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Designer Select: Bonnie and Camille

The Fat Quarter Shop, Bonnie and Camille have teamed up to present you with a Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive! Bonnie and Camille have specially selected 12 prints from their Ruby collection along with 3 coordinating Bella Solids for this special bundle you will only find at the Fat Quarter Shop.

Q: What inspired you to pick the colors and designs in your Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle?
A: Ruby is actually named after Camille’s spunky great-grandma Ruby. A bit about Ruby, at a whopping 5 foot 1in tall, she had bright red hair and drove a sporty orange Nova in her 70’s. That should sum her up pretty well. She was a fireball! We used one of her favorite aqua flower brooches and several vintage prints from her fabric collection as the inspiration for the line, which absolutely had to include red, aqua and just a bit of orange, just to commemorate the Nova. Silly, right?

Ruby & her friend Betty

It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but we happen to love a great aqua/red combo more than just about anything. There is just something about those colors together; and then mixed with a limey green, beautiful gray and a coral? Perfect. It was easy to select the prints for our bundle, we are aqua and red junkies. It’s true. The solids we picked for the bundle complement and show off the other prints really well, and that floral ties it all together.

Q: What are 3 words you would choose to describe this collection, not including any of the fabric designs!
1. Cheery
2. Fresh
3. Retro

*2 Truths and a Lie* 
1. We are completely hooked on Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke.
2. We share a birthday.
3. We have almost enough fabric between us to circle the earth twice.

One of the 3 statements is false. Comment on this post telling me which statement you think is false. Answer correctly and you have a chance to win Bonnie & Camille’s Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle!

You have exactly one week from the post date.
Good Luck!


  1. I know this one. I happen to follow Camille's blog and I know she loves Dr.Pepper. I'm sure her Mom is the Diet. Coke gal, me too. I also know they share a birthday. So, I'm saying number 3 is false. Love Ruby fabric!

  2. #3 is the incorrect statement (although I'm sure that it's almost true)!! I absolutely LOVE the ruby collection…I was never a fan of aqua & red together until now.

  3. I'm guessing #3 is false as well. I know Camille is crazy about Dr Pepper! Love the aqua/red combo! "Ruby" sounds like she was a very memorable, amazing lady – full of life. Very cool that you named this fabric group for her.

  4. I think it would be pretty hard to have that much fabric so #3 is my guess. Awesome collection – thanks for the chance to win it.

  5. I think #3 is false. I recall reading about Camille's Dr. Pepper obsession and I vaguely recollect the birthday thing?

  6. This fabric looks absolutely yummy! I think #3 is false – though I think I have enough fabric to circle the earth maybe once.

  7. I'm going with number 3. That would be a stinkin' lot of fabric, that I'd like to own I might add! So happy to see you honoring your great-grandma. I think grandma's are awesome!

  8. I love Bonnie and Camille, and I love their new Ruby line. It is a perfect compliment to Bliss. I think that number 3 is false. I haven't made the calculations, but it seems a little far fetched πŸ™‚

  9. I know that Camille loves Dr. Pepper because I read her blog. I think I remember reading that she shares a birthday with her mom. So I'm guessing #3 if false. I can't even imagine how many yards of fabric it would take to circle the earth twice but I'm guessing even Moda couldn't do it with their supply! Love that gorgeous bundle and I caught the aqua/red bug from Camille long ago.

  10. This fabric is so darn pretty! I just love the color combination, and the prints are charming. Well, number 3 must be false! I'll bet they have enough to reach the moon! LOL!
    Seriously, though, can you imagine what kind of loveliness must be in the stash of these two ladies?

  11. Love this fabric. Thanks fo the posst. Number 2 cannot possibly be true if they are mother and daughter, The birth year would have to be different.

  12. Such a gorgeous bundle! I think I'll have to go with #3…though who wouldn't want enough fabric to circle the earth? But, where would you ever stash it?? πŸ™‚

  13. Mmmmm – this fabric bundle is so pretty! Bright and cheery – just like the designers – they always make me smile πŸ™‚

    #3 is false – although I bet these beautiful ladies can make it pretty far to the moon with their fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous bundle!!

  14. #3 has to be the false one – that would be almost 7 million yards of fabric each, and I don't think even FQS has that much lying around!

