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Fun-Size Quilts Blog Hop

Hi guys! Today is a great day. Why? We get to talk about the first compilation book we’ve ever been a part of! The fabulous Martingale crew have put together this wonderful book full of adorable little quilts that are no bigger than a fat quarter. Fun-Size Quilts has 19 projects that require just a little bit of fabric and time = lots of fun fun fun!

Flipping through the book is such a joy; it’s clean, light, bright and to-the-point! The projects vary from what I call easy-peasy piecing to more intensive (but well worth it) applique. Kimberly and Jocelyn have three quilts in this book – “A Banner Day”, “Sunshine”, and “Hi!” – that we hope you’re going to love!

Notice that “Sunshine” is on the COVER!!
Here are some other quilts that caught our eye!

Melissa Corry’s “Quiltalicious” – I love quilts that make you scratch your head and think, “How’d she do that?” Plus, Melissa herself is just so darn lovable!
“Hedgehog Heyday” by Cheri Leffler is friggin’ cute. Just. So. Cute. Can’t. Look. Away. I have a friend who is obsessed with hedgehogs, and this would be the perfect gift for her!

Vickie Eapen’s “Particularly Joyful” is so scrappily lovely! I admit to not having tried English paper piecing before, but her project has just a few hexagons and would be a great place to start.

There are definitely other quilts in here with cool techniques to try – head over Martingale’s blog today for a chance to win one of 16 copies of the Fun-Size Quilts e-book and ….

We are also giving away five paper copies of Fun-Size Quilts to five lucky winners, so you have double the chances for winning! All you have to do is comment below and let us know how would you display a mini quilt? The winners will be announced on July 31st through email. Thank you so much and happy quilting!


  1. So cute! My sister is really into foxes right now–so I would make her the mini fox and make it into a large floor pillow for her family room. I have some fabric left from the big quilt I made her last year so it would even match!

  2. I haven't made a mini yet, but would love to do so. I would bring it to work and display it on my wall here. All my co-workers have seen photos of my quilts, but I seldom bring an actual quilt because it's just too inconvenient. Mini's would be a great way to "show off"!!

  3. The only mini I've made is "displayed" from time to time on my coffee table, but I guess that walls in my office could become handy;)

  4. I think I'd display a grouping of mini quilts on the wall just inside my sewing room. OR maybe even hang them amongst the family pictures that line both sides of our hallway in our home. That would be super cute to add a bit of rest for the eyes from staring at pictures with the pop of color.

  5. Cheri Lefflers appliqué animals are so adorable! I highly recommend her book, Animal Parade! Happy to see she is included here! And of course, I love Kimberly's "Hi". 🙂

  6. The only "minis" I've made get hung on a hook with pretty satin ribbon attached to the back of the quilt. This book looks like such an inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  7. Fun Sized Quilts would be perfect to use for our new house. I have so many bed quilts but not enough decorations for the walls and tables. Great idea.

  8. I know exactly where they would go. I have just finished redecorating my sewing room, and I have a wall outside the room that would be a perfect space for 2 or 3 mini quilts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I have a wall in my sewing room that has hangers for 6 mini quilts, and I change them regularly. This would be a perfect book to inspire me to make more 🙂

  10. All of these quilts would look great being displayed on either the back of a couch or even hung up on a wall. I would like to make a mini for myself and put it on a hanger in my bedroom. There are so many talented designers that each and every one captures your heart. Thank you for the chance to win of Fun-sized quilts.

    Sandi Timmons

  11. I'm still trying to find a hanger for a quilt. I found a lovely one in Australia, but no suitcase space! No display until I can find a good way to hang one!

  12. Theses are all so sweet! I have a Blank wall in my Breakfast Nook and Mini's would look adorable there~

    Thanks, Nancy

  13. I love the hedgehog quilt! I would display these on a table in the dining room, or as an accent in my kitchen/breakfast room. Great ideas.

  14. My entryway is very small with an awkward, narrow partial wall… happily it is also the perfect spot for my small and mini quilts 🙂

  15. I have mini quilts hanging from an IKEA wire in my craft space and I have another one pinned on the wall — as my collection grows I will probably be doing more pinning.

  16. I have made three minis so far. One is a table topper, one is a toilet bowl topper, and one is a wall-hanging.

  17. I have made the front panel of a tote from a mini quilt. That way you carry it around where ever you go. Meet lots of interesting people along the way, and talk about my passion!

