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Fast, Fun & Flirty Quilts by Sarah Bisel

Fast, Flirty and Fun – Easy Quilts from Fabulous Fabrics! Sounds pretty darn good, huh? We live for “fast”, we love “fun”, and “flirty” is the cherry on top. That’s what we thought when the author of this book, Sarah Bisel, emailed us to show us her cover, published by Martingale. Her book has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint! Whether you love appliquΓ© or simple piecing, big focal prints or scrappy strips, modern fabrics or traditional favorites, this book covers it all. Sarah is our guest today on the Jolly Jabber to introduce her first book and to tell us how this big dream of hers came true! Comment on this post with one of your big dreams to win a copy of Fast, Flirty and Fun! We have four up for grabs! Winners will be announced next Wednesday, so good luck!

Hello to the Jolly Jabber crowd, I am so excited to introduce myself and my new book to all you quilters and “want to be” quilters. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah Bisel. I currently live in HOT Tucson, AZ, but I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. I still return to SLC often, and I love quilting community there.

Most of my life is filled with mothering. I am the mother to 4 incredible kiddos ages 9, 8, 6, and 9 months. My life is full, my days are hectic, and my to-do list is ever growing. However, quilting helps me to relax. It gives me the opportunity to be creative, to show my personality, and leave a little mark in the world. Plus, I adore the satisfaction that comes with finishing a quilt, crossing something off the list, and then continually looking at this quilt I made and finished. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with a finished quilt.

There are so many people out there who want to learn how to make a quilt, but have no idea where to start. Many of my friends and family have expressed a desire to spend a day with me learning this fun art. I want to spread the quilt love to more than just family and friends. I want beginner quilters to feel safe, at ease, and comfortable quilting.

When beginning quilters are armed with the knowledge I gained after years of quilting, they are much more likely to feel successful. Seasoned quilters need inspiration too. I hope as they read my book they can look at quilting a new way, find a pattern they love, and be able to make a quilt quickly and love the results.

I have been asked a number of times, what made me think I should write a book? For years, I toyed with the idea of selling quilts, selling patterns, teaching classes, etc. I tried a couple of the ideas and found they really didn’t fit in my time schedule. I looked into selling my own patterns and realized there were a lot of unseen tasks involved in that venture. My only avenue left was going to a publisher and pitching my idea. I told myself I would go for it, try it out. If the publishers liked it, GREAT! If not, then I should enjoy quilting as a hobby and move on.

Luckily for me, Martingale wanted to publish my book, even though I was, essentially …. a nobody. Being a first-time pattern writer was an adventure to say the least. Martingale did so much to assist me, and I feel blessed everyday to have had them as a guide in this process.

Of course, we all have our favorite quilts, and I’ll show you some of mine.

This is called Cocoa Cakewalk. What I love about this quilt is the statement it makes. It is bold, simple, and it gives all of us quilters a chance to use large pieces of our favorite fabrics.

This quilt is called Sweet Silhouette. I love this quilt because it is so cheerful. I love the scallops and how they draw the eye to the middle of the quilt, where a great piece of fabric can shine.

Circe of Friends is a family favorite in our house. My oldest daughter keeps asking if she can have this bright quilt. I can understand why! Those fabrics are so fun, so fresh, and exciting. Great fabrics really make a quilt, and this quilt has some really fabulous fabric.

Up a Tree is another beloved quilt because it is so “wild.” My non-quilting friends love this quilt because it is so non-traditional. It’s free and fun, and reminds me to break the rules of quilting every now and then.

What’s next for me? I have a number of designs running around in my head. Some of them are already quilts, and some of them are waiting for their time. I would love to write another book, it would be so fun to share more of what I love with others. I still have some big dreams, and would love to design fabrics.

Be Inspired!

Sarah Bisel
Fast, Flirty, and Fun


  1. I dream about making quilts for all my gifts. I'm a brand new quilter, working on my 1st quilt. I'm addicted, but have a LOT to learn!!

  2. I dream of actually having time to sit down for a few hours at a time and quilt instead of the 10 minutes here and there, but I dont dream of my kids growing up any faster so that can happen….so I guess I am stuck for now, just dreaming πŸ™‚

  3. I'm a mother of four small children too. Although I don't have a lot of time, I really want to learn to quilt! I would enjoy making quilts to pass on to my children and future grandchildren. I dream of pretty quilts scattered throughout my home.

