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Designer Select: Jenn Ski

The Fat Quarter Shop and Jenn Ski have teamed up to present you with a Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive! Jenn has specially selected 12 prints from her Ten Little Things collection along with 3 coordinating Bella Solids for this special bundle you will only find at the Fat Quarter Shop.

Q: What inspired you to pick the colors and designs in your Ten Little Things collection?
A: First I designed the large 1-through-10 panel, and then I pulled elements from that and built on them to come up with the other patterns and designs. I selected the prints for the Designer Select bundle because you see the variety that came from my panel. I love colors and patterns from the 50’s and 60’s, and you can see that as an influence throughout my work.

Q: What are 3 words you would choose to describe this collection, not including any of the fabric designs!
1. Fun
2. Nature
3. Retro

*2 Truths and a Lie* 
1. I do most of my work after midnight.
2. I don’t own a TV.
3. My favorite vegetable is cauliflower.

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win a Jenn Ski’s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle!

You have exactly one week from the post date.
Good Luck!


  1. I'm guessing that #3 is false. With all the wonderful, flavorful vegetables, why would anyone prefer cauliflower? Kathie L in Allentown

  2. I'm guessing #3 about cauliflower is the lie; LOVE this fabric line; thanks for the chance to win! (marshudson at comcast dot net)

  3. I'm going to say #3 is false. Inspiration striking after midnight seems totally probable. Is fabric is so dang cute!

  4. I will guess #2 is false. I really love this line! I just discovered it recently, looking for fabric to use to decorate my baby's nursery – I'm 6 months pregnant with my first baby, a boy, and it's hard to find cute boy fabric, but I love this one!

  5. I am guessing #2 as you talk about your love of Sesame street (I was looking for crayon stuff!!)
    However I guess that could have been viewed via computer. I hope I am right as I really love this range and just can't afford the shipping costs to buy a lot of it!!

  6. The fabric is so amazing! Love, love, love it! This is a hard truth/false question. I'm going with 3! I think Jenn is a tomato girl!

  7. Someone as creative as Jenn has no time to watch T.V., so I'm guessing #2 is incorrect. Thanks for the chance to win such adorable, sweet, creative, and fun fabric. My grandson would just LOVE it!

  8. My guess is number three. Nobody's favorite vegetable could be cauliflower. Of this I am positive. After all it is right next to broccoli in the vegetable display at my store.

  9. Love, love, love the fabric. It would be perfect for the charity quilts we are doing. I will guess that 3 is false. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. I'm going to guess #2 is false. Even though I could do very well without a tv myself, everyone else in the family would go nuts.

  11. I go with #3 because if I get on a roll, after midnight seem like the middle of the day to me:)

    I really like this fabric!!!!

  12. I am guessing #3….because I know a lot of quilters who work waaaaaaay past midnight (myself included) and if you had a radio-you can do without a TV. Thus the reason I picked #3! (Even though I myself love cauliflower!!)

  13. Love this fabric line ~ I'm guessing No. 2 is false ~ it may be retro in style, which is nothing wrong with that! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Greetings from Northern Saskatchwan CANADA! What a hard choice! I'm guessing #2 is false.

    I love the fabric! Thanks for a chance to win!
    Catherine Z

  15. Love the retro feel of this line!

    My guess is that #3 is false (no cauliflower for you!

  16. Oh, heck. I am going to guess that #2 is false. Those groovy retro designs look like they might have been created by someone staying up late, watching tv. 🙂

  17. I am guessing that #1 is a lie – I know that people that don't have televisions and that don't like cauliflower so that is my guess.
    Your fabric is fun and the winner is going to love playing with it.
    Regards from western Canada,

  18. I'll bet on #3 being false. Who would choose cauliflower over chocolate & pizza!!! Great fabric – I can think of soooo many uses. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  19. I think 2 is the false statement. Thank you for the chance to win these fun fabrics. Take care and God bless, Cory

  20. Number #3 is the lie….quilters don't have time for TV and they rarely have time before midnight to sew, lol….thanks for offering thi8s giveaway.
    Susanne 🙂

  21. I don't think #3 is true — while I love cauliflower, there are way more that I love more. I hope I'm right, and win!

  22. I am working after midnight and I like cauliflower so no 2 as there is so much 'tv' available elsewhere. Love the colours & design, Susan S

  23. I'm going to guess she's like me and doesn't like cauliflower! Thanks for the chance to win.

    dezertsuz at gmail

  24. I think #3 is false. Thanks for another great giveaway! Love the retro look in this fabric.
    dluckyz at excite dot com

  25. I think #3 is false, I bought the layer cake and today some yardage in 4 of the prints arrived to finish of quilts for my grandsons, I love this range and would like to make more quilts using it, adorable

  26. i'd say #3 is false..but I haven't a clue! but love the collection! I just had two little twin boys and there just seems to be a shortage of fabric that would fit for a little boy!

  27. hmm- this is tough
    I'm going with #3 although Cauliflower *is* my favorite and I'm hungry right now- steamed with butter oooh yum!

  28. I'm guessing #1 is false. I think Jenn likes bright, natural light in her office so I think that's the false statement. Thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous prize!

  29. I guess number 3 . I have no idea but she has a great off likes children and is talented. Soo I hope Im right so I might win. Love that fabric line it is so cute.

  30. I'm guessing #1. Jenn has such a bright white studio and gorgeous place to work…..why stay up late to work? I love, love, love this fabric and will have to find some soon since grand baby three is almost here!!!

  31. I think #2 is false. I believe you own no tv's. As busy as you are, I don't think you have time to veg in front of the tv 🙂 Love the fabric line!!!