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Fall Quilt Market 2012: Saturday

Our first day at Fall Market was packed full of walking, talking, inspiration and beauty. Each booth was extremely creative and we are so full of ideas for each fabric collection.  Here is a look at the well crafted booths, the talented designers and the Fat Quarter Shop staff at Fall Quilt Market.  To top it off, we will be giving away a bundle from our Sample Spree loot! And if nightly recaps aren’t enough, be sure to follow us on Twitter for live Market coverage and check out our Fall Market Flickr set for tons of photos!

The Fat Quarter Shop team heading to Market from a breakfast of champions.
What is your favorite color? This market, my favorite color is Moda! Love their paint themed booth! 
Sarah and Megan make great mummies at Me and My Sisters’ booth at Moda! 
Sweetwater’s Noteworthy is bright, sweet and contains adorable text prints! 
Minick and Simpson show off Indigo Crossing! They make a blue, white and neutral statement with this collection, but trust us, the Aurifil threads go with each and every Minick and Simpson collection! 
Kansas Treasures of Moda shows off her newest line Pheasant Hil! We love these traditional colors! 

We love Avalon by Fig Tree Quilts! We can’t wait for this collection and can’t hardly wait for the pattern! 
Eric and Julie Comstock showing off their new collection 2wenty Thr3e!
Deb Strain’s gorgeous blue and white artwork stand so far out in the crowd.  Hand painted drawings are such an inspiration! 
Sarah has gone Glamping! We love Mary Jane Butters’ new collection with Moda! Check out her book (Glamping).
PB&J by BasicGrey quilt at the Moda booth!
Jan Patek shows off her new collection, Audra’s Iris Garden! 
Lori Whitlock’s Hello Sunshine is bright, floral and makes me want to sunbathe! 
Jina of Riley Blake showing us how to use Lori Holt’s new circle ruler! We can’t wait to make circle quilts! 
Adorable set up at the Andover Fabrics booth! 
Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts shows off the Hex N More Ruler at her demonstration!
Angela Walters at her book signing! 
Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics shows off her edgy side with Rock ‘N Romance! 
Jocelyn and Anna Griffin looking lovely at the Blend Fabrics booth!
Jocelyn and Sarah with Mary Fons at the Fons and Porter booth!
Red Crinoline Quilts booth at Market!
Argh! Climb abord with Jamie Wood’s new collection, Shiver Me Timbers!
Crazy Old Ladies’ fun, bright booth! 
The Windham Booth!  
The ladies of Abbey Lane showing off their new patterns! 
Some of the Fat Quarter Shop gang hanging out at Tula Pink’s booth! We love Saltwater! 
Gudrun in her festive booth at Fall Market! 

In addition to all of the usual Market coverage, this year we are adding a splash of fun! You may have guessed it, but we have been filming interviews with your favorite designers and manufacturers to bring you exclusive Market information and to let you live our Market experience from home!

Patty Young of Michael Miller discusses Textured Basics with Chelsey!

As if the events of the day weren’t exciting enough, we capped the night off with some fantastic parties.

To give one lucky reader a taste of what’s new at Fall Quilt Market, we are giving away another bundle from Sample Spree! One of you will win a bundle of Zen Chic’s new collection, Comma.

To win, comment below guessing two people we will be interviewing at Fall Market. Contest closes 10/30/12. Good luck!


  1. Oh, what a lovely fat quarter bundle!
    There will be so many lovely people to interview but maybe Deb Strain and Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts? I can't wait to see who it is.

  2. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures of all the fabrics, booths, designers, & your fab crew! We are getting a birds eye view.

    I think you may interview…..Thomas Knauer and Tula Pink.

  3. Loving all the photos!! Please, keep them coming!!
    My guess is (or hope) you'll be interviewing Julie Comstock and Ty Pennington. Oh, I want to hear about them all!!!

  4. I'll guess Julie Hermann and Lori Holt! I love her quilt along and just don't have the time for it. I am really enjoying following along.

  5. I think it will be Lynne Hagmeier and Jan Patek from the pictures but I would say Edyta Sitar should be in here somewhere, she is amazing! The fabrics are lovely and I'd sure like to have them. Good luck to everyone!

  6. I'd love to see interviews from a lot of these talented people, but for the purpose of the contest, I'll guess Julie Herman and Tula Pink simply because they are among my favorites!

  7. Tula Pink and Pat Bravo…OMG there could be so many. Thank you for sharing with us that could only imagine going….Lovely fabrics..

  8. Thanks for sharing all of the great photos!! Can't wait to see more. I haven't a clue, but I'm guessing Patty Young-Michael Miller and Jina-Riley Blake? Thanks for the fun!!

  9. Thanks for the great giveaway and the great updates! I've been following along on twitter and love the pics! I'm guessing you guys will be interviewing Patty Young and Tula Pink.

  10. I'm hoping for lots of interviews! Fall Market is definitely the place to find the creative designers! Two I think will be interviewed are Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs and Laurie Simpson (and/or Polly Minick of Minick and Simpson.

