting fabrics by scale, need more room though
    I love hand piecing, do it in any spare time I have even when a passenger in the car

  86. Fabulous videos so inspiring, I really want the new garden vale by Jen and Moda and everything else Jen does. What surprised me most was the fact that she doesn't run her own shop and now lives in the Middle East. I'm so excited about starting a hand sewing project just don't know which one.

  87. Loved her idea for personal preference for needle choice, I agree whatever gets the job done for you is the best choice.

  88. Surprised her daughter took the business and she just made her first quilt. Talk about taking the plunge. The more I see her in the videos the more I just love Jen. She is so humble .thank you for the thimble pattern. Needed that now. Was searching for something a solution and there it was!

  89. First of all I could listen to her talk all day, love the accent. 🙂 I guess I was surprised that she still has a UFO that old! But then I totally get why she would never really want to finish it, because of the medical notes paper she used! I was also surprised that she left the shop (in the capable hands of her daughter) to go to the Middle East for a while. Not many quilt shop owners do that I imagine!

  90. I'm a scrap quilter myself, and it was suprising to hear someone say just what I think, that goes against the regular quilters grain, like mixing reproduction and modern fabrics, etc.

  91. I TOTALLY agree with taking your time with a quilt — I myself set these unrealistic goals — I have to have this piece done by this day etc etc. we all need to realize we are making pieces of art and take our time!

  92. That was a lovely question and answer session ~ enjoyed it a lot! Surprised that she started her nursing career so young!
    I love everything that Jen does, her patterns and her new fabric line!
    Thanks for this fab giveaway!

  93. I loved this video with Jen Kingwell. I really want to meet her someday. I love the part about how she started hand stitching and the story about the paper pieced hexies just made me smile. Thanks for doing these videos with her. Oh, I had no idea she is (was) a nurse.

  94. I loved her comments about choosing fabrics- 10 might not work but 110 will! Also, the comments at the end regarding when you have a mistake and whether or not to rip it out and re do. I'm in the same boat right now and I wasn't going to rip and re do but I am now, cause I don't want it to bother me 20 years from now! Lol!

  95. First, Jen is amazing!!!
    It surprised me, but I love that she auditions fabrics even though she is known for her scrappy quilts. I love that it is organized scrappy, which is why I think I love her quilts so much.

  96. I always sort my fabric by color, I was surprised by Jen sorting hers by scale of the print!!! What a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  97. I loved how commited Jen was on how she wanted her fabric collection to reflect her scrappy style and how unassuming and shy she camee across. Inspiring!

  98. I love her agreement of the theory that if ten fabrics doesn't work 110 will. I think her quikts are such happy work of art.

  99. I have enjoyed all the videos with Jen and I am inspired to try some handwork and can see my hexie making turning in to projects with hand quilting accents. I was surprised and pleased to hear about her daughters and that she lives far away from them.

  100. Love her inspiration — her style is refreshing. I will be taking advantage of her sorting by scale — anything to get the piles a little smaller (just more piles).

  101. I also did not know Jen was Australian! How did I miss that until now? I agree, take your time and enjoy the process, it's our hobby, not a race. I made the mistake of not fixing a mistake once, it drove me crazy, I finally gave the quilt away, glad I'm not the only one who has learned that lesson.

  102. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her put emphasis on the journey of making a quilt. Often, quilters feel that there is a race to finish a quilting project.

  103. Off the top her accent surprised me the most… I started with doll clothes too… Laughing about the middle daughter who is content leaning on her's and the other daughter's skill, as that is exactly how my sister is to my mom and I LOL

  104. Even though she is a scrappy quilter, Jen still auditions her fabrics. I also liked that she buys a small amount (1/4 yd.) of a lot of fabrics rather than a lot of one fabric.

  105. What a lovely synopsis Jen gave about quilting and her family. Am new to her designs, so I haven't any as yet. Winning one of her patterns would be fabulous!

  106. I was surprised and relieved to have her advise on fabric,with size of pattern and colors .Hugh helper for me,I am 3 months into Quilt making and shes a great advocate for me.

  107. Interesting to hear about sorting fabric by scale. I have a very hard time choosing what to use together! Maybe that would help 🙂

  108. Jen gave me confidence I need to try EPP. I have wanted to for awhile now and loved everything she had to teach on it. I can't wait to get started. Be even better to get to do it with Jen!

