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Designer Select: Bonnie & Camille + Giveaway

Are you ready for some deliciousness? Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics has arrived, and we know you won’t be able to resist a bite! Bonnie & Camille are here today to tell you about Scrumptious and serve up some eye candy. And lucky for you, we are giving away a Bonnie & Camille Designer Select Bundle! Yum, indeed!

Q: Where did you find your original inspiration for Scrumptious?
A:This was such a delightful collection to put together! We based the color scheme around a new color for us, the minty green. Once we had that, and the coral, everything else just came together perfectly. So I guess the line was inspired by the colors!


Q:What inspired you to pick the colors and designs in your Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle?
A: We really wanted to make sure that with just a few of our favorite pieces you could get a feel for the whole line. The red stripe is Camille’s favorite, and Bonnie’s favorite orange paisley is also included. And we couldn’t leave out the aqua floral! Overall, we think it is a pretty delicious mix.


Q: Tell us about your background. How did you get into the fabric and quilting industry?
A:Camille: My mom taught me to sew when I was a little girl, but didn’t make my first quilt start to finish until I was a teenager. When my first son Aiden was a baby I started sewing more for him, and after a few projects, I was hooked! I grew up helping my mom with her pattern company, Cotton Way, and started my own, Thimble Blossoms, in 2007. 

Bonnie: I started sewing when I was six, making Barbie clothes from my mom’s scraps. I started my pattern company, Cotton Way, in 1990. I can’t believe it’s been 23 years! We started designing fabric for Moda in 2008 and have absolutely loved it. Best job ever! 

Poppies by Cotton Way featuring Scrumptious

Q: How do you collaborate on your collections?
A:This is our favorite part of being fabric designers. To get the collection started, and throughout the process we Skype (a lot!) and when we are close to finishing up, Bonnie usually flies out to Camille’s house, because it is so much warmer and she gets to see her grandkids (but really because it’s much warmer πŸ˜‰ and we’ll work on a line together, between a few necessary lunches out, of course. Dropping it off at UPS is always very ceremonial! 


Surfside by Thimble Blossoms featuring Scrumptious

Q:What are some blocks or obstacles you encounter in your creativity, and how do you get past them?
A:Believe it or not, we don’t always agree. Crazy right? Sometimes it’s a matter of, you win this one, I win the next one, and that tends to work out pretty well for us. Camille was dying to name the last line happy-go-lucky and Bonnie was pulling for Scrumptious. So it worked out great! 


Sweet Moda Quilt Kit by Cotton Way featuring Scrumptious

Q:What do you plan to make using Scrumptious?
A:We each designed four new patterns from the line for Spring Market, and you can see Bonnie’s here and here and Camille’s here. This line was a dream to sew with! Once we started sewing, we had a hard time stopping. We hope you enjoy creating with it as much we have. 


Baby Love by Cotton Way featuring Scrumptious

2 Truths and a Lie
A:1. We’ve recently become enamored with Jersey Boys.
2. We love winter and can’t get enough of the snow.
3. We just turned in our tenth fabric line (!). 

Niner by Thimble Blossoms featuring Scrumptious and Happy Go Lucky

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win Bonnie & Camille’s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle! Contest closes Monday October 21, 2013. Good luck!


  1. Will have to select #2 as false, based on the fact that Bonnie flies to Camille's house where it's warmer. Love the fabric! Jan

  2. #2 is definitely a lie because I come from an area in Canada where we have winter for about 8 months and enough is enough already!! Thanks for the chance… I love this fabric!!

  3. #2 is false. I just love the new minty aqua. The stripes, berry print and and dots are my favorite. I think I'll make a quilt from this line for my new granddaughter we will meet in February.

  4. #2–their colors are so gorgeously spring that they have to be dreaming of spring and summer all winter long!

    I love the new line–I think it would be perfect to go with the Ruby line, which I used for my little Ruby's nursery last year. Now that she needs a big girl bed quilt, I think I know just the new fabric to add to my Ruby scraps!

  5. I know that there are not 10 fabric lines yet, but #3 states that you just turned in your 10th line, so I'm thinking that could be true.

    So I'm going with #2 being a lie as I am a former Idaho girl whose parents moved us to Arizona just because of winter.

    I think that Scrumptious is well scrumptious!

  6. If I were flying somewhere warmer I would NOT be loving the snow. So I'm going with #2 as the lie. πŸ™‚

    LOVE this line! It is gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  7. I'm not sure, but the clue was going where it is warmer. Number 2 is my guess. Thank you kindly for the give away!

  8. #2- While Winter can be beautiful, it is certainly COLD! that is why I live in Arizona:) I hope I win!

  9. I'm pretty sure the false statement is 2. We love winter and can't get enough of the snow.

    Love their fabric! Always fresh and fun!

  10. I think #2 is false. These fabrics are truly scrumptious! I would like to have them to make cosmetic bags for my three daughters and two granddaughters. My oldest daughter LOVES this fabric line.

  11. I think #2 is false….I have loved every single one of their lines of fabric and this one is no different!!


  12. Since Bonnie travels to Camille's place when they are working on a fabric line because it is warmer, I'd say #2 is false.

  13. You've got to be kidding about #2! I live through winters here in Wisconsin and I know that no one is goofy enough to feel that way!

  14. I think number 2 is false! I love the new colors, and it makes me want to start on a Spring quilt just looking at them!

  15. I will guess that #2 is the lie. I love this line. I've got a charm pack waiting for me to create something wonderful…. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. I hope, #3 is false.
    Scrumptious is the 8th line, I think.
    And this line is great!

    If I am right, then you should like winter. Really?

    annie (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. I'm going with number 2 too. I'm totally in love with Scrumptious it's my favourite Bonnie and Camille line so far, although I say that about each new line they release lol. Louise xx.

