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Designer Select: MaryJane Butters

Ladies, get ready to go camping! MaryJane Butters, organic farmer, author and fabric designer, has taken on the camping world, girl style. Her debut collection for Moda Fabrics, Glamping, is chic, girly and retro. MaryJane teamed up with Fat Quarter Shop to bring you twelve prints and three basics to create a special bundle!

Q: What inspired you to pick the colors and designs in your Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle?
A:For my Glamping fabric, I wanted happy, bright, playful. A woman dreaming about her getaway tent or trailer is hankerin’ for cheerful and care-free space that’s all hers. She’s seeking out-of-the-box FUN, pure and simple!

Below are 3 images MaryJane would choose to describe this collection!

*2 Truths and a Lie*
1. I own a teardrop trailer, as well as a vintage Airstream, and a classic Shasta.
2. I am working on my own line of travel trailers for sale.
3. I grew up in the outback of Australia where being nomadic was a way of life.

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win MaryJane’s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle!

Contest closes Tuesday April 9th, 2013.  Good Luck!


  1. #3 is definitely the lie. But win or not this is a line of fabrics I have to have, for myself and for gifts for a Glamping friend.

  2. I think #2 is the lie. I've already received some of these prints from FQS- I adore the tablecloth prints!! Would love to have this bundle to go with my stash!!

  3. I think #2 is the lie. Thank you so very much for opportunity to win this fabric. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. I think #3 is false because I would love to see the trailer that you would design.

  5. I think #3 is the lie. We are sprucing up an Airstream trailer, and this fabric would be perfect to add some "glamping" touches.

  6. I'm hoping that #2 is the lie to win, but wouldn't it be fun if she were?
    I LOVE this line and I'm currently making a quilt for my bed in my camper! YAY!
    wannabequilter [at] gmail [dot] com is where you can find me! πŸ™‚

  7. Fingers, toes and kitty paws crossed! I am really hoping that number 3 is the lie–because I LOVE Glamping and would love to win this bundle. Looking around her site-I would love to go for a visit!

  8. Number 3 is false, I really love this collection, the colors are so bright and make it look like the sun is shining.

  9. sadly #3 is mostl likely false. But it doesn't matter bc glamping is awesomely true!

  10. Number 3 is false. I would love to win this fabric. Thanks! raybanfandango at hotmail dot com

  11. I would say #3 is the lie…Now, where can I find that purple (favorite color) Claw Foot Tub…??? I love your fabric bundle choices, they are so cheerful and lovely.

  12. I think # 3 is a lie. Love to camp and will be making a blanket with Glamping for our traier.

  13. I'm guessing that number 3 is false since the others seem like they should be true! I would love to have a little trailer to fix up and I'm crazy about the dish drainer mat!

  14. I think the #3 statement is false and thanks for the chance to win MaryJane's fabric.

  15. #3 is the lie – she grew up in Ogden Utah. I really love the glam ping line and would love tomwin the fat quarter bundle. I would love to see what she does with a line of trailers-:)

  16. I'm going to say that #2 is the lie. Thank you for the give-away! I have been after the old man to buy us a pull-along camper so we can go do some traveling! He's been looking! YAY!!!

  17. #3 is the lie…and so love this collection. Have purchased three small fat quarters of this collection at local Spokane shop and so excited you have more. Would absolutely adore winning this to start my project…and love our local girl (I live in Idaho)!!

  18. oopps — i guess an ananoymous would be difficult to notify….got so excited about this collection, wrong button.

    #3 is the lie…and so love this collection. Have purchased three small fat quarters of this collection at local Spokane shop and so excited you have more. Would absolutely adore winning this to start my project…and love our local girl (I live in Idaho)!!

  19. The one that is false is # 3. She did not grow up in Australia. Love her magazine and now the fabric line!!

  20. I think # 3 is the lie. I believe Mary Jane could do anything she set her mind to do, but you have no say in where you were born….being a fan of Mary Jane I think she was born somewhere in the states. Would go to a showroom to look at her RVs if they come to my town. Thanks for the giveaway….I would love to win.

  21. This is the first time to answer for me, I have read Mary Jane's magazine and books. I. Ran the Salmon River in Idaho twice 35 years ago, and Love her fabrics Answer C is Wrong False and Not true !
    Ol' Kate Allison

  22. #3 is the lie! The fabric is adorable, I will definitely be buying some!

  23. MaryJane grew up in Utah, so # 3 is false. My friend who lives in Massachusetts (I live in Idaho) just sent me the link to Jolly Jabber to see your Glamping Post and what she didn't know is that I made the dish drainer mat in the last photo – how fun to see. The fabric line is super and very fun to sew up.

  24. I would say #3 is the lie sonce the plate and pics are Idaho and farm based! thanks for the chance and I have camped all over north America, and I just love it!