  4. I am the mother of 5 small children and quilting is an escape for me. I want to teach my daughters to quilt so that one day, they can teach their children. I think it's a beautiful expression of creativity. I dream of telling my grandchildren the stories of my quilts.

  5. One of my dreams is to be able to teach preschoolers. They have great imagination and so very innocent in there thoughts and very giving of there Love. I have a 5 year old who loves to pick out fabric for my quilts and he has surprisingly great taste. And he shares his love with me everyday, I am truly blessed!!!!

  6. My really BIG dream is to own a quilt shop one of these days……but in the meantime…a big dream would be to finish even half of the projects I have tucked away!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Congrats on your book! I have yet to make a quilt, but I'm teaching myself to sew, so my dream is to make a quilt! I'm ready to learn! your quilts are gorgeous!

  8. What a nice story and a great book too. My dream would be to figure out how to write a pattern of my own design. I haven't yet figured out how to do that but I would love to do that someday.

  9. I dream of my next quilt especially has I finish up those last few stitches on the current quilt. It truly is addictive. Congrats on this book and the wonderful adventures ahead…you such a young quilter that I imagine all sorts of wonderful things will be marketed from you!!

  10. Looks like a terrific book. I'm sure I will love the quick and easy patterns, especially
    Cocoa Cakewalk. My dream is to have a serious quilting space someday – big enough to hold all my fabric and have room to create without dragging stuff in and out.

  11. My big dream is having a long arm. My bigger dream was to have a larger home, and I have been blessed with that dream this past week! I'd love to make some beautiful quilts to decorate this new(er) house. Congratulations on your book. I am sure it truly is a dream come true.

  12. Another quilter star among us! Loved reading the story, with four little ones, she has that Plus Factor! My dream would be to design my own patterns, the math does me in. I hope to overcome that. Love,absolutely love Cocoa Cakewalk! What an original design! That book will be a best seller and I look forward to reading it! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

  13. Hmmm my biggest dream is for my kids to grow up happy and healthy and have a wonderful life, nothing could be better than that!! Congrats on your book, and thankyou for sharing it with us!

  14. I dream of having a long arm quilting business. I am addicted to books. Please feed my addiction. πŸ˜‰

  15. Big dream for today……
    …..learn to use my quilting machine that my son bought me for my birthday today………

  16. My dream is to raise happy healthy children while being able to balance mom-hood, work and me time (which includes sewing) – that and to finish a quilt that is bigger than lap size πŸ™‚

  17. lovely book! what great patterns…i have big dreams of becoming a grand quilter with lots and lots of quilts to share

  18. I dream of my own craft room for sewing, scrapbooking, or whatever! I've bookmarked many beautiful craft rooms I've seen online just waiting for the day that it will happen. Pls enter me for the wonderful book!

  19. I have to say that Up a tree is one of my favorite quilts too! It can live at my house when you grow tired of it :0)

  20. I would love to have this book, not so much for me but for my daughter who is is just starting out on her quilting journey. She loves fabric and has made a couple of small quilts with squares. She would really like this book.

  21. I dream of always being able to "sniff some lint" and have some quilting time in each and every day!

  22. I've dreamed of reaching a point in my life where I could take quilting back up again after several busy years with 5 daughters…and this summer I set my sewing machine up in a permanent position for the first time in years πŸ™‚ The book looks like great inspiration.

  23. I'm a new quilter. My dream is to make a quilt for every member of my family. Something that will last and maybe be passed down to future generations. Books like this are a great inspiration. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  24. I constantly dream of having enough time to do all the sewing, quilting, creating that I want. I dream of a magic clock!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! If I don't win, I will have to buy this book!

  25. I saw this book in a flyer and would love to own it. Would be so nice to win it but if not, I do think it is on my to buy list!

  26. I've been intrigued by this book ever since I first saw it in a Martingale catalog. It looks so fun! My big dream is to be able to devise my own designs, to free up my creative abilities.
    Leslie S. in MN

  27. I dream about having a sewing room which I will be able to teach my children how to quilt, and then have all of us work on projects together. All 3 kids (under the age of 3) already have a passion for the sewing machine and fabric!!

