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Gardenvale Collection by Jen Kingwell for Moda Fabrics

Hello fellow quilters! Jen Kingwell is on the Jolly Jabber today to talk about her first fabric collection with Moda Fabrics, Gardenvale! Cultivated by her need of variety, Gardenvale is a must-have in your fabric stash!

Learn more about Jen’s collection and her favorite prints in her video

Jen also has a collection of beautiful patterns that play perfectly with Gardenvale and we’re giving a few away today! For a chance to win, all you need to do is let us know which Gardenvale print is your favorite in the comments section of the blog. We will choose a random winner on April 30th, 2015. 

And the winner is….
Victoria T. 

Good luck everyone and happy quilting!


  1. I love all the colors of the Magnolia prints, but it was hard to choose because they're all so varied and pretty. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  2. I really like all of the scribbles, black and the red gerbar are my two favorite colors. Thank you for all of the posts on Jen Kingwell. I'm a fan of her work.

  3. Hard to choose, but I'd have to pick Gardenvale Black Swan Spots!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. They are all beautiful! I am a sucker for dots and the color orange, so I will have to say Gerbera Abby is my fav!! I also love the idea of the stripe panels for binding – very cool idea!

  5. Congratulations on your new collection, Ms Kingwell! Thank you for the chance to win patterns in this great new collection, FQS! My favorite is "Gardenvale Snapdragon Begonia"! -Jean

  6. Love them all but I especially love the stripped material,carnevalle. It looks spectacular as bindings. Perfect touch to frame a quilt.

  7. They're all beautiful but my favorite has to be the blue spots – I'm a sucker for polka dots! So fresh!

  8. Just one favorite :)? I love the Gardenvale Begonias especially, but love the panels of stripes and spots to use as a scrappy binding, as Jen explains in the video – what a neat idea!!

  9. I like the Snapdragon print even though those flowers do not look like snapdragons…because the print is named after a street!

  10. I love the Gardenvale Monkey Magic Lucy. Love the different polka dots and colors

  11. I love the Gerbera Scribbles because it reminds me of the doodles I used to do in school and sometimes still do in church :-). Second choice is Monkey Magic – how can one not love a fabric with such a fun name! Thank you for introducing us to Jen. I have learn so much from her.

  12. I would have to choose ~ Gardenvale Carnevale Magnolia is my favorite. It was a hard choice though. Such lovely fabric.

  13. I love the red polka dot fabric!! Red is my favorite color to work with…Beverly Young

  14. Love the stripes, I am most comfortable with mixing them, but I am looking forward to stretching my limits with the other prints!!

  15. This is such a tough pick because the prints are pretty perfect! The spots are spot on but Meg in Sofia is hitting the spot right now. In an hour or so, it'll probably be something different!

  16. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! My postman just brought my FQ bundle. They are all lovely! I think my favorite may be the red Gerbera Scribbles

  17. I love the whole collection and if I had to pick just one I think it would be the Snapdragon Lily ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I like the pinwheels. I like the stripe fabric and cutting it for a binding was a great idea.

  19. I love the snap dragon and lead … They would make such a beautiful quilt or maybe even a bag!

  20. I love all the purple in this line, like one of my favs Monkey Magic Magnolia; and what a great name.

  21. I love the mix of all the colors but Snapdragon Magnolia because my grandfather grew snapdragons by his garage. The colors reminded me of his garden and of a time when life was easy. We also have a magnolia tree in our front yard. I'm going to make a scrappy lap quilt with it.

  22. My eyes went right to the basic yellow- a good yellow is so hard to find! Thanks- Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

  23. Seven Seas Abby is my favorite, because I know my best-friend-from-grade-school is going to love it. It is the same color as her jump suit: she sky dives in just those colors, and I can't wait to come up with something to make for her from them.

  24. what pretty fabrics. I love them all. but the first one I would pick up to work with would be: Gardenvale Carnevale Magnolia.

  25. Sweet Lime Gardenia-line is my Favorite color. Have collected a lot. Want to add black for something new. And I absolutely love gardenias!

