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The Designer’s Tidbits: Full Circle

I always try to carry a sketch book with me for doodling. It’s a great way for me to get creative and just have fun.

Then, when I’m working on a project like a new fabric line for Moda or an embroidery pattern, I start by thumbing through my sketch books and sooner or later some little doodle will inspire a new design. My newest line for Moda, Full Circle, is chalk full of these little doodles, each surrounded by a wreath of some sort to tie them all together! Little birds, bees, houses, flowers, acorns, all work together with decorative monograms. I’ve been into this whole monogram thing lately and I wanted to include pretty and fun letters along with the doodles. I was so happy with the way the embroidery look worked on fabric! Using this fabric is a great way to make a project that looks like it took many hours of hand embroidery, but really it’s the magic of Moda!

When I stitch an embroidery design, I’m more than likely to stitch it with black thread on a nice soft, wheat background like Moda Crackle Wheat. The contrast between the background and the thread really make the design pop. I really wanted this same contrast to work with the fabric also. The red is that true red I’m always drawn to when I open my box of floss, it’s deep and rich and warm.

I designed three project patterns using the Full Circle line of fabric. They have small projects such as:

a table runner and hot pads,

banners with images of the four seasons,

 and a monogramed pillow, banner, and more.

My good friend and designer Barb Cherniwchan, Coach House Designs, designed a beautiful quilt using the Full Circle Fabric. Her quilt is called Once Upon a Time and I loved it so much I asked my mom to make one for me!

Although it’s April now, I’ve been stitching away on Christmas designs! It helps to play a little Christmas music in the background and it also helps that we’ve had a VERY cold and wet spring here in Oregon.

May will bring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and I’m excited to have my new line of fabric, Towne Square Quilts, showing there. With this line I’ve continued with the hand drawn feel and the theme is houses and quilts and all of the things that makes an old fashioned Towne Square feel like home.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I just love, love, LOVE this line! There are so many possibilities and project ideas floating around in my head already for this.