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Enter Our Aqua Solutions Cabinet Giveaway!


Great news! One lucky winner will win an Aqua Solutions Cabinet ArtBin for their at-home and on-location sewing!  This handy item is now in stock now at Fat Quarter Shop and it’s both adorable and portable.  It’s perfect whether you’re moving your sewing supplies from room to room at home, or whether you’re attending a sew-in or sewing retreat.


It comes with three plastic storage boxes. A sturdy latch holds boxes securely with additional space in the lid for bulkier supplies.  The approximate dimensions are 14″ x 6″ x 10.5″. 


And though the contents shown in the photos are not included, just the cabinet, we know you’ll have fun filling it with notions, thread and supplies from your existing and future stash!


We’re so excited about this cabinet that we’re offering a giveaway! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post sharing some of the items you’d store in it, like your favorite notions.

The giveaway ends Thursday, March 31st at 11:50 p.m CST.  The winner will be notified via email, and the winner’s name will be shared in a comment on this post by Tuesday, April 4th. 

We’re also giving away a cabinet via our Facebook account and our Instagram account, and you’re welcome to enter there, too!  Good luck, and Happy Quilting!

GIVEAWAY WINNER: The lucky winner is hollymade.  Congrats, Holly!


  1. I am a fairly green quilter and have just started to acquire a lovely set of threads and rulers, this cabinet will be perfect to take to my new quilting class.

  2. Fabulous! I would store my aurifloss in it as well as needles, markers, clips,….just about anything I would need! And it matches my room!

  3. Oh, FINALLY a way not to carry 15 different pouches. I could get my travel iron, rotary cutter, thread, pens, pencils, extra needles, thread, scissors, etc. It would be like opening a quilter's treasure chest!

  4. Oh wow! What a perfect color for my studio. I'd store notions and supplies to take to retreats and workshops and on the rare occasions I get to take my machine to work. I'd loan it to my MIL when she visits and I set up a satellite sewing station for her. I'd fill it up when I go visit mom and sis for a girls' sewing weekend.

  5. What a handy item! I'd love to use it specifically for paper-piecing. Needles, pins, templates, fabric scraps and all the notions I might need would be so handy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I love the color! It would be great to fill with all of my applique threads and tools for when my monthly applique group meets….. or I could fill it with my wool project supplies….. or I could fill it with everything needed when attending a class. So many possibilities!

  7. Oh my gosh! This is simply phenomenal! I can see traveling with this, either to a retreat or just simply to have all the supplies I need to a handstitching project with me and contained in a secure manner! Can you imagine, the hexies, or Lucy Boston blocks or wool applique projects that you could organize & transport with this?!?!?!
    All my favorite threads, needles and scissors all snug and secure?!?!?! My heart is going pitter-pat!

  8. This would be great for taking to a class or retreat. It would hold all the items you need – thread and bobbins, scissors and rotary cutters, smaller rulers, pins, needles, binding clips, etc. All in one place, organized, and accessible.

  9. I could carry many notions to quilt retreats with this and leave them in it at home to be ready anytime. It would be awesome. Thread, rotary cutters, scissors, patterns, fat quarters, jelly rolls!

  10. I'd love to store some of my thread, my seam ripper, rotary cutters and needles. It would also be a great place for bobbins and scissors. So fun!

  11. My feet for my machines, clover clips, tape measure and all the other millions of little things I have for sewing! Would be great to organize all of them! thanks!

  12. I'd fill it with my current QOV project and the thread, extra needles, fabrics, templates, rotary cutter — everything would need for a morning of sewing with the local QOV group.

  13. I love it. The colour is gorgeous. I would store my frequently used threads and other notions I use a lot. I might have to make some mini quilts to match it if I win!

  14. I'd store all the notions and thread etc. needed to sew on a sewing retreat. (I've never been on one yet – so I'd have to study on what is needed) :)! Wonderful giveaway – thank you for this chance!

  15. Love the color! I would store all my favorite little notions…thread, pins, small templates and more!
    Thanks for the chance! Terri

  16. Awesome color. Well let's see — beads, bobbles, pearl cotton, thread, needles, needle threader, scissors, pin cushion, thimbles, shuttles, rulers, and chocolate for nourishment! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. No surprise here…I'd carry my sewing supplies and I'm now trying EPP and need even more space to carry goodies. THanks so much!

  18. My English paper piecing supplies would fit great in this cabinet. Not to mention my threads and needles and, oh yeah, fabric. This would enable me to really be on the go with my projects!

  19. I would store my my tools for cutting,threads in the draws and fabric in the top part ready for a class. Thank you for this giveaway. Happy Stitching.

  20. I would store handwork projects and supplies in it. I love to sit in the gazebo and stitch when the weather is nice!

  21. Love the colour great for quilting group . One draw for threads second draw for pre-cut material , third draw for tools and top for carrying my hand piecing in which is Lucy Boston at the moment.

  22. I'd store my needles and marking tools, and all the small stuff that floats around my room. Organization!

  23. It is so cute! I would put my hexi hand sewing project in it. There would be plenty of room for the paper templates, thread, needles, scissors, a glue stick, extra fabric and finished hexies.

  24. This box is in my favorite color and I'll fill it with my favorite notion Aurifil! grecomara at gmail dot com

  25. I have cases of sewing supplies all over the place – what a great case this is with everything together. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I would keep my notions and current project, with instructions, thread, scissors, etc. and keep it next to my work station. (celiaambrose@hotmail.com)

  27. I love this style of portable storage! I actually have one just like it for my fishing tackle box, and my husband has one for his wood carving tools. I would love to have a pretty one for my sewing! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Oh my gosh! I love love love this! I can see my favorite set of scissors and rotary cutters in the top compartment and all sorts of goodies below. I might even have enough safety pins (used for basting quilts) for the lower component. OR I could use it in my classroom. I'm a math/engineering teacher and I would love it to hold all the tools we use in class.