  15. Perhaps #2 is incorrect. Some would say I had enough fabric to circle the earth twice. I think these two woman are great. Great family, friends and fabric designers. Love everything they do.
    Congrats to the winner.

  16. I think all 3 statements are true, the ladies just measured their fabric with metric rulers instead of yardsticks, so they came up a bit short in the math redo. I'll pick #3 as false…but just barely false. Thanks!

  17. I'd have to say that #3 would be the falsehood. It's probably not a total lie, maybe just an exaggeration? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing the backstory on Ruby. It's a great fabric line!

  18. Gorgeous fabric! I know that they share a birthday, and that Camille loves Dr Pepper, so I guess I'll go for number 3 being the lie!

  19. I'm going with #3 because while I'm sure both have lots and lots of fabric, I also know they use lots and lots of fabric to create their beautiful quilts πŸ™‚

  20. I've loved reading Mrs. Bonnie and Camille's blogs for a while now, so I'm going to go with #3. Although wouldn't a stash that big be fun to sort through?

  21. Totally love this collection. I'd like to make Swoon with these fabrics. I'll guess #3 – Probably enough for once around the world but twice?? Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I'm sure #3 is false but I bet it's close! (LOL) I've been waiting to make Swoon and Ruby would be my first fabric choice…love the colors. Cheers to great grandma Ruby!!!!

  23. I'm going with #3 as false as well … that'd be an LOT of fabric!

    I was at my LQS last week when Ruby arrived … gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win some!!

  24. number three is false, threes a charm :O} would love a chance to win some ruby, have all their lines, made a quilt out of each so far, the only quilts i have kept for myself personally :O} I currently do not own any ruby, so this would be great to win!!! thanks

  25. It has to be #3 because that would mean they would have to have close to 88 million yards of fabric between the two of them. That is a great deal of fabric. Which comes out to about 4 million bolts. WOW that is a lot of fabirc!!!

  26. Having read your blogs regularly and getting to know a bit about each of you I am definitely going with #3.
    Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful line.

  27. I am going to say that #3 is incorrect…and possibly because they could circle the earth more than 2 times with their combined fabric collection lol

  28. Well, you'd need over 85 million yards of fabric to go around the world twice, so I'm guessing #3 is false.

  29. #3 – our husbands just think we all have that much fabric!! I have been waiting for Ruby to come out, love it!! I've put it on my Christmas wish list but I'm not sure I can wait that long!!

  30. Wow. I'm trying to imagine how big their houses would have to be to hold that much fabric. I'm going with #3. That's cool that they share a birthday!

  31. #3 is not true. I love Ruby and would like to win some!
    Greetings, Inka from Germany

  32. Originally I was going to say #3, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it is true. So, I guess that means I'm going with #2.

  33. I'm guessing that #3 is false, but not by much! LOVE Ruby! Thanks for the chance to win some! πŸ™‚

  34. I had a wonderful relative named Ruby, too. We called her Nanny Ruby. Thanks for bringing wonderful memories to mind! Great looking collection!

    Let's say number 3 is false or not entirely true:)

  35. #3 is false. I love Ruby. The colors are so pretty. I had a grandmother named Ruby too. She had reddish hair too…for awhile. Then she dyed it again!

  36. I remember reading about Dr. Pepper and shared birthdays, so #3 is not true. Love Ruby… so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win some!

  37. I heard that somepart of the body, blood vessels if laid end on end perhaps could circle the earth (which blew my mind) but if anyone's stash could do it I would think you are counting threads…so #3? but who knows?(Well, they do of course!) I agree with their description of this pretty fabric.

  38. I guess #3 is false – that's a lot of yardage! Thanks for interview – Ruby looks great and sounds like it has a great namesake!

  39. Statement 3 is false I believe. I read their blogs so I'm pretty sure it's 3. Anyway, that would be a ginormous of fabric! Way more than two houses full I would think!

  40. I would use these three words to describe Ruby as soft, vintage, and bright. I am pretty sure that #3 is false. If it's not I am so jealous.

  41. the circumference of the earth is 24500+ miles depending on where it is measured

    so there are 5280 feet or 1760 yards per mile

    so that would mean 86,240,000 yards

    Where would they store it?

    so #3 is wrong!

