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Fat Quarter Shop’s YouTube Channel

Hello Jolly Jabbers! Kimberly and Chelsey here! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably noticed that we are in Utah! We are currently up here filming for the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube channel!

Our YouTube channel is currently filled with designer interviews and plenty of tutorials, but we can’t wait to add more. We are gathering great content from some quilting all-stars who will demonstrate their quilting tips and tricks for you all! The videos will start rolling in soon. We encourage you to subscribe so you won’t miss them!

Here’s a little sneak peek at what we are up to this week. We visited the Riley Blake headquarters to film a video for their YouTube channel, popped over to Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet to film tutorials, and are finishing up with a trip to Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt to film! Aren’t you excited to see what they all are up to? We are learning so much from these great ladies and can’t wait to come home and share!

Before we sign off, we have a pretty great giveaway. You know the quilt in the Fat Quarter Shop sewing room? The gorgeous backdrop for our YouTube videos? We have a kit to give away! One lucky reader will receive our very last Flower Girl Quilt Kit, which includes the Flower Girl Quilt Pattern by Thimble Blossoms and Marmalade Fabric to complete the quilt top and binding!

Since we love your feedback, here’s how to win! Comment with video topics you’d like us to cover in future videos. Want a step-by-step tutorial on how to do bias binding? How to match colors and prints? How to pick solids for your quilt? Go crazy and let us know!

Signing out from the Silver State!


  1. Would love to see a tutorial on 'Y seams' I think they are always tricky and can be a pain. Maybe some alternatives to these.


  2. I would love to learn more about thread painting….like taking a picture, printing it on fabric, then painting it with thread. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  3. I'd love to see a demonstration of machine done turned edge appliqué. Thanks for the cool giveaway. Such a pretty quilt!

  4. I would love more creative ideas for quilting with a walking foot. I want to quilt myself, but I'm not quite ready to venture into free motion quilting.

  5. Seriously, that Bee in My Bonnet fabric is so beautiful!!! Is it a new line or one that's out already? I have to have it!!!

    I didn't know you had a YouTube channel. That is pretty awesome. I'd love to see all sorts of videos. I'm interested in zippers, ruffles, pleats, paper piecing, everything really!

  6. I was going to say how to use honeycombs, I know there is already a moda bakeshop one, but I'd love to see it closer up. I'd also quite like to see something on pin vs spray basting and what pins/sprays are the best.

  7. I would love to see the best way to make a scallop border. So fun that you are in Utah where I am currently visiting as well.

  8. I would like to see something about choosing solids to match prints that I already have. Also more on free motion quilting would be great. What a great giveaway.

  9. Gosh, that's a tough question. I feel like I don't even know what I would want a tutorial on until I see it. I often learn things I've never even heard about before! I'm always looking for videos on free motion quilting, since it really helps me to watch someone else demo a pattern or design first. Also, as others have commented, color/pattern choice is sometimes a struggle for me, so maybe some design tips, too! Thanks!

  10. I'm always interested in clever piecing tricks. There always seems to be a better way to do something. This could include new rulers and how to use them. That Flower Girl Quilt has my name on it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Curved piecing would be a good topic, I'm still scared of that. I'd also love to see some of the little tips and tricks the quilting celebrities use. Usually those little genius hints make me say "now why didn't I think of that?"!

  12. I would like to hear more about finishing a quilt – once you get it back from the quilter, how do you square it up and what if you loose the look of the borders when doing so? Also, there are a whole lot of tools out there that I don't know if I need or not because I don't know how they work, so a little help with that would be good as well.

  13. What a nice giveaway! I have a few videos I would love to see – like one on Y seams, one on how to use that binding tool ruler thing and I just love the interviews with fabric designers to see what they are up to!

  14. I like interviews with various people in the quilt industry and also highlights from the various quilt shows around the country.

  15. How about using products with the computer…like the freezer paper packets, foundation paper, transfer ease…etc. Would like to know a little more about how to embellish a quilt too.

  16. I love YouTube and watching you all there. I'd love more tutorials. I'm new to quilting so all the tips and tricks are great to see in action!

  17. Wow! I'm excited about this youtube series and what a great giveaway! Lots of great suggestions already, but I particularly enjoy tutorials on tricky or time saving techniques, behind the scenes looks and lots of eye candy in the way of inspiring quilts and fabrics.

  18. I can never get enough information free motion quilting. I am still learning, not confdent enough to move from practice to quilting yet so every tip helps.

