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Designer Tidbits + Giveaway: Pat Bravo

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Pat Bravo to the Jolly Jabber. Pat’s latest fabric collection is Summerlove from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Summerlove is one of my dearest collections! I imagined playing with prints from the 1970s with a vintage California feel. It was so sweet to design it, because I could include prints that capture that beauty and innocence, like romantic florals, adventurous hearts, and naïve bouquets with a warm sun-kissed color palette. It’s beautiful for scrappy quilts as well as for these carefree dresses you would like to wear on a sunny afternoon… I am swept away by Summerlove, and I hope you can be too 🙂

Pat Bravo Q & A:

Q:What was your favorite childhood TV show?
A:The Three Stooges

Q: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
A:In the quilting world, Kaffe Fassett. In general, Ricky Martin.

Q:What is your favorite App to play on your phone?
A:Shazam is my absolute favorite!! It’s the one that can figure out the information of a song from listening to it.

Q:If you could marry a technology, what would it be?
A:Fiber optics is the technology that in my opinion has revolutionized the world for good!


Art Gallery was so gracious in donating 1/2 yard cuts of the whole Summerlove collection! So we are giving away Half Yard Bundles to 2 winners! To enter comment in the rafflecopter below telling us what your summer love is.

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Good Luck!


  1. My favorite part of summer time is sleeping in and listening to the birds greet the sun. They make a much better alarm than my clock.

  2. My summer love is spending a week at the St. Lawrence River. There is something that just can't be described about the energy of the river. I love watching the ships that carry goods around the world going right by your door & hearing the sounds of the birds and the waves against the shore. It is my favorite time of year.

  3. Summer to me is lying in the garden with my family eating an Orange Maid ice block. However we don't get much sun in Manchester, England. So these fabrics would really make Summer lots better!

  4. Oh, I love sitting on my front porch surrounded by all my colorful potted plants and reading a book. I also don't mind a bit taking a nap in the hammock!

  5. I love long walks along the beach and then a swim before eating hot chips in the sand. Doing this with my family is what love is really about.

  6. My summer love is getting outside in the flower gardens and enjoying the warm sunshine. Now it is lots of work; but nothing like it. Mowing the grass, then sitting back with a cold hmmmm beverage to relax after all of that hard work…lol

  7. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables in the summertime – especially the tomatoes! I have a small garden, and I enjoy putting up the goodies for the winter. Love this fabric!

  8. I love taking my kids outside in the early morning to play before the heat of the day sets in. Everything is so fresh and bright. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I love spending time at beach and enjoying the lights days.Also go to "Tapear" at mid-day.That`s delightful.

    Tapear is a spanish word.Tapear is more or less a snack before luch time.

    Thanks for the chance!

  10. My summer love is green leaves, blue sky, sitting at my grandparent's cabin by the lake, enjoying the breeze as it bounces off of me from the lake.
    In one word, RELAXATION 🙂

  11. Longer days, warmer days, letting the breeze blow through the house after being cooped up all winter. Everything being green! That's what I love! Thanks for the give away!

  12. My favorite Summer love is the week my nephew and his family come to visit! We take soo many pictures enjoying everything we do together!

  13. My summer love is watching the snow melt off Pikes Peak. Every day there is a little less snow, until only one or two white patches remain.

  14. Love sitting on the front porch overlooking Toledo Bend Lake especially in the early morning… as the sun comes up.

  15. My favorite part of summer is the birthday cake! All my siblings were born in June so I get cake every week for a month!

  16. Frogs croaking in nearby ponds, fireflies (lightening bugs where I come from) dotting the dark corners of our yard, and sunset concerts. I could go on and on, I was made for summer. 🙂

  17. I love spending time in my garden in the summer. It doesn't get too hot and we sit and enjoy the flowers and sun. I started dating my hubby of 40 years in the summer of 1970 so he is my summer love. I do love the fabrics.

