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Designer Tidbits: Eleanor Burns – Giveaway Closed

Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day is a personal hero of ours. She is fun, perky and an icon in the world of quilting. We are lucky enough to have her on the blog today chatting about her latest collection for Benartex, Ellie Ann. And to top it off, we have a giveaway for you! You will not want to miss this!

Q: Where did you find your original inspiration for this collection?
A:I wanted a traditional print from nature that would work well in today’s more contemporary household. I think the modern quilter will love this line; the colors are so bright and fresh!

Q: What TV show or movie does your collection fit best in?
A:I watch the Hallmark Channel where all the movies are sappy and have happy endings. Any love story will do!

Q:Tell me about your sewing machine(s). What kinds do you have and how many?
A:I have been using Babylock Sewing machines for the past six years. The Symphony is my favorite. I have a dozen of them at the Bear’s Paw Ranch for students to use in a classroom above my garage. There’s also one in each of my three sewing rooms: one on my “set”, one in Quilt in a Day‘s sewing room, and one in my second home sewing room. I’m not bragging or complaining! Babylock furnished me with a machine for every Koala sewing table I own. My favorite feature is automatic pivoting with needle down.

Q:What is your favorite part of the fabric industry?
A:I love the feel of the fabric! I can be completely stressed and after I stoke a piece of fabric, my worries just seam to disappear.

Q:From what aspect of your life do you draw creativity?
A:My inspiration always comes from nature or history. I have a log cabin in the mountains of Julian, CA where I watch the change of seasons. The colors can take your breath away.

I’ve done several books and lines of fabric that dig back in history, such as a 30’s line for Egg Money Quilts, and 40’s patriotic line for Victory Quilts. I select traditional patterns and fabric to help tell my story.

Q:What is your favorite print in the collection?
A:My favorite is the large scale Rose, 1227. I like the graceful lines of a rose and the smell it brings to a room. You can have more blooms in a season by simply trimming the bushes.

Q:What is the most challenging part of the design process?
A:It’s challenging for the whole line to be cohesive and flow. To use the fabric in a quilt, you need variety as large scales, ones that read solid, small scales but not spotty, some fussy cuts, stripes, different values, and textures.

Q:What are your favorite and least favorite colors and why?
A:I am a Red, white and blue gal through and through with my birthday on July 3rd. My least favorite color in general is Orange. However, I really like the Juicy Mango in the Ellie Ann line. Normally I can only bring myself to use orange in the fall but now I can see that I will be using it all year long!

Want a taste of Ellie Ann for yourself? We are giving away one fat quarter of each print in the collection to a lucky winner! UPDATE Barbara Edmondson was chosen as our winner! Please send your full shipping information to chelsey[at]fatquartershop[dot]com. Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. How on earth do I pick just one?! I am in love with the Peach collection. I rarely see fabrics in this color scheme that are so pretty. My favorite is probably the Sweet Mango Morning Sun. It is just so cheerful and feminine.

  2. I love the tiny rose prints and if the truth is told I love the entire line. It's so nice to see a lovely, flowery line with amazing colors. Thank you for the chance on this wonderful giveaway.

  3. ooooohhhhhh I LOVE the petite rose print! it reminds me of the roses in my moms yard when I was little…
    and oh my, so many fussy cuts I could get out of it! 🙂
    I would love to make a quilt out of this line! so so pretty!


  4. I love all the pink ones! It's hard to choose. I think it would be the large scale floral with the dots in pink!

  5. I have always been a Burns fan and love the Ellie Ann Pale Blue on Cream Ellie Floral Yardage
    SKU# 1227-05. Such a soothing and pretty print. I can imagine a spring quilt with that as the focus fabric.

  6. I love love love the Garlands versions, all three… Perfect idea of cross stitch, "kitsch" and cosy happiness!

  7. The China Blue Petite Rose reminds me of the fabric my mom used to patch my baby blanket nearly 40 years ago. Warm and fuzzy memory.

  8. I've always been drawn to stripes and I don't have any "orange-ish" stripes in my collection for a quilt I'm still collecting for, for my mom so I'd say the tangelo stripe but I also love a good cheater/collage fabric for the back!

  9. These are beautiful! My favorite is Ellie Ann China Blue Morning Sun because I love roses, and I love blue. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. Just love these fabrics. They remind me of spring China Blue reminds me of the early spring flowers poking threw the snow. Meadow Morning fresh green grass.They are a lovely collection. They would be great to make a mother's day quilt.

  11. What a sweet feminine collection! Totally can get my girl on if I win (I'm the only girl in my house right now).
    Normally I would pick the cobalt/lilac colors because purple is my favorite color, but this time I love the Twilight print in Moss green, then the Cobalt/lilac. Love them all!

