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Designer Tidbits: Minick & Simpson

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Laurie & Polly of Minick & Simpson to the Jolly Jabber. Minick & Simpson’s latest fabric collection is American Banner Rose from Moda Fabrics.

Laurie (on the left) – Polly (on the right)

Q: What was the first seed that grew into the American Banner Rose collection?
A:We came across an antique scrap of old ticking fabric that has roses printed on it. That was the starting point and we loved how the ideas of roses could fit in with Americana. To us, it does. What could be more American than the ubiquitous Rose. We were also working on our new book at the time Victory Girls – and we knew roses are symbolic for womanhood. The American woman was in our thoughts.

Q: If your collection had a soundtrack what would be on the list?
A:Geesh, we are not very musical. All we know is it would be soft, pretty, and 19th century.

Q: What single print/SKU in the collection is your favorite?
A:This is the antique ticking we found (with a few changes) It was a heavy woven with roses printed on it. We imagine it was covering pillows or mattresses over 100 years ago.

Q:What is your favorite part of working in the fabric industry?
A:We know you have heard it before, but the people at Moda are WONDERFUL. We feel so lucky to be able to do what we do, with such great folks. We pinch ourselves every day.

Q:Can you give us a sneak-peek of your next fabric collection?
A: Boy, Can we!! All we will tell you is the name – Prairie Paisley II. It was our favorite collection, and by the many emails we get – it was a favorite of a lot of you.

Q:What is your absolute favorite thing in your house?
A: Polly: My husband, Tom, and dog, Annie!

Q:Which project stands out in your memory as your all-time favorite?

Q:Where do you do your best thinking? Can we see a photo of your studio?
A: Here is my wool cupboard in my studio.

Q:What is your favorite snack food? Can we see a photo of your fridge or pantry?
A:Favorite snack food?? Have I told you that everything valuable I know, I have learned from my sister? This is an example – do you know there is a difference in the Milky Way bars you buy at the store? Well, there is. There is the regular Milky Way, little ones that are in a big bag (don’t bother – they are NOT the same), and this one – the double Milky Way bar with 2 smaller bars in one wrapper. All we can tell you is that it is better! There is a bigger caramel to nougat ratio. It’s our favorite snack when we are up late quilting, hooking, or designing.


  1. Love these designers' fabrics. Looking forward to paisley 2. I still have the first one waiting to be made. Thank you.

  2. We love these woman. They inspire us as sisters to continue doing what we love. We used their fabric line, Praire Paisley, for the first quilt we made when we started our business. This line just says "I Have to Have it"

  3. I have always loved their patterns and was lucky enough to win some of the banner rose. Still trying to decide what to make with it, but I do have two of their books and will probably make something that I can use for americana and summer.


  4. I love these two ladies and their fabric lines. I was so excited to see that Milky Way is a favorite snack. I'm not a big chocolate fan, but I can't resist Milky Ways. Thanks for a fun interview. Hugs…