  19. I would love to see/hear more from quilt designers – what inspires them, their favorite tips, and how they make time to create.

  20. I am so excited to see the new YouTube videos! I wouldn't miss the opportunity to subscribe! I'd love to see some creative ideas using hexies–my new addiction!

  21. So excited to see you guys on YouTube! I'd like to see how to do Y seams and a scalloped border. Haven't had the courage to tackle those yet 😉 And, maybe some free motion quilting.

  22. I would love a tutorial on paper piecing and perhaps a scalloped border. Also any help on free motion quilting would be great too.
    Thanks for the chance to win. That quilt is just beautiful.

  23. As a novice, I would love to see some tutorials on basic quilting techniques. Right now I need to know a lot more about mitering corners on borders. I would also love to see tutorials on hand piecing and hand quilting. Thanks for asking!!

  24. You rock! I love videos. I would love to see a video on curved piecing. I have yet to try it and I'm sure you could enlighten me with info from a great quilter.

  25. I would like to see a video for how to make flying geese with the easy ruler. The one I have creates three triangular pieces, and I only found instructions online on how to do flying geese with square pieces that you trim after sewing.

  26. I would love to see a hands-on tutorial of how to bind an edge with irregular angles (hexagons or triangles). I especially don't know how to bind those angles that are greater than 90 degrees.

    I would also love to see your process for filling an order – how do you find that particular bolt in what I am assuming is a football field-sized warehouse. A behind the scenes look.


  27. I would love to know more about FMQ with a regular machine too! But for another idea- What are all these crazy looking feet that come with different machines?!

    Yall are wonderful!

  28. I'd love to see a quick demo on how to take a much loved fabric from my stash and find current fabrics that coordinate with it. Sometimes I buy a yard or two of fabric because I love it, but then I don't know what to pair with it. So basically I'd love to see a demo on how to mix old with new and make it look fabulous.

  29. I would love to see a fabric designer or fabric company talking about the creation of fabric from the idea to the fabric, not just what inspires someone, but the whole process from idea, designing, color choices, how many designs in the line, etc.

  30. I am very visual, so the you tube tutorials will be great. I'd like to see all the different ways to make half square triangles. There are so many short cuts, but which ones will come out true?

  31. Oh, my! Where in Utah is that picture taken? I wish I could live there….

    I digress. I'd love to see techniques on selecting colors for quilts. Also, I'd like to see techniques on using layer cakes — I have a few and I just can't figure out what to do with them!

    Thanks for this giveaway — I love that pattern, and the fabrics are so delish!

  32. Choosing colors for a quilt is always something that I would love to have a tutorial on… also applique… the pin-turning technique etc. THanks for the fun giveaway, and thanks for the fun pictures of Home… I grew up there!

  33. I would like a tutorial on machine applique, curved seams and new techniques in the quilting field. Now i am off to visit your You Tube channel.

  34. Curved piecing, picking fabrics for a project, Y seams, machine applique, cutting scraps into usable pieces…so many things I need help on! I look forward to all your videos.

  35. I would like to see a tutorial on how to correctly square up your finished quilt tops, and other suggestions on preparing your quilt top for quilting.

  36. I'd love to see a tutorial on free motion machine quilting – I've never tried but would love to finish up some of my quilts!

  37. Oh. My. Word. Best prize ever:-) I'd love to see some tutorials based on the idea you have on the blog of showing how to choose different fabrics for the same quilt pattern – and see how differently they finish up.

  38. I would love to have a tutorial on matching colors. This is something I am horrible at and would love to get better. I usually rely on the fabric on the patterns.

  39. I just love to watch any sewing videos because I am such a visual learner vs. reading the instructions myself! I'd be thrilled to see any tips, free motion, paper piecing, easy way to make flying geese, etc.

  40. I love seeing QAYG (the making of panels/blocks, and attaching them). I really want to do one of my own, but I'm a bit nervous I'll jack up good fabric.

  41. It's hard for me to picture how a quilt will look in different fabrics. Maybe something about switching out lights and darks.

  42. There is always so much to learn! I would love to see a tutorial on picking out fabrics for a quilt, and on choosing colors that go together. (I like kits precisely because I'm not good at that!) I'd also like watch tutorials on gifts to make – pincushions, children's toys, purses. I love fat quarter bundles too – maybe a tutorial on ten things to do with a fat quarter bundle. Thanks for the chance to win that lovely kit!

