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Fall Market ’10: We’ve arrived! and Sample Spree Giveaway…


We’re here!! After a few long, and very adventurous hours in the car (yes, that is very tongue-in-cheek, and kudos to all you certain folks who drove halfway across the country in your cargo vans) we have arrived here at the Fall 2010 International Quilt Festival in Houston! What happened tonight? Fabric 2.0, hosted by J. Caroline and Stash Books, Sample Spree, annnd we have a super secret sneak peaks of a few booths! (Snagged some goodies for a giveaway — keep reading!)

We arrived in late afternoon, so we didn’t get to do any Schoolhouse ๐Ÿ™ but we did get a few sneak peak photos of some super cute designer booths!

Some adorable diaper bags made from Barbara Jones’ line, Doll Babies.

Tula Pink’s booth displaying her new line, Parisville— so elegant, love it!

Amy Butler showing off her booth, decked out in Soul Blossom fabric. Absolutely adorable dress Amy!

Such a cute chair covered in Country Lane by Bari J

We cannot ever get enough Dr. Suess by Robert Kaufman!

But the Fabric 2.0 event was fun… best turnout yet!..met a few pattern & fabric designers, and blogsters.

Paige Stanley Miller, Kate Spain, Liesl Gibson ( Oliver + S) & John (Quilt Dad)

Patty Young (modkid patterns & fabric designer, of course) with her husband.

Kim Kight (TrueUp) — (on a side note: doesn’t she have the most adorable giggle face!?)

Betz White and Joanna Figueroa (Fig Tree Quilts) — *cheers* to market kickoff!

Then headed over to Sample Spree, where we bought a little bit of this, a little bit of that…

This isn’t chaos right…!?

Yeah and of course…the giveaway! So what have you heard about in Twitterverse and Blogland about Market? Who would you like us to visit and paparazzi? Comment on this post (gets you one entry) and or send us a tweet (for another entry) to let us know, and two winners will receive these super sweet new Moda candy bar boxes (which will definitely also be coming soon to FQS!) One is called Almond Chocolate and the other Golden Caramel….The winner will be announce next week!

This contest will close Saturday, October 30 @ midnight CST so get on workin’! You have less than 24 hours starting now!


  1. Wow….how awesome it would to be there checking out all the wonderful booths. I would love for you to check out paparazzi style Rosalie Quinlan and Cinderberry Stitches. Enjoy it all.

  2. That looks like so much fun and the designers are almost as cute as their fabric. Get lots of good stuff for us to order and enjoy yourselves!

  3. I would love to see Sandi Henderson, Sandy Gervais, PamKittyMorning, Happy Zombie Michael Miller's Booth and designers, Moda's goodies and all of their great designers. Is that too much to ask??
    I want to see NEW FABRICS!!

  4. I'd love you to visit Natalie's booth (Cinderbury Stitches) and have a peep at her wonderful creations, maybe bring back a few snaps of what she's got… She's one of my favorites!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  5. I think it would be easier to tell you who I wouldn't want to visit. I think I'd only want to avoid the toilet queue. I'd be a hopeless market visitor, I'd try to see EVERYONE!!

  6. Wweeellll. How long you there for? ๐Ÿ™‚ Must see how my fellow Aussie's are going of course. And I must see what Monica (Happy Zombie) is up to. And, well, just as much as possible please. And enjoy yourself too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Those Moda candy bars surely look lovely. I would like hear more australian designers, but also interested in Jo Morton's designs.

  8. Okay this is hard but I will pick a few of my favorites

    Sandy Gervais
    Deb Strain

    Amy Butler
    Basic Grey

    I wish I was at Market ! Enjoy every minute

  9. So much fun! I would love to see Sandi Henderson or some Cosmo Cricket! Those candy bars look yummy too! Thanks for the giveaway and have fun!

  10. Oh how do we choose! Me & My Sister, the Bunny Hill bunch, Johanna F of Fig Tree: show us everything! lol! Kansas Troubles, Miss Rosie, oh yes, Miss Rosie too.

  11. I'd love you to visit Kellie from Don't Look Now! I just love her work and her new modern raw edge applique style.

  12. oooh, that is my idea of a candy store! So many designers, how much fun! Kate Spain, April Cornell, Pam KittyMOrning, anything Moda, the whimsical Michael Miller fabrics, Amy Butler, Bunny Hill…whatever catches your eye!

