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Fat Quarter Shop Goes to QuiltCon – Giveaway Closed!

We spent the last weekend having a blast at the first inaugural QuiltCon. Lucky for us, it was in our own backyard so we didn’t have to travel too far! QuiltCon, a conference celebrating modern quilting, was presented by the Modern Quilt Guild in Austin, Texas. The four-day conference consisted of a quilt show filled with vendor booths, lectures by industry leaders and workshops taught by creative and talented professionals in the quilting industry. Four days filled with modern quilty fun!

We posted a video recap of the event and added a bunch of photos from the show to Flickr and Facebook. Poke around, it will feel like you were there with us!

Welcome to QuiltCon!
The Moda Bake Shop booth.
Sweet treats at the Moda Bake Shop Booth.
The Moda Bake Shop booth, filled with yummy recipes.
The Robert Kaufman booth.
Bright quilts and eye catching bunting in the Robert Kaufman booth.
Kona Solid Hexagons in the crafting section of the Robert Kaufman booth.
Get cozy in the Michael Miller booth, filled with posh couches and snacks.
A photo-op in the Michael Miller booth.
Violet Craft, Christine Osmers and Debi Porrecca of Michael Miller Fabrics.
Making pillow cases in the American Patchwork and Quilting booth.
Jocelyn and the Rainbow Rocks quilt by Kathleen Baden.
Kimberly and the Broken Cogs quilt by Jacquie Gering.
Angela Yosten signing copies of Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! in the Stash Books booth.
Denyse Schmidt signing copies of Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration in the Stitch Lab booth.

Throughout the weekend, we saw inspiring quilts and heard lectures from the brightest minds in modern quilting. The show was filled with quilts, entered in different categories like Large Applique and Minimalist Design – Large Quilts, which we sponsored. Each quilt was well crafted and well designed.

The lectures all centered around modern quilting but highly varied in theme. From Quilt Guilds as Nonprofits to Publishing your Work in Magazines to All About Fabric Design, the lectures thoroughly covered all areas of modern quilting. The keynote, by Denyse Schmidt, followed her life and career and we left inspired. If you weren’t able to attend the lectures, be sure to check out Craftsy’s QuiltCon Lecture Series and watch the featured lectures for free!

The weekend left us filled with ideas and anxiously awaiting the next QuiltCon! Did you attend this year? What did you think of the conference? If not, will you attend the next event? Let us know in the comments below to win a bag of swag from the event! We are giving away a Robert Kaufman tote, five Andover charm packs and autographs from Amy and David Butler.

UPDATE: The bag of swag winner is This Dog’s Mom! Please send your full shipping address to chelsey[at]fatquartershop[dot]com to claim your prize! Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. No, I couldn't attend this year ! IT would a dream for a chance to attend next year especially if the finances are set AND if I don't spend all of my mad quilt money on other creative projects like you just listed. Cheers!

  2. It's great that there's a show geared towards modern quilting. And thanks for sharing pictures of the quilts! I really liked the 3rd place winner "Retro Modern Shapes". It's unlikely I'll get a chance to attend next year myself, but I enjoy looking through all the eye candy!

  3. Looks like you had a blast from all the pics I saw posted from QuiltCon. I didn't attend due to distance as well as still learning. I would love to attend at some point and maybe it will be close enough to me one day to attend. Thanks for the chance to win a bag of swag from the event!

  4. Oh, I badly wanted to go! I think it's such an important event, a big move for modern quilting/-ers. Maybe next year. I wish I could BUY a charm pack of the Pearl Bracelets like you are giving away! Maybe I will get lucky. πŸ™‚

  5. Wish I could have went, my birthday was on Saturday! But I didn't have any vacation from work left, I used it all up to spend the holidays at home with my now 8-month old!

  6. I didn't attend this year. Tha tis not in my budget to be able to go to these types of events. But I really do wish I could attend all of these. It looks like such an awesoem place to be with so many creative people & quilts and new products. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. I attended, and it was very well organized and tons of fun! The quilts displayed were amazing to see in person after seeing some of them on blogs. My only disappointment was reading that it will only recur every other year. Fantastic!

  8. It would be a dream come true for me to attend such an event as QuiltCon! I would be in the quilters idea of Disney World!