  11. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. I think you'll interview Lynn Hagmeier and Pat Bravo. And thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Love the photos. My group is planning to go next year and I can't wait. I'd guess Patty Young and Deb Strain. Thanks.

  13. Fabulous fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win and thank you for all the lovely pictures. Looking forward to all the interviews … with … hmmmmm … maybe Pat Bravo and Julie Herman … please keep the stories and photos coming …. πŸ™‚ Pat

  14. Thank you for a fantastic show! Amazing to see all those booths. As for interviewing, how about Lori Holt and Deb Strain? Thanks for the chance…the fabrics are gorgeous!

  15. I am guessing Doug Leko from Antler Quilt Designs and Minick & Simpson. Love the pictures and can't wait for the new fabrics/patterns to come out. Thanks

  16. Mam, I love seeing all the booths and wish I was there. The designs are amazing. Some are so busy and others so simplistic. Not sure what I like better. I would love to see the hex n more ruler demo.

  17. I saw u interview Tula and Julie, so I hope Deb Strain and Mary Jane Waters. Miso loving the live tweets. I see Kimberly is the board takeover. Love it. Could u get demos on the Hex N More and also those new circle rulers? They look amazing.

  18. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA! Thanks so much for making us feel like we are right there with you! I'm hoping that a couple of interviews are with Ann Sutton of BunnyHill and hopefully Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings!

  19. Anna Griffin and Patty Young. Thank you so much for allowing us to "walk through" quilt market with you! That's alot of work photographing and blogging! I am really enjoying your posts!!

  20. Thank you so much for posting the pictures! Getting excited about going to quilt festival. I think you will interview Tula Pink & Amy Butler? So many choices, so little time!!!! Have fun!

  21. Would love to be able to go to Market & Festival! How lucky you all are! I'm guessing Anna Griffin and Mary Jane Butters.

  22. Love seeing all the pics…inspiration overload! Perhaps interviews will come from Tula pink and Julie Herman? Can't wait to hear from whoever it is!

  23. What I wouldn't give to just be a fly on the wall! Enjoy and keep the pics coming. Would be thrilled to win this fabric!

  24. I'm sure you … and hope that you'll interview many but I'm guessing Patti Young of Michael Miller and Tula Pink.

  25. First I am jealous, would LOVE to be there in person! Thank you for allowing us to "come along for the ride" and for the giveaway too. My guesses are Julie and Angela. πŸ™‚

  26. Great photos! Thanks for sharing with us and giving us a taste of market! I think you will be talking with the me and my sisters gals and Julie Herman.

  27. Love to see pictures since I can't be there. How about Lori Holt and Mary Fons for inter views. Any would be great actually. Thanks again for the picts.

  28. Thank you for Market coverage. I actually feel like I am there. Well kind of LOL. I know there will be lots of interviews so I will pick Pam Kitty Morning and Crazy Old Lady (Emily). Whoever you pick we will love the interview.

  29. I would guess you might interview Angela Walters and Patty Young. I would love to hear more about Patty's new fabric and plan to buy Angela's new book.

  30. Besides Patty Young, I hope you'll interview Jan Patek and Deb Strain. thanks for sharing your experiences – you always have the best coverage of the designers and booths!

  31. I'm going to guess Mary Fons and Amy Butler. Whoever it is, it will be fun to read about. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Thanks for posting all the wonderful photos! The new collection from Zen Chic looks like it would be a lot of fun to work with. I hope you are having a great time at Market! Kathy M.

  33. I think you'll be interviewing Joanna Figueroa from Fig Tree Quilts and Mary Jane Butters, who I've just heard of and am anxious to learn more. Thanks for sharing all the pics!

  34. Thanks for all the great pictures. They're inspirational. I'm guessing Tula Pink and Mary Fons.

  35. ? Pat Bravo and Lori Holt. I love all the photos.I wanted to go but was unable and this way I can at least see all the neat things.

  36. Thank you for putting pictures of the market on your blog. It makes easier not to be there. I going to guess you are interviewing David and Amy Butler.

  37. Julie Herman and Tula Pink – pure guessing!!! I would have said Brigette Heitland, but I have no idea if she is there.

  38. Julie Herman and the Comstock's,
    or is it Patty Young and Tula Pink – how can I guess as know that as much business as FQS does that everyone will speak to you.

  39. Julie Herman and the Comstock's,
    or is it Patty Young and Tula Pink – How can I guess as know that as much business as FQS does that everyone will speak to you when you ask.

  40. I think you will be interviewing Bonnie from Cotton Way and Joanna Figuerosa from Fresh Figs. Thank you for the photos, the market looks very exciting.

  41. Camille Roskelley, & Brigitte Heitland from Zen Chic – I love both of these great designers patterns and fabrics

  42. Oh, how I'd love to be there with you. I will guess you might interview Angela Walters with her new book or Julie Herman with that fabulous new hex ruler. Or how about the crazy sisters with their mummies, Barb and Mary. I would also enjoy demos of Lori's new circle tool.