  42. I would have to say number 3 is false as I know Camille is a big Dr. Pepper fan like me and I believe I have read in the past they have the same birthdays. Hopefully I got my info right!

  43. Number three is false. So glad Ruby is now available for purchase, love that scallop print.

    valekort at yahoo dot com

  44. I'd have to say no.3 is the false one….I just love Ruby and the story behind the making of it makes it even more special.Thanks for sharing the memories πŸ™‚ Barb.

  45. I think it is number 2 I remember when Camille redid her moms blog for her birthday and I dong think it was at the same time as hers although they may be close. Love this fabric:)

  46. I love Ruby so much!!! what's not to love! It is gorgeous! The colours are amazing And as for the false statement I'm going with number 3. :-). Good luck everyone!!

  47. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have enough fabric to circle the world twice but, alas, I think #3 is the lie.

  48. Oh my goodness, I follow Camille's blog so I know this!! #3 is false, although I find that really hard to believe!! I know for sure that Camille is addicted to Dr. Pepper and I know they share a birthday!
    tamiquilts at att dot net

  49. Number 3. To much work to figure out…though by my estimates you would have to have almost 7 million yards of fabric to encircle the earth…

  50. I think that number 3 is incorrect. I am enamored with this fabric! High on my list!

  51. I love this fabric! I am going with #3 as the falsehood. Although I am sure their combined fabric stashes aren't too short of that measurement…I am guessing they don't have THAT much fabric. πŸ™‚

  52. Love love love Ruby! And Swoon is on my to-do list (for the *near* future, I hope).

    I will have to say that #3 is the "lie" because you keep making beautiful quilts so you can't just be hoarding all that fabric haha.

  53. I'm going to have to go with #3 as being false because I know Camille is very fond of Dr Pepper (that is putting mildly, LOL). Though I think between you both, you have created enough fabric to maybe circle the at least earth once!!! Just don't think you have it on hand, *grin*
    What a fun Grandma, I can't think of a lovelier way to remember her than with a beautiful line of fabric named after her. Thanks for a chance to win some of this gorgeous fabric.

  54. As much as it may seem like it's actually true, I do believe #3 must be false. If it's true, um… someone's got too much fabric! just sayin'

  55. I don't think they have the same birthdate. I do believe they probably have enough fabric between them to circle the earth at least twice. Don't all of us quilters?

  56. It has to be number 3 that is the lie but I think maybe they need to recount the amount of fabric they have πŸ™‚ I've seen stash photos on Camille's blog and no two are ever the same so just saying all 3 may actually be correct.

  57. Not sure #3 is so much false as a slight exaggeration. πŸ˜€ But I'll go with #3 here. (ps–in LOVE with Ruby!!)

  58. Love the retro feel of Ruby! I think #3 is false, but I bet their fabric collection is half way to that size! πŸ™‚

  59. I'll say #3 is false. No doubt they have a LOT but surely not that much! How would Camille have room for those cute children if she had that much fabric?

  60. I think #3 — I am guessing that you have enough fabric in your stash to circle the earth more that twice πŸ™‚ LOL Love Ruby! Love hearing about the reasons behind your designs. AWESOME team!!!

  61. Difficult, but apparently everyone thinks number 3 is false, so I'll be the odd one out and say number 2is false… Love the bundle..

  62. I believe number 3 is false, though I am sure that they are well on their way. Love the fabrics!!! I just got the layer cake last week!

  63. I too follow their blogs and I'm saying #3 in incorrect. Love Ruby and will have to order their designer bundle if I'm not a lucky winner this time! Thanks

  64. I think the false statement is #2 – but the real truth of the matter is that Ruby is bonafide beautiful, fun and adorable. Love it!

  65. Love Ruby SO much! Glad to know who it was named after, too! I'm just guessing #3 is false. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. I'll guess blind on this one . . . being a devotee to Diet Coke, I know that surely one of them loves it, and Dr. Pepper isn't a bad choice either. So can't be #1. I don't know either of them, but I'm guessing they share a birthday. I'll go with #3 as the false statement! πŸ™‚

  67. Love the colors of this line – I especially love the scallop as well, and the dots! πŸ™‚ I love Camille's blog, so I do believe that #3 is the falsehood. Now that would be a LOT of fabric!

