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Designer Tidbits: Winter Wonderland by Bunny Hill Designs

We are snow-balled over with adoration for Winter Wonderland. Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs has combined three of her favorite elements (redwork, embroidery and Christmas) to create one of our favorite holiday collections of the year. Read on for more about her new line and some sweet photos and ideas! If you’re inspired to tackle an adorable scenic quilt in this fabric, check out our I Believe in Snowmen Quilt Kit!

Winter Wonderland was inspired by my love of redwork, embroidery and snowmen! It’s a happy fabric line with snowmen galore, stars, dots, trees and little trucks. Get ready to celebrate Christmas in April when you see this fabric. It’s never too early to get started on holiday projects.

What was your design process for Winter Wonderland?
Designing a fabric line is like telling a story with a beginning, middle and end. I start with a theme, work on an outline, add in some color and make sure it has something unexpected. The more I work on a fabric line the more it grows and changes, often taking off in new directions I hadn’t planned on.

Tell us some design trends you’re currently exploring.
I love the idea of smaller projects and the trend for “small” seems to be growing.  We’re all pressed for time, and working on a project that can be completed in a day or two gives a wonderful sense of fulfillment. I’ll always design large applique quilts, but each season I’ll add in more of the fun “little” things.


What do you hope to find made up in Winter Wonderland?
I’ve designed a lot of fun patterns for Winter Wonderland, but I know you can think up more. What about a table runner, table cloth, napkins, tree skirt or stocking? Make a Christmas tote, purse and a few special gift bags. Doesn’t a fabric covered journal sound cute?

Winter Wonderland Collage

What is your absolute favorite Christmas tradition?
It’s hard to pick just one tradition because Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love everything about Christmas, but at the top of my list is decorating the tree. I have about three sets of decorations and I alternate them every year. I always add a few new ornaments and different bows. I invite my granddaughters over for a day of hot chocolate and tree decorating. Making lasting memories is a great tradition!

Time to confess a big sewing faux pas!
When I was cutting a quilt border, I cut the entire strip 3 ½” instead of 4 ½”. Luckily, I like to cut my borders lengthwise, so I had enough fabric to cut another strip. What is it they always say? Measure twice, cut once. It’s really true!



  1. I'm in love with this line…Anne's fabrics and patterns are always at the top of my favorites. As for her big sewing faux pas…I managed one too. I cut all my sashing strips at 9.5 inches and realized my blopper when I started stitching. The good thing…they were too long…only needed to be 9". Happy stitching, Pauline