  29. How great is this. Colour Aqua is my and my granddaughters fave. This box would be perfect for all my stitching/embroidery notions and my current project to take to meetings and on holidays.

  30. I would love to store my thread, my aqua rotary cutter, my aqua seam ripper, my aqua scissors, my wonder clips, needles and all other notions in it.
    Inka from Germany

  31. Love the wonderful aqua cabinet giveaway. I would stuff it with all my quilting and embroidery necessities. Perfect for keeping the many supplies for multiple projects organized.

  32. Love the color! I'd put all my embroidery things and everything I'd need for hand sewing my bindings and hexie flowers. I'm sure I'd still plenty of room for many other projects. Great giveaway, thanks Fat Quarter Shop!

  33. I would stuff it with as many spools of Aurifil as possible, some embroidery scissors and a seam ripper, and a few fat quarters. Thank you for the chance to win!

  34. Thank you for the giveaway! I would pack all my sewing notions that could fit into it….which are now on a little shelf, in a little box, in a little basket…..you get the idea – scattered here and there!

  35. Would love to have it to organize my sewing machine accessories, thread, and most importantly, I'd fill one compartment with candy… for emergency situations!

  36. I would love to use this cabinet for thread. Needles, shears, and numerous other favorites!

  37. Oh my goodness, this would be perfect for sew days/retreats! For every day use, I'm thinking thread, scraps, WIPS… Maybe even buttons and beads and stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  38. I would fill it with wild ferrets! Smuggle them into guild meetings and let them loose!! Or maybe just bobbins and thread and scissors and stuff. But you gotta admit, an ArtBin of ferrets would be fun, right?

  39. I'd buy duplicates of all my favorite tools, and keep them packed and ready to go to classes, sewing meetings, and retreats! Thanks for a chance to win.

  40. Would love to store my small- but growing- collection of "good thread" (Aurifil)! As well as my little scissors that like to walk away and hide. Thank you!

  41. I would use it to store all my goodies for my applique and hexie projects. Looks like it would hold scissors, threads, hexie parts and papers, and a lot more!

    Sandy A

  42. This is a great product! I'd store my thread spools, sewing machine feet, scrapbooking supplies, jewelry-making supplies and a bag of dark chocolates in mine!

  43. This is a beauty! I'd keep thread, scissors, needles and threaders in it for carrying downstairs in the evenings for doing handwork. And looks like there's still room for upstairs supplies, like more thread, rotary cutters and blades, pins, machine needles, extra bobbins, pipe cleaners for cleaning out my machine, etc., etc., etc!

  44. i would store all of my rotary cutters, blades, favorite threads, wonder clips, scissors, and other quilting notions in it, along with some pre-cuts and patterns. Of course, I would have to hide some chocolate in there as well. You never know when you might have a chocolate emergency!!

  45. I would keep my current small projects in this case along with: scissors,ripper, matching thread, binding, hand sewing needles, reading glasses, Magnifying glass, small rotory cutter, mini cutting mat, and last but not least some snacks.

  46. I would store my Aurifill thread, scissors, binding clips, needles, small rulers, and everything else I typically use when I sew. This would be great for sewing retreats!

  47. This looks just like the right thing to take to a retreat. Have it all stocked with the necessary items – spare bobbins, small snips, big scissors, rotary cutter, spare blades and needles. Seam ripper (just for show of course). Necessary thread, swabs for lint. You get the idea. 🙂 I'm checking it out!

  48. This looks awesome. It would be great to storage thread, rotary cutters, bobbins, sewing machine feet – anything I might need. It would be great to have at home in my sewing room and to take to retreats. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  49. I would stock it with my markets, scissors, rotary and seam gauge.

  50. Love, love, love!!! What a great way to see your threads and bobbins. It also looks great to handle the bulkier items like your rotary cutter and smaller rulers and binding clips. What a great way to have all your quilting needs at your fingertips!

  51. Wow, what a cute product! I'd pretty much use it to carry what you already have in it! It'd be great for workshops and for those days when I just go sit on the deck!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. I would use it for my thread, needles, rotary cutters and scissors. Little girls will have to learn not to touch anything in Aunt Janet's blue box!

  53. I would use this to store my "going to class and retreats" notions. I have a seperate set of supplies that Imkeep for just this purpose.

  54. Wow. I love the look of this cabinet. I would probably need more than one. It would be great for sewing weekends away. I'd probably keep my bag making bits like buckles and feet in it. And then I'd need one for thread and other quilting supplies as well and then there's embroidery supplies and ……… The list goes on.

  55. I would put all my favorite notions and aplique supplies in there. It so cute and would be a great addition to my sewing corner.

  56. I would put all my favorite notions and aplique supplies in there. It so cute and would be a great addition to my sewing corner.

  57. I would store my colored snaps, hot fix Swarovski crystals, sewing machine feet, and any other notions I can fit in the lower sections. In the larger top section I would store my snap setters, rotary cutters, and hot fix tool.

  58. What a gorgeous color!! I'd have to store my handstitching supplies for applique and handquilting in it. Threads, my favorite little scissors, prepped applique pieces, my favorite pincushion, extra needles – it looks like a fantastic organizer :0) Thanks for the chance!

  59. When I go to my sister's house(newbie quilter) for craft day, I have to pack up so many things such as machine needles, thread, rotary cutters, blades, bobbins for 3 machines, shears, rulers. This cabinet would be perfect and stylish to put all of the supplies in for the craft day.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  60. Thread, pencil, sissors, needles, tweezers, fabric markers, rotary cutters, tape measure, glasses, small rulers, glue, threader, seam ripper, oh, and candy!

  61. This would be perfect to take to a quilt class. No more tote bags with everything thrown in. What a great product. Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I would put my wonderclips in it. It is a perfectly storage!
    Best wishes,

  63. Would love to win this and store all my quilting/sewing items like my seam ripper, rotary cutter, scissors, pincushion, etc. thanks!