  18. The fabric line is an awesome mix. Blue Crush is my favorite, but it would be a hard choice. Being from Louisiana, summer is typically hot and sticky. My summer love is the early mornings when the doves are calling.

  19. I love being in the water whether it's in the river, at an amusement park or at the beach! We're going camping early summer and I'm going to enjoy my time in the Rio Frio river! 🙂

  20. Aqui no Brasil é praticamente verão o ano inteiro,então praia,piscina,caminhadas.jogos e longos bate-papos com amigos em qualquer varanda é o point.Sem falar em costura que nosso grupo é reunido três vezes por semana sem faltas.Ano passado só uma pessoa deixou de vir um dia por conta de socorrer sua vizinha.Somos ou não felizes por aqui???Obrigada e FELIZ PÁSCOA para todos!amém?

  21. Summer love is hanging out by the water with family… it can be the pool or the beach or a lake. Just chilling and playing!

    (I might be confused but I'm not sure if I'm suppose to leave my comment here or in your rafflecopter… I tried to enter it there and it didn't work so here it is. I did sign in on that though.)

  22. Definatly sitting in the backyard watching the kids run through the sprinklers !!!
    Absolute best life can offer :)!!!!
    followed by fabric of course :)!!!!

  23. My summer love is sleeping in with smooshy animals, going for walks and sewing almost whenever i want!

  24. I just being able to take my kids outside and have fun playing with them. We live in an apartment, and they are too young to go out by themselfs.

  25. I spend my summers in Guatemala and so there is little that I don't love about summer. My favorite things are the gorgeous sunny days, the perfect temperature, the flowers, the people, the birds, and the wonderful bright and inspiring colors that are everywhere there.

  26. Gotting to our cottage in northern Michigan and tooling around on the boat. We pack coolers/lunches for the kids and go to a sandbar and let them swim while the adults can visit and catch up. My family has a place to so it is my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer.

  27. My fav summer love would be opening the windows and feeling a warm breeze blowing through the room. The house has been closed up all winter and we're ready for some fresh air!!

  28. I love the heat and the time I get to spend in the garden with the bees buzzing about. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  29. The colors in this collection are so bright and vibrant! My favorite part of the summer is absorbing the sunlight and the warmth of being outside. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. My summer love is my hammock. I like to lie in it with my dogs and cats. They snooze and I read and admire the blue of the sky.

  31. My summer love is spending time in a comfy lawn chair in my back yard with a book or a crochet or hand sewing project. Whether it's just a few minutes while the dogs romp around or a long, lazy Saturday morning, it is my favorite way to relax in the summer. LOVE IT!
    (I'm leaving this comment AFTER I entered, I hope it works for the giveaway! Which I would LOVE to win!)

  32. My summer love is everyone being able to sleep in, but then staying up late to enjoy every bit of the summer evenings!

  33. my summer love … taking tours of our bay throughout the summer. it's always different; there's so much to see! i miss being out on the water after 30 years of boating, so the summer tours from the spring whale watchers to the birding tours and glacier tours come close to being out on our own boat.

  34. Aside from my handsome hubby, one of my summer loves is the sweet, humid smell of a corn field. Or the smell of freshly mown grass:) Or the sound of neighborhood lawnmowers….ahhhh

  35. My favorite summer love is sleeping with the window open and getting that first whiff of fresh cool morning air and waking up to bird song.

  36. My favorite part of the summer is the gardens exploding with blooms. I hybridize daylilies and rush out early each morning to see the maiden blooms of seedlings that no one on earth has seen before.

  37. My favorite part of summer is vacation time! I get to see all my nephews, and I love watching the cousins play together. 🙂

    sweetpeacaryn at gmail dot com

  38. My favorite part of the summer is lovely summer evenings when we have a bit more time to enjoy each other and the outdoors.

  39. I couldn't figure out how to use the Rafflecopter. My favorite part of summer is the longer days just to be outside enjoying working in the garden. I also love going to the lake in the summer.

