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Designer Tidbits: Kate Spain

Cuzco, the newest collection by the lovely Kate Spain, has recently hit stores and is causing quite the buzz. This collection is bright, exotic and has been on the minds of many quilters and sewists for quite some time. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kate for our YouTube channel (video to come soon!) this weekend and now have her on the Jolly Jabber chatting about Cuzco. Keep reading for a little more information about Cuzco and shop the collection here!

Q: What inspired this collection?
A:This collection was inspired by the colorful textiles of Cuzco, Peru, in South America. I’ve never been there, but have long-admired the pottery and tapestries from that part of the world. I would have to dedicate this collection to all the artisans and craftspeople who work with their hands to create beautiful woven, died and embroidered clothes and fabrics — and also to everyone who enjoys a little imaginary journey to faraway places. Here is a glimpse at part of my inspiration. The liveliness of the motifs and bold colors made me so fidgety with excitement that I eventually packed my bags and headed out on this creative adventure!

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A:So hard to pick a favorite, but I absolutely adore this long pillow that my friend Katy made using a pattern that John designed from their book Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop. I love how she limited the palette and made those stars twinkle! (photo by Katy Jones). I also designed this fun and really simple quilt pattern called Lost City that uses only a jelly roll and some yardage. It’s available as a free download from Moda or you can order a hard copy of the project sheet (for 99 cents!) from Fat Quarter Shop.

Q: What would be your collection’s theme song?
A:Something like this — accompanied by that breathtaking scenery!

Q:If you could live in a movie, what movie would it be?
A:Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen. I have only been to Paris once, but that was all it took for me to fall in love with the city. Woody Allen’s movie was so imaginative and I love the idea of being able to walk the city streets of today as well as being able to time-travel to the city throughout its spectacular history. Not to mention the possibility of bumping into Matisse or F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Q:What do you get nostalgic over?
A:I sometimes wish time could be perceived as it was on summer days when I was a little girl — where the days were so long and time seemed to stretch out in infinite directions — and the word “deadline” was non existent. Well, other than having to be home in time for dinner 🙂

Q:What is your favorite TV show of all time?
A: know it’s a recent series, but I really love Modern Family. It’s such a funny show, but also has a sweet side to it. There’s always a tender message about family, friends and community that comes through at the end and I love that.

Q:If you could be a modern day fictional character, who would you be?
A:Maybe Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because I’d be able to cast a petronus charm and disapparate to Paris, and I could stop time, banish the word “deadline”, and then find a portkey to spend the day in the mountains of Cuzco!

Q:What’s the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?
A:When I was in college, I was taking an Amtrak train home for Christmas. The train was overbooked and no seats were available so I ended up sitting on my suitcase between cars. One of the exit doors would not close all the way, and it was snowing outside! Naturally, you can’t help but band together with others in a situation like that, so I struck up conversation with an older gentleman who was sitting on his suitcase next to me. After chatting for a while, and periodically brushing snow off our feet, he told me I looked like a Modigliani painting (huh?). The whole scene was so bizarre, and I wasn’t very familiar with Modigliani’s work, so wasn’t even sure if it was a compliment — but I thanked him anyway and was at least happy he didn’t tell me I looked like a Picasso painting!


  1. thank you for sharing the inside information!!
    I just returned from Cuzco, Peru, and you are right..I was mesmerized by all the colour!! And you pattern "Lost City" has captured the feeling..thanks!!

  2. Kimberly, thank you for another great interview. Kate, thank you for giving us another great line of fabric. Thinking of you often. Wishing both of you and all who read this a great day.

  3. Thank you for posting this interview! Kate is one of my favorite designers, and I also appreciate the information about Midnight in Paris — it sounds like a wonderful film and now I've got to see it! 🙂