  64. This looks like it would be the handiest of things. I would store all of my thread, bobbins, pins, scissors, seam rippers, etc in it so that they would all be together in one place. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  65. Every little thing I own to help me make beautiful quilts would go in this if it fits, it goes in! Tape measure, scissors, special threads, marking tools…smaller rulers and templates! Thank you for the chance!

  66. Oh my gosh, this would be perfect for traveling back and forth from north to south with all my odds and ends and not lose them. Spending the winter down south means taking lots of "things" with me and this would be perfect for all those things like scissors, alphabities, needles, thread and all those little things I keep looking for. What a great case and thanks for the info Kimberly.

  67. I could put my best threads in one drawer, the everyday things(seam ripper, favorite scissors)in the top and maybe a prepared binding in the middle one. I love the color!

  68. This is so cute and looks so handy — I've never seen such a thing before! Perfect for threads, bobbins, cutters, and my favorite "sewing notion" — my wooden wall paper seam roller, which I use anytime I would otherwise finger press. I would probably have to stash a bit of chocolate in this case too — never know when you might need that!

  69. It would be so convenient to get to a drawer on the bottom without having to take out all the stuff on top like my old plastic one that is thirty years old!

  70. oooooowwwww, this would look adorable in my lovely new craft room, I would love to store my buttons, sewing threads, ribbons and other trims in there. The color is just beautiful, please choose me as the winner xoxoxox

  71. Beside the obvious like notios and bobbins I would always keep a few sweets in it … because how can you sew without them;-)

  72. I would definately pack a couple of "Jack the Rippers"….my various sewing needles, blades, cutters and scissors and thread and some hexi's to work on.
    Peg Miller, Fort Wayne, IN

  73. What would you not store in this? There is room for loads of thread, pre-wound bobbins, scissors, rules, pencils and fabric markers, rotary cutters, machine oil, pipe cleaners and of course a seam ripper or two!,

  74. I sew at my kitchen table so this would be ideal to keep everything out of reach of my cats! They're always nosing around in things, trying to find something they can carry off and lose.

  75. Thread and bobbins, sewing machine feet, snips and seam rippers, marking supplies. This would be such a handy tote for going to classes, guild sewing days and retreats.

  76. This Art Bin looks great for holding all the things needed for a retreat. Easy to pack ahead and have ready to go. No more forgetting extra thread, or the favorite pair of scissors. I need something bigger. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and notions to make quilting much more enjoyable.

  77. I would pop my Goody Goody Binding Kit in the top, wrapped chocolates in one of the drawers, and my pens & assorted glue sticks, quilt marking items, etc. in the other drawers where I could easily see which was which. Those are the least-organized aspects of my sewing room, and then I could add needed items in the top section when I use it for going to Charity Sew-In Day (rotary cutter, small ruler, etc.).

    Such a perfect tote!

  78. I would use it to store my smaller rulers, rotary cutter, scissors, thread, etc to take to my next sew date. Everything would always be ready to go. Thank you for a great giveaway. vkh6210 at gmail dot com

  79. Scissors, pins, smaller rulers. Pattern pages, cut fabric pieces. Binding, everything that moves from the sewing room to the larger work/layout room.

  80. This would be perfect to carry all my essentials (scissors, rotary cutter, thread, needles, marking pens) to my quilt classes and retreats. Love it!

  81. I would use this to store my items to take to quilt classes. Such a beautiful color – absolutely love it!

  82. Would love to win this. I'd use it for all my quilting items currently stored in a open plastic basket that isn't organized at all.

  83. I would store my needles and scissors and ruler and thread and most importantly my seam ripper. This would be perfect for me to take to my Bee Thankful semi-monthly quilting group. I am always missing something important and I would not have to unpack and repack for my quilt group!

  84. It's so pretty! Because I recently rearranged my "quilting" shelves, I'm currently looking for a place to put my cross stitching supplies. This just might be the solution! Love all the new things you find for us.

  85. Love the color! I now have an embroidery machine to use and I find that it requires different tools and different threads than I use in quilting. This unit would be fabulous to keep all those things together. Nothing worse than needing to do a project and havcing to do an archeological dig in your sewing space to find things!

  86. I would store all my wool applique stuff! Such as my prenscia and valdani threads, scissors, needles etc. everything would be in one place. Thanks for the chance!

  87. Lots of thread, needles, scissors. All my cut blocks for hand piecing. My thimble of course and the fabrics I am using. Totally looks portable and very useful. Thank you for the chance to win.


  88. Love the color! And it looks perfect for the aurifil threads, bobbins, scissors, seam ripper (necessity), all those sewing machine accessories/feet and so much else. Fingers are crossed. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  89. The aqua is key! It is one of my craft room colors so it would look awesome in there but would also look great at any retreat with all of my notions in it! Oh, how I could fill it up with all kinds of goodies. Can you imagine how cute Lori Holt's alphabitties would look in there. Oh how I would LOVE to win!!!

  90. I'm always looking for a way to better organize to be able to find my sewing notions when I NEED them. My scissors always run away somewhere and I think the needles were taken away with the pincushion. Don't try to find the seam ripper it ran away from too much work along with the thread!
    The think I really need to win. thank you!

  91. Oh…I NEED this bin – perfect for my Quilting GAW's (get-a-ways)!

    It will hold all of my accessories, but my favorite tool is the Seam-fix seam ripper -the one with the rubber ends to remove the thread. This thing is AWESOME!

    Quilty Michelle in Massachusetts!

  92. So cool and it matches my red and aqua sewing room. I think I would store all the things I need for my hand stitching projects that I do when watching TV in the evenings; thread, seam ripper, scissors, needles, etc. You know, all those "needful things". Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful organizer.

  93. I would use this for quilting and counted cross stitch, redwork and blue work embroidery. It would be so useful for going camping, and doing work in the living room. Instead of making 3 to 4 trips carrying out what I need it can be done in 1 trip. I love this.

  94. Living in a small space means keeping my sewing supplies organizer – this would be a perfect organizer.

  95. I belong to a informal group of quilters who usually get together about 2 days a week to work on our projects & this would be such a great way to transport all my notions, tools & thread I use. I would definitely fill it with my favorite Aurifil thread, rotary cutter, needles, & other notions. Love it!

