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Designer Select: MaryJane Butters + GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Designer Tidbits Fabric Giveaway with MaryJane Butters of Moda Fabrics – featuring the Bee My Honey fabric collection

What’s that buzz? Bee My Honey by MaryJane Butters for Moda Fabrics just arrived and has been causing quite the buzz around here. This farmgirl-chic collection will stir up some new project ideas and get your head buzzing! Keep reading for a closer look at the collection and a chance to WIN one of MaryJane Butters’ Designer Select Bundles!

Q: Tell us a little about the Bee My Honey collection. What were you inspired by?
A:Here’s the buzz: The little guys and girls are disappearing. Vamoose. Puff. Right behind their eight-legged buddies, bees are not all that high on everyone’s list of favorite animals. Puppies, yes. Kittens, sure thing. Owls, absolutely. But bees? The more I’ve learned while working with my bees (and reading the news), I feel the need to help everyone become more fond of the itty-bitty creatures. I mean, they’re working hard for us. If you happen to LIKE fruits and veggies (can’t live off potato chips—although some people try), you should LOVE, not just like, bees.

But you know what they say: You never know what you have until it’s gone. Short of dressing up like Pooh Bear, complete with honey pot atop my head, I didn’t know what to do. So I send people on over to watch the Vanishing of the Bees documentary. There ARE things we can do to entice our bees back, and I was determined to do my part. Plant a bee-friendly garden? Done that. Learn how to be a beekeeper? Check. Design BEE fabric? YES!! Here you go, girlfren. Created with love (and honey).

Q: How did you go about selecting the fabrics for your Bee My Honey Designer Select Bundle?
A:I tried to think like a bee. Bees flitter from color to color and then back home. That seemed to work just fine, given the many different hues of merriment and color and restful shadows found in Bee My Honey.

Q: What design trends are you currently exploring?
A:Burlap is all the rage right now. Once it’s washed and yummy soft, I’m having fun putting it together with delicate, but roughly hewn prints like you see in Bee My Honey.

Q:What projects do you hope to see made with Bee My Honey?
A:Here’s the deal. We care, and we talk, and we hope. And one day, people everywhere will begin to ACT. Beekeeping groups are sprouting up everywhere. I’m using profits from the sales of Bee My Honey to help fund one of them. In the meantime, I have outfitted one of my campers with Bee My Honey curtains and pillows, using the fabric swatches I received early on before the mill printed its first full run.

Q:How do you describe your style and how has it evolved over the years?
A:I’m attracted to two very distinct, couldn’t-be-farther-apart styles. On the one hand, I love frilly, cute, light-hearted, COLORFUL imagery. Kind of like Winnie-the-Pooh meets Farmgirl. On the other hand, I’m drawn to a more modern look that is rugged and full of texture with heartbreaking simplicity and stark imagery that pulls you back in time. Think burlap meets rustic Victorian lace. Bee My Honey is my attempt to combine the two.

*2 Truths and a Lie*
1. Bee My Honey was inspired by one of my queen bees, Matilda.
2. I’m writing a children’s book featuring Matilda.
LIE 3. Matilda has started a dating website, but only organic gardeners are allowed to join.

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win MaryJane Butters’ Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle!

UPDATE!Our lucky winner is Susan Stanton! Please email to claim your prize! Thank you all for playing and be sure to buzz on over to the Bee My Honey collection!


  1. I love Mary Jane & her farm girl chic style! ♥ the colors in this new line! I think the dating website comment is false!

  2. I think there is no website. lol. Most excellent post. We should be concerned about out declining bee population.
    Beautiful bee fabrics. I hope I win.

  3. I would say number three is false, because I cannot imagine limiting a dating website to only organic gardeners! Matilda would miss out on so many lovely people!

  4. I think that #3 would be a lie, but my BIL would probably love something like that. He has bees and I get loads of fresh honey from him. The best!! Just like this fabric!! Wonderful!!

  5. I'm joining the majority with a #3guess. It's so different that it's probably true! In any case, love the fabric and the great giveaway! Thanks so much!

  6. I think #3 is false. Your fabric would make a lovely picnic quilt and love the pairing your fabric with burlap. Could make some really cute pillows or something.