  9. I did not attend in person but by Instagram! I really got the sense of a well run show that really catered to the individual quilter. The workshops looked amazing! I loved the personal touches like the ribbons, swag bags, photo booths etc that really reflected the fun creative and colorful side of modern quilters! I loved that front and center everywhere were the charity quilts that contained blocks from everywhere. I especially loved how one of my blocks literally hung over the head of every fabulous lecturer! I just wish I could have been there with my quilt. But the many pictures people posted of it let me see how wonderfully it was displayed. In a previous traditional quilt show my quilt was hanging 1/3 laying onthe floor! But thanks to instagram and some prolific and a little racy photog quilters I almost felt like I was there. I just need the swag!

  10. I love all your pictures of the event πŸ™‚ I have never been to QuiltCon, but I'd love to go! I think it would be so inspiring to see everything

  11. I would love to go to QuiltCon but I live too far away so I must live vicariously through you wonderful bloggers. Would love, love, love to win a bag of swag!!!! Thanks for being so generous.

  12. i didn't attend this year, but anxiously watched several of my favorite blogs for updates and ideas. would love if a publication came out of all the beautiful work!! look forward to seeing dates for the next opportunities. i'd love to win some of the beautiful fabrics!

  13. I did not attend but wanted to. I can't wait to see what will all happen with the modern quilt movement. Some of the guild members went and I can't wait to hear what they did.

  14. I would love to be able to attend and one year hope to do so. Until then, I have enjoyed the postings and photos to get a feel for everything that was happening

  15. I wasn't able to attend due to the distance and my finances. I am hoping it will come closer some day and then maybe I can go. I sure have enjoyed on the pictures and comments on different blogs related to it.

  16. I did not get to attend. I teach first grade and so don't get to attend things like that, since they always seem to be when I am working. Maybe when I retire, I can go to the shows and attend my quilt guild meetings!

  17. I did not get to attend. I teach first grade and so don't get to attend things like that, since they always seem to be when I am working. Maybe when I retire, I can go to the shows and attend my quilt guild meetings!

  18. I would love to be able to go to something like this. It's so hard to save up my money, though, when you have such cute things in your shop! I am really glad that Craftsy has put some of the lectures up for everyone to see. And I've loved seeing all the blog posts written since people have returned home.

  19. I got to go, but only to the show. Really wished I had taken a workshop or two though. It was my first quilt show/conference and I absolutely LOVED it! I cannot wait until 2015 when QuiltCon will be back!

  20. I did not get to attend, but I followed along on Twitter and Instgram. If I have a job (and therefore the extra $$$) in 2015, I won't be able to get off work (school schedule). If I don't have a job, then no $$$. What a vicious cycle πŸ™

  21. Unfortunately I didn't get to g, but I got to sew a little this weekend. Hopefully the next one! Thanks for the great recap!!

  22. I did attend. That was my retirement gift to myself. It was wonderful. I loved my classes, the lectures were great, the vendors well stocked, and the sponsors very generous. I hope to attend the next one, too. I'll have to figure out what my excuse will be.

  23. Some friends from my MQG got to go and I look forward to their reports. I hope to go some day. I would LOVE to win a prize! πŸ™‚ I am a new quilter, just one year, so getting new fabrics and toys would be great fun! πŸ™‚

  24. Would love to attend next year since this year timing was difficult. The photos you shared give us a "taste" of a wonderful event.

  25. I didn't make it this year – not enough vacation time… but everyone's pictures look amazing!! And I wish I'd at least entered a quilt – those prize ribbons are awesome. See you there in 2015 I hope!

  26. I'm in Canada so need to plan ahead a bit but would love to go to Quilt Con one day. It is still very inspiring though with all of the photos and quilts! Thanks for posting so many, I love seeing them!!

  27. I am really getting into modern quilting, so I would really love to go to the next quiltcon! I've been eagerly reading the tidbits from my blogger list and cheering on those who entered quilts!

  28. I am new to quilting and get so excited to see what all you "professionals" are doing! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!
    satterfield family at sbcglobal dot net

  29. I couldn't attend this time, but I would love to attend next time. The quilts, classes, and lectures look amazing. I am going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston in November.

  30. How exciting to attend! Wish I could have been there, but unfortunately, live too far away. Really enjoyed looking at the photos on your blog and getting inspired by the beautiful quilts. QuiltCon looks like a quilting paradise! Would love to have a bag of swag from there!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. I missed it this year, with my two little ones and my husband in training, but I will definitely be marking it in my calender for next year as soon as I get the dates.

  32. I did not attend – but have been enjoying the blogs of people who did get to go.
    I would LOVE to get there one year … but alas, I think that'll take a whole lot of planning with my hubs to manage πŸ™‚

  33. I went, and I loved it! It was such an inspiring weekend, and I met some great people. My husband, daughter, and I had enough frequent flyer miles for three round-trip tickets, so we turned it in to a family vacation.