  13. Sooo wish I was there! Would love to see what Heather Bailey is up to…and Rosalie Quinlan…and Camille Roskelley…and more of Amy Butler please ๐Ÿ™‚ have a wonderful time!

  14. Those are lovely candies… I'd love to see the booths of Bonnie and Camille and also April Cornell, and Kate Spain, too many to mention really….

  15. Thanks for posting the market photos. It sure looks like a lot of fun!

    I would love to see Sweetwater's booth and also Bonnie & Camille's booths.

    Have a great time at Quilt Market!!!

  16. WOW! Looks like you are having a blast! Am not too particular about pics am enjoying all of them so far!! I am new to this sight.

  17. OH IT LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN! I would want to see it all at least 10 times but would check out MODA first. That is my favorite but LOVE it all! Have fun!

  18. visit and paparazzi everyone and everything, you guys do an amazing job of making me feel like I am there, and making me wish I was also. thanks

  19. Oh how fun!! I want to see more of BariJ's booth and lots of Patty Young's booth and Anne Sutton's booth and lots more! Thank you for the chance at this giveaway.

  20. Thanks for the pictures. I can't wait to see more. I would just love to see all the new fabric. I always think I have all the pretty fabric and then they just go and make more! Never enough.

  21. It would be so great to see THE MARKET some day! It is almost impossible though, because I live in Finland. My absolute favorite in fabrics is French General…

  22. I you want to giggle, stop by at Silver Thimble and meet Georgia's own Pat Wys. Here in Atlanta, she's the bomb! And I do luv everything Moda

  23. Would love to be in Houston…!!
    Show me the booth of Rosalie Quinlan and Lynette Anderson, because I heard they have a lot of new patterns/fabrics.
    Maybe you could paparazzi Supergoof – a very well known quilter in the Netherlands.
    I am sure you'll have lots of fun.

  24. Hmm assuming you won't accept "everybody" as an answer LOL I would love to see more of Heather Bailey, Sweetwater, Rosalie Quinlan, Melly and me and Cinderberry stitches!

  25. Do I really only get to choose one? It would be easier to ask who you don't want to paparazzi! Right now I think I would choose Bonnie and Camille! But tomorrow I am sure it would be a different answer!!!

  26. Ooh, love some Candy Bars. As for the paparazzi, anyone would do because all designers are gods and godesses to me half way across the world. I wish I could be there!

  27. I think I would end up with Quilter's ADHD… I'd be all over the place. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  28. SInce I wasn't able to make it to market…I pretty much want to see it all! I am patiently waiting for the sku's to show up on united notions Monday or Tuesday.

  29. Thanks for all the fun pictures! Spree looks totally insane!! I'd love any info/photos about Tula Pink and her Parisville line.

  30. My quilt mentor Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Quilt Company has redesigned her booth. Would love to see photos of what she has done. I love seeing photos of people in the industry. Would love to see the new fabric by French General, 3 Sisters, Jo Morton. Thank you for helping to include us in this event! Enjoy:)

  31. Thanks for making me feel as if I am in Houston with you and putting faces with the fabric designers! Looks like a great time and can't wait to see all the new materials and patterns.

  32. A combination of my 2 favorite things, even if it is in name only… fabrics and candy bars! It doesn't get any better :))

  33. I wish I was there catching up on all the anticipation and excitement of all the new fabrics coming out. The crowds are almost like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. What fun! Thanks fir the chance to win some candy bars. Love it!

  34. I love pictures from all the great sample quilts the designers made to showcase their new lines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I always like seeing pictures of all the booths–particularly the Fig Tree booth! Thanks for the great giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I just want to see photos of as many booths as possible! I love all the creativity, and getting a peek at new quilt designs. Thanks for the giveaway, and I look forward to your reporting!

  37. I love mostly all the pictures of the booths and how everything is displayed. Last year I saw a display of a small ladder with Fig Tree quilt items stacked on it. I now have a similar ladder that I painted and stacked with all my jelly rolls…every time I walk by I love seeing the fabric and inspiration! So…I love seeing ideas that we can duplicate here at home. Have fun at market!

  38. please visit Fig Tree quilts and Joanna and Amanda Herring at The Quilted Fich. Both had such cute booths last year. Would love to see what they have this year!
    Sabdy A

  39. Like to hear about anyone NEW.. their fabric, patterns.. And some cute homeward stuff to sew..And of course just peering into the lovely booths, up close, too!!!


