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Designer Select: Kate & Birdie Paper Co.

Gloria of Kate & Birdie Paper Co. has captured the beauty of long, Canadian Winters with Winter’s Lane, her debut collection for Moda Fabrics. Use this elegant collection in quilts and projects to decorate your home when temperatures drop. Get a well-curated taste of the full collection with Kate & Birdie’s Designer Select Bundle. Gloria is here to tell you all about the bundle, so keep reading for more information and a chance to win!

Q: Tell us about your inspiration for Winter’s Lane? How did you pick the prints to include in your Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle?
A:This collection is completely nature-inspired, particularly by our long, grey Canadian winters. I love the wooly greys and whites of the Canadian prairies, the warmth of stacked wood piles and tall evergreen forests, the icy blues and the pops of bright red in winterberries and cardinals. I wanted to create a winter collection that wasn’t only fitting for holiday, but a line that can be used for quilts, blankets and pillows that feel cozy all winter long. I chose pieces from the collection that really embodied this winter theme for the bundle.

Q: What are 3 words you would choose to describe this collection?
1. Woodland
2. Cozy
3. Wooly

*2 Truths and a Lie*
1. When it comes to textiles, I love neutrals most.
2. I attended school for textile design.
3. I collect vintage little golden books.

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win Kate & Birdie’s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle! Contest closes July 9, 2013.
Good Luck!


  1. This collection is stunning and I can hardly wait to start using it in my home (a 1960's mod ranch with an acre front yard full of trees that is gorgeous in the winter!. I am sure that #2 is not true. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Have this in my Fat Quarter Shop cart right now, just needing some funds. I believe number #2 because I have seen her cards, mostly neutral backgrounds and the book collections sounds real. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I would really like to win this! I already have some of this collection.

    I think #2 is less than true. She is self taught.

  4. I hate to not be original, but #2 was my pick before I read the comments so I'm sticking with it. Lovely, lovely fabric line!

  5. I would guess that number 1 is the non-truth! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  6. From what I read about Kate, she is a self taught artist so I would say #2 is false. I sure hope I win this bundle, my husband is a big fan of red birds (cardinals). Thanks for the chance.

  7. I've been dreaming about this bundle since it first showed up in the coming soon page on FQS!

    I'm guessing #2?

  8. I would say #2 also. This fabric would make a great throw quilt to use in the winter. thanks for the chance to win

  9. I think #2 is the untrue. I am a Canadian,but living in TN. I miss my homeland. This collection would be perfect. Hope I am the lucky one

  10. I will go with the group choosing #2. I love this fabric. I will be getting myself some even if I don't win. Thanks for the fun and the chance to win.

  11. My guess is #2 in not true – although one couldn't tell by looking at this collection – it is so well designed, such amazing colors for winter – beautiful!!

  12. I say #2 is a lie. She is self taught. This is the prettiest of all the Christmas/winter lines I have seen. I absolutely love it and want very much to win it! Thanks for the opportunity. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  13. My guess is #2 is false. Love the colours in this design. I usually buy fat quarters in design group I love but I am thinking only yardage will do this time.

  14. Oh this is a lovely group. I would love to win! I think #2 is the lie. She is a very talented artist!

  15. I love the colours in this fabric line which would work on so many levels throughout the year. Feelings of calm and warmth.

    I have no idea which statement is not true. I'll guess the middle answer, number 2

  16. I Love,Love,Love this fabric!!! It has all the colors that I naturally gravitate to. I would LOVE to win this giveaway but if not I will be buying this line. I believe that #2 is the false statement based on your interview.

    Paige Gonzalez

  17. I also choose #2 – but it is not because I don't think these fabrics aren't worthy of a formal education -just some people are so very, very talented they can skip textile school. :->

  18. This fabric is the epitome of winter as far as I'm concerned!! Love it! #2 is the "lie" (I think). Would so love to win this giveaway.

  19. Im guessing number 1 is a lie..thanks for the chance to win. This collection is absolutely beautiful, would make such a nice, warm,cozy quilt!

  20. I'm gonna say #2 because Gloria has a paper company ( nice papers too) and if she went to a design school for textiles I think she would have had a textile company instead. But not everything goes down the path we thought LOL πŸ™‚

  21. #2 seems to be a lie. Nevertheless, this is fabulous fabric. I love the birds! Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I'm going to say #2. I love, love, love this line. Can't wait to make up something for the holidays with it.

  23. My feeling tells me it's #2.
    Not because others said so, but because the fabric some how tells a lot about the designer… And I simply love these earthly lovely design!

  24. I think 2 is false. I love the fabric and think it will make gorgeous winter items.

  25. #2 is the lie – but I "cheated" by reading the Kate & Birdie about us! "Self-taught artist" implies no formal education, and as a (former) homeschooling mom and high school drop-out with a unique education and career stream of my own, I warmly appreciate self-taught anything!

  26. I would have to agree that #2 is the lie. Fingers are crossed. This is by far, my favorite collection of anything that I have seen in the past year.

  27. I'm going with number 2. (I attended school for textile design.) I love the idea of a "winter" line rather than a Christmas one. Christmas is short but winter is loooong–much more opportunity to show off these beautiful fabrics

  28. I think #2 is false. What an absolutely gorgeous fabric! Thank you for the giveaway.

  29. I believe that #2 is the fib. Who needs school when you have natural talent like this? Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely bundle and for the interview with Gloria.

