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Domestic Diva by Emily Taylor– and a quick note

From Mad Men’s 17 Emmy nominations to the vintage look being back in style Domestic Diva is here at it’s prime.  This retro look Emily Taylor put together is delectable!  Besides just fitting in with the times, she has put a touch of memories into her designs.  With that, she is our special guest today to talk about them!

Hello Jolly Jabbers!

Domestic Diva was inspired by the daily household chores that most women have to do on a daily basis– laundry, dishes, preparing meals and occasionally making cupcakes! I find that folding laundry is a time when my most creative ideas surface. I was in my laundry room for the thousandth time in a month when the concept of Domestic Diva came to me. I like the idea of ordinary women going about ordinary tasks in the service of their families being elevated to the status of diva. Because frankly, the work that we do to run a household is a heck of a lot more important than many things that we esteem in our culture.  Domestic Diva is a tribute to all hard-working homemakers out there, including my mom and my grandmothers.

Now, I have a few insider secrets about the patterns that make for fun trivia: The recipe pattern contains my Grandma Jensen’s handwritten recipe for chocolate snack cake, as well as one of my husband’s favorite chicken recipes.

The cupcake lady is a dead-ringer for myself (on my best hair day).

I wanted to include a woman ironing because it’s my mother’s favorite household chore (I think she’s crazy).

Finally, I wanted Domestic Diva to have a retro feel, to remind me of my grandmother and her house– full of cozy comforts and appliances from decades ago.

Domestic Diva is the perfect collection to use for aprons, place- mats, dish towels, etc.  And I think it will make for some pretty fun quilts as well!

– Emily Taylor


So, I didn’t add this to Saturdays post till today, so I want to make sure everyone knows.. but Kate Spain is also doing a Fandango giveaway on her blog that ends Tomorrow, August 31st!

Also, since so many of you asked about the tin for the FQS giveaway posted on Saturday, (which I know– how adorable is that tin!) but it was exclusive from Moda.  As of right now,  Moda won’t be selling any …BUT… there MIGHT be a few more giveaways with the same tin, so you MIGHT want to keep your eyes open on the Jolly Jabber  😉


  1. What a special collection!!!!!
    I love the feel of my childhood….that could be my mom ironing or making cupcakes.
    I use an iron very similar….and it was one of moms!
    Thank you Emily.