  40. I don't think Market is something I would ever get to visit, so it is fun living it through someone else (especially battling the crowds)! Thanks for sharing the excitement!

  41. I would love to see my good friend and her helper – Konda Luckua from Moose on the Porch. Shes a hometown kinda gal. Or anyone of the talented gals from Utah.

  42. I would love to see some pics of my debut fabric collection for Moda!!!! it goes by the name of 'Sherbet pips'.
    I couldn't get to market this time around, so I'll be popping by daily to see all your reports!!

  43. I saw at least one person say it, but Michael Miller! I beeline for the Michael Miller when I'm looking for nothing specific, because I KNOW there will be something I love.

  44. Thank you for the chance to win. I wish bloggers could go to quilt market. I would love to see Verna Mosquera and Blackbird designs

  45. Please, Please, Please, find and visit Australian designer Leanne Beasley of "Leannes House" and any other Stitchery/quilt designers from over the ocean, several Austrailian designers that I follow are there. I would be over the moon if I got a peek at her booth and new magazine 'Vignette'! AND of course, MODA!!! Thanks so much in advance. I would feel like a winner if you just snapped a photo of Leanne's booth, even if I don't win the Candy Bars…but those would be great, wonderful in fact also, LOL.

  46. You've already shown some of my favorites, so I'd have to say FIND MODA!!!! I'm obsessed with their Bakeshop, and it's not just because I'm a sugar addict.
    Tell the Quiltmarket people they should have a contest to let a couple lucky quilters come!!!! I'd test it for them… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. I think it would be really fun to meet the people behind the incredible creativity we find in the industry. If you could tell us more about them too, it would be really fun. Thanks!

  48. How fun! I am really enjoying the photos and look forward to seeing many more. I'd love to see the Moda booth and anything from Denyse Schmidt.

  49. Wish I could be there. Right now I am in pre-schoolerville. My poor LGII is upstairs gathering dust. Love Moda for sure!!!! Wish I could pack up a pretty booth and take it home to become my own little quilt studio. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. I have to be honest, I did not even know about the Market in Houston, wow! I am determined to go to a quilt show next February in VA Beach, VA, you have just made me want to go even more! I don't have a clue who to tell you "stalk", I just love finding out more and more about the people behind the fabrics, so I guess I would love to hear about some of the designers.

  51. I would love to see Anne Sutton and Lynette Anderson's booth. They are my favorite designers. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  52. ALL that fabric is so sweet!! I'd be on a sugar buzz for days, just being in the midst of it all. I want one of everything please and some yummy fabric candy bars to top it all off! OOOh my!

  53. I know there are fresh new designers with fantastic lines, but please remember those of us who love the repro and Civil War fabrics, and would most like to see booths of Blackbird Designs, Jo Morton, Primitive Gatherings, and anything applique. Oh, and of course, French General!

  54. Y'all are going to have to either split yourself in half or sprout supersonic wings to get round everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you know if there are any British designers there?

  55. So much fun to see all the different photos on Twitter and blogs from Sample Spree. Would enjoy seeing Terri from Whimsicals.

  56. Love the market pictures! My personal favorites are Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts and Heather Peterson of Anka's Treasures..and Miss Rosie…and Kate Spain…oh too many to mention!

  57. You guys must have felt like you were in Heaven!

    Cute fabrics with lovely designs can be wrapped in an old bread bag and still look beautiful!

  58. Wonderful photos. Great new stuff. The candy bars look yummy. Hope to see Jo Morton's and Blackbird Design's booths.

  59. Oh, it would be fun to be there!! So many great designers — I say just try to visit them all! Being the quilt junkies we are, we'd enjoy any tidbit you can send our way! Thanks so much! julie stchsluv@aol.com

  60. What have I heard about the Market and who would I like you to visit?!? That is far too difficult a question!! I've heard so much and am sad I'm not this (this time anyway!) so, for all of us not able to be there, do and see just as much as you can ๐Ÿ™‚ And then tell us all about it!! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. that already looks like a looooot of fun! i wish i could be there! i love denyse schmidt, heather bailey, and heather ross, if they are at the market, i'd love to see some photos or their booths and get some inside scoops of their new lines!