  7. I think the dating website part is not true….and thank you for the opportunity to win some very pretty and fun fabrics!!


  8. My neighbor is educating us on helping do our part for the bees. Happy to read this about MaryJane. I think #2 regarding the childrens book is the false statement.

  9. I'd say number 3 is the lie! Although it might be possible, there's maybe there will be! haha

  10. I think #3 about the dating website is false.. I love this collection, it takes me to summertime, outside relaxing and hearing the buzzing of bees enjoying it too.

  11. I think a dating website for organic gardeners is a fabulous idea, cuz there aren't very many and they need all the help they can to find that special someone. So, I'm guessing #2 is not the truth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric!!!

  12. I will say #3 is false. Love this line. My name, Debra, means "the bee" in Hebrew and I adore anything with bees on it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I, too, will say that #3 is the falsehood. I wish it wasn't though, that would be hilarious! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Beautiful line of fabric!!
    – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  14. I would definitely say the third comment is false.;) I love your fabric collection and that you are using the proceeds to help the bees and our environment! We all must do our part to make the world a better place!

  15. I really hope that comment # 3 is the lie! LOL! Would love to win the fabric bundle to play with for things in my new country farm kitchen!

  16. I'm going to go with the dating website is false. Love this fabric and even more so now that I know why Mary Jan Butters designed it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  17. I'm guessing #3 would be a lie. Although such a website might be a good idea. Thanks for the chance to win. I love this eclectic fabric!

  18. I am guessing #1 is false although there is a wonderful musical in NY about a queen bee named Matilda. I am new to quilting and I love this fabric collection.

  19. Normally I go with the majority, but I have seen people make websites and facebook pages for their dog.
    I think #2 is false. Just because you love designing, doesn't mean you want to write.

  20. The truth is my adorable tiny little poodle is named Matilda. One and two are also true so three must bee the lie… buzz…buzz

  21. I'm going to become a bee keeper, I need those little fellows in my garden so I can have the bounty that they provide. I am sure Matilda does not need a dating website! That one is the false answer. I would be totally over the moon to win this bundle. Thanks for the chance.

  22. I would have to say item 3 on the dating is not true. But I would love to win this fabric for the leader of our quilt group who calls herself the Bee Keeper of our quilting group she is amazing and she is a true bee keeper in keeping us together and teaching us new things.

  23. <3 this fabric!
    "3. Matilda has started a dating website, but only organic gardeners are allowed to join." Ha, ha, bet this is wrong:/

  24. I think #3 is false, but if Matilda does ever start a dating site, I'll pass along my sister-in-laws "hive address". I would love to make something for my sister-in-law from these fabrics. Her nickname is Bee and she and her husband are bee keepers.

  25. Bee-utiful fabric 🙂 I think #3 is false — even though these days anything is possible and there's probably a group of bee loving folks who would benefit from such a website:-)

  26. Beautiful and soothing fabrics. Spring is in the air. The false would be #3 – children and Queen Bee's don't equal dating websites. LOL

  27. Haha I'm guessing #3 about a dating service for organic gardeners isn't true. I can't wait to get my hands on this whole fabric line!!

  28. I think #3 is false, but it might fill a need for someone. I am drooling over this new fabric & especially like the red toile & the hexagon print.

  29. I'll join the throngs and say number 3. But, I urge you to visit Jane's websites, blogs, etc., they are incredible! And, you have to see her baby calf, she's adorable!

  30. Number 3 is false. I really enjoyed reading about Mary Jane's committment to bees, noting their vital importance to all of us. I also love the juxtaposition of lace and burlap – her style is similar to mine!

  31. I would hope that #3 is false. Number 1 and 2 sound great and I would buy a Matilda story for my grand-kids. Sounds great! Speaking of great … great line, great giveaway, great story. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I am going out on an limb here but I BEE-lieve that Matilda is NOT starting a dating website. #3 is false
    I can't wait to see the book! and love this fabric!!!

  33. My sister-in-law has hives for their hops crop. she has opened my eyes to the bee population problem. I think #3 is the lie.

  34. I'm also a farm girl at heart, and hoping to some day move back to the country. Love this fabric line, would be a lovely quilt. I believe #3 is false. A book would be so cute…..