  68. Red and Aqua look like a great color combo which I have never used, may have to make something soon. False statement is #3.

  69. This one is false:
    We are completely hooked on Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke.

    Ruby is retro but at the same time fresh. And of course, it's cheery – doesn't looking at it just make you happy?!

  70. Great fabric girls! I think that no. 3 is false – maybe enough fabric for 1 1/2 times around….but not 2 πŸ˜‰

  71. Well, being here in the great state of Texas, home of Dr Pepper, comment 2 has to be true from my standpoint. I'll go with #3 being false. Calculating that out (former physics teacher speaking here), that would be 87,651,520 yards of fabric! Ha!

  72. I am positive that #3 is not correct. I love Camille's blog, her boys and her fabric. Ruby would be a welcome, fresh, beautiful addition to my small stash!

  73. Love the colors!!! I know they both love their sodas (I know Camille loves Dr. P, but not 100% sure about Bonnie's love for Diet Coke?) and that they share a birthday so I think number 3 is false. Would love to win the bundle! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Carmen at Old House Kitchen

  74. #3 for sure. I'm totally printing out this to share with a gift recipient of a Ruby quilt that I'm planning for Christmas. She'll love to hear the thoughts that went into the design, thanks for sharing! I'd love that fqb so I can make a matching quilt for myself!!

  75. Oh that is an easy one. It's number 3. I have a fat quarter bundle of Ruby, I ordered the swoon kit, plus yardage. Oh yeah, send me some more Ruby….Love it!

  76. I'm totally obsessed with Ruby at the moment…. just can't get enough of it!! I'm going with number 3 as being false, even though they probably both sometimes both feel like it's true. You never can have enough fabric though:P

  77. Love Ruby! Love that you had such a great Ruby to represent in this line of fabric! I am sure she is smiling from heaven. πŸ™‚

  78. Number 3 is false, though they mint have almost enough fabric to wrap around the earth πŸ™‚

    Ruby is such a great line of fabric. I love the colors!

  79. Love the ruby fabric! So pretty and happy! I will go with statement 3 as the false one. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!!

  80. I think #3 is false, at least I'm hoping so. How I'd love to win some Ruby – so pretty, and I love that it commemorates a "wild woman!"

  81. I choose # 3, although I bet they're close to that much fabric! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing the Ruby story.

  82. Ruby is a beautiful fabric line, and a lovely tribute to someone who sounds like a very special person. What a nice idea.
    I believe that the 3rd statement is false.

  83. I'd have to say number 3 is the false statement. I just adore these two girls and Ruby… ahh, need I say more! This line is Rubydelicious!!

  84. I have to say that #3 is false. I'm sure they both have a lot of fabric but I'm not sure they have THAT much!

    Deb S.

  85. I am guessing 3 is CLOSE to true, but NOT YET!!! A few more collections of fabric will probably mean all three are CORRECT!!!
    Wishing I could win, but good luck to all.

  86. I just went to my LQS tonight and purchased some Ruby before it is all snatched up! I am going with Number 3 as the lie.

  87. Beautiful, cheerful fabric–puts a smile on my face just looking at it! I'm going to guess that 3 is false…but then again, how recently have you checked? πŸ˜‰

  88. It may feel like they have enough fabric to circle the earth twice, but I am pretty sure that that is the false answer. I know after following Camile's Blog that she is a Dr.Pepper fan and I think I have heard that they share a birthday, so it has to be 3 the false answer. I love Ruby, wish it was in a store closer to me so I could see it in person. Also love the Swoon pattern/quilt!! Love Bonnie and Camile

  89. I absolutely LOVE this line!!! I know that Camille is addicted to Dr. Pepper (bc I am too) and I'm pretty sure they share a birthday.. So I'd have to pick #3 as false. Thanks for the chance to win some great stuff. Love you guys!

  90. I love this line and I really hope that I win!!! πŸ™‚ I believe No. 3 is incorrect, although I am sure they are not too far off!

  91. I'm guessing #3 is false. But maybe they have enough to circle the globe atleast once! LOL Love the Ruby line and how special to name it after a family member. Would love to win some, I too love the aqua and red combo.