  62. Greetings from Northern Saskatachewan Canada! Wish I was there with you in sunny Texas! I would love to see anything BunnyHill, Fig Tree and Kansas Troubles! All very different styles but I LOVE them all the same! Thanks, Catherine Z

  63. Wow! Would love to see Michael Miller, Free Spirit, Moda…The list could go on!Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Who needs a Hollywood premier? This beats the Academy Awards in my book! Sure wish I was there. But I'll be here waiting for all those new lines to hit the virtual shop shelves!

  65. I wish I was there! It looks like so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love reading about everyone, so I'm not too picky I guess. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Envy, Envy, Envy……Looks like a wonderfully fun place to be. So much talent and creativity……Have fun…..Like I need to say that! LOL!

  67. For some reason my comment didn't post. Know you are enjoying market. The new lines that I would like to see (photos and quilt samples) are sweetwater sunkissed and Denyse Schmidt's new line. Thanks for the great drawing. alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  68. If I were there I wouldn't have to work to get my walking in – I'd have to see all the booths over and over. And again. Enjoy! I want a candey bar!

  69. I would love to see Minick & Simpson's booth. I just adore every line they make! Also my dear friend Pat Wys is there in the Silver Thimble Quilt Co. booth.

  70. I've been stalking the internet so I've heard all sorts of things but the basic gist is that Market is heaven and I can't wait to get there!

  71. Never been at Market, bt always following through blogland. Would love to hear/ see about Kaffe Fassett (not even sure if he is there though)! Thank you for the giveaway!

  72. Now this is the kind of Candy Bar that wont spoil my diet! I would love to see Tula Pink and Kate Spain and Fig Tree Quilts. Can't get enough Moda!

  73. ohhhh what fun! I'm jealous I didn't get to go this year, but next year I'll be there! ok my stalking er I mean picture requests are MODA of course and Deb Strain and Minich & Simpson and…. everything! lol Enjoy!

  74. Oh what I'd give to be there! I would love for you to "interview" Joanna Figueroa. I am in love with her fresh cottons line & always curious where she gets her inspiration. Have fun!

  75. So hard to pick, but start at the Moda booth; check out Basic Grey, Sandy Gervais, Bonnie & Camille, 3 Sisters, Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures, Carrie Nelson, Fig tree Quilts . . . I'd like to see it all, and sure would love those candy bars!!

  76. I'd love to see what Kona Bay Fabrics is showing and Bunny Hill Designs and basically any body. Just wish I could see it! Sounds so exciting!!!

    The Moda Candy Boxes look yummy!

    Have fun!

  77. I hear that everybody is there. I would love to see all the colors! I don't care whose. I need a color fix that I'm sure would be filled if I were there. A box of candy bars would ease the pain of missing the beauty of it all!

  78. I would follow around Joanna Figueroa (Fig Tree) and Carrie Nelson(Miss Rosie) like a puppy dog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their aesthetic.
    Miss Rosie doesn't have new patterns out this Market (according to the blog), but it would be intersting to see what they look at and find intersting.

  79. Fig Tree, Sweetwater, and American Jane oh my!!Thank you for sharing photos. I love Moda Chocolate!sherarlen@cox.net

  80. How much fun are you guys having?!?!

    I'd love to see pix from anything Kim Diehl, Judith Baker Montano, or Jo Morton.
    Love seeing the goodies you've posted so far, too!
    Have a great time & happy Halloween from central Arkansas.

    Shannon Young
    P.S. Those Moda Candy Bars would make great stocking stuffers!

  81. Oh how much fun .. wish I were there.
    Sandy Gervais, Bunny Hill, RIley Blake…to name a few.

    Love the pics you share.

  82. There are so many I would want you to see…Carrie Nelson, Johanna F., the makelifesweet gang, Minnick and Simpson, the list goes on… Just have fun!

  83. I so look forward to getting a "blog peek" of Market. Thank you for sharing and I would love to see Fig Tree and Kate Spain!

  84. I would love to see Basic Grey, heather Bailey, Denise Schmidt, I could go on and on! SOMEDAY, I would LOVE to go to Market.

  85. Would love to be the owner of a new 'Bar Box'.

    Some photos of Minick and Simpson PLEASE!

  86. Ohhh, I've been following the Twitter feed and there has been a lot going on! I'd like to meet Joanna Figueroa were I there! Love her stuff!