  35. My guess is that #3 is the falsehood, but, if I were single, I'd wish it were true! LOVE that someone's paying attention to bees – the world is a much better place for those true flower children!

    LOVE this collection!

  36. I would believe it has to be #3 that's false. Too many dating sites out there already!! 🙂
    Love your Bee fabrics and all the real Bees in the world. More BEE POWER needed!

  37. I think this fabric is adorable! Great projects for the grand girls are brewing. Number #3 is my guess for incorrect statement.

  38. Could #3 be false? It seems that a dating website would be helpful to build the bee population again-they have to get to know each other first, after all…
    Lovely fabrics, perfect subject matter!

  39. I would hazard a guess that #3 is the false statement. I do love this collection. Farmgirl Chic is a look I am really into right now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Three just sounds wacko – course, you never know, but I'm sticking with three. I've been talking up bees for years and would love to win. Monsanto is the biggest part of the poor bees problem.

  41. Oh I'd have to guess the dating site. Matilda has too much to do to keep up a website!


    is a preferred way to be contacted

  42. I love the fabric and I like the idea of combining burlap and the fabric. Good fit. I think the dating site is false. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway. I have to some of this line.

  43. It would be great if all the statements were true, but I think #1 – Matilda was the inspiration. I think bees in general were the inspiration. 🙂

  44. I would say false to the dating websight. That is wonderful fabric. My Dad and I had a few bee boxes and a honey extractor that we set up in my kitchen. WHAT A MESS-WHAT YUMMY HONEY and the best memories ever. Jackie

  45. I'm hoping the dating website is the lie and also that I might win this adorable fabric and make something to inspire bee keeping by everyone.

  46. I'm hoping that the dating website is the lie and also that I might win this adorable bee fabric with which to make a quilt to inspire more bee keepers. Also today is my birthday. What a lovely birthday present that would be!

  47. I say the dating site is false. I love this collection, the theme and the colors. My husband and son were beekeepers and we still have some honeybees for the beautiful flowers gardens. I'm a true collector of bee related fabrics.

  48. I'm agreeing with #3, the dating website as a lie. Very pretty designs; would love to win and make my niece/nephew table topper/placemats, etc., since their "special" song during their wedding was "Will You Be My Honeybee?"

  49. Matilda, a bee, starting a dating website? I'm sure the bad dates won't sting as much. The good dates will be sweeter, honey! Yup, this is false. Thanks.

  50. I guess no. 3 – how many organic gardeners who are single are there so that a dating platform would work???
    The fabrics are gorgeous!

  51. I think that #3 is false. I hope you have a children's book in the works! I especially love the Victorian yellow floral fabric, love love love it. Thanks for the opportunity to win some beautiful fabric!

  52. I'm betting the dating website is false, though it sounds like a great concept. I see your creativity in teaching the children and clothing the world a lot more than putting together a dating website. Lovely line of fabric by the way!

  53. My first inclination is that statement #3 is a lie and I see that many people agree. Beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. # 3 sounds a little far fetched….guessing it is false. Love this fabric….I have a Layer Cake of it already and am doing a QAL with it…could use a bundle for coordinating items…thanks for the giveaway!

  55. This is absolutely wonderful to see someone using this platform to fund bee protection – such a vital and urgent concern! Thank you, MaryJane Butters!! (and I would have to guess #3 is the lie – but I wish it was the vanishing bees that were the untruth instead : )

  56. Love bee fabric! Used bees as a theme in a quilting dinner. I think #3 is the incorrect statement and hope it's right so I have an opportunity to win this great fabric. Thanks for the opportunity. Linda E in Central VA

  57. I would say the dating comment is false. Love the fabrics and I know the importance of our beloved bees. Planted a bee lovin garden 3 summers ago! Thanks for the chance!

  58. I would say #3 is False. This is gorgeous, fun fabric. It reminds me of my childhood for some reason. I would so love to make a quilt for my grandaughter out of this.

  59. I gotta say that #3 is false! Also have to say that I love these fabrics! Now I am thinking of a quilt for my Beekeeper!