  40. There's a cabin in the mountains we vacation at every summer; it sits on a creek in the woods; it's just a little piece of heaven we love to visit and is one of our favorite things about summer. Thanks for chance to win! (marshudson at comcast dot net)

  41. I am a little confused about the Rafflecopter. Tried to comment on it and couldn't. So, here goes – maybbe this is the right way. What I love about summer is before it gets too hot I can walk in my yard and tend to my beautiful flowers, sit on the swing and have Ginger, my beautiful furry friend, sit with me and swing. I have breathing issues so I absolutely adore the short time I can be outside. The good part of that is my home is cool so I can spend my inside time sewing!!!!

  42. I love going to visit my little hometown for the grand 4th of July festivities! Old fashioned aution w/ handmade goods and quilts with a cowboy autioneer, tractor-pulled train for the kids, milk-bottle throw, ring the 7-up bottles, cotton candy, dairy cows that are part of the parade… So fun!

  43. Rafflecopter confused me, too. My favorite part of summer is going on vacation! My husband is a teacher and so our big vacation is always in the summer. I look forward to new adventures each year.

  44. The thing that I love so much about Summer is the long, long days.. You have plenty of time in the evenings to do a little yard work, take a walk, eat a late supper, and then sit out on the porch and watch the sun set as the fireflies come out! 🙂

  45. I love having no set routine, taking the kids swimming and on bike rides, visiting with friends, and letting the kids play outside every day 🙂

  46. The very best part of summer is all the yummy good fruit and veggies from our garden and from our local farmer's market. Saturday morning we ride our bikes to the market and get the very best, fresh food. We can also get treats like fresh baked scones or cookies, coffee, wood fired pizza, crepes and taco's or a breakfast burrito from the taco truck. Can't wait for the first market open day.

  47. My summer love is sugar free Fudgesicles. Also having a quiet house and tons of sewing time since the kids are playing outside in the sunshine.

  48. I wish I was more of a summer lover, but the heat and humidity and mosquitoes in this part of the country kind of ruin it for me. So I'd have to say my favorite part of summer is air conditioning and lemonade. 😉 What an awesome giveaway – thanks for the chance!!

  49. An open back door, food, kids, a book, dirt, sprinkler and squeals. I love not having school to tear us apart.

  50. For me summer is an evening swim in the small lake just two minutes walk from home… Soft water, a bit chilly but refreshing!

  51. The best part of summer is lazy sunday afternoons sitting in the shade with family and friends, sipping a cold drink

  52. How can u choose I have to say them all..
    But , I have to say that I love Those Summer months when u have the windows open and that beautiful breeze blows on u .

  53. My summer love is going to the beach and just enjoying the salty sea smell and the sound of the waves crashing. And the heat!!

  54. I'm kinda weird, but my absolute favorite part of summertime is the HEAT!!! I just love hot weather. The hotter the better.

  55. My summer love is the warm weather and beautiful flowers blooming and when it is to hot I love to quilt.,and i love the new fabric for summer love.

  56. My favorite part of summer is the camping we get to do. Nothing better than to get away from it all with friends and family. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  57. My summer crush is laying outside on a blanket while watching my son play with his friends. Oh to have the energy of a 5 year old!!

  58. my Summer love is camping – campfires, hiking, lakes, stars. Can't get much better than that. 🙂

  59. I have several summer loves! Swimming in the pool with my boys, picking and eating fresh produce from the garden, slower pace, and a family vacation are some of them. Love that new fabric line!

  60. My favorite summer thing to do is to wake up early for a lovely walk. And, not having to turn the heater on!

  61. My summer love is my grandson comes to see us more. He is now 17 months old and he is our only grandchild and our little love and our "summer love"

    Thank you

  62. My favorite part of the summer is between June 15 and August 15 when I am usually "allergy free" and can enjoy being outdoors. Otherwise I have to stay inside, but that's OK too, because I can sew if the weather is not cooperative.
    Rosemary Rivas

  63. Sunshine is my favorite part of summer. The smells of sun lotion, flavor of cold watermelon, wearing shorts, sundresses, sandals, and being warm!

