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Designer Tidbits: Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Barbara Jones to the Jolly Jabber. Barbara’s latest fabric collection is Pajama Party from Henry Glass Fabrics.

Thanks for the opportunity to yak about our fabric! We are always flattered to be invited by the Fat Quarter Shop to do anything!

My inspiration for Pajama Party grew out of a thought to design a flannel fabric line. It gets cold in the winter here and you definitely want to be snuggly warm when you go to bed (and look cute too)! I ended up deciding to do it on cotton because I didn’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to work with the collection just because it was flannel. We have some really fun projects in mind for this line including an appliqué quilt and a cute overnight bag. Watch for those at the beginning of the year.

My favorite part of working in our industry is still making the quilts (except for binding!). A close runner-up is designing fabrics. My next fabric line is a Halloween line called Frank-n-Friends.

I had a great time doing the artwork for this one as it has become one of my favorites. The folks at Henry Glass designed a free project using the panel and some of the coordinates in the line.

We have some really fun ideas cooked up for this line.

You were wondering what my favorite thing in my house is. I have recently moved my business and I to a little town in Idaho that is my ancestral home. I inherited my father’s little house and am living there now. I have done no decorating or refurbishing yet because I am still mulling it all over. Above the front door, on the inside of the house is a horseshoe that is hung in the “U” shape. My dad used to say that we hang it over the front door like that so our luck won’t run out! And, I still feel like I am a pretty lucky girl to have such a fun job!

I would love to show you pictures of my workroom but it is still in chaos and not quite ready for public viewing. I have downsized from a 16′ x 30′ studio to a single desk that is 4′ long! As you can imagine, it’s going to take a little doing to get that worked out.

I do my best thinking when I am in the shower, driving or sleeping! Don’t ask me why that happens because I don’t know!

I have way more than one guilty pleasure! For right now, let’s say it is watching Dancing with the Stars and eating buttered (I mean really buttered) popcorn!


  1. Halloween has such the most deep gorgeous colors!

    Pajama party is so fun and girlie… I could see this for a shower gift even! 🙂

  2. I just love the Halloween line – what fun!!! The pajama party is wonderful, so pretty and looks so soft and warm. Beautiful colors!!!

    Thank you for sharing!