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Designer Select: Lori Holt

Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet‘s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle is equal parts vintage, retro and delicious! Today we are dishing about the 12 prints and 3 solids chosen for this Designer approved bundle! Keep reading for a closer look, and be sure to shop Bake Sale at Fat Quarter Shop!

Q: What inspired you to pick the colors and designs in your Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle?
A:When selecting the bundle, I tried to pick a nice variety of colors and prints that would best represent my entire Bake Sale collection!

Q: What are 3 words you would choose to describe Bake Sale, not including any of the fabric designs!
1. Vintagey
2. Kitschy
3. Happy

*2 Truths and a Lie*
1. I was the lead singer in a country band for 3 years.
2. I learned how to drive on a red Farmall tractor.
3. I have never flown in an airplane because I’m too scared.

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win Lori Holt’s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle!

Contest closes Wednesday 6/5/2013.
Good Luck!


  1. Great fabrics. I am torn on either number one or three. So I think I will go with number three as not true. Thanks for a chance to win:)

  2. Great fabric! I think #1 is the lie. Thanks! raybanfandango at Hotmail dot com

  3. I'm going to say that #1 is the lie…would have picked #3 but I know a lot of people that are too scared to fly!

  4. I think #3 is false! Im so glad this line is out! It seems like I've been waiting for months!!!

  5. I have been in love with the Bake Sale line of fabrics since I first laid eyes on it. Gazing at it every day would me me so happy…
    I think #3 is the lie.

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those fabrics. I don't have a clue but it's between 1 and 3. Since I hate to fly and you look like you can sing like a bird, I'm going to say #3.

  7. I'll go out on the lonely limb and say #2 is the lie. Never know πŸ™‚ Love the fabrics!!

  8. I'm guessing as I think they could all be true! OK, #1 is the lie…love the fabrics, especially the one with the bowls on it!

  9. Wow….LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric. Not sure which is the untruth, but guessing 3. Good luck everyone. This line is SEW cute!!!!

  10. I think I might actually know the answer to this! #2 is the lie. Lori did sing in a country band (you should hear her voice!) and I don't think she's ever been on an airplane. But she was raised on a farm. I still pick #2

  11. I can't get enough of Lori Holt, she is a fabulous designer and love love her Bake Sale fabrics. I don't believe she was ever a lead singer in a country band, so #1 is a lie!

  12. Gosh my instinct says 3 but I'm tempted to say 2 just because only one other person picked that one! Ha! I guess I'll go with my instinct: #3 is a lie!

  13. #1 is false….glad you drive a tractor! I'm with you on the plane!

    Love your designs/style!

    God Bless!

  14. I think #2 is a lie. I've noticed that she doesn't seem to attend far away quilt markets. I LOVE this fabric collection!

  15. I think number 2 is false πŸ™‚ Your fabric is just GORGEOUS!! Now I'm off to see if there is Anywhere I can buy that pattern with the mixers πŸ™‚ hehe

  16. I think #1 is the lie πŸ™‚ (though wouldn't that have been a grand time). I love your fabric, and I love the mixer quilt. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  17. LOVE the new fabric line…adorable!!!

    I think that question #3 is a lie

    Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  18. Great new fabrics Lori, thanks to Jolly Jabber for the giveaway. I think #3, but thankfully now the planes are bigger so you can handle it!!

    And yes, Happy, is how I feel when I see the new kitchen fabrics and crazy I will be if I win!!! Kathy in Colo

  19. Hmmm, I hope it's #3 that's false. I'm scared to fly too and it would be awesome if I weren't. Besides with the music that I love so much on your blog , I can picture you a singer! I love this new line, thanks for the chance to win

  20. My guess is that #1 is the one that's not true. I can't believe you're giving away this adorable fabric pack … I absolutely love it!!! Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ˜€

  21. I love everything Lori does especially her applique patterns and I have followed her blog for a few years I am going to have to guess number 1 is the lie? Can't wait to find out the answer!

  22. I'm going toagree with the rest of the herd & choose #3…and hope that if we are all wrong you'll encourage us to become better informed by awarding another pack to this sadly mistaken group!
    i think these prints are adorable and the new batch of patterns esp the mixers just make me smile!!!

