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Designer Tidbits: Eric & Julie Comstock

Are you ready for your close up? Well, the Comstocks are! We are so excited to have Eric and Julie Comstock on the Jolly Jabber, chatting all about their latest fabric collection for Moda Fabrics, 2wenty Thr3e. Today’s intervew was a little more informal, and we just let this adorable, creative couple banter! We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about 2wenty Thr3e!

This is Eric.

And this is Julie and here’s how we created the 2wenty-Thr3e fabric line. 

I do a lot of artwork for a lot of different industries. I was working on this piece called Wordsworth for when Julie came in and said, “that would make an awesome design.”

Since I’m always right, he decided to give it a try.

This is me rolling my eyes! 


It is unusual for Eric to do a lot of pattern design. He prefers illustration, but he went to town with 2wenty-Thr3e creating all the patterns that were first released as a paper line under the Cosmo Cricket brand. 

I had drawn some vintage cameras a year or so earlier that I thought would make a great pattern. I love how they look. There’s some really cool shapes to them. That led me to thinking of other ephemera and vintage items and I started wondering how I could fit them into the line.


It was Jamie Chupik at Moda that really pushed for this line to be done in fabric. She emailed me one day and asked if had any more patterns they could consider for the line. We didn’t, so I created the tickets and numbers as options for her.

I don’t know why I never thought to make those patterns!

I think it’s because I’m usually the pattern designer, silly! So Eric, you also picked the color palette. Tell us, how did you do it?

You’re a brat!

I’m serious. How did you decide on your colors.

I like orange and pink together. It’s one of my favorite combinations. Then I thought well, with orange and pink, obviously grey is going to go with that. I added the splash of yellow because it just seemed like a natural fit. And yes, I’m totally comfortable with my Metro Sexual status! Thank you.

But the real question is, am I? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

You claim a Metro Sexual status?

This is me rolling my eyes. 


Anyway, between the two of us, the line turned out fantastic even if we say so ourselves.

Yep and we’ve had a lot of fun making things with it. 

Well, Julie has had fun making things, I’m not so comfortable that I have taken up sewing just yet. Pink and orange are enough for now!

Thanks for chatting, Eric & Julie! We hope you all enjoyed their little conversation! For more information about the Comstock’s head to their website, and to shop the 2wenty Thr3e collection head here!


  1. I'm looking forward to making the "Just the Ticket" quilt that was featured in a magazine recently. It will be perfect for movie night at home on the couch!