  28. I dream of having all my UFO baby quilts finished so that when my bub is born in a couple weeks, I can wrap him up in a gorgeous FINISHED quilt!!!

  29. My dream is to finish my studio – right now it's a storage shed; but it was supposed to be my studio.

  30. My big dream is to have a group of ladies that gather for quilting, reading the bible, sharing about their lives and being an encouragement to the group and all others around.

  31. Hi. My big dream are to be able to finish hand quilting a big quilt I started to make in 1999… I have done almost 2/3 of it.
    I start and start over and over again.. But there are soo many other items that cryes to me made.. πŸ˜‰
    Now it is the new book that cryes out for me to get it…
    Hugs πŸ˜‰

  32. Thank you for the chance to win. This book looks great! I would most definetly make one of the beauties presented.

  33. What a fun interview and lovely young lady. I am a grandma who currently has a 'full house'. My dream is that some day I might have what I'll call a "studio" where I can have designated space for my sewing machine, fabric, rulers, patterns, work space, and not have to pick everything up each evening so that the family can all sit down at the diningroom table for dinner. smile I'd find your new book as sheer inspiration. Thankyou for your interview and an opportunity to win your lovely book.

  34. This book is exactly what I started looking for this week. I have some large focal prints in mind to make a fast, simply pieced quilt as a going away gift for a friend.

  35. My dream is to be able to sew and complete all the wonderful quilts that tickle my fancy. I see so many things out there that I like and would like to do that I end out putting undue pressure on myself. Thank you for this great giveaway.

    Have a super great day.

  36. what a great book…especially for the older quilters…we were told to quilt with so many rules some ladies gave up way to soon…Will buy this book for sure… ds

  37. First of all…. Huge Congratulations on publishing your book! Now THAT must've been a dream come true!! I actually dream that one day, I'll make a quilt that I keep for myself. I have made so many- and they are all as gifts for others. They always bring me great joy in giving them away…. but one day maybe, just maybe… I'll keep one and actually have my very own quilt!

  38. My dream is to live long enough to finish all my UFO's!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  39. Donna: I really love the quilt on the cover. Looks very simple to make. I am sure the rest inside are wonderful as well.

  40. My big dream is to be able to move to a bigger house and have a room all to myself for my sewing and quilting! (and another space for my Hubby to put all his "stuff")

  41. as the mother of 12 kids i also love to quilt. it is my decompression! now that some of my kids (yes, girls and boys:) are older i am helping them to learn how to quilt too! it is so fun. I dream about my husband taking all my kids on a vacation (its usually me cause he has to work)and leaving me home to quilt. now THAT would be awesome!

  42. WOW… i would love a kit of each on your quilts on the page!! Seems like my "style". Enjoyed reading about your life as a mother and now a Publisher.. How wonderful and full a life you have. And wonderful quilt book ideas. Shall have to order your first one

    Dionysia, Adelaide Australia

  43. Congratulations on what looks like a terrific book! The quilts are gorgeous ~ Cocoa Cakewalk is awesome… love it.

  44. I dream of getting over the slump I'm in with my current quilt. Need someone to walk in pick border fabrics. LOL

  45. What a fun book. My dream is to teach all my granddaughters how to quilt. Now I also have a great-grand to teach as well.

  46. I dream of being able to own your brand new book! It looks like just exactly what I need to make the more "contemporary" quilts for my friends and family.
    Your career as an author is getting off to a great start!
    I live in Spanish Fork, UT if that gives me an edge?

  47. Congratulations on getting your first book published. The quilts are lovely.
    I'm dreaming of an organised stash and lots of finished quilts!

  48. I love her quote "beginners armed with knowledge"…My big dream would be that every 5th grader in the USA have intro sewing classes, guys and gals together, all feeling a sense of pride with a completed project!!
    If I win the book it WILL be shared!!

  49. My big dream is for my little boys to have a wonderful life! That being said, my dream of late is to find a way to carve out time to get on my new Little Gracie and get some quilts finished!