  18. These are so cute! I have some wall space in my sewing area that is blank. These would all look so cute there. I like the idea of a rod to hang some of them. I also use the wooden quilt hang-ups which would also look very nice. K-

  19. I have started making mini quilts for a wall in my sewing room. This book looks great and I love calling them fun size quilts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Fun-sized quilts sounds like so much mini quilting fun. What a great idea and to think that making one of these myself would be the ideal mini for my sewing room wall. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

    Sandi Timmons

  21. I hang mine in my sewing space, which is also my dining room/living room/kitchen, so really they just become part of the overall decor of the apartment. Thanks!

  22. Darling book! I have a magnetic café rod on my front door and I change my mini quilts often by hanging them with café hook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I love mini quilts. They can brighten up any room by hanging them. I also like the quilt stands that hold small quilts. It can also be put on a horizontal flag stand. That always looks great

  24. Love mini's. I put them on tables, on my entry way post, in the bedroom, bathroom, well anywhere there is a little nook that needs a lift 🙂

  25. This is great!! I am excited to see more!!! I have a couple minis right now and am thinking that a few more could really liven up some awkward (small!!) wall areas in my home…..yay!!! I love to put them up so they can be seen and enjoyed!!

  26. There's so many places to display mini quilts from the odd little wall spaces that you just can't do anything "major" with to the back corner of a table or dresser. I love having them in unexpected places to brighten up an otherwise forgotten space.

  27. If I get up the nerve to make a mini, I will get one of those cute mini stands and display it in my family room.

  28. I'd love to cover several walls with these oh so cute minis, especially in my granddaughter's room and my sewing room and my dining room, and . . . . . ! ☺ Thanks a bunch for the chance to win! ☺

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  29. I use mini quilts everywhere — on tables, hung on the wall, draped over cupboards. Next on my list is to get a small doll bed or cradle for displaying minis!

  30. Love all the mini quilts. So far I have displayed mine on the wall, but they would make really cute table toppers too.

  31. I love putting minis on an antique dresser in my entry hall. I would also like to hang a nice rod so I can hang a different mini every month or season

  32. I would display a mini quilt in my new quilt ladder. Probably fold it in half and hang it on a rung! These quilts look adorable 🙂 I do love small quilts. It gives you a chance to experiment with fabrics you might not usually think about putting in your quilts.

  33. I would use my Mini"s on totes, Pillows, and hang around my house…'specially in my Sewing Room!! 🙂 Would also make Awesome Gifts for Family & Friends!!

  34. I would hang mini quilts in my entrance hall, and change them around now and again. I would also them on small tables in the hall and dining room, and on bedside tables, where I now have inherited crochet mats.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. I hang my minis on the wall behind my sewing machine, there are currently 5 hanging there, with a sixth one a WIP. Thanks for the give away!

  36. I like to display my mini's on my "high top" counter in my kitchen – they decorate an otherwise boring area…if they don't get covered up in junk! 😉

  37. I love the sunshine quilt! I think a fun way to display a mini quilt would be to hand it on a wall, with an over sized picture frame to 'frame' it, but not touching the quilt, just kinda floating around it.

  38. My minis hang on the walls, decorate my work cube, lay on tables, hang on a mini quilt stand or keep the dollies warm.

  39. How would I display? New table covers. Hang in small areas on the walls. Guess that about 'covered' it. Thanks.

  40. I like to hang them on my walls. I have some runners that I use on dining tables and one that my mil made with a billiards motif hangs by our pool table. Actualky all my runners are gifts from her. All my smalls are made by me.

  41. I've seen a pretty cool looking trouser hanger in a well know flat pack furniture shop that I think would be perfect for mini quilt display-age!! I think I would just hand it amongst frames on a photo wall – since all these quilts in this book look like little bits of art!

  42. I love all of these mini quilts and have about 5 I want to make right now from this book!! When I have made one I would like to hang it on a beautiful hanger – I have seen some made of iron that have hearts and curliques to make a very pretty hanger for quilted fabric art.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  43. I love making mini quilts so this book is a 'must have' for me. I display them on bedside tables and on the wall in my sewing room.

  44. I'd use a mini quilt as a table topper or displayed on my wire stand, depending on the quilt. Looks like a great book…love "Hi". Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  45. I started a wall for minis in my sewing room so most of them would go there. Fat Quarter Shop your patterns are adorable!

  46. I display my quilts where ever they land, on the ceiling , the wall, on a bed, couch, chair, table have even made them stay on the floor of the bathroom…I like hiding things behind quilts, like doors, electric boxes, shelves, even the bunkbeds….