  23. Okay, I did a bit of research on Lori's blog. She does not have singing or music listed in her interests on her profile and in her playlist the only really "country" name I recognize is Patsy Kline. But there are lot of oldie goldies in there. So I'm going to say #1 is the lie. I hope I'm right because I love these fabrics!

  24. I'm going to step out on a limb and say #2 is false. After all, she chose John Deere green for her latest barn block.

  25. I think 3 is false, at least I hope so! These fabrics are my FAVES and I haven't bought any yet!! But if I don't win, I will get some. Lori, you are great! Can't find out which is false!

  26. I'm going to say #2 is a lie, because no one else has said that. I want to make the tulip quilt, but I also want to make a cherry quilt with the cherry fabric. It has been so hard seeing all your new range at the Portland Market, but not being able to get my hands on any.

  27. I want in! I am going o guess number 3 because I hope she's flown a plane like me (well, better than me because my plane was by remote-control!) L-O-V-E your new line. Love from Minnesota.

  28. I love the fabric colors. I want to make some of the quilts for my river house. I think number one is false. Can,t see Lori in a band.

  29. Well,from following you and the wonderful things you create – there isn't anything you probably can't do – but my guess is #1. I am sure you could have:) Anyway, thanks for the chance to win! LOVE the new fabric line. Would love to have them.

  30. Love how your fabric & patterns reflect your core joys – delightful, warm, grins. – You probably did learn to drive a red Farmall tractor. You may well be afraid to fly. Don't know where you would have found the time to be a lead singer in a band for three years, so #1 is my guess for the not true. Thanks for your work!
    Grand Rapids, MI

  31. This is such a great collection! I'm going to guess that #3 is false!

    caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. I'm guessing that number 1 is false. Incidentally, my mom DID learn to drive a tractor at 8 and my dad had to stack books on the seat of the car at 8 when he learned to drive my Grandmother around town!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I learned to drive on a tractor, so that could be true and I love to fly especially in a glider. that would leave #1 perhaps you are not a lead singer my guess is #1.
    Adore the cheeriness of the fabrics!

  34. Taking a wild guess here, but I'm also going with Number 3.
    Hopefully I get it right, because I love Bake Sale!

  35. #3 is the lie. WOW!! These fabrics just make you smile and want to touch them. Thank you for making such a fun line πŸ™‚

  36. I think #1 is the lie. I love your bright cheery fabrics~~ Thank you for all your free instructions ~~ you are a very good teacher~

  37. I think No 1 is a lie. No 2 is likey to be right, as she was brought up on a farm. No 3 might explain why she was not at Portland for Spring Quilt Fair, so by default I say No 1.

  38. Deb Curtis
    I love, love, love all your fabrics. I think number 2 is false. I don't have a blog
    , you can contact me at my email address if I get picked!

  39. I am going to say #1 is the lie. I need to buy this fabric because I own all her other collections. I want to start a swoon quilt mixing all her collections together and bake sale needs to be in there. The only way that will happen is if I win it since I lost my job. Here's to hope!

  40. This is a hard question ! But, I'm going with #2 is not true, I grew up on a farm and my dad would never have put me on an expensive tractor to LEARN to drive. But I was on one plenty after I did learn !

  41. I'm guessing #3 is false…or maybe #1…I'll go with #3. Thanks for chance to win! Love your fabrics no matter!

  42. I think #3 is the false answer. Love the whole collection and hope to make a row quilt with it.

  43. Thank you for the opportunity to win these pretty, fun fabrics. I love them!

    I am going to with #1 as the lie.

  44. I just ordered the flower pots and mixer patterns – can't wait to get them!
    I think #1 is a lie.

  45. Lori was not the lead singer in a country band. I love her fabric and hope I win. Thank you Lori for your inspiration and Kimberly for helping my creations happen.

  46. Love the new fabric line, makes you happy just to look see it.
    I'm guessing #1 is the lie.

  47. #3 has to be the lie.
    All the descriptions seem fitting:
    vintagey (if that is a word), definitely kitchy and very happy.
    Beautiful collection, thank you for the chance to win.