  43. I would love videos on free motion quilting, new fabrics, meet the designers, favorite quilting tools and how to use them….anything 🙂

  44. I would love videos on almost anything quilting related. First I would like one on choosing colors for a quilt and then the best tools to use. Also I am really interested in the Quilt as you go method so that would be a video that I would really be interested in watching.

  45. I would love a quilting on paper piecing, needle turn and machine appliqué, and quilting in the hoop. I have lots more ideas but that is enough for today.

  46. I am already subscribed, love the applique tutorial and fall market interviews Would like to see more like this..maybe zippers if I could pick one. Love browsing your shop, can't wait for more videos.

  47. Please can you show some ruler tutorials? There are so many rulers, and many of them can be used for the same pieces. As a beginner, I'd love to know which ones would be easiest and most accurate. Thank you for the opportunity to win, I love anything from Camille!

  48. I would love videos on almost anything quilting related, I love to learn . Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful kit. Finger crossed !

  49. I would love to see a video or two on Sherri at A Quilting Life. First I'd like to see how she sews quilts so fast! What are her techniques? And also on how she makes her scrappy binding.

    I love the Flower Girl quilt, by the way. Marmalade is my current favorite fabric line

  50. I can't resist pointing out that Nevada is the Silver State and Utah is the Beehive State.

    Now that's off my chest, I am always interested in information about the "quilt as desired" part. Patterns make it sound so easy, and it's so important, but they give you very little guidance. So, help,with choosing designs, help with machine quilting, especially free motion, would be the best!

  51. I would love to see the method of paper piecing where you don't sew the fabric to the paper. Somehow they fold the paper and sew next to the lines.
    Utah sounds like lots of fun!

  52. Think choosing colors is probably the biggest choice but also would love to see some different border choices when doing quilts. Nice to have options when doing a top.
    Thanks, Gail

  53. What a gorgeous quilt pattern and I love the Marmalade collection!!
    I would like to learn how to miter a border, and it would be interesting to learn more about how quilters select their border fabrics (besides what is the biggest piece in the stash, which is my method!)

  54. I would like step-by-step instructions on how to hand quilt. I have watched a few but they always assume I have some knowledge of hand quilting and I don't.

  55. What an amazing give-away! This quilt kit would be such a treasure to win. I would love to learn how to do free motion quilting – something that scares me! I also would love to see more about making clothing using beautiful fabrics such as those offered by the Fat Quarter Shop.

  56. I'd like to see one about binding inside corners. I made a car sear cover the other day and . . . well, that part didn't turn out so well. Hmmm.

  57. I love the look of scalloped borders……would love to see how to figure and how to bind. Thank you for the great lessons!

  58. I am wanting to do free motion quilting and would love a tutorial on it.

  59. I wonder if anyone else has been lucky enough to inherit a Singer featherweight……a tutorial on all the attachments and just the basics would be great! It is just so much easier to use my new sewing machine instead of spending time figuring out the old:)!

  60. Would love to have a video on colors, have a hard time getting the colors in the right place. I am discouraged with making the quilt because I have the wrong colors usually, one is overpowering the other. I always have to go to kits. Would like to step out of the box!

  61. Here are my wish list ideas:
    1. Quilting trends
    2. Favorite tools, rulers, thread
    3. Working with batiks in a traditional pattern
    4. Interviews with quilting designers
    5. Combining fabrics from different designers
    6. Star blocks

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win Flower Girl! She is a beauty!!

  62. I love your videos! Would love to see one on scallop binding. How about controling or organizing our stuff! Scraps, tools, our fabric. Visiting sewing rooms? Thanks for the chance. I love that qlt!

  63. This will be great! I would like to see tutorials on cutting bias binding, curved piecing (drunkards path, circles, and scalloped borders), mitered borders, free motion quilting, and different ways to make half and quarter square triangles. Thanks for the great giveaway and I'm looking forward to your videos.

  64. Given how my last quilting session went, it appears I need a lesson on accurate rotary cutting. Very basic but essential.

  65. I am not sure it's a video topic, but I enjoy seeing quilt patterns made in various fabrics. It is difficult to know how to search flickr for quilts made by a pattern – whether by designer, fabric store, etc. Or maybe I'm just not up to date on searching methods!

  66. I would like to see some tutorials on curved piecing and mitering corners (with the example being a large quilt, not a 12" square, lol). Thanks for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous kit!=)

  67. Ohh my, almost any kind of tutorial is great to watch and learn. Not sure what else I'd like to see. Surprise me! Curved pieces always intimidate me, but not sure how you would ever make that any easier.