  96. I would store a bit of everything … so handy to take with me when I go visit my non-sewing, non-quilting but artist daughter to help out. LOL I keep an extra sewing machine there as well!! Live with my sewing, quilting daughter so I have the best of two worlds! Love the color and the giveaway.

  97. I would put anything and everything in it! Notions, thread, ect for a class or group gathering to sew. It would be nice to take this tote along with my little Pfaff Passport 2.0 for classes.

  98. My favorite color!!! What a great way to store patterns, notions, and threads. I could fill it in a hurry. Have case-will travel!

  99. What a pretty color for that case!! I'd fill it with the sewing machine feet, scissors, thread, seam ripper and ruler needed for projects when I go on a sewing retreat. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  100. I would store all my cutting supplies, rulers, markers, thread, and whatever else I could get in there. It would really help me organize my craft corner.

  101. This would be great to take when I go sewing with my friends! I would fill it with my various presser feet, alphabitties, seam ripper and other notions I use regularly. I'd also add lots of pretty thread! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  102. I would love to win this for my daughter Heidi Childs! I just got off the phone with her. (she lives in Co. And I in Ohio). She just finished her block of the month I gave her for Christmas a year ago. She was singing your praises as your telephone people have answered her questions and been even more than helpful. Thank you for being there for her. She has loved the little gift from me each month. And her quilt is beautiful!

  103. It would be great for my counted cross stitch projects to store floss, scissors, etc. Also could use for quilting notions to take to classes-possibilities are endless! Love the color too!

  104. What a wonderful organizer and a great color! I would put all my favorite tools including my favorite for sewing my little quilts….the "purple thang". It makes moving those little pieces through my machine so much easier and more precise. This would be perfect to take along in a motor home! Have a wonderful weekend!

  105. This would be great to store my notions in for a sewing retreat!

  106. I just adore this pretty little aqua chest! I need to fill this with all of my Bernina presser feet and the tools and threads I use to go to class. Sew sweet!

  107. I would pack it with Aurifil Threads and all of my small Bloc Loc Rulers — or I would fill it with doubles of everything I need to take to classes at my local quilt shop, and leave it so I am always "ready-to-go" and knowing that I won't forget what I need.

  108. This is cool. Looks like it can hold everything but the kitchen sink! I want my go to scissors and threads together and rotary cutters of course. Looks like there is some room for chocolate too!

  109. I need a good place – like this! – to store bobbins and my Aurifil threads. Scissors, needles, and rotary cutter and blades would also make a home in it. Love the color!

  110. I would put all of my sewing machine accessories in it along with all of my quilting accessories. It would be a great help to keep everything all in one location. Thank you for this opportunity to win this great prize!

  111. We travel to spend a month at our wilderness cabin every summer. This would be fabulous for transporting my portable sewing room!

  112. I would use it to store and display all of my beautiful Aurifil threads from the Aurifil Thread Club. Also, my Alpha bitties, rotary cutters, notions, pins…all the necessities for quilting that are currently all over my sewing room.
    And, I love the color!

  113. Thread, needles, pins, scissors, rotary cutters and blades, etc. Would be fantastic to store and take to retreats. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. I would use this Aqua Solutions Cabinet to carry notions and supplies to quilt camp! I just ordered some Bottom Line thread and needles so that would be the first items in! Thanks for the giveaway.

  115. I would store my aurifil, superior, etc threads in it as well as rotary cutters, scissors, rulers, templates. etc. It looks so handy. Thanks for the opportunity to put my name in this hat for this lovely "tackle box". Just what I need as a new quilter, sure would keep all the moving parts together.

  116. Love this (and the color is perfect for my sewing studio)!! I'd store my zippers and bag making supplies in it so they'd all be in one easy-to-find place!!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway :o)

  117. What a great cabinet. You could put so much in it and since it is portable carry it with you for classes and retreats. Any hand sewing project would fit perfectly in it as well.

  118. Aurifil thread and Karen Kay Buckley scissors, of course! What a nifty new storage bin! Keeping my fingers crossed!
    yoyopattycakes at hotmail dot com

  119. I would store my rotary cutter, 12" ruler, tape measure, threads, metal 6' tape, scissors, mini-clips, gel marking pens, etc, etc. I have many notions so this would keep me organized and make my sewing much easier! Great idea! Thanks for the chance to win! Helen G. hrglover at hotmail dot com.

  120. This artbin carrier is fab! I go to a few quilting retreats per year and this would be perfect to gather all my quilty notions and supplies in ~ like thread, scissors, awl, marking chalk and pens, rulers, rotary cutter, small projects, 'leaders and enders', and lots more! Thanks ~ this is a great addition!

  121. During the summer, I travel to my hometown and bring my sewing machine and a few projects to work on. This tote would really help me keep everything organized and safely stowed.

  122. I would definitely fill it with tread, pins, wonder clips, seam rippers. Especially excited to have all those things organized in one spot and not all over the house!

  123. This would be fabulous for all of my notions – from scissors to pins! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  124. This is awesome and I'm loving the color, too!!! I would fill mine with lots of quilting stuff. It would be perfect for my retreats and weekly quilting group.

  125. Looks like you could pack a lot in there – I'm always trying to find someplace to store my aurifil thread so that would first thing in!

  126. It would be great for marking pens, small rulers, scissors, tape, glue sticks,caculator, post it notes, quilting gloves, etc etc. Great way to organize and transport all those necessary things.

  127. I just love the color of this little cabinet. It would be fabulous to have my essentials for traveling to sit and sews and retreats. Scissors, rotary cutter, threads, seam ripper, machine and regular needles. My sewing room is upstairs so this would be great to bring down when sewing in the evening and set it by my chair.

  128. Love this! It would be such an improvement over the way I store my thread now…. aurifil spools loose in 1 big plastic box with no dividers and wound bobbins in a drawer. I would enjoy being able to see my thread quickly instead of having to ramble through all of the spools.