  26. I love the MOnkey Magic Abby! I really like them all-recently sewed a charm pack together-have no idea what I'll do with it but they are so pretty I couldn't help it!

  27. It's really hard to choose one favorite from this beautiful collection of Jen Kingwell's, however my favorite is Gardenvale Carnevale Lily.

  28. Oh man, that was hard. I probably spent 30 minutes going up and down looking at all of them. Wishing they were on my shelves.
    Snapdragon Magnolia is my favorite, but really all the snapdragons are wonderful
    Thank you for the chance to win these.

  29. My favorite is Gardenvale Carneval Lily. All of the fabrics in this line are very unique and colorful. I especially like the idea of having different patterns printed side by side in the width of the fabric. It allows for more options.

  30. There's a lot to like about Gardenvale… My favorite prints are all the Spots – with Seven Seas being #1.
    The patterns you've pictured in the blog look great. I really would like to try State Fair and the second one from the left with all the Star blocks!
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  31. I love scrappy quilts and Jen's fabric line is right up my alley…so fun! Gardenvale Carnevale Gardenia in Red SKU# 18103-16 is my favorite. It reminds me of a vest I had back in the 70's that my Grandma helped me make.
    Happy Sewing,

  32. Monkey Magic Lily is my favourite print of the Gardenvale collection followed by Seven Seas Scribble. A very wonderful collection for scrappy quilt lovers like me. Thanks for offering a giveaway of some of Jen's patterns.

  33. I love Jen Kingwell, I love scrappy, I love the Seven Seas colorway….but to choose one, that's hard. Hmm…probably Abby, because I could use that fabric in just about anything! ~Debbie

  34. My favorite print is the Abby (love in all the colorways). I really love that you combined several stripes and dots on the yardage to increase the number of prints in the collection–very cool!

  35. They are all so beautiful it's hard to pick. I guess I would choose Monkey Magic Begonia.

  36. I love them all but my very favourite is Snapdragon Lily!

    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  37. I can't wait to get my kit! A couple other bloggers and I are going to start a group using your line! It is going to be so fun! Your patterns are amazing also! I love Gerbera Scribbles/ and the stripes…that is an adorable binding!

  38. I think there are several "must have" fabrics in the Gardenvale collection. The two panels, for example, are brilliant and I do love the binding that Jen showed made out of the stripes. My favorite print, though, is Monkey Magic Meg, or really the entire Meg line. I think this print does exactly what Jen is talking about when she says a blender between contemporary and reproduction. I'm with her, I am a scrapper that loves all different types of fabrรญc, and so I really love the reproduction feel of the Meg line. But I also love that I can envision it in a Patchwork City block. And all the Meg names make me laugh! A definite bonus!

  39. My favorite is Gardenvale Fat Eighth Bundle
    Jen Kingwell for Moda Fabrics, well hmmmm
    if I have to pick one then: Gardenvale Monkey Magic Gardenia Yardage

  40. Seven Seas Spots…………dreamy!!! Jen Kingwell is incredible in all she does. So thankful for her contributions to this field!

  41. Pick One! … Really! I want a Bolt of each and everyone of the prints! … I literally own every book and pattern by Jen Kingwell. I will pick Snapdragon Lily….
    Have been waiting for this Collection for a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Lovely prints. I really like the versatile Lucy dots especially the Snapdragon colours. Thanks for the giveaway.
    suegribble at gmail dot com

  43. I love the black with white dots fabric. It pops right out at you. It can be used in so many ways. Thanks for the Gardenvale Collection
    Jen. You did a good job.

  44. Monkey Magic Lily reminds me of the suburb of Gardenvale that I walked through on the way to school.The gardens and streets were a welcome distraction.

  45. Just luv Luv LUV this line… especially the Gardenia prints. So enjoyed making yo-yo's with a charm pack for a vintage-inspired quilt I'm working on. Thanks for the chance to win! Teresa.

  46. I really like the snapdragon Lily- very fun and so cheery. Looks like a great combination of fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win such a great bundle.
    Regards from Alberta,
    quiltmom Anna

  47. Carmen spots is my favorite I think. Beautiful collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win. bettyharden at charter dot net.

