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Fat Quarter Shop’s “Your Favorite Schnibbles” Contest

Yeahhh! We are excited (times two!) that Carrie Nelson’s book, Schnibbles Times Two is finally out! (I’m sure the Year of Schnibbles paraders are rejoicing too!)

There has been so much buzz about this quilt book, especially since That Patchwork Place & Moda Fabrics are sponsoring a contest for this book. (If you would like information on that contest, please go to Carrie’s blog and click on “Contest Rules” on the top left.) This is NOT that contest! We are running a separate giveaway!

“Your Favorite Schnibbles” Giveaway!

We love all of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. patterns. Especially her little Schnibbles (she’s blogged before on how she started Schnibbl-ing!) Now, thanks to Moda’s Layer Cakes, Carrie gives us larger versions of her charm pack wonders, so you can make your favorite Schnibbles even bigger! So, what we want to know is — what’s your favorite Schnibbles pattern in Schnibbles Times Two?

Here’s how to enter:

 1. Purchase the Schnibbles Times Two book from us and comment on this post by Wednesday, June 2, 2010, with which Schnibbles you like the best and why — good for 1 entry.

 2. Make the “Schnibbles Times Two” quilt version (the larger version) using Moda Layer Cakes and fabric. Post your photo somewhere online (look for ideas on where to post it below) and include a link to your photo in a second comment on this post. This must be done by Wednesday, July 7, 2010. (We will not accept photos by e-mail to be fair!) You may submit more than one quilt, and each quilt is good for 3 extra entries.

Four winners will be chosen at random for great prizes!

Ideas on where to post your photos:

  • If you have a blog – post your photos there and comment here with a link to that entry.
  • If you use Twitter – there are many services you can use to post pictures through Twitter. Try Twitpic, Tweetphoto, Yfrog, or Twitgoo if you do not have a service you use already. Once you have tweeted the picture, please add that link to a comment in this post so we can count all of your entries!
  • If you use Facebook – go to our Facebook page and upload the photo to our wall. (You must “Like” us to do this). To do this, click the Photo icon next to “Attach”, then “Upload a Photo” and select the photo you want to use. Make sure it says “Everyone” next to “Share”, then hit “Share”. Again, please add that link to a comment in this post so we can count all of your entries!
  • If you have a Flickr account – you may either upload your photo to your own account if it is public, or you may add it to our Customer Quilt Gallery pool and comment here with the link.

The “Your Favorite Schnibbles” Giveaway starts….NOW!! Good luck!!


  1. I'm pretty excited about it too! In fact, I'm teaching a Schnibbles class from the book on May 15th–so, sadly, I CAN'T purchase the book from the FQ shop because I had to get it already through my local shop where I'm teaching. I HAVE, though, made Plan C using Bar Harbor layer cakes–I love the layer cake idea! But then, again, I love ALL Schnibbles–which is why I'm one of those Schnibbles Paraders! (Is that a word?!)

  2. Perfect, I've just bought the book from you. All the patterns are gorgeous, but my favourite would have to be McGuffey, I love the squares.

  3. I have the book already and I was blessed to be asked by Carrie to make one of the quilts for the book – I made Imagine. I love every quilt in the book but a favorite is definitely X-Rated.

  4. Okay, my favorite is Bennington, second favorite McGuffy. However, I could see myself wanting to make all of them.

  5. Do I have to pick one??? I love them all!! OK……I Like Spin City and Nice Day.

  6. Ah!! I am so excited you extended the deadline, I got my book last week (super fast, thanks!) and I am going to make open season for my son (because of its size) My favorite is x-rated, but I couldn't figure out how to make it fit his bed, so he's getting a little one of that for on a table or something. I love all these patterns, can't believe its taken me so long to try one.

  7. I am so loving this book. I have already made Bennington, now I am starting Plan C using Tweet Tweet fabrics…awesome.

  8. I've gotten this for my birthday last month. It was preordered so I got it by June 1st! 🙂 What an awesome book… 🙂 I'm currently making X-rated with some gold nickels that I have on hand here. It's been put on hold until I finish a couple of graduation presents. I don't have a favorite yet!! 🙂

  9. Unfotunately, I haven't been able to finish my large version quilt of the Little Red Schnibbles. The 36 blocks are all done, but now I have to sew them all together and add the borders. If I would have until Monday, I would be able to finish it.
    Once again, it is an incredibly fun quilt to make. Carrie Nelson is very very talented in making quilts with just that bit extra, that makes it so special.

  10. I posted the top of my Little Red Schnibbles on my blog and on Flickr.
    The picture I took is not so good. I had difficulty making a picture of such a large quilt!

  11. I just finished writing my post on my finished Little Red Schnibbles (it is definitely big :o) It was lots of fun making this Schnibbles and the Blush line was perfect for it!
    Thank you for this challenge. It made me finish my top!