  129. This would be so much neater than my current open tote for everything – big scissors, little scissors, measuring tape, small rulers, thimble, extra pins, extra thread, quilting gloves, rotary cutters and extra blades, seam rippers (you can never have too many!), pliers (cuz when you don't have them you need them), extra machine needles, nubby screwdrivers, band-aids (hey, they've come in handy!), etc., etc. I like to be prepared!

  130. This would be my traveling cabinet. It would hold my current to-go projects. Thank you for an amazing giveaway.

  131. What a fantastic storage unit. I would store quilting and hand sewing items. wonderful.

  132. This is the best way to get me organized that I can find my thread,needles, scissors and everything I need to quilt and easy way to carry my stuff to quilt retreats and classes

  133. This would be perfect to store my threads, notions, plus a bunch of other odds and ends that make my sewing area look like a disaster!!! I love the colour too!! Thanks!

  134. Wow! That would be perfect for my upcoming quilt retreat! I could put all my cutters, marking pens, needles, pins,even extra fabric in that and have it all in one place. Thanks for the chance to win.

  135. This would be great to consolidate my three containers of sewing/quilting supplies – scissors, cutters, needles, thread, bobbins, pencils, post-its, gum, etc. You know, all those things you just need!

  136. I keep a duplicate all of essentials! Rotary cutter, seam ripper, thread, needles and pins. That way when I lose something, I'd go to my cute carry-al!

  137. This would be so perfect since I'm moving to a much smaller place this summer and my sewing space will be limited. I would love this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. I would keep my trusty seam ripper in there along with thread, scissors, sewing feet, needles, the small screwdriver to change the needle, extra bobbins. I love the color.

  139. This would be perfect for my embroidery supplies. Drawers for thread, etc and the large top for small embroidery hoop, scissors, and other supplies. Perfect!

  140. Needles, presser feet, and all my specialty pins in the top, and thread, thread, thread! I LOVE this thing! Anything to keep ones beloved sewing space from becoming a minefield, but this AQUA organizer is the tops! Thank you for the opportunity. I love you guys!

  141. I love art bins.. would love to add this to my collection, would be great for all my quilting– My epp mobile sewing would be really great with this.

  142. That is a wonderful item. I would be storing all my thread, regular and embroidery. It also looks like I could use it for keeping unquilted blocks and items that are always laying around that are used,but not everyday. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

  143. This would be perfect for storing cutting supplies and thread, I would be able to cut down on so many containers! Thanks for the chance to win this, the color is beautiful!

  144. I would store all my items needed to bind a quilt. As I have to move all my stuff to the dining table to do my binding since my sewing table is tooo tiny to bind on 🙁

  145. Cool color,cool giveaway. You guys are the best. I like to keep a "to go" carryall(now a drawstring bag) ready for workshops. I've got so many notions (those new items get me every time!) I don't have to unpack and repack for each time. Thank goodness quilting is my only hobby.Winning would be the bomb. Thanks. rjc2cam(at)gmail(dot)com

  146. Wonderful! I love organizing all my stitching and sewing tools! This carrier looks so useful and functional. Anything to help me keep sewing and away from searching through the bottomless deep drawers and sewing totes. Love the bright colour too!

  147. What a great giveaway! I would store my quilting supplies and accessories in this cabinet: rotary cutters, thread, alpha bitties, scissors, extra sewing machine feet…It would be so handy to have this organizer. Thank you for the opportunity.

  148. Oh my gosh. How awesome is that colour. I love it. Yes thread, extra needles, bobbins would find their special spots in that container. But my smarties would too. Gotta have a treat once in a while.

  149. I love Art Bin containers! I have one for my oil paints, one for my acrylics, one for my sewing machine feet, screwdrivers and such along with several smaller ones for buttons, etc. If I won this Aqua beauty …. which is one of my craft room colors (along with Pink and Orchid) I would fill it with Aurifil threads, hand sewing needles, thimbles and other useful notions. In the top I would put the project(s) I'm working on. What a lovely design.

  150. That is so awesome and I would love to win it, would look great in my sewing room and when I go to retreats or sewing with friends. Thank you for this opportunity to win one.

  151. I would store thread and all my quilt to go supplies. Rulers templates and all my favorite quilting goodies. Also if it works as well as it looks. I might buy another one to store my watercolor painting supplies to go to my guild and classes. It looks quite awesome. Having only my left hand, lost right one in a lumber mill accident, anything that I can find to make my life easier is much appreciated.

  152. I would use this my portable sewing room keeping all the basics in there, so I don't have to pack many lose things when I'm going to our cabin or my grandma's house to sew. Although this would be nice for organizing my knitting needles, scissors, tape measure, and multiple other things I tend to lose in the bottom of bags.

  153. I would love to have this! It would be perfect for my hand embroidery supplies, especially when going to retreats!

  154. Wow,wow, what a giveaway. Well, I like to sew in my sunroom, so this would be ideal to bring my sewing projects and tools up from my craft room. It would save me time running back and forth ..thanks for the giveaway..

  155. What a great way for storing and using items that are used frequently, for retreats and all the other times for great mobility.

  156. Oh ! be still my Heart!! I could pack that baby up with lots of machine feet and accessories along with thread and needles to take care of any workshop i am in. I could even put some fabric in there for the particular project at the workshop and not have to carry three or four different containers!

  157. Wow, I'd love to store a lot of my small sewing and embroidery notions in this pretty ArtBin! It would be nice to have things organized and handy, instead of all over my kitchen table all the time or just thrown into shoeboxes.

  158. I love this!! I could find many uses for it, but mainly when I go to class and have to take all my things with me! Very nice giveaway!

  159. I would love to organize all the stuff that is currently in my Grandma's (she died in 1979 to give you an idea of how old it is) sewing box. Thread, buttons, hooks and eyes zippers, etc.