  48. Like I can pick just 1! If Rafflecopter picks me then I'll let Jen Kingwell pick for me.

    They are all fabulous and love everyone of them.

  49. I love all of these bold and graphic prints. If you're going to make me pick, I'll go with "Gardenvale Monkey Magic Scribbles" but any of the scribbles are perfect for borders, binding, lining and even as background print. So versatile!

  50. I love the snapdragon lily, but there are so many great ones. It was hard to choose.

    determineddebby at gmail dot com

  51. I do love me some Spots and Scribbles and the color choices are great !! Thanks for the opportunity… great job Jen!

  52. I love Jen Kingwell patterns. From her collection, I would pick Gardenvale Chilli Coral Abby as my favorite. Thanks!

  53. I love the Snapdragon Lily Yardage. However I like all the prints so much I ordered the Gardenvale quilt kit. Can't wait for it to come! I adore the look of the scrappy quilts. Theses fabrics make me excited.

  54. The Gardenvale Carnevale Lily is at the top of my list, but really, how can you pick just one? I'm so excited to get started using my bundle of fabric. I really just do need a pattern!!!! Thank you!

  55. I was lucky to win a Gardenvale mini charm pack from you all on FB….and my favorite fabric of them is Monkey Magic Meg….Love it! It would be awesome to win a pattern too! thank you for the chance!!

  56. How could I ever pick a favorite? I love them all ~ tho I really do love dots. So if I have to pick a favorite it would be the Lucy yardage in all the colors!
    Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  57. Carnevale Lucy is my favorite! I love polka dots! And I love mixing lots of different prints as well.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  58. It is very mean to make me choose as I love them all. I think I love monkey magic magnolia because it remains of my childhood watching the TV show called Monkey Magic and the coming of spring when the Magnolia started to have their flowers.

  59. It is hard to find a favorite.
    I like Sweet Lime Spots, Chili Coral Abby and Red Gerbera Abby.
    Also, Snapdragon Magnolia is lovely.

  60. Very hard t0 choose, but I really like the Chilli Coral Abby print. And I love the Carnivale and Snapdragon Lucy stripes!

  61. It is hard to pick a favorite out of this wonderfully vintage line, but I especially love Half Strength Lead and all the darling Spots. I can just image the wonderful quilts and aprons these would make!!

  62. I like the Abby print in all colour-ways but would say I would add the black & white version to my stash first of them all

  63. I just love Gardenvale Seven Seas Abby. It reminds me of my granddaughter, Abby who travels around the world and across the waters while her father serves in the Army.

  64. Thank you for this opportunity. I just discovered jan and the gypsy wife pattern and now there are more temptations. I like the versatility of the scribbles.

  65. I love the collection. My fav is the dot stripe. Making one of her patterns is definitely on my bucket list.

  66. I am just finishing the "Gypsy Wife" quilt using the Gardenvale line plus fabrics from my stash. The more the better for my scrappy quilts. This has been one of the most fun quilts I have ever made. I love Abbey in all of the colors.

  67. My all-time favorite is Green Tea and Sweet Beans – hands down!
    Thanks for sharing Gardenville and Jen's other great and popular patterns

  68. My favorite is Monkey Magic Lorna Jean because six fabrics in one = awesome!

    jenny at youmansfamily dot com

  69. My FAVORITE is Gardenvale BLACK SWAN SCRIBBLES. I want to make a disappearing nine patch of black and white fabrics with the center (cut) square being alternating brights! Lots of choices in the Gardenvale line to choose from for those! More fun than one person should be allowed to have!!!!!

  70. Wonderful fabrics designs!
    Love the fabric line! and the patterns, have not tried much paper piecing but would love to try this handwork style.

  71. I think the striped 'panel' fabric is abfab brilliant! And as Jen said, the entire line would work well with so many other styles of fabrics. I can see myself updating my old 1930's collection by incorporating Gardenvale into it. I would love the chance to win these patterns!

  72. Hi I am Wilma
    Would love to use Gardenvale fabrics and patterns. I love scrap quilting and this line of fabric appeals to my style of quilting.thanks for the opportunity and congratulations coming with this great line of fabric with lovely names