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Designer Tidbits: Laura Gunn

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Laura Gunn to the Jolly Jabber. Laura’s latest fabric collection is Garden Wall from Michael Miller Fabrics.

Q: What was the first seed that grew into the Garden Wall collection?
A:I was inspired by the idea of a Mediterranean garden— a place with vines climbing an ancient wall and faded Moroccan tiles lining the floor. You know, somewhere you would spend a sunny afternoon with your favorite book and a plate of bread and olives.

Q: If your collection had a soundtrack what would be on the list?
A:How about Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Andres Segovia — Spanish classical guitar.

Q: What single print/SKU in the collection is your favorite?
A:This is a tough question. I think I’d choose Bamboo Thicket in Citron. I can’t get enough of this print. In fact, I painted it on my dining room wall before painting it for fabric.

Q:What is your favorite project you have made using this collection?
A:I designed my daughter’s room with this collection. She loves it. One of my favorite projects was putting fabric panels on the walls.

Q:If this collection had a scent to it, what would it be?
A:Well, if I were reading a book in a sunny garden, eating olives and listening to classical guitar, I think the scent of jasmine blossoms would make it a perfect afternoon.

Q:Can you give us a sneak-peek of your next fabric collection?
A:I don’t usually do this, but just this once. This is a picture of the original artwork for one print. It’s in Japan now. I’m anxiously awaiting the first “strike-offs.”

Q:If you had a mascot, what animal would it be?
A:Um. A jumping lemur.

Q:If we were making a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
A:I don’t know. Beyonce?

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