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Designer Tidbits: Jo Morton

For this traditional quilter, nothing is better than finding the perfect vintage print to inspire a new collection. Jo found it in a vintage clamshell that is both regal and elegant. Travel back in time with the Amelia collection by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics.

Q: Tell us a little about the Amelia collection. What were you inspired by?
A:I am always searching for vintage fabrics for inspiration. I was excited when I found the vintage clamshell print on which to base a fabric line. From that print came Amelia.

Q: What is your design process when beginning a new collection?
A:Since my lines use vintage fabric designs, I’m always looking for pieces, blocks, tops to add to my collection. You just never know when the perfect scrap of vintage fabric will come along to create a wonderful new family of fabrics.

Q: What design trends are you currently exploring?
A:I’m traditional quilter and always will be. Both in fabric and quilt designs. I love reproducing vintage fabric designs for my collections, so I don’t tend to follow modern design trends. I do stay on the lookout for interesting prints and colors on antique goods that I can incorporate.

Q:What projects do you hope to see made using Amelia?
A:I plan to make a medallion quilt this winter, although my travel schedule has pushed back my sewing time.

Q:How do you describe your style?
A:Traditional. Traditional is and will always be in style. Bringing old fabrics back to life for a new generation of quilters gives me great joy.


  1. I LOVE JO MORTON. Ooops. Sorry I yelled. I got a little excited. She is my favorite. Seriously. Well…Jo Morton and Fig Tree. 🙂 Have a good Wednesday. Thanks for the post.

  2. Funny thing,the more she said that she does everything very traditional, the more I want to make something very modern with this line. Beautiful fabrics!

  3. My Jo's collection of fabric is my favorite. She is an awesome designer and teacher. If she is in your area for one of her teaching classes or lectures-or thinking of joining the New Jo's Little Women's club please don't think twice, you won't be disappointed!!!!