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Designer Tidbits: Zoe Pearn

This one’s for the boys! One for the Boys by Zoe Pearn is the perfect boy collection. Suitable for boys of all ages, it mixes playful prints and muted colors. Zoe Pearn is here today to chat about her boy crazy collection, so keep reading for a peek at One for the Boys!

Q: Where did you find your original inspiration for One for the Boys?
A:The wonderful people at Riley Blake asked me to design a collection just for boys, so I guess that was the main reason! My boy collections are pretty much always inspired by my oldest son, who is five years old. I try to make sure the prints are fun and lively just like he is!

Q: What was your “aha” moment in designing this collection?
A:I began learning to quilt when designing this collection, so I tried to include prints that I would love to use for a quilt for my own son. I find that boy fabrics are pretty hard to come by, so I wanted to create something that would appeal to Mums of boys of all ages. The collection was actually finalized over a year ago – in January 2012! I work quite far in advance for my fabric lines, so I’ve been waiting on this one for a while!

Q:Tell me about your sewing machines. What kind do you use?
A:I only have one sewing machine which is plenty for me! My Mum bought it for me for my 30th birthday to replace the one that she had given me for my 18th birthday! It is a Janome DC2050 – it’s pretty simple, but I love it and it does the job!

Q:What is your favorite part of the fabric industry?
A:I love seeing what all the talented sewists and quilters out there create with my fabrics.  I don’t think I will ever get used to the feeling that comes from that! Getting my fabric to work with is a plus too! I also love having the opportunity to work with the lovely people at Riley Blake – they are some of the nicest people I could ever hope to work for and I really appreciate my relationship with them.

Q:From what aspect of your life do you draw creativity?
A:I try to stay creative in as many ways as possible. I find that if I don’t have a variety of crafts and hobbies to turn to for inspiration, I run out of ideas for my work. I love to sew and scrapbook, as well as design (I still classify that as something fun), and I find that physically “practicing” the two art forms really helps me to feel creative for my design projects. I think it’s important to challenge myself creatively when I can, otherwise I feel like I get stuck in a rut.

Q:What is your favorite print in the collection?
A:The main mtar print is my favourite in this collection (available in cream, blue and gray). It’s really fun, bright and energetic.

Q:What are your favorite and least favorite colors and why?
A:My favourite colours would have to be pink and light aqua blue.  I love that they are bright and they just make me feel happy! They always seem to go with any other colors I feel like working with too, so that helps. You will usually find one or the other, or quite often both pink and aqua blue, in everything I design! My least favourite would definitely be purple. I’m not sure why, I’ve just never been fond of purple – it doesn’t appeal to me for some reason. It is extremely rare for me to use it in anything unless I absolutely have to!

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