  34. I got to go! It was awesome seeing Tula Pink's "Gridlocked" in person! I loved the demos but wish I had signed up for lectures or workshops (decided to go last minute.)

  35. I couldn't attend, but I sure hope to some day. I've been looking at all the pictures on various places on the web and it sure looks like inspiring fun! Thanks for sharing pictures and swag!

  36. I wasn't able to attend this year because of our 10 month old baby girl. I am hoping to attend next year, but will also have a new six month old at that time. I love Austin and I am so inspired by the pics you have posted. My family may have to kiss me goodbye as I get to working on new projects!



  37. I don't think I will ever get to Quiltcon, but thanks to all those bloggers who share photos with the rest of us – it looks amazing!

  38. No, I didnt get to go but thank yall so much for sharing. What a great event! And thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

  39. I didn't get to go this year because I'm taking a trip to SC to surprise my mom for Mother's Day this year. Next year, for sure!!! At least that's the plan πŸ™‚ Love seeing all the pics! Thanks for sharing.

  40. I wasn't able to attend this year and it looked so wonderful. I do want to go next year and hope the scheduling works out. Thanks for the great give away chance.

  41. I wasn't able to go but I feel like I was there! I was constantly on Instagram waiting for new #quiltcon pictures to come up from bloggers that I follow. I hope the next one is in Austin again because I will be going for sure! My husband has orders to Fort Hood (we are coming home Texas!) in August and Austin is only a 45 minute drive. I was so inspired by all of the pictures of the quilts I saw and I wish I could have been there to listen and learn from the lectures, meet some of my quilting idols, and meet ya'll! I seriously can't wait to get back to Texas!

  42. I didn't attend but would LOVE to. It's a long way from Australia but would be so very worth the trip!! I have just loved seeing so much of QuiltCon shared – thank goodness for blogs πŸ™‚

  43. I didn't get to go and but I haven't given up hope since my husband is kind of fond of Austin – if not, I do like to take solo road trips sometimes so I think Austin 2015 just might be a pipe dream worth having!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  44. I loved the Quiltcon! I have been to the Quilt Show in Houston the last few years and really loved the spin Austin has put on our own quilt show. Looking forward to it growing for years to come.

  45. No, I could not attend – it's a long way from where I live – but I've enjoyed what I have seen everyone share – thanks for the pics and info.

  46. I didn't make it this year but hoping very much to make it next year. this year I guess the lqs shop hop will have to work

  47. I would love to go to the next quilt con! Thanks for sharing all the pictures – the Rainbow Rocks quilt by Kathleen Baden is my favorite!

  48. I did not attend the conference…the hard part is sometimes knowing your schedule so far ahead and being willing to miss important kid/school functions if they end up on the same day? I like some of the dates for the SewDowns, especially the ones at the beginning of the school year – not so many conflicts. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  49. I did not attend this year but I would love to next year. I just started quilting in December. I didn't even know that modern quilting existed before I started the research for my new hobby. Now I am hooked. I have made three quilts and 5 mug rugs. I have been an occasional sewer since the 70s. Made a nine patch quilt top in traditional fabrics in the 90s but just didn't feel it and could never get the motivation to quilt it. Now that I found my style I can't stop sewing.

  50. I'm hoping to get to go one year! Always looks like so much fun and a great place to learn. Thanks for sharing the pictures – I knew you would and I was looking forward to it!

  51. Yes I was there! Got lots of goodies from the wonderful sponsors. Wonderful quilts. Can't wait for the next show!

  52. I was able to attend with five others from our area. It was spectacular from the lectures to the quilt show to the workshops. And on top of that exhibitors and vendors. Thank you for participating.

  53. I couldn't be there this time, but I would love to be there the next time around. Those from our guild that went seemed to have a great time!

  54. I would love to attend, but living quite far away, i probably won't be able to participate. I do love to take part of the pictures, creating ideas and inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  55. I did not attend, but followed online. Living in Europe I very much doubt I'll be able to attend the next one but maybe some time in the future I'll make it.

  56. I'm in Australia, so it's a bit too far for me to attend in person, so I've had to attend virtually instead. Maybe one day……

  57. I wasn't able to attend, in fact, I've never attended a big quilt show, only smaller, local ones. Just looking at those delicious booths is overwhelming…it's making me drool! Thanks for sharing your adventure with those who couldn't make it!