  12. I love all the fabrics in the Ellie Ann collection but my favorite, it is Sweet Mango Wallpaper. It reminds me of spring and summer in the early mornings which is my favorite time of day. Would love to win this, I have been searching for the right fabric for a bed quilt.

  13. I love the Pink Petite Rose Print. I think this would look really pretty in a Dresden quilt.I think this whole line would lend itself well to a Dresden quilt or a summery type quilt.

  14. My favorite is the Pink Petite Rose, though all of the pinks, blues and lilacs are beautiful. I'm not an orange person…..

  15. Wow, great group of fabrics. My favorite print is Sweet Mango Morning Sun. I love all the mangos and pinks.

  16. I really like "Rose Ellie" from the Sweet Pea Ellie Ann collection. I'm partial to the vibrant feminine colors but also because my Gram used to call me Sweet pea and Petunia as term of endearment.

  17. I would have to pick the Peach grouping.. love them!! Have the perfect pattern for the entire group of fabrics! Love, love, love this collection!!! Great job of designing!!

  18. I love all the colors. The garland piece is a favorite. One of many. The peach collection takes me back to the 1970's. that color with the green was very popular. Especiallly with weddings and the brides floppy hats instead of veils. I love your books and you are so nice to visit with.

  19. Your peach collection is my favorite. It reminds me of the 1970's. I posted earlier must messed up so this is another post. I am new to this process. Thanks becky

  20. I love the freshness of the
    Ellie Ann Sweet Mango Petite Rose Yardage
    SKU# 1234-28. Such updated colors and I would even make sheets from this!

  21. I love them all, but if I had to choose one I think it would be the large mango floral with dots. Thanks! raybanfandango at hotmail dot com

  22. I have always been such a fan of Eleanor Burns. I remember watching her on TV and chuckling when she threw fabric over her shoulder, such fun. I have the PERFECT project in mind for this fabric and would LOVE to win! Thanks

  23. I love the Ellie Ann tangelo petite rose. It reminds me of the log cabin quilt my grandmother made for me. I finally had my own bedroom and the color in my room was mostly peach and some green. I think that is the quilt that really got me interested in making a quilt.

  24. These are all beautiful fabrics. Choosing one is really tough, but I'd say the one I like most would be Ellie Ann Blue Petite Rose. That one reminds me of fabric my Grandmother used to make her dresses she wore daily. It reminds me of her and sadly, she's been gone a very long time now.

  25. Oh, my goodness. Picking just one is difficult because I drooled over all the colors. I completely get the fact that her worries disappear when touching fabric. I get that! Okay…so back to my favorite…I guess it would have to be the Ellie Ann Lilac. So fresh!!

  26. I like Ellie Ann Sweet Mango Ellie Floral Yardage
    SKU# 1227-28
    The combination of the flowers and dots is fun and the color is very cheery and spring-like.

  27. The Ellie Pink Floral – it's like floating in a pink cloud, or hold a newborn wrapped in pink, or a hug from a loved one. It makes me feel loved. Can fabric do that?

  28. What a great line Ellie Ann is. I have to pick Ellie Ann Moss Twilight. I love green. the striped Ellie Ann I would love too because I love to do binding in a stripe.

  29. This collection is beautiful! I think my favorite print is the Petite Rose–in Rose. I also really like the stripes and the tone on tone that almost has a paisley design to it.

  30. Mango on Cream is my favorite. I'm drawn to the roses and the orange/peach. It's refreshing seems to me that we've had enough red/blue/aqua for the last couple years.

  31. I love them all, but the pinks mostly. I am going to have a new granddaughter soon and I can see the possibilities. But really, they are all wonderful!

  32. The whole Sweet Pea collection just speaks to me. It would be hard to choose just one. I can see a baby quilt, or bed quilt for a cottage bedroom, a prayer shawl, etc…. just love it all.

  33. pale blue on cream is my favorite, because it has a touch of pink, which is my second favorite colore after blue, and blue roses are a special thing with my husband and me.

  34. Love the reminds me of our family week at the beach, the breezes and the "AHHH" of being there. I just love blue no matter what. 🙂 My very first quilt project in the 80's was an Emily Burns Quilt-in-a-day quilt! Thanks for the give away!!!

  35. My favorite is the large lilac rose print. The entire collection is absolutely gorgeous. I can never get enough shades of purple. I would love to cover my bed in these beautiful roses! Thanks for the chance to win. Yvonne P.

  36. It looks like my original comment didn't go through. I absolutely love the Moss Twilight fabric. The floral design is beautiful and the color will match my newly remodeled bedroom perfectly!

  37. Wonderful!! This whole collectioin is stunning. I would pick the Sweet Mango. It is so sweet with the combination of flowers with the dots – two of my favorites but in a softer color of mango – who could not love htis and use it for bags, pillows, etc.

