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Designer Tidbits: Ellen Luckett Baker

The Fat Quarter Shop is so excited to welcome Ellen Luckett Baker for the first time to the Jolly Jabber. Ellen’s debut fabric collection for Moda Fabrics is Quilt Blocks.

Q: What or who would you dedicate this collection to? Do you have an inspiration board?
A:Well, I guess this Quilt Blocks collection was inspired by my interest in geometry, so I’d consider my junior high geometry teacher but she wasn’t very nice. She had a little plastic toy hammer that she would bop kids on the head with if they got the answer wrong. Unfortunately I gave a lot of incorrect answers. So let’s say I’d dedicate it to my daughters. My use of pink and purple was definitely inspired by them — colors I never would have used before they were born.

I’m not even organized enough to have an inspiration board outside of my head. Sometimes I tape things onto the wall, but mostly I do this with my own work to stare at it for days and make millions of tiny changes. I’m a master of indecision.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A:I love what Katy from Fat Quarterly did. I think seeing what people make will prove to be the most exciting part of this fabric design process.

Q: If time travel became possible, what year would you want to be in?
A:I don’t feel much nostalgia for the past as I’m pretty sure we’re better off now. But I might like to live in Jane Austen’s world of the early 1800s, but only for a few days.

Q:If you had to change your first name what would you change it to?
A:Snooki. I think it suits me perfectly.

Q:What was your favorite childhood TV show?
A:Three’s Company. You just never knew what trouble those crazy kids would get into next.

Q:Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
A:Jon Stewart. These days it’s tough for me to stay up to catch his show.

Q:What is your favorite App to play on your phone?
A:I’m old-fashioned and do not have apps on my phone. Just use it to check e-mail, talk and now I’ve finally entered the brave new world of texting.

Q:If you could marry a technology, what would it be?
A:Well, I’m married to an IT Manager, so I’ve pretty much done that. He’s constantly hacking things.


  1. It's so great seeing the fabrics sewn up ~ especially like the little skirt. The colors are really wonderful too! Got to get me some!