  60. I'm going to say #1 is the lie. I could see promoting getting organic gardeners together to help save bees like Matilda. And of course a cute bee should star in a children's book.

  61. I love Bee My Honey- what a pooh- rific idea! Ofcourse Matilda wouldn't want a dating website- she only " dates" once to be queen and the rest of the " guys" are drones and aren't really the dating type if you get my drift.
    Say yes to honey , say yes to bees!

  62. Number 3 is a lie. MaryJane shares with everyone. I love this fabric, a friend is marrying a beekeeper this fall and I would love to make them a quilt with this fabric

  63. I love the new line. I am a modern quilter and have the same conflicts as you. I love the children like fabrics, (I have never grown up) and I do want to use the modern fabrics. This feeds both sides of me.

    The dating site is so off, that is why I am thinking that it must be right. I am going with number 1.

  64. I've been looking forward to Mary Jane's "Bee My Honey" fabric to be on the market. Love her designs.
    I believe that statement #3 is the lie!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. while there are organic gardener's dating sites, just google it, I don't see Matilda coming up with one…yet? #3 but I have searched your blog for a matilda ? with no luck I'll keep reading but for now I will go w. 3!

  66. I think #3 is the lie. I can't wait to get some of the 'B' fabric. It will be perfect backing for my mom's quilt since her name is Brenda.

  67. I will say 3 is a lie mainly because I just hope 3 is a lie. Looking forward to seeing the children's book, especially if it features some of your fabrics incorporated right into the book. I love childrens books that are tactile and whimsical.

  68. # 3 is most likely false. But! If its not I would sign up just to BEE close to this fabric HONEY! This line is SOOOOO SWEET!!!!

  69. Well, since there is such a thing as bee breeding and maybe the "dating service" is just a tricky way to put it, I am going to be different and say that #2 is the lie. 🙂

  70. I believe # 3 is false, although would possibly be a fun read…I love the new material, and burlap has long been a favorite along with tobacco cloth…….peace

  71. I am guessing you are NOT writing a children's book. There is at least one dating website obline, and knowing how you help people, i am guessing you helping Matilda by helping to promote her website. Thanks for the opportunity to enter, i love the fabric.

  72. Yay! Bee fabric! I love bees, it's a good thing I'm a beekeeper then. 😉 I think #3 is false… While Matilda obviously knows how to catch a man, I doubt she would be interested in playing matchmaker!

  73. lovely fabric, lovely goal to help save the bees – we will be in trouble if more people don't wise up. I think actually #1 is wrong 🙂 I think the fabric was inspired by all bees!

  74. I think the dating website is false, but it IS true that this collection is very awesome! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  75. Well despite the obvious, I would say #3 is false. I love children books so would love to read a new one. Would love it if fabric was available to go with the book. I have been married for 45 years so dating an organic gardener is of no interest to me. LOL So my final answer is the false statement is #3.

  76. Love bees, honey, & this darling Bee My Honey fabric collection! I believe statement 3.Matilda has started a dating website…is false.

  77. The dating company, number 3 has to be false. Charming fabric collection. Just love it.

  78. Love, love the fabrics, and I enjoyed the post. I had to look a little further also. She is quite an accomplished lady!
    I would say No. 3 is false!

  79. Well I would say No. 3 is false, love the fabrics, great colors for a picnic blanket. We have a small colony of carpenter bees in our back yard – they are fascinating!

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  81. Thinking that #3 is the false one… cause I can see her naming the little bees and using a childrens' book to spread and educate all about the demise of bees and what we can do to prevent that from continuing

  82. Being married to a "Bee Man" I have to say this is a great line of fabric and he wants a quilt out of it. Thanks for a chance to win. Steve chose #3 as the lie, he says she is too classy to do such a thing.

  83. It has to be #3that is the false statement. So glad to see she has a fabric line out. Love her magazine.

  84. Oh Mary Jane, you've done it again with another beautiful fabric collection! This especially excited me because by this time next month I will officially be a beekeeper!
    As for what answer I think is false, well that would be #3!
    Fingers crossed for this awesome giveaway!

  85. #3 is the lie, I hope! Love the fabric! We too have backyard bees. They are fascinating to watch! And the honey's pretty sweet! 🙂