  64. My favorite part of summer is early morning coffee on the deck, enjoying the sun before it gets too hot!

  65. My favorite thing part about summertime is….being off from my job as a school teacher (not that I don't love my job!) and going to the beach with my four sons and husband. Oh and eating fried clams for dinner after a long day at the beach!

  66. My favorite part of summer this year will be watching my new grandson's expressions as he makes new discoveries in our backyard.

  67. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and that outdoorsy smell on my children at the end of the day. Loving this collection – thanks

  68. My summer love is hopping into the car with my wonderful husband and driving on a quick day trip with no destination in mind. We used to do this all the time just to be together away from everything. We take a drive and the only thing we use as a 'rule' is to find a place we've never been before to stop and have lunch or supper. It's a lot of fun stopping along the way checking out new things like new little fruit/veggie stands by the side of the road or other little fun distractions like that.

  69. My favourite part of Summer is sitting in my back rad enjoying a BBQ with my family and watching the fruit bats fly overhead..

  70. My summer love right now is taking my five year old grandson to the beach and watch him play. I love Pat Bravo's fabric and adore her Summerlove thanks for chance to win it.

  71. My summer love is the scent of jasmine. It transports me back to my teen years in the 1970's and fills me with nostalgia.

  72. My favorite Summerlove is Serenity Swept Away. It was had choosing just one. They are all fantastic! Thank you for the chance to win such beautiful material for my developing stash!


  73. Blue crush would be nice but i love sunkissed too! My summerlove is camping with my kids as they have grown.

  74. My favorite part about summer is all the sunshine and long days. I love to come home from work and have daylight until 9:00 pm. I always prefer sewing in sunshine!

  75. I absolutely love gardening in summer in my perennial flower beds, then taking breaks on the lawn with my dogs!
    dluckyz at excite dot com

  76. My summerlove is camping with my husband, and having home made
    strawberry or peach ice cream.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  77. My summer love is all the fresh produce and flowers at the farmers market and wearing sandals with a nice pedicure 🙂

  78. The smell of hair and skin that's been out in the sun and salt air at the beach. VermontPines at aol dot com.

  79. My favorite part of summer is the fresh veggies that come from our garden. Pear tomatoes just off the vine are amazing!

  80. My favorite part of summer is the warm weather. When I'm not sewing I simply love to be outside enjoying the birds, my garden, and the flowers.

  81. The moments that I love most during summer usually involve a warm day (but not too hot), a light breeze, and riding my bike down hills. Mmmmmm fun!

  82. My summer love is July! Yes, the whole month! Begins with Independence Day, halfway thru is my wedding anniversary, and it ends with my little guy's birthday – warm sunny skies and lots of time with family 🙂

  83. my favourite summer moment is when I find my first freckle- they seem to have a minimum requiremetn of sunshine and warmth, so I always know summer is really here when they start to appear
    thanks for the summery giveaway!

  84. My summer love is reading by the pool or under a shady tree.
    tamiquilts at att dot net

  85. My summer love is camping with my family, already have the itch this year we had a family camp fire with s'mores in the backyard Friday.

  86. I live in Minnesota so just getting outside with the sun on your face and its warmth is my favorite part of summer. We celebrate summer here because it is only 3 months long and they go fast! My summer love is camping, the birds, the flowers, the grass and just nature.

  87. I love having my grandchildren come stay with me. We go swimming, eat fresh fruits and sew. I have taught my grandson to sew too. I love the warm days and warm evenings and being in our boat on any lake. I love any fabric from Pat Bravo. Thank you.

  88. I love the longer days and eating outdoors – always tastes so much better than indoors 🙂 I LOVE this fabric line – fantastic colours and designs!