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Designer Tidbits: Aneela Hoey

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome the darling Aneela Hoey to the Jolly Jabber. Aneela’s latest fabric collection is A Walk in the Woods from Moda Fabrics.

Q: What was the first seed that grew into the A Walk in the Woods collection?
A: For an online swap a couple of years ago, I made an embroidery of Little Red Riding Hood and she was the original starting point for this collection.

For another online swap I also made a Little Red Riding Hood appliqué for a sewing machine cover – that is where the image of little red talking to the blue bird sitting in the tree originated. So, I guess you could say a couple of online swaps a few years back kick-started this collection (even though I didn’t know it at the time).

Q: If your collection had a soundtrack what would be on the list?
A:The soundtrack would certainly have Ruby by The Kaiser Chiefs on it.

Q: What single print/SKU in the collection is your favorite?
A:Definitely Little Miss Red herself. I love how the print turned out in the end but it was such a lot of work sketching this up in Illustrator – designing really is a labour of love.

Q:What is your favorite project you have made using this collection?
A:My Crackle Quilt (I say “my” quilt but it is now under the ownership of my eldest daughter).

Q:If this collection had a scent to it, what would it be?
A:Lily Of The Valley – sweetly enchanting and from the woods.

Q:Can you give us a sneak-peek of your next fabric collection?
A:My next line is called Cherry Christmas. It will be out in July.

Q:If you had a mascot, what animal would it be?
A:I think it would have to be a chicken. There is something so homey about a chicken.

Q:Who is your favorite celebrity?
A:Helena Bonham Carter

Q:If we were making a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
A:Catherine Tate

Q:Who is your favorite fabric designer not including yourself?
A:Right now I am loving Lizzy House.


  1. Such a great interview! Obviously you dont take yourself to seriously if Catherine Tate is your 'play me' person. Good choice!

  2. I love that Aneela would have Catherine Tate play her life in a movie, I love her!
    I just finished a quilt with Sherbet Pips for a new baby in the family, it turned out so cute. We're getting ready for another, so think A Walk in the Woods will be next!

  3. O my gosh! I love that Christmas print preview! Nice interview on one of my favorite designers – I also made a baby quilt recently with Sherbet pips…