  160. So pretty! This would be great to store all those things in that are now in so many little boxes and drawers. Since my sewing room is in the basement I am constantly going up and down when I do hand work upstairs so this would allow me to have everything in one pretty container! Love it.

  161. I would put thread, scissors, seam ripper, pins, needles, sewing machine feet. bobbins and everything else I would need for a class or for sewing away from home! Or at home…

  162. I would use it for retreats, totally stocked with thread,rotary cutter, seam ripper, scissors, treats, marking tools, add a quarter rulers, thread clippers — you get the idea.

  163. I would be able to hold all my cutting templates for small applique and thread, and fabric and plans and paper for piecing oh boy,,,I can fill this with anything and everything I can think of…Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway…..

  164. What a great color! What a great organizer! I do a lot of hand work and this would be perfect! Thanks for the chance and thanks too for not using a raffle-copter kind of entry process!

  165. I saved a long time to buy my bernina,this schould be really handy to put al my supplies in it. And also.for my quilting supplies . I sew during the day in the living room, and in the evening upstairs in front of the tv, it schould be very handy to have all my threads,needles,,scissors in one place!! It s really gorgeous!

  166. This would be perfect to store all of my bag-making supplies! Bag feet, D-rings, hooks, metal zips, etc! This is an awesome giveaway!

  167. I fly from California to Allen, Texas several times a year to see my grandchildren and always take projects with me. I would need my sewing supplies like rotary cutters, blades and sissors in checked luggage, but in this pretty thing when I arrive, lots of thread, quilting rulers, fabric, at least 2 seam rippers, extra sewing machine needles, and I think I'd be just about set!! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I'm going again the 4th of April!! Sure wish I had one.

  168. I was on a sewing date yesterday, and commented on how much I needed a dedicated travel kit so I wouldn't forget my tools! I'm sure my sewing partner would love to NOT hear me say, "Have you got a (fill in the blank)?"

  169. Oh my this might be able to get me organized I can never, never find what I need with 20 or so boxes that I thought would keep me organized. Love the color!! Good Luck everyone.

  170. I believe it would hold practically everything I have, since I am pretty new to quilting. I would store my Aurifil thread, scissors, rotary cutter, blades, neeles, pins, markers, rulers and more!

  171. I would put my ruffler presser foot and small rulers in the top and in the drawers I would put current projects, thread, needles, seam ripper, glue, and whatever else fits! ljbisme at msn dot com

  172. Wonderful tote, great color. I'd store my basic supplies for taking to class for my current project. Not limited to but including – pattern, blocks and fabric, ruler, rotary cutter, small scissors, pins, markers, thread, seam ripper, snacks, notebook…

  173. What wouldn't I store in there. I like to think it would help keep my sewing area tidier, especially when I take over the kitchen table…

  174. I would fill it with all the notions I use for my handwork. It would be great to keep packed and ready for my weekly sit n sew meetings.

  175. It would be wonderful to store my sewing machine accessories, extra bobbins, my extra Aurifil thread, triangle paper, alphabitties, and the list could go on and on. What a wonderful tote and giveaway!! Thank you for the chance!

  176. I would love the cabinet, asI have plent of notions thread and fabric to store in it because my storage area is very limited and this would be very useful to me.

  177. I'd love to have all my Aurifil spools in one location, and of course my seam ripper, snips, marking tools, and sewing machine tools would be in there. And some chocolate!

  178. It looks like it would be great for traveling for handwork items. I could keep it loaded with the latest hand sewing project and just pick it up and take into the living room when I want to sit in there to work. It would also be great for long trips — I could have one of the boxes out while we were driving but then pick up the whole thing to take into a motel. It would be great for retreats also.

  179. Looks like a wonderful organizer to fill with favorite thread and sewing notions to take to classes.

  180. thank you for the wonderful giveaway, everyone would love one of these for sure. besides the tools to carry to retreat I could carry all items needed for quilting pieces on the road, nice & neat.

  181. I'd store seam rippers, marking pens, little rulers, thread, oh, so many little things lying around. Love the color, too!

  182. This would be absolutely perfect for taking a current project with you when you travel whether it is from room to room or state to state plus I love the color.

  183. I would love this case for all the different thread weights that are in one box I have to rifle through at this time. Organization such a goal

  184. Ah, this seems such a wonderful box! I am always struggling with packing for sewing dates and this seems the perfect solution! It will be able to carry my WIP, but also my rotary cutter, thread (aurifil!), bobbins, needles, machine foots, rulers, pins and probably plenty more! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  185. Oh, gosh, that's my all-time FAVorite color – our whole house is "coastal" so that color is pretty predominant in our decorating! What would I put in there? You name it – it looks so very versatile, can holdall kinds of goodies….stabilizers, thread, cutting tools, PIGs, you name it! Can't wait to hear you tell me that I've won it!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  186. Wow that's really neat! I could put a lot of my "stuff" in there! Hexies, fabric squares, threads, needles & pins, small embroidery hoops, embroidery threads, rotary cutter & scissors, and of course a seam ripper, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for a chance!

  187. This would save me so much time, as I would not have to search through my sewing room, to find where I have "safely hidden" my spare blades, seam ripper, scissors, bobbins and spare needles. Love the colour!

  188. What a beautiful storage unit for all those small sewing objects that get lost in a drawer, like needles, bobbins, machine tools, and much more.

  189. What a cooooool Tool Box! 🙂 I would definitely store threads..bobbins, needles, small scissors, seam ripper, and other assorted odds & ends I always need close by when sewing! Thank you for chance to win it!!! 😀

  190. I must admit my favorite sewing supply is my seam ripper. I would store that in this well designed product
    demkl at yahoo dot com

  191. This would do wonders for me when I go to my sister's or my friends home to do some quilting together. Thank you so much for this give away.

  192. What a perfect color! I would use it to put all the little things I use that are laying around my sewing machine first to clean up that area. After that I would have to see how much room I have left.

  193. I think I would store everything I need for classes. The case is bright enough to find easily in my mess of a sewing room. I could restock it from class to class according to the needs of the class and I don't believe I would need any other carrying case except this one. I might even be able to strap it to the top of my sewing machine rolly bag. Why, I think it might even have room for lunch!