  48. These fabrics are absolutely adorable. Can't wait to get my hands on them.

    I think #3 is false. You look like you could still sing in a band πŸ™‚

  49. Such a wonderful group of fabrics – it is always a pleasure to use quality and beautiful fabrics in any project.
    I would guess that "flying" would not be correct. While someone may be a bit apprehensive in flying they still do fly – with their eyes closed LOL.

  50. I think number 1 is false because surely you number 3 to get back and forth to shows and as for learning to drive on a tractor, well, my husband did that too. LOL! Who knows but I want to win..I know that. LOL!

  51. I love her and since I have only ever seen her at SLC quilt market,and I know she is proud to be a country girl. I am going to go with number one as the lie.

  52. Just love this new line and can't wait to make the Mixing It Up quilt! I'm going to go with #2 as false. Her playlist is something that a singer would have, she has a camper, so I'm guessing the specific red Farmall is the fib.

  53. I think I'll go with #1. You were surrounded by tractors your entire life, as was I, but they were riding mowers…tractors on a much smaller scale, and I learned to drive as I mowed, so I'm guessing that's true. And, well, I'm just thinking flying was a great way to get off the farm for some relaxation, sun and fun, so, yes #1 is my guess. Although you are pretty enough to have been a country singer, I'm thinking we would have known that by now!

    The line is just delicious and the patterns are incredible. Sure hope I win!

  54. I'm thinking that #2 is the false statement. If I win this beautiful prize, I think I'm going to start the Quilty Barn Along with it. I absolutely love these fabrics! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!!

  55. I guess 3 because how could she not go flying to teach classes! I,love her site, I love her patterns and she has stolen my heart on this fabric! Gotta have it win or lose!

  56. LOVE this fabric–I have been waiting for Bake Sale since I started Lori's Barn-Along! I think #1 is the lie… I know Lori is a tractor gal, like me!

  57. I think #1 is the non truth. I absolutely love this fabric. I need this bundle to make the Mixing it up quilt.

  58. I think number 2 is false. I think she is a John Deere girl, like me. I would love to win the fabric!

  59. Wonderful collection – already have some! NEED more! I think #3 is a fib!

  60. I think #1 is false. I can visualize you riding around in a red tractor though!
    Thanks for the chance.
    Luv ur new fabric line too………………………………………..

  61. Wow, I love this fabric line, but then I love most everything "Lori Holt"! I'm just not sure on this one, but I think I'm going with # 1 and the lie. It's a complete guess. Thanks for a chance in this great giveaway.

  62. I think #3 is the falsehood! I don't think Lori would be afraid of anything! Would love to win Bakesale!


  63. Love these fabrics, so fun to use this summer in my kitchen and for gifts! I believe #2 is not true πŸ™‚

  64. Goodness! Here's my wild guess: Number 1 is untrue. Thanks for the giveaway! I love Lori's fabrics.

  65. Yay a give away!!!! I love love this fabric and must have some. This is my favorite so far but I love how it coordinates with the other fabrics that I have of yours!!!!! awesome stuff.

    I would have to guess that Number 3 is the false answer.

    crossing my fingers!!!

    and thanks for all your sharing. I love your blog!

  66. I really think no 2 is false… I think it was a green tractor. If you didn't sing in a band you should absolutely start to, I know you can do it!

  67. I'll take a stab that #3 is FALSE… if you were up in front of an audience for 3 years, or drove an ol' tractor, then you are brave enough to fly… the safest form of travel!

  68. I think Lori's fabric collection and patterns are wonderful. I am a follower of her blog. I think she only likes John Deere green so number 2 is false

  69. I have no clue as to which statement is false so I will go with my favorite number…2. Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

  70. I think that number 3 is the lie. Love your fabrics! I think that you are the best. You need to come to San Diego to teach a class!!!!

  71. Hi! I have been drooling over this Bake Sale collection since I first saw it. Well, I will have to say that the first 2 are true and the third one is the lie. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful fabric!!!!

  72. I choose #3, as I don't think that Lori is afraid of anything! I hope that I can get some of her newest fabric line, as I missed out on the Cherry Line. Hope it comes back.

  73. Ohhh I am so in love with these fabrics! I think #2 is false. I think I read somewhere that you love the John Deere greens, so I'm guessing that is what you learned on, not the red. We had a tractor that was orange with a hand crank. Wonder what brand that was?