  109. I'm with everyone else about the suggestion to store fabric by scale. Sadly, I toss my fabrics in a drawer without giving much thought to how they should properly be stored. Looks like I'll be busy reorganizing by scale now! 😉 It just makes sense!! Thank you, Jen!

  110. Taking your time to quilt……. as I do the same, as the perfectionist in me wants everything lined up etc and I tend to take time and organize and spend more time doing those things I think sometimes more than sewing!!!

  111. I like her suggestion to use whatever needle works. I am also a firm believer in taking it apart if I think it will annoy me. It doesn't matter if no one else notices; it matters if I notice!

  112. I was surprised to hear that she hand quilts with 12wt thread. I met her at quiltcon and she was super sweet and down to earth. Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. I was surprised and glad she said to take your time. I think it's easy to get caught up in rushing to the next project. My favorite projects have been the ones that have taken me the longest!

  114. I love the idea about organizing by scale. She has great ideas!

    determineddebby at gmail dot com

  115. I enjoyed the interview. I was touched by her story of the paperpieced hex quilt she started in nursing school. Surprised (not really) that it's still unfinished. We've all got those around the house. 🙂

  116. I was most surprised (and delighted) to hear that her fabric collection will be scrappy!
    maria (

  117. I am very attentive to scale when I put blocks/quilts together but I never would have thought about sorting that way – makes great sense based on how I approach projects. Lovely patterns!

  118. I was surprised to learn that she wasn't sure about developing a fabric line because she uses lots of fabrics in her quilts. I really like her unique take on quilt making.

  119. I was surprised Jen grew up in a home where her mother didn't sew and I was reassured by her advice to unpick a mistake as I am always annoyed by my mistakes and regret not fixing them.

  120. She is so charming! I was surprised to hear that she was reticent to design a line a fabric. I love that she was true to herself though and took the time to make it just right to her aesthetic. It's probably one of the reasons that Gardenvale is so juicy. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  121. I was surprised to learn that she was originally a nurse and I love that her hexie papers were from medical notes!! 🙂 I love her scrappy style!!

  122. Great giveaway! Can't wait to meet her later this year! I was surprised by the sorting by scale tip. Never thought of that one before ????

  123. I really enjoyed her interview and was surprised about storing fabrics by scale. I had never thought of that. Also, love that she said to use repro fabrics with modern fabrics. I love this new approach.

  124. I adore Jen Kingwell! I'm kind of surprised how much thought she puts into her fabric choices. No wonder the fabrics looks so good together, even though they seem randomly scrappy!

  125. I was suprised to her her say to take your time and enjoy the process, something I agree with. I love her style
    brendajones@sasktel dot net

  126. I was surprised that she is a midwife nurse since I am a nurse too. But it really seems to fit her. Nursing and quilts both are comforters!

  127. I have followed her work before and love her patterns but I was surprised that she lives in the middle east. Thanks for the giveaway. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

  128. I was delighted to find her to be a fellow nurse ! Also always enjoy fabric storage tips. What a lovely giveaway!

  129. Surprised when she stated quilting was the journey not a race. Too many people rush to get it done but stress themselves out. I may have to start hand quilting now!

  130. I like the idea of quilting with the heavier thread, but I am so used to choosing the smallest between I can thread that the idea of using a chenille needle to hand quilt was really surprising. I like the idea — heavier equipment makes it seem like driving a bulldozer rather than riding a bike!! Makes the idea of hand quilting something larger less daunting.

  131. One new thing I learned from Jen Kingwell where I have never heard before; where she said 10 fabrics not enough but 110 will do .

  132. I was surprised to hear that although Jen uses lots of different fabrics, she still auditions them. Often I read from scrappy quilters that all you have to do is throw in lots of fabrics and it'll all look great in the end but sometimes the results are less than convincing. I prefer Jen's approach… it's quilt 'eye candy' at its best. Her work is inspiring and thankyou FQS for a terrific giveaway.

  133. Hiya!!! Love all the tips, but the storage by scale is a new one to me. Will have to try that one. Thanks for having the giveaway and sponsoring the videos. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  134. Thanks for the giveaway! I was surprised to hear the tip about sorting fabrics by scale. I never would have thought of that!

  135. I was surprised that she does not buy a large quantity of a single fabric. She mentioned that if it's just going to be used a little in the quilt to only buy say 1/4 yard. What a good approach.

  136. What a lovely giveaway and thanks for giving us all a chance on learning more about this fantastic designer. I just sent you my mailing address, Thanks again.