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Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics

Normalcy, normalcy…what’s that again? We, and every other store I’m sure, are still searching for the meaning of this word post-Market. Did you miss us? We missed you, and we’re working hard to get back to our normal blogging schedule! Many new lines to share, and excellent contests to wrap up!! We’re so inundated with future collections during Spring and Fall Market that, by the time we get back, it’s hard to even know what month we’re in. (Last week I kept insisting it was already July!!) But it’s always good to come home, and having this line in the store is definitely a breath of fresh air, a deep cleansing breath in this crazy fabric world! Fresh Cottons, by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda, is finally out in stores, and we couldn’t love it more! (Seriously, we have so many things going on with this line — clubs, BOMs, and kits — it’s wonderful!)

Hello again, Jolly Jabber readers! I feel like I was just here yesterday telling you about Whimsy, seriously wasn’t that just yesterday?! But here I am again to tell you about my latest steamy romance book, just kidding… my newest collection is finally hitting stores, of course!

When I first starting working on this collection, I was thinking laundry. Not the kind that piles up incessantly at our house and threatens to smother us, but the kind that blows beautifully in the breeze as it hangs from old-fashioned clotheslines. Maybe I was dreaming about the second kind while trying to escape from the first kind LOL! Why do I have such fond memories of laundry, you might ask? Well I go on about it a bit about that here.

And so visions of fresh laundry seem to come to me every time I work with Fresh Cottons. The colors are soft yet bright… can that even be true? I think it kind of can… I hope it can because that’s what I was going for here. It skews brighter if you leave in the strawberry reds and salmon pinks, goes much more mellow if you take them out so its almost like having 2 lines in one! Seriously, you can get a lot of different looks out of this collection.

We worked on a great group of patterns that go with it, mostly all out of precuts so go on over and see what Kimberly has… she has the whole kit ‘n caboodle!

Currently my favorite… Parasols.

I won’t go on and on because you know I’ll be back here again before you know it showing you sneak peeks of the next thing. Maybe tomorrow .

Thanks so much,

Joanna Figueroa
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