  47. I have a wall across from my sewing room door that I would like to turn into a mini quilt wall. So far I only have one mini (a spool quilt) but I have plans for a bunch more.

  48. I have a whole wall in our main living area that is covered in mini quilts. At Christmas time they all come down and all the Christmas ones go up. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  49. Love the quilts you showed! I would display a mini quilt on my wall, I'm hoping to have a whole wall devoted to minis. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  50. I like to display my mini quilts on an Ackfeld wire stand or hang them on the wall. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Fun-Sized Quilts!

  51. I like to hang my minis on a wall in my sewing room. I have been looking for the perfect mini to hang in my office and I think Sunshine would be perfect!!!

  52. I have one of the wire table frames and a couple of the wall hangers that allow me to switch out different minis easily, for seasonal quilts or just a change.

  53. I just love this mini quilt and I would love to make it and show it off, but I am really trying to win your giveaway. Can't blame a quilter for trying. I already fell in love with the Fun-size Quilt Book by just googling over the pictures.

    Sandi Timmons

  54. Table runners, piano runners, or little wall hangings! I gotta convince my husband that quilts are not just usable and belong on a bed, but usable art too…so mini quilts are perfect for walls.

  55. I have two places I'd live to put a variety of "mini" quilts, one is in my foyer and it is before my Kitchen, where people coming in can see things I like. The second one is in my sewing room, where I can display my most recent project that I keep for myself, then I thought of one other place… To grace the back of my grandDaughters baby doll as she cradles it in her arms. The best place to see something I've made, cause she loves stuff I make. Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to enter you contest for a copy if the book! Janet

  56. I would display a mini quilt by purchasing a hanger specific for that purpose that has wire bent into various design elements and a rod below.

  57. My daughter is obsessed with making beds for all her babies (anything stuffed counts as a baby)- so she's always asking for blankets for them– these would be lovely. Thanks for the chance to win! Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

  58. I would like to have a special wall dedicated to hanging some mini quilts – I think they would look lovely grouped together.

  59. I'd display a mini quilt on the sofa in the living room and one in our room above our bed and maybe one in the main entryway–which means on the front of the coat closet door. I love the hedgehogs!

  60. I would hang mini quilts on the walls throughout my home.
    sugar_lin2 at hotmail dot com

  61. I have a mini-quilt that I use as a table cover, but to display it I would probably have it mounted in a frame (keep the dust off of it) and keep it near my computer desk for inspiration.

  62. You can try so many more styles of quilts if they're mini. Normal size quilts take too long for impatient people like me!

  63. I've done several small quilts these past few months … I like them on table tops, chair arms, walls, over a pillow that otherwise doesn't really "go". They can go on chairs (think chair pad), countertops and of course, under cats and dogs. This book looks great!

  64. I would hang a mini quilt in my kitchen and sewing room as that's where I seem to spend all of my time! The book looks wonderful and inspiring

  65. I know exactly how I would display one of those adorable mini quilts. I have a grandbaby on the way, my first, (so exciting), and I will make the hedgehog quilt and hang it in the nursery. This looks like a lot of fun.

  66. I have slowly been covering the walls of my office cubicle with tiny quilts. Mug rugs are great for such a small space. These little quilts are perfect for hanging on the wall to share throughout the year.

  67. I'd hang minis in places I'd see them as I pass by, or sit and work, to add more pleasure to my daily world. And then I'd make more to share with friends to do the same.

  68. I love to hang them on the wall! Triangles in the corners and a mini piece of wood with a hole in the middle on the back. It looks good and hangs those minis perfectly!

  69. I would love to hang a mini above the mantel in my living room! And then I'd make a bunch to hang in other rooms too!

  70. I love minis and I love putting them around the house – I'm running out of wall space in my sewing room so I think my living room is next !

  71. I have made mini quilts before and I hang them in my utility room. Sounds like a strange place but my utility room is very unique and right off my kitchen. You have to walk through it to get to the rest of the house. So.. the best place to be displayed.
    Kathy Davis

  72. I have made a few mini quilts. This book looks delicious. I would hang a mini quilt from this book on the wall in front of my desk at work for all of our clients to see as they walk in.

  73. I like to display them it small wall areas. Around the opening from our kitchen to family room, there is a "skinny" wall. Small quilts look great hanging there.

  74. I would like to drape them over the edges of my shelves in my sewing room or create a mini wall like so many great quilters have been doing!

  75. I haven't made a wall quilt yet, so I will make one for the Living room wall where all could see it and enjoy. Something with flowers would be nice especially for winter when it is so very cold.