  87. I always enjoy your posts about market. You find the best things to photograph and write about (ok tease us with!). How about showing us some fun new designers (patterns and tools/notions), along with the usual favorites?
    Have a fun time! Ann in NC

  88. Coming to the Quilt Show on the 4th. Love watching your site for sneak preiews. Would lov to win a chocolate bar!!

  89. I am so jealous! I am hoping to make it to Quilt Festival later this week, since I am not too far away!

    I would love to see anything new coming from Amy Butler or Sandy Gervais!

  90. I want to see pics of all the designers booths, but just to mention one that always looks great, get a pic of Anna Marie Horner's booth. Thanks for the treats.

  91. What a blast!!!!!Love your blogs and seeing all the fun, hustle & bustle of market> Would love to see Blackbird Designs and Anne Sutton +++++++ too many to mention> Thanks for sharing.

  92. I would love to se new fabric from Laura Wisbrun โ€“ Saffron Craig โ€“ all from Riley Blake and new pattern from Cherry House and Melly and me.
    Regards from Copenhagen
    Have fun

  93. I wish I was at Market! Since I can't be there, I would like to see what Amy Butler, Lizzy House and Mark Lipinski are up to … Thank you for the giveaway!

  94. WOW! Looks like SO much fun!!! I would like to live in Amy Butler's pocket, so I'd LOVE to see more pictures and info on what she's doing! Those look like floor cushions maybe in front of her booth! ADORABLE! I want to make some of those right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the updates and the awesome giveaway.


  95. You showed two of my favorites right off the bat, Amy Butler and Kate Spain. I would love to see more of Tula Pink's booth. Can't wait to get my hands on some Parisville! Have fun!=)

  96. How exciting and fun must this be? I would love for you to look up French General and Bunny Hill Designs – love both of them. How about Bonne and Camille do they have something new, Bliss is the best. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  97. Hi Kimberly,thank You for sharing the fotos.
    Could You please look for Blackbird Design with her new collestion Antique Rose,I think it is gorgeous like all the fabric from Blackbird,
    Wish that it was not so far from the Netherlands,
    Marianne Snijders

  98. Looks like everyone is excited and having lots of fun! Please drop in on Deb Strain, Sandy Gervais and Sweetwater, Thanks

  99. i LOVE reading about Market–vicarious living! would like to see what Lecien is up to as well as the Lakehouse booth (it's always so beautiful). and would like you to meet up with PamKittyMorning and Elizabeth the Late Bloomer ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. So much to see…. so little time. I would like to see lesser know designers (that little gem hidden amongst the big guys). Looks like such fun! nanasew at gmail dot com

  101. Hmmm – I'm not that familiar with designers/companies yet – I'm new to this whole thing. I'd just wander around and oooh and ahhhh!

  102. OMG it would be like Nirvana!!! I would totally stalk Kate Spain. I would be so twitterpated I wouldn't be able to talk, which would kind of defeat the purpose, right??!!

  103. Send you a tweet for another entry? How do you send a tweet to someone? haha – I'm so new at Twitter. I thought you just tweeted to everyone who follows you at once. Anyway – I did tweet about the giveaway and hope that qualifies for my entry #2! :o)

  104. Oooh that's a hard question…there are so many I would love you to visit…

    A few of my favourites though: Kate Spain, Sandy Gervais, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner and Carrie Nelson.

  105. I'd love to see Whimsyland's booth and the best of the new fabric that will be here next year – maybe the new Laurel Burch – I think it's a holiday line.

  106. I would love to see some new quilt patterns and meet Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches. I'd also love to see the booth from Me and My Sister Designs.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. I love seeing anything new and fresh. It doesn't matter the designer.
    Hope you're having fun, although why is Market over Halloween weekend? What about you all with kiddos at home?

  108. such beautiful fabrics, wish I could be there. I think I would probably go into fabric overload! Thanks for the great pics

  109. I would like to see Pat Bravo's booth, as well as that of Anna Marie Horner. There are so many designers I really like, it is hard to select one or two. I'd also enjoy seeing articles made from some of the newest fabric lines for inspiration! Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. Of course I'd like to see all the Moda people and fabric. That's a given right? I'd also like to see anything new from Kaffe Fassett and the rest of Westminster, Free Spirit and Michael Miller! Thanks for the scouting and giveaway!

  111. I would like to see Sandy Gervais, Me & My Sister, Kate Spain and too many others to list. I would try to visit all of the booths. Thanks for the giveaway, it would compensate a little bit for not being able to go to win one of the candy bars. ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Thanks for all the pixs. I feel like I'm getting a preview. I will be attending next week for the first time. I'm so excited! Thanks again for sharing your time there.

