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Flashback Friday: Paisleys & Madder Orange

Today we’re kicking off a fun new series: Flashback Friday, hosted by Moda Designer and quilt historian Barbara Brackman! Join us every other Friday for Barbara’s selection of gorgeous new prints and collections inspired by all-things vintage and interesting tidbits of fabric history!

Beckwith by Kathy Hall for Andover:
Paisleys & Madder Orange

No Civil War era repro quilt is co mplete without a few paisleys. Add to your must-have stash with Kathy Hall’s new Beckwith, offering prints echoing the 19th-century craze.

Fashionable woman dating back to around 1850.

That stylized botanical form we might call a paisley shape is borrowed from India’s imagery. The technical name: Boteh from the Hindi word for flower. Paisley refers to an industrial town in Scotland where factory-woven copies of paisley shawls created an affordable fashion fad.
Antique quilt block with a paisley-style print in madder-dyed
shades of orange, red, and dark brown. Circa year 1870.

Inexpensive cotton prints brought a bit of eastern design to western bedding. During the 1860s and ’70s, paisleys in madder-style colors (warm, reddish-browns) were particularly fashionable for ladies’ robes and quilts for the up-to-date boudoir.

The Beckwith collection includes several prints to add that authentic, cinnamon orange that was found in old, natural dyes, to your vintage-inspired project!

What do you think of the paisley and madder orange vintage trend? Do you have a pattern in mind that you’d love to plug these fabrics into?


  1. I LOVE Barbara Brackman!! I'm so happy she's doing this series. Everything I know about Civil War repro fabrics came from her. That's how I learned to like cheddar and madder orange because of the historical significance of them.

  2. I enjoy reading Barbara Brackman's posts. I learned a great deal about US history by reading her book on Civil War quilts:) Vintage fabrics are beautiful, and I will be following your series with Barbara.

  3. I noticed that FQS missed BB's Morris Collections, plural.
    Does her increased presence at JJ (Jolly Jabber) mean
    possibly, that we might soon see (those previously issued) William Morris inspired prints?
    Thumbs Up to Kelmscott Press! Also love Wiener Werkstatt├źn, please consider.
    Longtime Fan, CrenellatedParapets@Me.Com 12/08/16,Thurs 12:52ET

  4. Barbara Brackman is tops in Civil War quilts. I have a learning curve for the orange and yellow repros though. And not on the down side of that curve yet. I will probably get there. Thanks for extending our knowledge with your Flashback Fridays.

  5. This is so good to see this and read her post. It gives more depth to your blog! I will be reading this and thank you! The fabric is lovely!

  6. The fabric is in shops and Fat Quarter Shop has it !!!!!! I am happy that there will be more BB posts, she knows so much and I only learn is small doses……