  68. Oh, I have two.

    I would love a tutorial on free motion quilting of a big quilt on a regular domestic machine.

    Also, would love a tutorial on the different ways to prepare a quilt for quilting, ie. layering, pinning, thread basting, spray basting, batting with adhesive on it, etc.

    THANK YOU for the opportunity to win this beautiful quilt!

    Angelica O'

  69. I also would love more quilting designs using a walking foot. And paper piecing, I haven't went there yet! What a super awesome prize, the kit is just beautiful!!!

  70. Oh my, where to start, I would love to see any tutorial. When you quilt you become a jack of all trades. You are always learning.
    I think that's what I enjoy about quilting!
    p.s. Love the quilt

  71. I would love a tutorial about doing easy free-motion quilting on home sewing machines. Love the quilt, thank you for the chance to win the kit!
    tamiquilts (at) att (dot) net

  72. What a treasure this giveaway is! Since I am a novice, any videos would be helpful…borders, binding and choosing fabric for those. Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway.

  73. I would love to see interesting ways to straight line quilt. Also, instruction and tips on free motion quilting on big quilts on a pretty basic home machine. And lastly, suggestions of which Moda solids go best with new lines of fabric. Thank you! I love that Flower Girl quilt.

  74. Would love tutorials on paper piecing as well as using a curved foot. Would also be interested in various design processes so we can learn to design quilts at home.

  75. I need to learn the tricks to sewing diamonds! I seem to shy away from doing those quilts, although,I love them….

  76. I would love to learn how to do the binding on the quilts. I am new to quilting. That part scares me for some reason. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the chance to win.

  77. Borders borders borders !!!!!just learning to long arm and my biggest problem is borders. If my quilt is not square can I fix it??
    Jackie in Canada

  78. Woo Hoo Utah!!! I know exactly where you were filming this cause I live in Utah about 40 miles from where this was done *o/* … I saw someone else said they would love a detailed tut on Y seams and I agree. But I would also love some words of wisdom on ensuring my fabric selections for a project, especially larger projects, has the right balance of lights, medium, and dark fabrics along with a variation of prints to give it personality. I have the toughest time with the medium range, because some just seem to fit in both medium and categories. This is often a real struggle for me. Thanks so much!!!

  79. I'd like to see a tutorial on sewing binding on and getting the perfect corners. I seem to try many methods and still have yet to get a corner to turn out perfect. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. I would like to see tutorials on doing machine quilting. I have the machine but not sure where to start. Also, my grandmother made a handkerchief quilt but covered the handkerchief with a see thru material so it would save the integrity. I would like to see that or perhaps how to integrate embroidery into quilting. Thanks for the giveaway and the question. You guys are awesome!!

  81. I would love to see a tutorial on matching colors and prints. I spend hours when I am searching for fabric trying to find just the rights ones to go together. There just has to be an easier way. Thanks sew much!

  82. So excited that you're going to be sharing tutorials! I'd love to see tutorials on all of the latest and greatest "tools of the trade". Thanks a bunch for the chance to win! ☺

  83. I would love tutorials on different methods of applique (because applique still kind of scares me, LOL!) and on getting patterns with curved pieces to work…for example, I'd love to make a wedding ring quilt but…gosh, how to make those perfect rings? Yikes!

  84. Love that quilt!!!! So excited about your youtube!
    I'd love to see how to do binding, making nice corners. Also machine applique and quilting on smaller pieces.

  85. I would like to see information on all the different notions available for quilting, what they are used for and how they work.

  86. I would love a bias binding tutorial, appliquing. Just learning all of this. I would love the quilt kit also!!

    Laura Robinson

  87. Great giveaway! I didn't know you had You Tube videos! A tutorial on strait line quilting on a regular sewing machine would be good.

  88. Would love to see some applique tutorials. I've never ventured into that area, but have been eyeing so many beautiful applique designs that I'm thinking I may have to go for it!
    By the way- I am now officially obsessed with the fruit fabric in the picture shown! I MUST have it! 😉 Seriously, would love to know the name of it.

  89. Glad to find out you have a UTube channel. I'd like to see tutorials on free-motion quilting and how to applique.

  90. I would love to see something on choosing fabrics also using pre-cuts.
    I do love watching You Tube tutorials, they are so helpful.