  74. Well I know you grew up around tractors and I'm thinking you must fly to Quilt Market so I'm saying #1 is the fib. I love the new collection and it will look nice with your Grandma's Kitchen pattern that I'm working on. πŸ™‚

  75. Oops, my previous comment didn't make sense! I meant to say #3 is the lie since you must fly to market. Oh well…oops.

  76. I think you are awesome as is your fabric and I believe you can do anything!…. so I'm going to take a wild guess and say that #3 is the fib.
    – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  77. I LOVE this collection! Love it! Need some! So I am totally guessing but think #1 is the lie, I think you are a farm girl born and raised, I think if I remember correctly you will be at fabric fest so you might be flying!

  78. I love Lori Holt's fabric and patterns and I'd love to win! I'm going with my first guess and say that #3 (scared to fly) is the lie. –Pat

  79. I am going to say that #3 is false. It would be very hard to get to market twice a year and all the other obligations I would assume you have with your business in a car all the time. I love all your fabrics!

  80. I think #3 is false. Pllleeeaassee pick me, I am a retired baker of 23 years in business!

  81. Well, it is a tough question–which is not true. I am going to guess number 3. Lori's fabric designs remind me of my childhood in a small town in Ohio.
    Rita in CA

  82. I love these fabrics. I'm going to make new kitchen curtains out of them. If I win the bundle I can make potholders and table runners and lots of other fun stuff. I hope #1, is false, but I truly don't know. I hope you don't have to be right to win.
    Have a Quilty Day!

  83. Well, I learned how to drive in a 1929 Willys Jeep, so I'll go with the red tractor being true. And your fabrics are so vibrant and outgoing, I'll go with the singer in a country band being true too. So I guess I'll have to say that I believe #3 is false – how could someone who designs such happy and adventuresome fabrics be too scared to fly?

  84. Love this set of fabrics! I am currently planning a kitchen makeover and these fabrics are gonna play a big part πŸ™‚ I guess number 1 is the lie.

  85. I think #1 is a lie (although it's tempting to say #3). love the fabric–Lori always does a great job! Thanks

  86. My guess is #3 is false – I don't think Lori is afraid of anything! Love the Bake fabrics – I want new kitchen curtains!

  87. LOL Now I wish I'd been paying a bit more attention to details when reading your blog!!! Most all farm children learn to drive tractors before cars so that's true. You like vintage songs so I can see you as a lead singer. You have an interest in campers so I'm guessing #3 is false. I hope I'm right cuz I LOVE your fabrics!

  88. I feel like it is eny-miney-mo – I'm going to go with #2. Love her blog and fabric. Thanks for the chance, can't wait to see which is the correct answer.

  89. Hiya!!! I think that number 3 is false. I've never flown, but not because of fear; I would LOVE to take a ride in a plane, any plane. Thanks for the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  90. I love your fabrics. I would call them cheery, perky, retro-comfy. I hope, I hope, I hope I win!! I think #3 is false; you don't strike me as letting fear stop you.

  91. I'm torn between number 1 and number 3, but I think I will go for number 1 being the untruth.

    I love, Love, LOVE the new fabric and the quilt patterns and pillows!! Can't decide which to do first!!!


  92. I have no idea, but can't wait to find out. I'll guess #3 because that seems possible. You're so talented, you probably sing and since you live in UT, I'll be you could have learned to drive on a tractor. Love your stuff!

  93. Lori… Thank you for creating your new fabric line. It combines my two favorite passions; quilting and baking! How awesome!!! I love following your blog, it makes me happy and helps me unwind after a hard day at work. I dream of owning my very own barn because I LOVE them! So it has been fun watching you create the barn blocks. I only have two done, but hope to catch up soon. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration. I am guessing that #3 is your fib. Many blessings, Wendy

  94. Lordy,Lordy…Lori has a great imagination….BUT,I bet she hates airplanes???….I might try holding my breath,until the winners are chosen…Hello from OKlahoma….MaryAnn…

  95. I love Lori's fabrics! I recently scored some Daisy Cottage yardage, but I really covet Bake Sale. I think number 3 is false – thanks for the opportunity.

  96. I think # 1 is false. I love all the fabric's and patterns – I just finished the VINTAGE DISHES quilt!!

  97. I think #1 is a lie. I so love this line….I love all your lines and collect them all :). Seriously I do! I would love love love to win this one!!