  30. I think #2 is the falsehood since your bio says you are self taught….that is amazing!!
    Thanks for the chance to win such pretty fabric!!


  31. I bet there is no textile design school in your past, tho who would guess it from these lovely fabrics? Awesome *(and your paper too).

  32. I'm really hoping it's # 2 that is false because I would love to win this fabric. It's beautiful for winter!

  33. I believe #2 is false.
    This is so sweet and soft and cozy-feeling. It does remind me of chilly winters with soft snow, and cozy red fires and mittens. Congrats and thanks for a chance to win this lOveliness.

  34. #1 Your ColoraS Are Fab! Maybe You Went To Textile School For A Month And Thought You Were Just Fine Without It, Ha. Beautiful.

  35. I choose answer #2. I believe she was self-taught.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win; these fabrics
    are BEAUTIFUL!

  36. Based on everything I've read about Glorisa – #2 is the lie. What wonderful fabric – thanks for the chance!

  37. I LOVE this collection! Love how beautifully you describe it as well. I am guessing #2 is false, and would love to see your Little Golden Books collection. (:

  38. This collection is so lovely! The colors are so soothing and calming and the red birds are charming. As far as which one's a lie….hmmmmm….maybe #2!

  39. I just adore this collection it is perfect just what I need for ,y next project I say 2 is false thank you for the opportunity to win this gorgeous collection

  40. Such a beautiful fabric collection! It makes me want to visit Canada. I'm guessing that statement #2 is false. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  41. I see that the vast majority is choosing 2, and I am tempted to go with it, but I'll say #1. Neutrals are awesome, but colors are even cooler!

  42. My vote is #2 is wrong, it's also my lucky number. Love the soft look of the collection it's beautiful.

  43. I am guessing #2 as seems most popular answers on the posts. The fabric collection is beautiful esecially with the use of neutrals. The collection of vintage Golden Books is too intriging to be a lie.

  44. I'm hoping that being a "self taught artist' translates to #2 being false! πŸ™‚

    absolutely beautiful collection! I wish I didn't live so far away where shipping is almost as much as the fabric itself or I'd be getting some of this asap!

  45. I go with the majority and think that number 2 is the false statement. I love this collection!

  46. I am saying Number 2 is false. I also hope I get an opportunity to either win this collection or purchase it. It is beautiful.

  47. I'm going for No. 1 as being untrue – I think Gloria looks like an equal opportunity textile lover. Beautiful colours & designs in this line, thank you!

  48. Iwouls say number two is false. What a wonderful fabric line! Barbara


  49. This fabric is beautiful. I love that I can make something and use it all winter and not just for Christmas. I think #3 is a lie. Thanks!

  50. Love this fabric! The colors are wonderful. I think number 2 is a lie. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  51. I cannot stress eough how much I love this collection! Superb.

    Now the lie… no idea!

    I attended school for textile design???

  52. My guess would be #2. I am so in love with this fabric collection. I collect cardinal anything and can hardly wait to make a quilt with this fabric.

  53. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fabric!
    I think #2 is the falsehood answer.
    Hoping, hoping, hoping I win this wonderful fabric!! Kim Alston

  54. Gotta go with the law of averages, but in this case, i also think they are right. It's got to be # 2. Thanks for sharing. LOVE the new line. It is gorgeous.

  55. 2 is a lie, she's a 'self taught artist'.

    1 & 3 are true.

    Love, love, love! this fabric line. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. I guess it was # 2. This collection is stunning and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  57. Hello! Number 2 is false because she is a self-taught artist. These fabrics are fabulous. The combination of colors is so new and fresh looking. I would love love love to win these. Happy Quilting!

  58. I think #2 is false! Love the fabrics! Glad to see a Canadian being profiled!

    Kerry L.

  59. I think #2 is a lie. Anyone who could use these fabrics is not a neutral person! these are beautiful!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  60. I believe #2 is false. Love the neutrals and blue in these fabrics, and the winter theme rather than holiday only.

  61. This fabric is so beautiful! I'm going to guess that Number 2 is the lie! Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. I am going to go along with the crowd and guess that #2 is a lie- all are plausible so it is hard to guess.
    They are a beautiful line of fabrics- the red and grey remind me of some of the Rouenairres fabrics by French General which I love..
    Thanks for the chance to win such pretty fabrics.
    Regards from Alberta,

  63. I think number 2 is false. These are beautiful fabrics – I LOVE them!! Thanks for a chance to win such lovely fabrics!

  64. This is the lie: 2. I attended school for textile design. But I'm never right so who knows. I do love the fabric collection.

  65. My guess is that Gloria was an art major, not textile design, so #2 is the lie.

    I LOVE this collection and will add it to my stash. On the hunt to buy local.

  66. I am going to say #2 is not true. Beautiful fabric line. Thanks for the great giveaway! Cheryl

  67. Since Gloria is a self-taught artist and it was stated that this is her "debut" in the fabric world, I would say #2 is a falsehood. Love her designs and color choices. Her paper product designs are really original top-of-the-line and hopefully she will translate those designs into fabric also.

  68. #2. Maybe I love Gloria's collection so much because I was born in Canada and lived in Alaska
    5 years!

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  71. I would guess #1 is a lie, as it is so difficult to pick favorites as there is something to love in each fabric! And these are sew easy to love!