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Designer Tidbits: Cathy Heck Studio

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Cathy & Ellen Heck (a mother daughter duo) to the Jolly Jabber. Their latest fabric collection is Bot Buddies from Blue Hill Fabrics.

Q: What was the first seed that grew into the Bot Buddies collection?
A:Bot Buddies grew out of our Baby Bots collection, which features a lovable little robot and his bot-friends. For the group on cotton, we were thinking about boys’ bedding most of all, inspired by childhood toys and bright, lively colors. We wanted these sheets to be fun, to inspire the imagination, to make waking up from a nap a cheerful conversation with a child’s own bot-bedding friends.

Q: What are 3 words you would choose to describe this collection?
1. Playful
2. Boyish
3. Cyber-cute

Q: What single print/SKU in the collection is your favorite?
A:We both love the Micro Fish pattern in all of its colorways. Get it? Micro Fish?

Q:What is your dream project using this collection?
A:With this group, we definitely want to make a crib set. The border panel, with toy turtles and wind-up fish, was designed with a bumper in mind and the Plus and Minus pattern is a perfect semi-solid to accent any combination of the other pieces in the collection. Maybe a mobile of Micro Fish too!

Cathy & Ellen’s Silly Secrets:

1. What music are you listening to right now?
Ellen: The New Yorker fiction podcast
Cathy: One of my Pandora radio stations: Al Green

2. What is your guilty pleasure food?
Ellen: fruit roll-ups
Cathy: Fran’s salted dark-chocolate caramels

3. Work and life essentials aside, what is the activity you spend the most time doing?
Ellen: swimming
Cathy: not necessarily most of my time, but one of my favorites is watching my girls play lacrosse

4. Where did you grow up and where do you call home?
Ellen: Austin, now living in California’s Bay Area
Cathy: West Texas, now living in Austin

5. Do you have any pets and what are their name(s)?
Cathy: Neville, a funny mix of a rescue dog with sweet eyes who loves to croon. Here’s a video of his talent.

6. What is your favorite fabric print ever (excluding your own)?
Ellen: There was a brightly-colored tulip print that was on my sheets as a toddler and young child that I just loved. Then one year at summer camp, my favorite counselor had the same exact sheets and that sealed the deal.
Cathy: One of my favorite dresses of all time (and you can tell by its worn softness, is a crisp cotton retro-50s dress with a pattern of milky-lime and soft-turquoise beach balls all over it … or they might be olives, we’re not sure … but either way, the minute Texas summer hits, I love to wear it.


  1. I love this line!!!! We're nuts and bolts robot crazy at my house (at least I and my eldest son are – he's 5.). SWEET!!!

  2. We are delighted that some cute little fellas will be sharing a room with Baby Bot and his friends. And a big thank you to the Jolly Jabber for introducing our Bot Buddies from Fat Quarter land. Cathy and Ellen

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Don't you just love the Jolly Jabber & The fat Quarters shop! The line is darling and so is this blog post. Love the picture of you and your daughter.