  113. I would love to hear from Lila Tueller. I am using her Eden collection to make a quilt from the pickle dish pattern. Have also make a quilt with her Soriee line,

  114. I would love to see the American Jane booth and FQS's Ms Kimberly too. She has been camera shy for too long. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. We love it.

  115. I haven't seen much about market anywhere yet. I did see that PKM & Elizabeth had a flat tire on the way there. I'd love to see Ann's booth(Bunny Hill) & also Cinderberry Stitches. Did PKM get kidnapped this year? Thanks for the peak at Tula's booth.

  116. I have been reading how everyone sets up their booths. It all sounds like so much work, but so much fun! I would love for you to visit Marcus and Judie Rothermel to see what she has new for us. Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. Everyone looks very good and I am sure we would be pleased to see anyone whom you show.

    Would love to win though!


  118. I love seeing the pics from Market! I especially like the Sample Spree pics and to see what is coming in the next few months from all the designers.

  119. I love seeing any of the booths you choose. My favorites are Joanna's of Fig Tree, Kate Spain, Bonnie and Camille. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  120. I live in Austin and STILL have never been. And, I gnash my teeth each year and say NEXT TIME I'M GOING.

    I would say visit the Alexander Henry and Michael Miller booths. I just can't get enough of those lines. Also, anything Japanese. I LOVE all the Japanese designers.

    Thanks for the fun opportunity and, I love seeing the booth pictures too!

  121. Sample spree, so much fun! I'd like to know more about Jan Patel and her new patterns and line,also Minick & Simpson and Robyn Pandolph and Blue Underground. Enjoy!

  122. I so wish I could be there at Market! I would love to see anything Moda! I just love Moda fabric! I would also like to see Anne Sutton!

  123. Um, I want to see everything! Seriously, I can't get enough. I'm really interested in Kate Spain's new line, if I have to pick one.

  124. I love those Candy Bar boxes. I'm so happy they're back and you will be carrying them. I'm crazy in love with that French General fabric, anything French General related would be wonderful. Thanks and have fun!

  125. I love seeing any of the booths, but I especially enjoy Fig Tree and also Primitive Gatherings. Oh, yes, Miss Rosie is a favorite too.

  126. I would love to see Minick and Simpson's booths and also is Blackbird there? Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what is new and forthcoming!

  127. Enjoyed the pics. Would love to see Kate Spain's booth at market as well as Cabbage Rose quilt shop – be sure to look at the Rudolph and Friends quilt, guaranteed to make you smile!

  128. Wow, it's like Disneyworld. Pace yourselves, Kids! Pace yourselves!
    My fav of the week is Kate Spain, but be like a sponge and absorb everything!!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  129. oooh!!! the best kind of candy bar!!
    I'd love to see Riley Blake, Heather Bailey, and Sweetwater!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have so many favorites…can't wait for more updates! Thanks for sharing…

  130. I have got to have that chair!! Can't wait to get to Houston for festival and these sneak peaks are simply tantalizing.

  131. Wow, I would love to be there in person. But would love to see more of Kellie X from Australia and blog of Don't Look Now! Plus Polly and Lauri, Tula Pink. Just looking forward to seeing all the pics!
    Laura T

  132. Am I too late? Darn time difference…I hope I'm not late. I haven't heard very much about Quilt Market in blogland, probably because I haven't spent enough time here lately, and I don't tweet. Keep posting…let us in on the fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. I love Cindy Taylor Oates and her aprons! Also. Fig Tree, Sandy Gervis, Terry Atkinson and Abby Lane quilts, Wish we all could be there in person,it must be awesome!! Bonnie Nyquist Bonniesline at aol dot com

  134. I'd love you to hop over to Trish Preshton's Two Peas in a Pod Designs' booth! I saw a peek at her booth and it
    Looked really cute! I'd also love a peek a The new Fig Tree Quilts line!

  135. LOVED seeing your pictures! How much fun is that! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway! The winner is going to be one lucky person indeed!


  136. I'd love to see the fabulous Elizabeth Hartman, Cherri House,
    Happy Zombie, Sherri Berry, and Riley Blake fabrics. Is Carrie Nelson there? I'm sure you can find almost anyone and it would be great.

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  137. I think you are all having a great time. Wish I was there. I know I would love the people and the fabric.Moda Candy bars MMMMM