  91. I would love to see videos on how to cut bias binding, choosing fabrics (since I tend to go with just fabrics in one line), and simple machine quilting techniques.

  92. I think some on Curveds – bindings and piecing would be great. Also some needle turned applique! thank you!

  93. I would love to see a tutorial on how to decide on how to quilt a pieced top. Some examples of popular patterns of quilt tops and how quilters chose what designs to quilt on them would be great. It also might be interesting to see the same pieced top (or same pattern, different fabrics) quilted in different ways so as to be able to make a decision on how to quilt it. For a quicker tutorial, how to ensure that your blocks come out the right size or as close to the right size as possible 🙂 would be one I'd love to see.

  94. Any easy time saving hints & tips – there is always an easier, newer or quicker way to do things that someone has improved with modern technology or a new invention of tool or gadget!

  95. I would love to see how to finish the end of binding. I seem to always have a problem doing this. It either is very thick or it puckers.

  96. Y-Seams and Curved piecing would be the videos I would most like to see.
    lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  97. I love your blogs and will subscribe to your youtube channel..I love seeing how others do things such as binding a quilt and choosing colors. I don't know anything about designing a quilt other than taking a pattern and putting my own fabric in it. I love scrappy quilts and have a pretty big stash built up. Woulf love to win the quilt kit, as I used to have a flower shop and I love anything with flowers…

  98. I would love to be more confident in my color choices. So a tutorial on fabric and color and pattern combinations.

  99. I am a visual learner so this is awesome:

    I would love a tutorial on free motion quilting.

    Bindng tips and techniques. I hold my own but an expert tutorial would be great.

    A quick and simple way to make double bias tape in multiple sizes.

  100. What a wonderful selection of videos you have already.
    My main problem is coordinating colors!
    There are so many fabrics out there and
    too many decisions to make!
    A video on color selection would be great.

  101. how about a hand quilting video? i am always searching for tips to make it easier… 🙂 thanks! I look forward to all your videos!

  102. I am currently struggling with a lone star quilt. The one star is the size of our queen bed. I can't get the squares and triangles to square up the quilt to fit. I haven't found a tute on how to make those large pieces work. Would so love to see it done instead of the 9" or so stars. Something about starching would be great, when to, why to, what to expect, etc. Picking colors and making decent quilt labels would be helpful to me. Thanks.

  103. Thanks for the giveaway! Bias binding tutorial would be great. Also, maybe feature some of your rulers & templates and show how to use them. wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

  104. Would love lots of info on FMQ….also basting quilt sandwich..

    Love your Tutorials!! Soooo helpful to new beginners…and seasoned quilters to I'm sure. Thanks for all the work you all do! 🙂

  105. I need any and all tutorials you post! I am a beginner quilter, although I've sewn for years! I really like the idea of helping with fabric matching and combos. Love your site!

  106. I just love your tutorials! Would really like to see tutorial on free motion quilting with my machine – I am not confident to try at all! Also quilts with specialty rulers, and fabric precuts.

  107. Love tutorials, both for basics and tricks, but also for selecting the appropriate fabrics or the best pattern to highlight the beauties of a fabric line. Also, how to build a coordinated selection based on one or two stash fabrics, color-matching and whatnot.

  108. I love tutorials for quick patterns. You know when you need that quick gift. Always fun to see some new tutorials for a fun block that could turn into a perfect quilt!

  109. I would like a tutorial on paper piecing using the precut pieces and the different combinations you can get. Would love to win the flower girl quilt.

  110. Thanks for asking for our input!!

    Have videos of regular folks sewing areas and and hear their ideas on how to organize/maximize space.
    I am also challenged by fabric selection. I can't seem to envision how fabrics will look in a quilt pattern.
    Basics on scrap quilts: do you still have to organize colors, patterns etc?

  111. I would like to see a video on "different ways to quilt" a quilt. Like doing a feather wreath in the blocks and another pattern in the border.

  112. I would love a tutorial on the easiest way to make bias binding. I also would love to know how to machine quilt on a regular home machine. Thanks for the give away.