  58. I wish I could have gone and one day I will!! My favourite thing has been seeing all of the great quilt photos on various blogs and the fact that everyone who went has said what a great event it was. I have no idea how the judges choose a winner because all the quilts I have seen photos of have been beautiful x

  59. I don't know if I will ever get to QuiltCon so I'm enjoying all the blog posts about it. So much talent out there, it boggles the mind. Thanks for the chance to win these treasures!

  60. I am jealous of those of you who attended. I wish I could attend a future event, but I doubt that will happen. Thanks for the chance to win a bag of goodies.

  61. I didn't find out about this one until about a month ago, and couldn't get out there. But my mom and I are definitely planning on a road trip from GA to go next year! Looks awesome. Thank you for sharing!!

  62. I am just starting to dabble in modern quilting and your pictures are fun! We are so lucky for the internet to provide us with tons of inspiration….thanks!

  63. I did not attend QuiltCon this year. I enjoyed seeing the many photos that have been posted. Unfortunately I will most likely not attend because of finances. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  64. I didn't attend this year. I would love to attend but most likely can not afford to travel. I do enjoy the posts from the ones who are lucky enough to go. It makes me feel like I am almost there. Thank you and thanks for the chance to win some wonderful gifts. Love Love Love the tote.

  65. I didn't get to attend this year. Quite a few people from my guild (PMQG) attended and I've heard nothing but great things about the event! I would definitely attend the next QuiltCon! It's in 2015 right!? Thanks for the great giveaway ~ it's really generous!

  66. I was lucky enough to attend and thought it was a great show – especially considering it was the first year. I am planning on attending the next one and hope to attend one of the SewDown's as well.

  67. No I couldn't attend. Having to go to work got in the way! I would love to go sometime. Maybe I'll need to look into getting time off next year!

  68. I did not go nor will I probably get there next year. Some us have to be armchair dreamers, right? I am loving the look of the new modern quilts and have embraced lots of clean white backgrounds and gray as neutral in my latest quilts.

  69. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures with us. It looks like it was so much fun. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend this year, but I hope to make it there next time. I've already been stalking the QuiltCon website for details on the next event….no postings on it yet.!

  70. I didn't go this year, but maybe next year if the timing and location is right! I currently use these beautiful fabrics to make dresses and skirts for my daughters. I am hoping to take up quilting soon!

  71. I got to go on Sunday and it was wonderful. Really did not know what to expect but it was great! Love the whole thing. I am a traditional quilter but I loved looking at the quilts and brights! Made me look at things so much differently. So glad that I went! Did not get to make any lectures but loved the demos on the floor! A great Day! I would not have gone if I had not heard about it in one of your emails!

  72. Since Texas isn't vey close to Wisconsin, I did not attend this year's QuiltCon – but I got a chance to see and be inspired by your pictures (and those posted on other blogs as well)! Thanks for the give away!

  73. Sad to say, but I was not able to attend this Quiltcon. But maybe next year! Looks like a great place to be 'inspired'. And yes, I would Love to Win Swag! Thanks for the chance.

  74. I wasn't able to attend this year–my sweetheart scheduled his shoulder replacement for the very same week, darn it–but I was just thinking that I should write it on next year's calendar in ink.

  75. Thanks as always for sharing your quilt show adventures, Great photos! Thanks, also, for sharing your goodies. I would love a bag of swag … πŸ™‚ Pat

  76. Hi, I live in Belgium and I would love to go, sometimes a dream come true, meanwhile thanks for sharing us the photo's, and thanks for the chance,

  77. I did go and really had fun. I was able to sneak in a day of lectures and a class with Denyse Schmidt. But….the show floor was much smaller than I expected. We thoroughly enjoyed the quilts, fun, demos and shopping but it didn't even take a full day to see it all. I know….it's the first show but we love quilts and wanted more!

  78. I did not attend this year – I entered the sewing world too late to know it was even happening! It sounds like an awesome event and I'd love to go in 2015! Thanks.

  79. I did not attend this year, I almost want to cry. I live in S. Texas and did not know about it. Not sure where I've been. I DO plan to go next year, I can't wait it looked like such a fun time!

  80. No, I did not attend this year, but it sure looks like a wonderful even. I plan to go over to Craftsy and listen to the QuiltCon Lecture Series.

  81. I'm not sure I will be able to attend this conference, but it certainly has peaked my interest. Looks like there were lots of ideas to inspire everyone. Thanks for sharing the pictures and I'm going to watch the video.