  18. I think #2 is a lie. Although snow is nice for a while, I can get sick of it after several months of the stuff!

  19. I think #2 is false – these colors are too bright and happy for winter loving folk! Hope I win so I can make something beautiful with these!!!

  20. 2 must be false although I cannot imagine that you can't get enough snow! What better weather for sewing, quilting, & snuggling in the final product!

  21. I think it's #2, I know cold winters (I live in Canada)…hope I'm right! Love all the fabric lines, and Scrumptious is no exception. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. I think Comment #2 is false! Camille lives in NV, and there is no snow! I know Bonnie lives in ID but I think snow is a no! πŸ˜›

  23. I'm going to say Number 2 is the lie…I hope I'm right! I love their fabrics and this line is no dissapointment!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I would guess number 2 is false I think winter is long enough without wishing for it to last longer, I love the minty green and coral fabrics this collection is beautiful

  25. I'm going to guess that No. 2 is false–you do NOT like winter and snow! Your new fabric line is perfectly named; it IS scrumptious! Thanks!

  26. Some of my favorite designers!!!!!I really think number 2 is false. Hoping, fingers crossed! Love this collection.

  27. Oh, how I love EVERYTHING you two do! My guess is that #2 is a lie. Thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful collection.

  28. #2 for sure! These colors and others they've designed are too pretty to be thought up in the drabs of winter! I can't wait to win this! I'll be sitting by my mailbox πŸ˜‰

  29. I think #2 is false since Grandma likes to go to her daughter's and grandkids' house because it's warmer weather there. I love this line, all the colors are favorites of mine. I'd love to make a colorful and happy quilt out of this!

  30. I'm not sure who the Jersey Boys are…so not sure there.

    I dislike the cold, but love quiltmaking in the winter, especially with the snow falling.

    I've been able to track Scrumptious as #8 (with Moda anyway), but that can't discount that these wonderful ladies aren't a couple of fabric lines ahead when they say "turned in".

    I'll go with #1 as the lie.

  31. I'm guessing #2 is false. Love all of Bonnie and Camille's fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win. And thanks, Jolly Jabber, for all your terrific interviews and inspiration.

  32. Well, based on your comments about going where it's warmer, I would say #2 is false. I love this collection. I'm already making a tote bag out of the charm pack.

  33. #2 is what I'm guessing. Just found out the fabric lines from these 2 fabulous designers. Love the colors. Thanks for the chance.
    sewstar at hotmail . com

  34. I believe #2 is the lie–because you mentioned liking the warmth as a slightly bigger motivation even than the grandkids!

    I just love all your lines, but this one really speaks to me!

  35. #2 is definitely false. I love this warm bright and cheery line of fabric! I have been waiting for what seems like forever to buy the yardage so I can start my quilt!

  36. Love Scrumptious which is your #8 line which means your 3rd statement is false! However, I think #2 is a trick statement and that you probably bend that one a bit! Either way this was a fun guess…Joni

  37. I think it is number 2 as who could love snow that much!! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  38. My guess would be #2. I know some people love winter and snow, but I am not one of them. I love this line of fabric. The aqua and red together just inspires me.

  39. Thank you very much for a chance to win. I believe the false statement is a love for winter and snow. Living in Houston I think snow looks best on a television! I love your patterns and fabrics!

  40. I believe number #2 (can't get enough snow) is false.

    Love your fabric lines!!

    Thank you,
    Stephanie S.

  41. love, love, love the fabric. It looks so much fun to work with. My granddaughter would love a skirt made with the fabric. I think #2 is incorrect. Even though snow gives you a good excuse to stay in and quilt. The continuing snow fall and so much cold gets old very quick.

  42. # 2 is the false ….love the colors and the patterns ! Thanks for another great collection…would love to make something for a little girl from it ( or maybe a big girl ( me ) !!

  43. I think #2 is false since they talk about how much they love warm weather. Plus if they started their line in 2008, this could be their 10th line and who doesn't like Jersey Boys!

  44. # 2 is the false ….love the colors and the patterns ! Thanks for another great collection…would love to make something for a little girl from it ( or maybe a big girl ( me ) !!

  45. I'm going with #2.

    I love, love, love all the fabrics from Bonnie & Camille!! I used their color pallet and fabrics as my inspiration when I recently remodeled by sewing area!!

  46. Truth is Scrumptious really IS Scrumptious. Lie is #2, because Bonnie likes to fly out to Camille's because it's WARMER. (and to visit the Grandkids, of course)

  47. I think number 2 is false considering it is mentioned in the article that Bonnie and Camille enjoy getting together at Camille's house because it is warmer.

  48. I think #2 is false as I think they both love warm weather. Another beautiful line of fabric that I can't wait to play with.

  49. I absolutely love everything that Bonnie and Camille design….my sewing room is proof! I think that #2 is false. Love the patterns pictured also.

  50. Okay April Showers comes out in Spring that' #10 so you just TURNED IN #11~ fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance at such a Scrumptious treat!!

  51. I think number 2 is false. I live in Canada and let me tell you there are some winters that I have had enough of it!! LOL
    Love the new line of fabric, that name fits it to a tee.
    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway…

  52. Hi Bonnie and Camille,

    WOW to your "Scrumptious" line. The lie is Jersey Boys – handsome and singing beautifully, but you don't have time for another love triangle while quilting!

  53. #2 is false. Bonnie and Camille don't love winter and the snow since they like warmer weather. Love, love, love your fabrics!!!

  54. I can't believe that anyone can't get enough snow, so I would have to say I don't believe #2……I love your line of fabric…keep up the great work, as I love working with your fabric!

  55. #2 is the lie! Love, love, love the new Scrumptious line. Can't wait to work with it.

    Ming (mdai97 at yahoo dot com)