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FQS Stitch Maynia + Cross Stitch Channels

We have been crazy about cross stitch! From new patterns, cross stitch kits, flosstubes, and going to cross stitch market, we’ve really caught the cross stitch bug. So much so that we are sew stitching excited to say we are participating in Stitch Maynia 2019!

What is Stitch Maynia?

Started in 2015, Stitch Maynia is when cross stitchers start a new project every day in May. Kimberly will be participating in Maynia with 31 starts on different cross stitch projects, for a total of 31 cross stitch projects! We will be releasing a pre-recorded Maynia video every day of Kimberly stitching and giving her tips and tricks on each of the 31 projects on the Fat Quarter Shop Flosstube YouTube Channel.

You can join the Maynia too! Whether it’s needlecraft or quilting, you can jump in on the Maynia at whatever level you like. For some, that means finishing 5 unfinished projects (UFOs). For others, that might mean starting a few new cross stitch patterns. The point is to be inspired to enjoy crafting and connect with the community who are stitching and sewing, too.

To keep up with all things Maynia, be sure to check out our NEW cross stitch specific social media channels:  You can find us at FQSxstitch on Instagram and Facebook! Use the hashtag #stitchmaynia to join in the fun. We will also be doing giveaways for milestones on followers and a countdown to Maynia!

Maynia Calendar

Here is the full calendar with each of the projects Kimberly will be making

May 1

April Cottage

May 2

May Cottage

May 3

June Cottage

May 4

July Cottage

May 5

August Cottage

May 6

September Cottage

May 7

October Cottage

May 8

November Cottage

May 9

December Cottage

May 10

Spring has Sprung

May 11

Heart & Home

May 12

Easter Wreath

May 13

Spring Season

May 14

Summer Season

May 15

Autumn Season

May 16

Winter Season

May 17

Alphabet en Blanc

May 18

Santa’s Sampler

May 19

Christmas Signs – I’ll be home for Christmas

May 20

Christmas Signs – ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

May 21

Christmas Signs – May your days be Merry & Bright

May 22

Christmas Signs – Have a Very Merry Christmas

May 23

Pumpkin for Sale

May 24

Pumpkin Spice Farm

May 25

Never Ending Cycle

May 26


May 27

Loads of Fun

May 28

Merry Christmas Ornaments

May 29

Merry Christmas

May 30

My Love

May 31

Happy 4th of July

See ya in May!

We’ll catch you here on the blog as well as on our Fat Quarter Shop Flosstube, @fqsxstitch on Instagram and Fat Quarter Shop Cross Stitch on Facebook for Maynia fun starting May 1, 2019! If you’re new to cross-stitch or curious about getting started, please check out our How to Cross-Stitch post for some information on supplies, pattern reading and basic stitches.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi,
    Is there a way to tell us if the chart is done in color or black and white. My vision seems to prefer color so it would help if I could select before I buy. So glad for all the cstitch products and tutorials!

  2. I wonder what would happen if you colored the black and white pattern with colored pencils or light colored markers? I might try it. I do agree it’s hard to see the black and white patterns

    1. Kathleen, I’m not sure about all the cross stitch patterns, but the ones created by It’s Sew Emma are charted in full color. They will either say It’s Sew Emma or have ISE in the description. You can see a handful of them here on the top of this page, like Farm Girl Fall, Quilters Cottage, and Vintage Christmas. https://www.fatquartershop.com/embroidery-patterns Hope that helps!

  3. I love seeing the projects layed out visually. Would it be possible to add fabric type, color and stitch count size for the projects? Or will that information be shared with the videos? Thanks.