  82. I was there, kind of disappointed in the number of vendors. But came away with lots of ideas and couldn't wait to get home. Attended a lot of the demo. Judy Hampton

  83. Thanks for the photos of QuiltCon. Looked like a fabulous event. I love the modern quilting! You gave me an idea what it might be like to attend the conference!

  84. no, unfortunately, i didn't go to quiltcon and cannot plan on attending the next one … so thanx for the chance to win swag and showing off the pix. much appreciated!

  85. I enjoyed all the blog posts, twitter & Instagram updates from Quiltcon. I am definitely going next year. Anybody know the dates & place?

  86. I would like to go like so many others! I am happy for the internet though where its now so easy to keep up with the fun! thanks!

  87. I don't know if I could ever attend but I would sure LOVE to attend…thank you for the chance to win some amazing swag!!

    tamiquilts at att dot net

  88. I was supposed to go to Quiltcon – had my plane ticket, my hotel reservation and class assignments…and then had to cancel almost last minute due to work. I'm still bummed, so YES, I plan to go to the next one! o:)

  89. I live in Texas and was very fortunate to be able to go to QuiltCon. I love every minute of it, took three classes and saw the most amazing group of quilts ever. I will definitely go again!!

  90. I was lucky enough to attend QuiltCon and I LOVED IT!. I took 5classes and attended lectures as time permitted and volunteered 18 hours as well. I also had two quilts in the show! It was fabulous. My biggest takeaway from the conference is that I need to "find my own voice". I will work on that!

  91. I was unable to attend, but my daughter was there and raved about it. Hopefully next year we will both be there to enjoy the beautiful quilts.

  92. I didn't make it this year. Next year is definitely a possibility since I have friends who live in Texas. Wouldn't be hard to combine the two visits! Love the photos you posted.

  93. I had to cancel my registration due to a family conflict. It's great seeing the pictures and hearing how it went. Looks like you all had a great time!

  94. I love the pics that you shared with us!! And I'd love to go next year, but being in Calif, getting to TX isn't that easy and cheap!! But thanks for sharing the pics, it may be the closest that I get!! πŸ™‚

  95. I didn't attend this year, and if it worked timing wise I would love to attend, I am really intrigued by the modern quilt patterns I have seen. Thanks for the chance.

  96. My sister and I attended. It was very well run for a first year. We truly enjoyed it and would have loved to stay the full weekend. We only got to stay on Thursday and Friday. Will definitely look at going next year!

  97. I unfortunately did not attend this year. It looks amazing but it coincided with my daughter's 5th birthday…some things you just shouldn't skip. I would LOVE to go! I wish there were more big quilt shows in the midwest (not during apple season…)… Thanks for the swag opportunity!

  98. I am new to quilting and have not attended. What a dream that would be – the inspiration would be amazing (and probably a little overwhelming)! Thanks for sharing with us!

  99. I could not attend this year, but I would absolutely love to go to the next one. Thanks so much for letting me know about Craftsy's Quilt Con series. I'm heading over there to check it out!

  100. I'm so happy the FQS Team was able to attend the inaugural event of QuiltCon. I hope QuiltCon continues and I too would like to one day attend it.

    Thanks for your great reporting at QuiltCon via your blog, Twitter and Facebook. Great inspiration and fun from your insights!


  101. What an amazing trip this would be! I didn't go this year, but would love to attend the next one, it looked like so much fun!

  102. Thank you for sharing pictures for those could not make it! We had this horrible sickness going around, but I dreamed of being there. It looked incredible! A bag of Swag would be awesome!

  103. I had so much wanted to attend this year, but other things got in the way. I would love to attend next time — next year?? Looking forward to hearing when and where the next one will be.

  104. I really wanted to go this year but I had trouble booking and the workshops I wanted were gone in a flash. It was too far to travel to without having those, the cost would have been too much.

  105. I would love to attend the next QuiltCon! I am new to quilting and overwhelmed by all the blogs, events, ideas, fabric, online stores and the people involved that seem so fantastic! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  106. I did not attend. It looks like a really fun show. I love to attend any quilt shows held in my area. Would love to attend some of the larger shows.

  107. I didn't go this time around but had several friends that did and I will FOR SURE be going in the future!!! So jealous of everyone there and LUV LUV LUVed looking at all the Instagram photos from everyone!!!

  108. I didn't attend and don't see it in my near future, so I love that you share it all with us so we can feel like we were there!

  109. Oh I wish I did attend! I plan on going to future events -it is great seeing all the photos & reading the reports!! It looks delightful!!!!