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Designer Tidbits: Jennifer Paganelli

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom to the Jolly Jabber. Jennifer’s latest fabric collection is Girls World Vibe from Free Spirit Fabrics.

Q: What was the first seed that grew into the Girls World Vibe collection?
A:Really, my inspiration was my first book, Girl’s World. Folks loved and wanted the aesthetic that was represented in the book, but with a project two years in the making the fabrics used throughout the production were discontinued (Unfortunately this is typical after fabrics are in production for a few years)… and so Girl’s World Vibe was born! The dress on the cover is very similar to the new scroll in Girls World Vibe and the tiny flower was brought to life to coordinate and also have something in the same colorway on a smaller scale. The flame stitch, or chevron, was included to heat up the collection and to cause some vibration. When I saw the quilt that Marsha Moore made I knew she took from Girls World vibe the intention that I had imagined.

Q: If your collection had a soundtrack what would be on the list?
A:It would probably be a mix of Florence and the Machine— just full of power, energy, vibrance and softness all at once– some Estelle, because I love how she always brings it home, some Ingrid Michaelson as well, because you can’t help but to smile at her voice and sound, and also, definitely some Bob Marley— the reggae vibe and island sounds take me back to the origination of my inspiration– living in the Caribbean.

Q: What single print/SKU in the collection is your favorite?
A:The Magenta in the scroll makes me want to create. It is such a fabulous color and a twist on the pink hues I normally design with.

Q:What is your favorite project you have made using this collection?
A:My most recent and favorite project using Girls World Vibe would have to be the Leighanna Dress. It is an adorable dress for little girls with bell sleeves. Isn’t it the sweetest!?

Q:What is your favorite part of working in the fabric industry?
A:My favorite part as a designer is seeing and showcasing the folks that grab up Sis Boom Fabrics and are really devoted to this sensibility. It’s so clear that they truly can’t wait for the next line. They keep me wanting to reach for the new and exciting something to get their creative juices cranked!! Take a look at our Flickr Group in Sis Boom to see what I’m talking about! It’s wonderful- especially here, here & here!

Q:Can you give us a sneak-peek of your next fabric collection?
A:We’re so happy you asked… because we are just thrilled to announce it here!! It’s called Crazy Love and it will be available to ship in March. It is STUNNING!! It’s fresh, energetic and playful.

Q:What is your absolute favorite thing in your house?
A:Oh that’s hard, but I love my new rug given to me by a very close friend.

Q:Which project stands out in your memory as your all-time favorite?
A:My book Girls World is my greatest Achievement thus far.

Q:Where do you do your best thinking? Can we see a photo of your studio?
A:My best thinking happens when I’m walking, George, my dog. We talk quite a bit.

Q:What is your favorite snack food? Can we see a photo of your fridge or pantry?
A:I love baked ricotta!! It’s a super simple recipe, fills the house with the most amazing smell, and most importantly, it is simply delish!

Q:What is your one guilty pleasure in life?
A:My guilty pleasure is escaping to my room napping. There’s nothing like a great nap. I always stress the importance of a room that calms and inspires you– a place in your home to nap, rejuvenate, feel good and relax. This thought inspired our Sis Boom room trend that we featured on the blog– ways to use fabulous Sis Boom products in rooms throughout your house to enjoy your dwellings. See our Sis Boom Rooms here.


  1. OOOh, I'm loving that Yoyo head board! What a lot of work, but it turned out fab! All the fabrics are wonderful too and that little girl with the pink dress with the tulle slip under is fab too!