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Edna’s Tale of Good Cheer

On Tuesday, we got to share in the warmth of Sheri’s little grandbabies. Today, it’s a story of the companionship of lifelong friends from Edna. Anyone got a tissue handy?


The angels in my life have been part of my life for nearly 30 years. My angels don’t have sisters, and so we are like a little pack of sisters. As angels we looked out for each other when our kids were born, attended the first day of school, went through teen troubles, got married and are now having babies of their own, making three of us grandmothers! We are fortunate to all live in the same city — Victoria, British Columbia, and in recent years we have developed a pattern of going to the same tea house in Victoria to celebrate each of our birthdays. It is a time together that we cherish.

We also plan a Christmas Tea party at one of our homes and exchange gifts with each other — something small and often homemade. Here is a picture of my angels wearing the tea cozies I made each of them for Christmas this year.

We have all experienced major health issues this past year and are most thankful for the support of our angels. We all agreed that we could count on each other to be there in prayer and presence during our hospital stays.

We are all sewers and two of us love to quilt and make quilts for the grandchildren arriving rapidly amongst our friends these days.

I am thankful these three angels are in my life, and I have counted on them so many times this year. What a year it has been for all of us, but to know that each angel was only a few blocks away; a call away; a late night e-mail listener, has made each angel a treasure.

Merry Christmas to all angels.

Edna Vaines
Victoria, B.C.