  113. Perhaps cutting and stitching Hawaiian hand applique? That is on my bucket list to do someday.

  114. Just subscribed to the You Tube channel and am sew excited about it. Love videos as I am a "visual" learner and can watch them over until I actually "get" it!! I would love to have a video tutorial on Prairie Point binding. I've seen some on how to make the speedy PP, but nothing on how to actual attach them. Stumped on how to finish the quilt with them and would love to put them on a baby quilt. Thanks, Janice

  115. Color is always problematic for me, so anything about choosing colors. Also, Y seams or any seam that has an awkward join. New here but I love all the info! Thanks,

  116. Would love to see any of your videos. I learn so
    many new things when watching.


  117. As a newer quilter I have a hard time deciding on quilting patterns to use . For example, if you have a Flower Girl Quilt (hint, hint) do you quilt a pantograph all over design or feathers or mix up the designs. When is a quilt top too busy to use multiple quilting techniques on it etc…. You can have a beautifully pieced quilt top and really take away from it with the wrong quilting designs.
    This is just one idea…
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!

  118. Today, when I was cutting down some pieces…i thought I could benefit from a demo on Cutting 101. I want to learn all the new methods and tricks ! Thanks, Lee

  119. I am a new quilter and can use all the videos I can get. I would love to see a video series on making a quilt from start (picking fabrics) to finish (binding). Thank you!

  120. I would love to watch how to choose fabric that look great together without having them in a bundle or already picked out for us. How to choose color, value, prints, and solids and how the play off one another.

  121. I would love tutorials on choosing fabric for quilt patterns. Fabric cutting tips would be great. New tools and tricks to make sewing quicker or more accurate would be great.

  122. I was so excited to see the pics you posted on IG! Lori Holt has posted on her blog about how she chooses and stores fabric. I'd love to hear about that and what others do as well. Tips and tricks for hand quilting, more precise piecing, etc.–that sort of thing would be great.

  123. Good video topics are endless. I'd like to see some on hand applique methods especially dealing with inner corners and points. I worry about the fabric fraying. Also piecing curved seams and picking the right colors and values.

  124. Scalloped borders and bias binding would be great video tutorials. I've read about how to fold your fabric for cutting bias binding, but I found it very confusing – I need to see it. I've watched a couple of your videos and I love them! Thank you.

  125. Would love a step by step tutorial on how to do bias binding. I always have trouble with the binding. Thanks for listening.

  126. I would love to see a tutorial on understanding the uses of different types of needles in machine quilting and the best threads to use for different types of projects (piecing, quilting, free-motion, etc.) There are so many thread types and needles to pick from and it is a fairly mundane part of quilting, yet I think more important than we give it credit for. Thank you for the new tutorials you are gathering up in one place.

  127. Wow – I'm very excited about the upcoming videos! I would love to learn about bias binding, and also about options for how to finish the binding – machine and hand stitch techniques. I'm sure whatever topics you come up with will be great!

  128. I am a beginner quilter so I enjoy learning about how to choose colors and fabrics that make a quilt "pop". Right now I am most comfortable with using fabrics in a collection, but I would like to branch out!

  129. I'd love to see other people's sewing rooms, I'd love to see some great ideas for using batiks, and some EASY but great looking quilting ideas for FNQ on my home machine. That really holds me up: when I get the quilt top done it tends to sit for a LONG time before getting quilted!!

  130. The things ladies in my sewing group often ask for help with are matching seams, overcoming the fear of triangle points, measuring quilts for borders, adding hanging sleeves, adjusting their quarter-inch foot so it really is a quarter inch and mitring the corners on binding.
    Saying that, I am sure any and all the topics you choose will be great.

  131. I just started my first paper piecing project and I really love it. It would be great to see something on ideas for creating your own paper templates.

  132. Would love to have more about free motion and walking foot quilting as well as how to get perfect seams on an 8 pointed compass type star (the center where all 8 come together gets me every time!). Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. I need a bit of help with everything! I am especially keen to try a scallop border so would love a tutorial on working out the scallop and attaching the binding. Thanks!

  134. I would love free motion quilting on home sewing machine. I can stipple or loops, but it'd be fun to learn flowers or some other quick way to quilt a quilt.

  135. thanks for the use of technology and YouTube to let quiltmakers into the backstage world
    I would love a video on how to incorporate wonderful new prints with things that we might have in our stash. Thanks for the chance to win

  136. I would love to see you do a tute on paper piecing..lve never tried it and I'd love to learn. I'd also love to win the quilt kit…it. is too perfect for our guest bedroom…I love it! Thanks for all your help, and great ideas.
    Deb Nydegger

  137. I would like video on how to transfer designs and transferring photos on quilts

  138. Tutorials on tips to mix fabric lines to use up my stash, thread painting and raw edge applique
    Thx! I love your videos.