  98. I hope I'm right cuz I REALLY want your fabrics! My Bake Sale Mixer is on its way to me already. I think the false statement is #2

  99. I'm going with #3. I love your fabric and wish I could come to your retreat in June., but I have a wedding to attend. Dang!

  100. I am a cherry grower from Michigan and have been looking for these fabrics at all my local shops. Haven't been able to find them yet, but they are a "must have" for my collection! I think number two is false, it must have been a Massey!

  101. Love, love, love this fabric!! I am in Michigan and have no opportunity to get this beautiful fabric! So excited for the giveaway! I believe #1 is false (at least I hope so)

  102. Lovely fabric. Such nice prints and colors! #3 is false. Would have trouble visiting all the fabric events if you were afraid to fly.

  103. Well, I think it is number 2. She may have learned to drive a tractor, but maybe not that model.

    I love this fabric. I love all her fabric and patterns.

    Going to start on one of the quilt alongs as soon as I finish up a few things here. I couldn't justify starting another project till these are done.


  104. false is "never flown in a plane" because I'm sure you travel to do your quilt speaking, go to market, etc. (you actually look like you would be a singer!)
    I'm loving the rowalong – I'm doing the apple row, but would love to have your fabric to add to the mix!

  105. I think three is the falsehood! Flying is fun and I'd hate to think you were too scared to fly. On the other hand, I totally believe you've been singin in a country band!

  106. Just love your new fabric line – Bake Sale.
    I think #3 is false.

  107. I am totally stumped ~ but what I do know is Lori's patterns, rulers and fabric are just wonderful. I am going to guess, number 1 is false.


  108. LOVE this line! Especially love the 4 prints in 1 yard concept. I am going to say that #1 is false.

  109. I am thinking #3 is false. Would love some of this great fabric line to add to my Lori Holt stash!! GJ

  110. I think #2 is false. Lori is John Deere green all the way!! Love the fabric/ thanks for the chance to win.

  111. I've listened to your interviews and find Lori's spirit to be so magnetic – I'm doubting that she would be afraid to fly, and I betcha she did sing in a band. I'm going with #2 being false and I had better win this one because that BAKE SALE is haunting my dreams!!!! I ordered the pattern for the mixers – cannot wait!

  112. I've listened to your interviews and find Lori's spirit to be so magnetic – I'm doubting that she would be afraid to fly, and I betcha she did sing in a band. I'm going with #2 being false and I had better win this one because that BAKE SALE is haunting my dreams!!!! I ordered the pattern for the mixers – cannot wait!

  113. Oh I have been drooling over this new line of Lori Holt's! I believe number 1 is the lie,crossing fingers and toes…

  114. I think # 3 is the lie. I have a husband who will not fly, so I would understand. Love the bake sale fabric; I want to make my daughter-in-law a mixer cover with matching pot holders and cute decor dish towels.

  115. The lie has to be 1 or 3 cause no farm girl wouldn't know how to drive a tractor! So my guess is that 3 is the lie.

    Love your fabric and row along.

  116. Absolutely love Bake Sale! Lori has never flown in an airplane. That's okay as one can see more country by car, bus or train! Thanks for sponsoring the wonderful giveaway!

  117. I have had my eye on this line of fabric cant wait!!! I am going with #1. Thanks for the chance to win

  118. I am in love with Lori's new fabric line and would love to win them. I am going to guess that No. 3 is not true.

  119. I'm guessing either #1 or #3. Based on the fact that the most common answers are either 2B or 3C, I am going with #3.

  120. I'm loving the fabrics! Daughter of a farmer–#3 must be the fib. Thx, B.J.

  121. Oh, I just love everything Bee In My Bonnet! I'm gonna go with #2' although Lori is one talented lady and I wouldn't be shocked to learn that she had musical talents in there as well! Fingers crossed!

  122. I love all of Lori's fabrics and would love to win the Designer Select Bundle of her Bake Sale fabric line. I am hoping that #2 is the false statement.

  123. I am new to your blog and designs, and just adore them! Your fabric is so happy and nostalgic. I would love to win a pack of fat quarters. I think # 3 is the lie. CYCL44 at verizon dot net