    Thank you so much!!!

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  38. I love the darker green in the Peach Ellie Ann, it makes the other fabric stand out….I love the way the roses are lighter than the background….All of them are fantastic… clean looking….


  39. My favorite is China Blue Morning Sun. I also love the Pink Morning Sun and the Pink & Blue Wallpaper designs. (All of the collection is really gorgeous!)~ Sandie

  40. I love the colours of the Sweet Pea fabric which actually has roses. I'm the rose of Sharon, so I love the roses. I love the quilt in a day ideas. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you provide. Blessings from Sharon Wright from South Africa xxx

  41. The Ellie Ann Pink Petite Rose is my favorite. My daughter loves floral anything, with pink and roses being her favorite. What a wonderful twirl skirt this would make!!!

  42. I adore the China Blue Twilight. It was a real hard choice…all of the colors and patterns are good enough to eat! Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  43. I'm in love with Ellie Ann Cream Ellie Floral. I love the soft color and the beautiful large flowers. I would love to use this fabric as the background in an applique floral quilt.

  44. Well, Orange is my MOST favorite color! I love the Peach Ellie Ann collection! But they are all beautiful! Would love to make a quilt with them!

  45. I love her answer on the design process and so agree with her about a large and small print, stripes and a little solid, my favorite from this collection is Ellie Ann Tangelo Ann Stripe, because I love using stripes for my binding.

  46. What beautiful fabrics! I really like the Pink Collage because I have such trouble making up my mind, and there's a little bit of all the goodness in that yardage. 🙂

  47. I love the wallpaper prints, especially the mango. I would have wallpaper on every wall if I could. I love the vintage look of this fabric. Thank you for featuring Eleanor Burns. Every year when I go to the Road to California Quilt Show I get to see her in person. She is just one of the loveliest people I have ever met. She is truly a gem.

  48. I love Eleanor Burns – thank you for the interview. My favorite (after much careful consideration) is the Cobalt Twilight. Thanx for these great give-aways. Hope to win one day!!
    ~ cheryl

  49. OMG! These are gorgeous! I love the pink wallpaper because it reminds me of a print my grandmother had in her house and pink is my favorite color!

    Sandy A

  50. I like them all but my favorite is Ellie Ann Pale Blue on Cream as it reminds me of my Mom. Gorgeous fabrics, thanks for the chance to win them.

  51. Oh, my … it so hard to decide on just one, but I think I would have to choose the Ellie Ann Blue Petite Rose, because it reminds me of my Mom. Her favorite color was blue, and her bedroom wallpaper was very similar to this design. Every room in her home had blue incorporated in one way or another. I personally am a pink person and love the Pink Petite Rose. Thanks!!

  52. I too am a Red, White & Blue gal with my birthday on the 4th of July, so I am immediately drawn to the blues. I would probably have to pick 2 prints: China Blue Morning Sun and Cobalt Stripes. I have to have the stripes even if there aren't any stars!

  53. I am drawn to the Rose Petite Rose — my parents received a set of sheets at their wedding 61 years ago, and the sheets are still lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and packed in the cedar chest. The print of the sheets is almost identical to the Rose Petite Rose . . . I would love to make a quilt with a vintage feel and this is the perfect fabric collection to get started!!! (Pam —

  54. Wonderful fabrics that all caught my eye! But the blue roses on a cream background really caught my eye. Of course, the pink ones and lilac ones did too… Decisions, decisions!

  55. This was very difficult, in a good way! My favorite is the Sweet Mango Petite Rose.. It reminds me of summer pajamas my grandmother sewed for me as a little girl! Just love the colors and design!

  56. Love the sweet peas and the lilacs, Ellie Ann! The blue petite rose is my favourite, reminds me of my mom's African violets — and she's always been an amazing green thumb.


  57. Ellie Ann Pink Wallpaper Yardage. This one has to be my favorite. I've always looked for that fabric that could remind me of my grandmas wallpaper, and here it is!! My grandma's house was the most special place in the world. Everyone gathered there and it was a huge family. How we fit all of those people in that house was amazing, but we managed, and the food flowed, and the hospitality and cheer is something I strive for now with my family. A touch of nostalgia.

  58. I love the sweet mango petite rose. What deautiful fabrics and I know just the pattern I would use for them in a quilt. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  59. I guess if I have to print I would go with either the peach dot with the flowers or the peach stripe!

  60. Love all the polka dots with roses…….if I can only pick one it would be china blue. This is a collection that would work with so many other fabrics in beautiful quilts and granddaughter dresses.

  61. What a lovely and refreshing line of fabrics. I would love to make a quilt using the Lilac Ellie Ann collection. Been wanting to make something in the lilac,purple colors for ages. It would be so great to be a winner!

