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Designer Tidbits: Stephanie Brandenburg

Designer Stephanie Brandenburg is here to tell us a bit about her new collection, Daydreams III Flower Bomb. She has been quite the creator lately, as she recently opened Frond Design Studios and has beautifully redone her original Daydreams collection. This version highlights large flowers, bold colors and has an abstract flair. This collection is truly an explosion of color!

Q: To what or whom would you dedicate the Daydreams III Flower Bomb collection to?
A: I would like to dedicate this collection to my three daughters: Aubrey 21, Paige 19 and Nichole 16. They have been a constant source of inspiration to me. Their diverse interests and youthful perspectives keep me young and daring and I love that.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?

A: I love the curtain concept with this collection. Just to see these large blooms gently blowing in at the window in a room filled with flower books would be great! But I can totally see the i-kat colors in a flashy runway style skirt.

Q: If time travel became possible, what year would you want to be in?
A: I am a total PBS junkie. I just adore any series like Downtown Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, Anne of Green Gables and the movie Midnight in Paris (even though that wasn’t PBS). I would definitely want to be in any of those time periods, where the color palette was rich and the fabrics were ornate.

Q: If you had to change your first name what would you change it to?
A: Wow that’s a difficult one. Juliette maybe, it sounds romantic but serious.

Q: What was your favorite childhood TV show?
A: I still love the Cosby Show. Bill Cosby always reminded me of my father in that role. He wasn’t a doctor, but he parented very much like Bill Cosby’s character. My father passed away in 1993 and I grew up with 3 younger brothers, so our house was always chaos. It was so great; we could have had our own sitcom.

Q: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
A: That is a toss-up, Sting or Jacob Dylan (Bob Dylan’s son). I sold radio advertising the year I turned 30. My dear friend Erin was program director so we go to meet some amazing people!

Q: What is your favorite App to play on your phone?
A: My 5 year old son plays Angry Birds, but I don’t have time really. I play Pandora while I work. But there is a new app called Lemon and you can take photos of your business receipts. It counts for IRS and I love that because receipts are a pain to file.

Q: If you could marry a technology, what would it be?
A: Does Steve Jobs count? I would have married his brain. I love everything Apple designs it is all beautiful and brilliant! His journey really inspired me to start my own company.