  76. I put small quilts on my coffee table, on my kitchen table, on my island, on a wall (love getting cute wire hangers at various quilt shops), on a dresser, or a night table, on the walls of my sewing space… tons of places!!

  77. These quilts are so darling. The little hedgehog quilt was a winner for me. When we were stationed in England while in the Air Force, these little guys would come out and 'play' in the 'garden'. I would make this one for sure and hang in my small half bath to brighten it up and provide a little smile to someone's day! Thanks!

  78. I would place them on my bed. Currently I am very interested in Bed runners. Can't get enough of them. This looks like they would be perfect for the bed also.

  79. Oh, I want to be in this blog hop! These are so cute! I have a wall hanger so I would have to add a sleeve to the back of them! I would hang them on the walls of course! Really want this book!

  80. This looks like such a great book! I would hang mini quilts on the wall. In my sewing room and throughout the house 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. We have high ceilings and large windows but only on one side of the loft. I could safely hang them between the windows and they would never be in the sunlight. Otherwise they would be kitty beds. Everything that is left out for any time at all is automatically a kitty bed. sigh
    Thanks! notwendy gmail

  82. I like to put the mini quilts on walls where there is not much space but something is still needed there. Mini quilt tops are also fun to just frame with a photo mat.
    richardsflorida gmail

  83. I would put it on a table or my usual go to of putting it in the middle of a bed covered with a solid colored duvet comforter.

  84. I have no minis hanging up in my sewing space. There should be one or two so my mini would hang in my sewing space.


  85. I like to hang them on the wall and place them on a side table. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on being part of the book.

  86. I love mini quilts, and have started a wall of them in my dining room. They are so fun and fast, don't take a lot of fabric so I can splurge when I pick out fabric or use stash.
    cdahlgren at live dot com

  87. I love to sew mini's because they are quick and fun! They are easy to display all over the home. My daughter especially likes to use them as little play mats or wall hangings.

  88. I love mini quilts because they are quick to finish and they can use stuff from my significant stash. Those little foxes really caught my eye!

  89. I have a wall space in my sewing room that need something…but I want it to be something I made. A mini quilt would be perfect.

  90. I like to mini quilts beside my bed on the wall. I can see them when I get up and it starts my day off on a bright note and when I go to bed the last thing I see is a quilt and I can dream about quilts all night long!

  91. The powder room would be a perfect place to display a mini quilt – then all my guests get to see it !

  92. I like to hang mini quilts on the interior doors of my home, ie: the bedroom doors, door to the garage, patio etc. Love all the minis in the book, great quilts from all designers. Ani in NC

  93. Minis are so versatile. I have used them as wall hangings (even in my office), doll quilts and table toppers. What a cute book; looks like a must-have!

  94. All these mini quilt patterns are beautiful, and each one cries out to be put in different places. Quilts such as 'My Little Garden' and 'Particularly Joyful' would be just right on my kitchen wall. Others such as 'Hedgehog Heyday' and 'Fox in a Box' would be perfect for my grandaughter's bedroom wall (or my laundry wall-to cheer me up). 'White Stars', 'Starlight', and 'Sunshine' I could see as table toppers or on the back of my couch and chairs.

  95. It would be so nice to win! I think this is a fun book. I don't have much wall space left in my quilt room, but maybe it's time to move down the hall.

  96. I would definitely do a wall hanging although I liked the look of the one in the picture the knickknacks are siting on part of with the rest hanging down in front of the mantle is nice too!

  97. I like to hang my mini quilt on the wall, and change them out with the season or maybe monthly, it depends on what's going on around our house.

  98. I have a hanger in the living room I like to display them on… but my first one from this would be the hedgehog for a friend who LOVES them!! (I am a hedgehog grandmother! LOL)

  99. I like to hang my mini quilts in little spaces where it won't compete with other quilts. I always have a couple to hang in my cube at work – they are my inspiration.

  100. I would love to have a group of mini quilts that I could hang up at work and change out to keep it fresh. I have not yet started this project because I am still working on quilts for my kids at home.

  101. I hang my mini quilts in my sewing room, interspersed with framed artwork and other colorful items such as tiles and plates.

  102. If I had a mini quilt, and somehow it wasn't being obsessively used by my daughter or her dolls…I think maybe I would back it with cardboard or something stiff and hang it with ribbon. I think that would be really cute.

  103. I love covering up some of the old random switches still on the walls in this old apartment! And I like to change them out, so mini's are perfect for that, especially done in seasonal colors.