  62. I really like all of the Ellie Floral. It's just got so much going on with the background floral and the dots that I think it would be terrific in a quilt. The whole line is fabulous and exactly my style.

  63. The lilac collection is absolutely stunning and will definitely be on my list. My favorite though is the China Blue Morning Sun. I would make a quilt out of that one fabric alone. patseidle(at)gmail dot com.

  64. It is really hard to pick a favorite but I do really love that mango color. Its different! My favorite is
    Ellie Ann Tangelo Petite Rose Yardage
    SKU# 1234-22

  65. Thank you for the chance to win. My favorites are the lilac prints because my aunt, who passed in 2006, loved purple more than anyone on the planet. Her bathroom was purple, her bedroom was purple, and everyone who knew her knew she loved purple. Last Christmas there was line of Christmas fabric that had some purple in it (with gold). My aunt was pretty sparkly along with her purple. (Outside of Texas they would call it "gawdy"!) I bought some and my my aunt's daughter some Christmas coasters. They were a tearful hit. Enjoy your day.

  66. Those are just absolutely gorgous! As I was scrolling down reading, every one I'd say "Oh I love that!" so a favorite is hard, but it is between the Sweet Pea and the Lilac and if I have to choose one..since my fav color is blue…I'll go with the Lilac! I DVR all Quilt in a Day shows and watch them over and over! I love El!

  67. Love the Ellie Ann Tangelo Ellie Floral Yardage. It is a traditional large floral design but the saturated orange color is a wonderful modern twist I think. It would make wonderful pillowcases.

  68. I like the Mango on Dream Ellie Floral. I am such a sucker for roses and a pretty, peachy color is hard to find as I'm not a fan of orange.

  69. I love the EllieAnn China Blue floral print most, but what I'm loving about this collection is the combination of pink, tangerine and blue. Thanks for honoring Eleanor Burns. She started me on my "quilting path".

  70. You really think it's possible to pick just one!? Well, OK. It's Ellie Ann China Blue Ellie Floral Yardage.
    Pare it with white (& maybe a couple of the other prints in the collection)& it would make a wonderfully cool summer quilt.

  71. My favorite is the Ellie Ann Tangelo Ellie Floral Yardage
    SKU# 1227-22. When I saw the color and the rose I instantly thought of the orange roses at the 2005 Rose Bowl when the Longhorns won! Hook 'Em Horns! I could make a sweet little gameday dress.

  72. Oh, wow! I would just love to win this bundle! So full of Spring, makes me antsy. They are all beautiful and colorful, but if I had to choose just one I think I would choose the sweet mango petite rose. My Nana loved peach roses so that's why I choose this one, it makes me remember all the good times I had with my Nana.

  73. Ellie Ann Sweet Mango Ellie Floral is just to sweeet! perfect for a baby girl or a girl of any age, perfect for a spring table topper. thanx for the chance to win some of this pretty floral print collection.

  74. They are all such pretty fabrics! But, if I could only buy yardage in one of those fabrics, it would be Azalea Twilight. It has a lot of versatility being a tone on tone, yet still has some texture to it and it makes me happy just looking at it. A win-win-win.

  75. My favorite is ellie ann china blue ellie floral yardage sku#1227-50. It looks like a beautiful flower garden during a warm summer rain. I can see myself standing in the garden enjoying the fresh sweet smell mixture of the fresh rain and the smell of the flowers.

  76. What a difficult decision to make!
    All the patterns are beautiful in each of the color ways.
    My favorite is the pink garland. I love it's retro look and the large scale of the different designs on it.

  77. I love the peach Ellie Ann! I don't use enough of these colors and I told myself I would try to branch out a little and try new things this year! I would love to try Peach Ellie Ann!
    Thank you for the chance!

  78. I'm having a very hard time selecting a favorite print. I love the nostalgia of this line, and the Pink Petite Rose appeals to me for that reason. However, I also love, love the Mango on Cream because it's so unique. Mixed w/ the green shades in this line, ohhh, that would make a gorgeous quilt.

  79. I love the peach colorway best, and my favorite would have to be the Tangelo Ellie Floral. It has such a bright, modern, fresh look but with wonderful vintage charm!

  80. Eleanor Burns, I have to say that you are still my favorite all time quilter. I miss watching you on PBS. You used to be the highlight of my week. I am glad you have some new lines of Fabric. They are beauiful. You make my day whenever I can see anything you have created.
    Thanks for sharing your talent Eleanor.

  81. I just saw the beautiful Ellie Ann collection. I love them all.
    Please tell me if I can still get them.

    They could be used in so many patterns, I just love Ms. Burns and have all
    her videos.

    Thank you,
    Aunt Bea