  43. Thanks so much for all the great pictures of the booths! I love seeing a little glimpse of future collections to come πŸ™‚ There are so many talented people at market, so I'm sure you'll interview lots. My two guesses would be Deb Strain and Pat Bravo, they have very interesting different collections. Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  44. There's so many awesome people to interview. I'll guess Julie Herman and Ty Pennington. πŸ™‚ Thanks for a chance to win this fabulous bundle! πŸ™‚

  45. I am going to guess that you will interview Tula Pink and Mary Fons. It is entirely possible that you might interview Julie Herman ( jay bird quilts) and Pat Bravo or so many others( Anna Griffin, Deb Strain etc)Thanks for the chance to win such nice fabrics and for your continuing support of the quilting community.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  46. I am guessing one of your interviews will be a guy?….maybe doug leko and maybe julie from jaybird quilts…love her new book!

  47. OK… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new line! Can't wait for it to come out! My guess would be Ty Pennington and Mark Dunn?

    Have been loving your updates – almost like being there! πŸ™‚

  48. My guess is Julie Herman and Eric and Julie Comstock. They would be good to hear from. Thank you for this great giveaway and for sharing your wonderful pictures.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  49. Really hard to guess. I will go with Jamie Wood and Ty Pennington. Love seeing the photos of all of the booths.

  50. I'll guess Deb Strain and Julie Comstack. Great photos! Wish I was there to see all the goodies!

  51. I am guessing Julie Herman cuz I love her patterns and Angela Walters cuz I love her quilting! So glad you are letting us in on the Market fun…

  52. Okay-revising my answer–make that Angela Walters and Pat Bravo! Just figured out Joanna from Fig Tree isn't going be at Market!

  53. I think it will be Julie Herman & Natalia Bonner. Thanks for the great photos of the booths & for the lovely giveaway.

  54. Great post, lovely lovely lovely! Guessing Anna Griffin, didn't those neutrals look fabulous, and Julie Herman, all about her ruler!

  55. I'm hoping you've interviewed Pat Bravo and Tula Pink (ok, they're 2 of my absolute faves!)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway – I love Zen Chic πŸ™‚

  56. Wow…what an inspiration all these pics give!! I think Mary Fons and Jan Patek would be there to talk to. They all are fabulous!! Thanks!!

  57. What a great post. Not sure how you manage to do it, but you captured so many wonderful insights and have all the photos appropriately tagged. Love all your insights.

    Hmmm. to guess? I'd have to think
    Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts and
    Sarah and Megan of Me and My Sisters Designs, but there are so many talented people their, I'd be delighted to hear your insights on any that you have a chance to interview.


  58. My guess are Julie Herman of Jaybird and Patty Young of Michael Miller. Thanks for the chance to win the lovely bundle:)

  59. Quilt Market looks fabulous. My guess is you'll be interviewing Joanne Figueroa from Fig Tree and the lovely three ladies from Sweetwater. There fabric lines are fabulous!

  60. I guess Julie Herman and Tula Pink. Thanks for the pictures, so wish I was there. Love seeing what's coming. So many great fabrics! Looking forward to the interviews.

  61. I think You'll be interviewing Julie from Cosmo Cricket, and Julie herman from Jaybird quilts. thanks for the chance to win: that's a lovely bundle!!

  62. Lots of great pictures – THANK YOU!
    I'm guessing Amy &/or David Butler and the head guy at Moda, um Mark is it??

  63. I'm guessing Julie Herman and Tula Pink. I love your pictures. Thanks for showing pictures and giving us a chance to be 'part' of market. Annaleena

  64. Ty Pennington seems to show up in photos from you every year (wink, wink…) so I think he is a likely candidate! I've really enjoyed reading interviews with Thomas Knauer, so I am hoping you'll pick him as well!

  65. I would love to hear from Minnick and Simpson. I love every collection they come out with! Wish I was there at Market. It looks just lovely and inspiring this year.

  66. Since I'm reading your posts from newest to oldest, I know who you interview. But I hope I win your giveaway, anyway!

  67. I guess Tula Pink and Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts!
    Love the fabric you are giving away, it's from a German designer πŸ˜‰
    greetings from – tada Germany

  68. I am guessing that you interviewed a lot of people at the show. There are so many interesting people to choose from. I would guess Tula Pink and Kate Spain.

  69. I would like to hear from Minick and Simpson and from Eric and Julie Comstock. Thanks for the show—-sure wish I could be there!

  70. I think you will be interviewing Deb Strain and Julie Herman. Fall Market looks like fun.

    Susan McGregor

  71. My guess would be Deb Strain and Jan Patek. Thanks for chance at winning and also the great updates that make me feel like I'm actually at the Houston Quilt Market. (on my bucket list)

  72. I believe you'll interview Lynne Hagmeier and Lori Whitlock….(and I hope you do!) Have fun!