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Fat Quarter Shop goes to Fall Quilt Market 2013!

We have arrived! Lucky for us, Fall Quilt Market is just a few hours away in Houston, but we are so excited to see everyone who has traveled far and wide for the international show! We will spend the weekend learning in Schoolhouse, drooling over new fabric collections, checking out new quilt patterns, hanging out with our quilty friends, giving away plenty of prizes, and tweeting like mad the entire time! The hustle and bustle begins tomorrow and we can not wait to see what is in store for us! You will not want to miss out!

Want to feel like you are there? We will try our hardest to show you everything we possibly can! Be sure to follow along on Twitter for live updates, Flickr, Instagram and Facebook for plenty of eye candy, YouTube for some video updates, like Schoolhouse sessions and demonstrations from the show, and check back here on the Jolly Jabber for nightly re-caps and giveaways.

Before we head out to rest before the craziness begins, we wanted to have a fun giveaway! See if you can match each Fat Quarter Shop staffer with their phone! P.S. looks like we love Apple!

Leave a comment below matching each staff member with a phone for a chance to win a prize from our Sample Spree loot! We promise to get some great bundles at Sample Spree, so you won’t want to miss out. Check back tomorrow for our recap of Schoolhouse and Sample Spree and the winner will be announced on Tuesday October 29th. Good luck!


  1. This is a total stab in the dark, but fun!!
    1. F
    2. E
    3. A
    4. B
    5. G
    6. I
    7. C
    8. H
    9. D


  2. It' harder than you think
    2- E
    3- C
    4- G

    I'm going to Fetival on Thursday.(Oct 31) Can't wait.

  3. Okay , First off I'm so Jealous that I don't get to go πŸ™ boo! But I'm confident that all with be well documented that to the AWESOME staff going!!!! Can't wait to see the FULL REVIEW of market!!

    1. F
    2. E
    3. H
    4. G
    5. A
    6. D
    7. I
    8. C
    9. B

    Have fun and Be Safe!!!


  4. I have no idea, but I have to join the fun! πŸ™‚
    1) F 2) E 3)A 4) H 5) D
    6) B 7) C 8)G 9) I

  5. This was fun. Kimberly, B because Turquoise is such a cool color. 2-H is classy. 3-F is very practical. 4-A is very classy. 5-F pink and pretty. 6-G Shes a fun girl. 7-C looks very techy. 8-D she likes stripes. 9-I She likes colors.

  6. The only one I thought might be a match would be 6&I. After that is is pure luck.
    1&H, 2&A, 3&b, 4&g, 5&F, 7&C, 8&E., 9&D
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  7. Cute game! I only wish I was close enough to Quilt Market to scope out the phones of the lovely FQS staffers! No idea….but here goes!


    Thanks for the chance to win, and for keeping us all in the loop!

    Rina H.

    skystitching34 at gmail dot com

  8. Here goes!
    Now I'm curious to see the matchups…enjoy yourselves!

  9. 1 – I
    2 – H
    3 – B
    4 – G
    5 – F
    6 – A
    7 – C
    8 – D
    9 – E

    Hmmmm…..not so easy!! But fun!!

  10. Staffer 1 Phone A
    Staffer 2 Phone D
    Staffer 3 Phone H
    Staffer 4 Phone E
    Staffer 5 Phone G
    Staffer 6 Phone F
    Staffer 7 Phone C
    Staffer 8 Phone B
    Staffer 9 Phone I

  11. 1. Kimberly's phone is B because turquoise is such a cool color. 2. His phone is H and is classy. 3. Her phone is E and is very practical. 4. Her phone is A and is very classy. 5. Her phone is F, pink and pretty. 6. Her phone is G because shes a fun girl. 7. Her phone is C, it looks very techy. 8. Her phone is D because she likes stripes. 9. Her phone is I because she likes colors.