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Designer Tidbits: Jamie Wood

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Jamie Wood to the Jolly Jabber. Jamie’s latest fabric collection is City Streets from Clothworks Fabrics.

Q: What or who would you dedicate this City Streets collection to? Do you have an inspiration board?
A:My focus is to design collections that are boy-friendly. I have two spunky little boys, ages 6 and 3 that keep the inspiration flowing around my house. Each of the prints are inspired by them.

I love to sew with pretty flowers and soft feminine colors for myself but when it comes to my kids, I’ve got to have bright, cheerful, rough-and-tumble designs that match their personalities. They love to look at my designs and they always tell me what they like best.

I do not use an inspiration board. I work mostly digitally so I gather inspirational images and put them in a folder on my computer and refer to them regularly for sparks of creativity. I like the idea of a board though. Maybe I will try that too.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A:I designed a quilt pattern that will be published in the July issue of Easy Quilts. I am not allowed to show you the whole quilt but here is a sneak peek.

That is the one and only project I have made with City Streets so far. The sample yardage for the quilt is the only fabric I have gotten my hands on so I am anxious to get more so I can make more fun things.

Q: If time travel became possible, what year would you want to be in?
A:This is a tricky question. Of course, I would only do this if I could bring my entire family along with me.

If I could travel in time, I would definitely go back, not forward. I would like to go back to the pioneer days and live on a farm with cows, sheep, chickens and pigs, and have a huge garden where we could grow our own food. Maybe we would even travel by horse and buggy instead of a car. I would like to make all of the clothes for the family and cook meals from scratch. Am I crazy?

Q:If you had to change your first name what would you change it to?
A:I used to wish I could change my name to Molly when I was a little girl. Now I am pretty fond of my own name, Jamie.

Q:What was your favorite childhood TV show?
A:Oh my! I don’t think I could choose a favorite. There were so many good shows back then. Most of which were family centered, unlike today.

Q:Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
A:I am wracking my brain trying to think if I have ever met a famous person. The fact is I don’t think that I have.

Q:What is your favorite App to play on your phone?
A:Angry Birds. We have all versions of Angry Birds at our house. We all play it. We have them on my phone, our Nook, and our iPad. It is a very sad state of affairs, really. Haha!

Q:If you could marry a technology, what would it be?
A:I prefer my hubby to be of the human variety. :o)

One last thing. Jamie and her sister have recently launched an online shop, Script Gift Company, offering unique gifts for the whole family and every item is made in the USA. Check it out, they have lots of great gifting items!