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Designer Tidbits: Sandy Gervais

Sandy Gervais‘ new collection, Merry Medley for Moda Fabrics, sends me straight to Christmas Eve. Singing carols around the fire, holiday bells ringing your ears, red poinsettias blooming all around. This warm color palette is perfect for a snuggly Christmas quilt, a set of stockings for the fireplace or a mini Christmas tree!

Q: To what or whom would you dedicate the Merry Medley collection?
A:To all of those people out there who have talent in the music field. I cannot dance, I cannot sing and I do not have rhythm.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A:I like pattern # 543 A Tiny Tree. It is quick and easy and something other than a quilt. It will be fun to tuck this little tree in among some greens and holly this Christmas. And the good thing is I will not have to crawl under its pokey branches to water it. 

Q: If time travel became possible, what year would you want to be in?
A:I would like to go back to the late 50’s early 60’s as an adult. I LOVE the clothes from that era.

Q:If you had to change your first name what would you change it to?
A:Really it is my last name I would like to change. Gervais – nobody ever pronounces or spells it right. How about Smith. Smith is much easier. As for first names, I have always liked Chloe and Gabrielle.

Q5:What was your favorite childhood TV show?
A:I liked watching Lassie although it always made me scared. I could never convince myself that Lassie would pull through and all would end well – as it did every single episode.

Q:Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
A:Absolutely no one. I did fly on the same flight from NY to Minneapolis as Joan Rivers. Did you know they will hold a plane for Joan? Our plane was at the gate FOREVER and yet they were not letting us load. Finally Ms. Rivers came in with her entourage who walked her right past all of us up the ramp and into the plane. An important looking man followed her up the ramp carrying a small navy blue box. He came back without the box. We were all speculating about what was inside. Was it her jewelry, her late husband Edgar’s ashes or her plastic surgeon???

Q:What is your favorite App to play on your phone?
A:Below is a picture of my phone – as you can see I am APP-solutely App-less. Yes I am living in the stone age of phones – I still use my phone for its original purpose, to call somebody if I have a flat tire on the freeway.

Q:If you could marry a technology, what would it be?
A:It would be best if I did not marry a technology, certainly it would end in divorce.


  1. What a charming interview! I feel as if I've had a visit with someone who could easily be a good friend. Wouldn't it be fun to be Sandy's neighbor, or sit with her at a party?

  2. I think I am not the first to say that I very much enjoyed your interview and it made me laugh out loud and gave me..pause to think…and I think you could be my friend…not to mention..I always enjoy your fabric collections.

  3. I can't figure out how to get the #543 tiny tree pattern. Could you let me know exactly where to go to get it? Thank you!