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Erin McMorris’s Park Slope

We have Erin McMorris on the Jolly Jabber today to talk about her new collection for FreeSpirit called Park Slope! It’s very fun, flaunts summery colors, and in my eyes sort of retro grooooovy… 🙂 Just look at it and you’ll probably agree! Fat Quarter Shop has it the full line as well as two color bundles, teal and pink. The blooming flowers make it perfect for the season. What are you going to deck out in Park Slope? Be sure to send us pictures so we can see!

Hi, and thanks for inviting me to talk a little bit about my work! I am so excited about Park Slope, my second collection for FreeSpirit, it’s a collection that just makes me smile! It’s called Park Slope after the neighborhood in Brooklyn where I spent a few weeks housesitting for friends last summer. The collection really started to gel while I was visiting and I can remember getting inspired by being there. I love to travel and sometimes I find I work best outside of my own studio.

For those who don’t know me, although I’m relatively new to the quilting community, I’ve been designing textiles for about 15 years and absolutely love it! After studying textile design, my first job was painting repeats and recolors of patterns. I had to pinch myself, I couldn’t believe that someone was paying me to paint all day!! I knew it was what I was meant to do. I really like flat graphic prints–I’m also a former graphic designer–and other reoccuring themes in my designs, are using linework and dots. I love dots! I love them so much I painted a wall in my house with colored dots! I just think polka dots are inherently fun and instantly make a solid surface happy. I love to use them as patterns within patterns, or create images, like my Leaf Dot in the new collection, that is just designed in the form of a circle, or like the Birds that reads as a small dot from a distance. I use a lot of line work probably because all of my designs start with a sketch on paper and sometimes I like to keep the pencil quality of the line in the final design. Oh, and did I mention I love color?

People always ask me how my design process works and I think it is such an interesting question to ask other designers because everyone works differently. I always start with a quick sketch on paper, but it is really rough and I usually stop once I can see where I want to go. But I can never fully visualize it until I start working with it in the computer. Then I continue sketching and re-sketching and re-sketching until it probably ends up like something completely unrelated to the original drawing. But that’s the fun part! I’m really just using Photoshop as an extension of my sketchbook as it’s easier to cut and paste and erase with it. I struggle to try and create modern designs that aren’t too serious, because that’s really what I like. I think most of my designs look pretty simple, but I can assure you, it takes me forever before I’m ready to let go of a collection. And now that I have let it go, I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing products people create with it. That’s one of the most fun parts of this job!

Erin McMorris


  1. I love this collection so much, it’s like pure happiness printed on cotton!!! Erin McMorris is such a fabulous designer, thank you so much for sharing this interview with us!

  2. Thanks for posting that. It was neat to hear how she got her inspiration for the line. I love the fabric and am already thinking up a bunch of projects I want to make with it. Also, I LOVE the polka dot wall–such a cool idea!

  3. I love this collection! I am moving back to the US in a few weeks and this collection is on the top of my “to order” list! Thanks for sharing this interview…great fun to read about a great designer. I’ll be at Quilt Market in Houston this fall, so I’ll be looking out for Ms. McMorris there!

  4. What a great interview. I love reading about other designers and their inspiration and methods. I particularly love when we share some of the same methods… it boosts my confidence! Good luck with the line!- it’s a blazing success!