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Designer Tidbits: Elea Lutz

Welcome back to the Jolly Jabber everyone! Elea Lutz is here to share her new fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs‘ sister company, Penny Rose Fabrics. Penny Rose Fabrics offers beautifully crafted fabrics with designs that are uniquely vintage. Elea’s new fabric collection, Milk, Sugar & Flower is filled with charming magpies, beautiful florals, and a dash of cute kittens and bunnies! Read on to learn more about it. 

Q: Tell us about the Milk, Sugar & Flower collection. What were you inspired by? 
Elea: Most of my designs are inspired by my childhood and the days spent watching my mother and grandmothers sew, embroider, knit, cook and make things from their hearts and hands. I also find joy in playful illustrations of birds, bunnies, kittens and little creatures along with oodles of multicolored flowers. The name Milk, Sugar & Flower was inspired by the grocery lists my grandmother would make and carry with her to the store. Her lists almost always include milk or flour and things like sugar or butter and so on (we shared a sweet tooth, for sure!). Milk, Sugar & Flower sprouted from those memories and the idea of mixing sweet things with lots of colorful flowers. 

Q: What is your favorite part about being a designer?
Elea: There are so many things I love about being a designer, but I think my favorite part might be the act of creating itself. Those moments when I get to put pencil to paper and pour out ideas. Or, just listening to the hum of my sewing machine as I work through a project – seeing it all spring to life. I’ve had my hands in some type of creative medium since I was little. I would sew clothes for my dolls, paint rocks, doodle in my notebook – you name it. That’s my happy place. being a designer allows me to do work I truly love and hopefully bring joy to others as well! 

Q: How do you describe your style?
Elea: I love color, anything vintage, lots of flowers, and a heaping spoonful of sweet little creatures. I guess I’d say my style is a playful mix of all that smooshed together. 

Q: What is your favorite project you made with this collection?
Elea: Oh that’s a tough one! My mind has been swirling with ideas. But if I had to choose, it might be the little baby romper in the kitty and bunny print made with my friend. I’m also finishing up a kitty pouch pattern that coordinates with this collection and have enjoyed making lots of those too. 

Q:What is your favorite app on your phone?
Elea: Oh there are many! But, right now I’d probably say the app I use the most is Instagram. I joined a few months ago (@elealutz) and have been addicted ever since. Sharing life through photos is such a wonderful way to connect with each other. 

Doll Quilt by Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company
Toy Drum Bucket by Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company


  1. So many lovely collections….but THIS was the one I have dreaming about. The combination of sweet and vintage gets me EVERY time!!! Now to see if I will be able to cut into it, or just gaze at it endlessly.

  2. lovely fabric! Visiting from Jan at Sew and Sow Farm. Thanks for an amazing giveaway. I already know what I would spend your certificate on if I was luck enough to win. How bad is that 🙂