  194. What a great organizer in a beautiful color! I would use this to store hand projects and related notions, threads, floss for those projects.

  195. What a lovely color! I'd set it up with all the supplies (mini versions, of course) of sewing items: thimbles, thread, rulers, needles, small portions of neutral fabrics, etc. I do tons of quilting at work, watching TV, and camping (besides what I do in the quilt room), so having an organizer like that would be lovely!

  196. Ohhh I would love to win this. I would carry it with me when some quilting friends and I go on our retreats. I could carry threads, needles, scissors and all the gadgets needed. Thanks for letting me enter.

  197. Bobbins, threads and seam ripper or my. A pair of embroidery scissors and fabric markers too. And if that weren't enough am sure more would fit. Simply wonderful winning would be it!! Thanks for the opportunity!! 😉

  198. I would love to store all of my "Fabric" scissors, thread, and other notions in it! It looks like my 18" plastic ruler would fit in nicely in the top section.

  199. I am currently working on the perfect project for this cabinet. The Splendid Sampler. I'd be able to have everything all in one place instead of always hunting. Looks like there is room for embroidery, applica, paints, all my most important notions, potions, and lotions that are needed on this amazing journey. :-). I am thankful for such a wonderful opportunity.

  200. I am currently working on the perfect project for this cabinet. The Splendid Sampler. I'd be able to have everything all in one place instead of always hunting. Looks like there is room for embroidery, applica, paints, all my most important notions, potions, and lotions that are needed on this amazing journey. :-). I am thankful for such a wonderful opportunity.

  201. It would be a great place to store my Aurifil thread spools, my Wonder Clips, my chenille needles, etc. instead of looking for all my sewing essentials throughout all the drawers next to my sewing machine and even boxes in that bedroom. It would be a great time saver!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  202. I think this would be great to take to retreats. Everything I need would be in one place.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  203. Never can have too much storage! I could reorganize some of my stuff and MAYBE actually be able to locate needed items. Sounds like a winning idea to me.

  204. This would be ideal for storing quilting supplies (and a small stash of chocolate of course 🙂 )when heading to a weekend retreat, camping, or a quilting class. This is a beautiful caddy!

  205. I would post sewing threads,hooks, and sequins, buttons we use for crafts,anything and everything I could possibly fit in it to get organized with all the craft projects my daughter and I do.

  206. Probably all the things that you've got in there = thread, needles, rotary cutter. This looks super handy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  207. I would use it as a grab and go for hand stitching projects. The opportunities for being productive during idle times are many if you always have something like this ready to go.

  208. I love this case! I love that I can easily fit all three (small, medium, and large) of my rotary cutters, and my scissors, from my bulky pinking shears to my tiny embroidery snips. I love organizing my threads, sewing tools like tweezers and rippers, and my stiletto. I also love packing all the sewing machine feet I will need for my project, and this case has enough storage to allow me to pack it all and then a little bit extra. Thanks for the giveaway!

  209. Wow!! What an awesome organizer. I go back and forth to help my friend take care of his dad and this would help in keeping everything organized. I can't seem to leave the house and not have a some part of a quilt to work on. It calms me in the storm of helping with someone with demitia and the color is just lovely. Bravo!!!!!

  210. I'd use it for my favourite threads, needles, rotary cutters and extra blades and small rulers that I seem to so easily misplace. Maybe if I had a place for those necessities, I would become better organized generally.

  211. Oh my! What an excellent place to store my rotary cutter, magnetic pin cushion, aurifil threads, assortment of sewing machine and quilting needles, seam ripper (of course), bobbin thread box, tape measure and so much more. Thank you for the chance to win.

  212. Love ArtBin ~ they are great quality. I would use it to hold several notions, thread, needles, sewing feet, basting pins and scissors. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your Give-Away. Jo Stovall

  213. I need this awesome tool box. This would keep me so organized when going classes. I would store all my tools and quilting supplies in it.

  214. I need this awesome tool box. This would keep me so organized when going classes. I would store all my tools and quilting supplies in it.

  215. I'd love to win this! Who wouldn't? Id use it for all of my Moms sewing supplies I inherited when she passed away 2 years ago. Thank you for having this giveaway!

  216. Quilting supplies for a retreat, rulers pins, measuring tape, sewing machine supplies, charm square packs or jelly rolls, and an assortment of threads. Or, my embroidery projects, needles, thimble, hoops and a variety of thread sizes and colors. Actually it would be a difficult decision which stitching project to store in this wonderful carryall.

  217. All of my favorite and special notions would be going into this little cabinet! No lost or misplaced scissors, pins, clips or anything else so recoils! This would eliminate some of the bowls and trays on my sewing table!

  218. What a gorgeous colour. I would keep all my embroidery threads and notions in there, which at the moment are mixed up with my quilting stuff.

  219. I would store all the things that get lost in my sewing space: bobbins, seam rippers, rotary blade replacements, pins…I would also store all my candy precut and the assorted items I can never seem to find a good home for. Thanks for the chance to win this beauty. And Aqua is my favorite color.

  220. This would be great to store ongoing appliqué projects and thread. It would make it easy to take to a retreat.

  221. Auiril thread of course, and I also store those quick tiny projects I'm working on w/scraps like pinnies, applique blocks.
    It's in one of my favorite cool colors too, thank you!


  222. It would be fabulous to fill with everything I'd need for a retreat. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Sandy N

  223. I would store all the quilty notions and tools I take to my weekly sewing day at my local quilt shop. How lovely to have everything in one place, packed and ready to go.

  224. What a great way to get organized. I take my projects to quilt group twice a month. Always end up having left something at home. I would put thread and bobbin scissors seam ripper needles thimbles and pieces need for project like appliqué he is and patterns. Would love this

  225. I have been trying different baskets, etc, and this looks like it would be just what I need to carry my notions, both in the RV and at home!