  50. My dream is to have enough sewing sales to be able to finish up with my secretarial job, or at least work part time at it. I finally seem to be approaching that goal:)

  51. Thank you for this giveaway. The quilts in the book photos are so appealing. My dream right now is to improve my health so can live with less pain and fatigue. Then, there is no limit to the quilts I can create.

  52. Wow looks like some great adorable quilts, and by the way, this great new designer is kind of my neighbor- i live in Tucon,AZ too!

    my bigd dream alsot sound like a new years resolution, but, here goes… I have so many Ubfinished projets (UFO's ) that my dream is to get a few to the end of the line this year, bound and all!! i machine quilt myself, and hav health limitations, that i "dream: (there it is again) to conquer, with Gods gracious help) every day!

    thanks for the opportunty – tis looks like one book i would love to have in my arsenal – then I cn put my d4eam aside, and just have fun by starting a great new quilt

    Tami in tucson

  53. I dream of making the cocoa cakewalk for my daughter heading off to college this fall! The designs in your book are wonderful, bold, contemporary, just like my daughter. Would love to win the book, wishing you lots of luck, hope to see more of your unique designs in the future!

  54. I love the look of the book and it might help me find that perfect modern quilt that I have been dreaming about.

  55. This book sounds like a must buy for me! Your quilts look amazing and I'm a complete newby to this world of quilting πŸ™‚


    New Zealand

  56. My dream is of moving on – into my own space that I can decorate with all the bright, happy colors I love – and that cover quilt is spectacular! Both of my daughters love quilts and I'd love to share your designs with them – they'd be perfect!

  57. Hi,

    Since I'm a beginning quilter I dream that I can piece a top this summer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm successful. πŸ™‚


  58. I love your quilts Sarah- the one with the diamonds and the great floral border with red flowers is exquisite. Made me want to run upstairs and dig in my stash to see if I could find those color combinations to make a quilt.
    I am sure your book is terrific and you are going to make some people very happy when you choose your name to win the book.
    I am going to check out your blog too.
    Warmest regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  59. I dream that I will have the time to make all the quilts I still want to make.
    Lovely to meet the very talented Sarah! Her 'Up a Tree' is definitely my favorite (that puts one more quilt on my list for quilts I want to make :o)

  60. This looks like a fabulous book! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. I've bookmarked Sarah's blog! It's fun to learn more about designers and how they create!
    Laura T

  61. My dream is teaching my granddaughter how to quilt. She is interested and is visiting from Chicago next week. Everything is waiting for her. Sarah's quilts are wonderful because they are contemporary and we need more of those designers. I especially like the one using the strips with setting triangles. I love reading about how Sarah got started.

  62. My biggest dream would be to have a grandchild!! It may happen.Then quilting will take on a whole new meaning. πŸ™‚

  63. The title of this book is just pure inspiration! FAST = great! FLIRTY = different! FUN = what I want my quilts to be! Can't wait to see this book!

  64. One big dream? To have a year of making and finishing one quilt a week! Not all would have to be big quilts…but 52 finished quilts in a year would be glorious. This year, I'm on my way to one or two a month. Discipline. This will require lots of discipline, and lots of interesting ideas! This book looks like it has lots a neat ideas! Thanks for your generosity. I love your shop and your blog.
    Carol in Troy, ID

  65. I love the variety of colors. It looks like some smaller decorative pieces, good for Christimas presents!!! Keep designing. I look forward to your future creations.

  66. My dream is to quilt all my quilt tops. They are adding up and I need to get them done. The book looks so cute!

  67. Wow nice book! I will be very very happy to win it coz
    I never had a quilt book before! All books on my shelf are sewing magazines. Aw… I love all the beautiful quilt pictures. Amazing.

  68. I dream of making a quilt like any of those shown here for my bedroom. I have a pile of fabrics picked out, draped over my headboard.

  69. I dream about creating more quilt designs and patterns.

    looking forward to getting a copy of this book. Love the simplicty of some of the quilts in the book, so clean and fresh.

  70. My big dream is to have time free from distractions so that I can finish some quilts. I have all these designs for new quilts, but I'm running out of room for the fabric.

    I love the book. Even the modern quilts, which is surprising for me because I tend to l ike the more traditional quilts.