  226. Ah! Everything in one spot. Wonderful and the color is cool and refreshing. Thread, needles, pins, scissors and just about anything I would like to keep handy in one area.

  227. Oh it would be so lovely to win this cabinet. I never win anything but maybe this time will be different. Thanks for the Giveaway opportunity !

  228. I'd use it for all those small things I keep loosing like spare bobbins and needles, seam rippers, screwdriver etc.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

  229. I would store all my quilting/sewing essentials like my threads, bobbins, pin cushions, pins, scissors, fabric markers, rulers etc in this Artbin 🙂

  230. This is the perfect "Suitcase" for on the go sewing… I would put all
    my small embroidery, applique, hand stitching projects in it along
    with floss, threads and notions… The Style, Color and Look of it
    is Adorable! … might need to buy 2 or 3 🙂 thanks for the chance to win it … xoxo

  231. I always seem to forget an important tool when I am packing for a retreat. I would store all my important tools and gadgets. That way I would never forget them!

  232. oh I love this! I would set it on a table by my machine and fill it with all the things I need while sewing and dont want to get up from my machine to go get!

  233. This little cabinet is sooooo cute. I love the color. I would store my thread and rotary cutters and scissors in it so I could carry it from room to room. I do sew all over the house you know! Please pick me!!!

  234. What a neat tote box! It looks perfect to hold supplies for the itty bitty one per month quilt project I'm currently working on. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  235. Very clever tote. My sewing area is very small. A corner in my sons room to be exact. I'm always looking for new and better ways to store my treasures.

  236. What wouldn't I put in it! I always end up with baggies with my rotary cutter, extra blade, needles, scissors thread, marking pencils, pins, on and on and on that I take to retreats because you just never know. How wonderful it would be to have it all so organized. And at home, I could have it on my sewing table and again have everything so handy. And it's so cute. Thanks.

  237. This is a great giveaway item! I have some applique templates & several different needle types, matching threads, seam ripper, different scissors, mechanical pencils, different types of marking pens, & a box of pins. Now it could all be in one place and tote-able!

  238. I'd pack thread, needles and my favorite scissors which have currently gone missing! IF only i had a secure place to put them 😉

  239. I have a smaller version of this one and use it for all my buttons. A larger one would be great to keep all my sewing accessories in one place at all times.

  240. wow! I have so much I could put in there. definitely my thread, my scissors, rotary cutter, all my gadgets the possibilities are endless. This could help keep me organized for sure!

  241. It looks like it would hold scissors, needles, thread, sewing machine feet, extra bobbins and a host of other needful things.

  242. Aurifil thread, pins in their magnet holder, favorite tiny rulers, fabric scraps, hexies, needles, curved safety pins, rotary cutters, little scissors, pearl and embroidery thread, frixion pens, brass stiletto, wonder clips, thimbles, precut strips/squares/bricks…
    anything else I can fit that I may need…Hot Tamales?
    Peeps and/or chocolate would be too messy!

  243. I would use it for my appliqué pieces, with all the needed extras ( like thread, scissors, glue, needles and material). Looks like a great little box for travel.

  244. What a great tote to organize your notions. I would love to use this to hold everything I need on quilt retreats.

  245. LOVE,LOVE!!! If I were to win I would be happy to fill this with many sewing notions to take to quilting classes and just to have everything in one place. Aurofil thread would go in first. Love your blog!

  246. It not only would be great for my everyday notions like thread and pins. It would also hold the supplies I use for crazy quilting, like my beads and other embellishments.

  247. Looks like a great case for organizing all the accessories and feet for my vintage sewing machine. And some Aurifil thread. And some cute flower head pins. Oh, and some…

  248. I'd store my Sulky rayon threads in it, since they are in a box that held candles at one point, also my Schmetz packs of sewing machine needles, my Clover chalk markers, ALL of them in one place, pencils, rollers, refills, Blue Erasable pens, new rotary cutter blades, oh, it wouldn't take long to be so organized!

  249. This looks like just what I need to get rid of the ziplock bags I've been toting around to open sew night at my LQS!I could empty out the bag of thread, bobbins and pins and have a place for everything. 🙂

  250. My husband and I take a two week vacation every year and I would love to take my quilting along. This case would be FABULOUS for carrying everything I would need to quilt on vacation! Thank you SO much for the giveaway!

  251. I could put my notions like hand sewing needles, small rulers, thread, pins, pens, charm packs, travel iron…I'm sure I have enough quilty stuff to fill it quite full! What fun to have stuff ready to take off to a class or retreat:) Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. I love the aqua color and would store all the odds and end sewing notions that you need but can never find like marking tools, special scissors , hem markers machine needs clips. etc. It looks like a great organizer.

  253. This would be such a better container than the shoebox that I am currently using to store all my rotary cutters and small rulers. I can see this being much more practical!

  254. What a cool sewing box! I would put things I need for workshops in there–my basic sewing equipment, thread, my pieces that are cut and ready to sew… so many possibilities!!

  255. Oh man! This would be my retreat bin. I would have all the essentials for retreat & always have it packed & ready to go!

  256. What a lovely bin. It is perfect for storing needle projects of all kinds…hexies, crochet, embroidery…and all the tools and supplies as well.

  257. I would use this for thread, extra needles, bobbins, etc — my little stuff. I definitely need some help with organization!

  258. I'd store all my small tools and sewing oddments in it. Maybe a second one for all my knitting paraphernalia. I love it!

  259. My sewing travels with me, to work, carpool, taking care of aging parents, ect. What a cute, fashionable way to transport my favorite things! I love it!

  260. I would finally have a place to "hide" my threads and bobbins from my 2 yo girl who loves to take them and scatter them around the house! By scatter I mean unravel the thread and drag the spools behind her. I suppose I can always find them by following the threads that tangle around toys, baby gates, and through any sort of opening she can pull the thread through.

  261. It's a toss up for me – I'd love to store all my sewing supplies in this lovely tote but it would als be great for traveling with my cross stitch supplies!