  92. I'm pretty sure #3 is false… after following Camille's blog for so long… I know her love of the Dr…. and shared bday with mom…. question is… does mom like Diet Coke…. I'm still going with #3 being false… ! Thanks for the great give away! :o) Bari Jo

  93. I realize we all have some amazing fabric stashes but I seriously can't believe any of us would have enough to support that last statement as being true. If so, then I want to move next door to them and be very good friends; especially if it's that much aqua and red fabrics. LOL So my answer is that #3 is the false statement.

  94. How fun to hear the story behind Ruby. It's another great fabric line. I have to say that #3 is the lie. Thanks for a chance to win some awesome Ruby!

  95. I believe that #3 is incorrect! Now please, oh please, oh please Random Number Generator pick me for this wonderful giveaway!!!

  96. Number 3 is false but maybe just wishful thinking. Ruby is beautiful. Bonnie and Camille rock our quilting world!!

    Pat N

  97. I think that #3 is false. Actually, they probably have enough fabric to circle the earth three or four times anyway … RUBY is a fabulous line of fabric.
    Debbie R.

  98. I just received a smallish bundle of Ruby FQs. And I love it. Thanks for such a great fabric line.

    While number three may sometimes seem true, I'm guess it's the "lie."

    Thanks again!

    Caryn πŸ™‚

  99. Three is incorrect. My grandmother's name was Rubye so was attracted to this collection off the bat. Now, I learn that the inspiration Ruby drove an orange Nova. My first car was a brand new orange Chevy Nova! Am I destined to win? LOL

  100. I think #3 is false. My grandma Millie was a fireball in a ladylike way. Golfed in her 70's, went to Yellowstone in the 1920's with some girlfriends and won the state tennis doubles championship.

    I think #3 is false. I am sure they have a lot of fabric, but that would be a crazy amount to have.

  101. Gorgeous fabrics! I love Ruby, I think my daughter needs a quilt made of it for her room! I'm guessing number three is not quite accurate. Thank you!

  102. I love the Ruby line of fabric and the fat quarter bundle. I think No. 2 is false. Most of us love diet coke and have more fabric than we can use in this lifetime!

  103. I'm going for comment #3 as the lie, simply because with that much fabric your house would be like one of those compulsive collectors houses with tunnels to get from A to B

  104. It has to be Number 3. I know you would love to have this much fabric, but we all can only wish! Love Ruby. Thanks for the chance to win.

  105. The lie is 3. We have almost enough fabric between us to circle the earth twice.

    I am using Ruby and Bliss for my Farmer's Wife Quilt.

  106. As much as they love fabric, I'd say "3" is incorrect. πŸ™‚

    Love Ruby as it's my name sake as well. Can't wait to make a bunch of different things with the line besides a quilt. Yea to Grandma Ruby!

    Kind regards, Ruby on Oahu

  107. Love the Ruby line, and love the fact that it is inspired by Great Grandma Ruby!

    Number 3 must be the lie, although I'm fairly certain that they come close to circling twice!

    Deb Saaranen

  108. Love, love, love this fabric – my absolute favourite. Even thinking of doing a red and turquoise kitchen due to the inspiration of Bonnie and Camille! I'm pretty sure they don't have enough fabric to cicle the twice because the other two are definitely true!

  109. Absolutely love love love Bonnie & Camille fabrics…thanks for the opportunity to maybe win such a lovely bundle…so the lie – No 3 "We have almost enough fabric between us to circle the earth twice" is my pick for the untruth.

  110. I know number 3 is false. Only I have a triple garage full of fabric that would most certainly circle the Australia!
    Princess Tanya

  111. No. 3 is definitely false, only I have that much fabric!
    Love the range and have ordered 2 jelly rolls to do a hexagon quilt

  112. Well, I think #3 is incorrect. I know they both share a birthday, and I'm sure they love Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke. So, here's hoping.

  113. I would have to go with No 3 – that would be too much fabric to store under the bed and in the wardrobe! Love the freshness of Ruby

  114. Great fabric, love the colors. Now as a reader of Camilles' blog I am pretty sure 3 is false, although I bet they do have lots of fabric, maybe it only reaches around the U.S

  115. im guessing #3 is the false statement.
    i love fabrics!i love sewing! n i tried to know n love many designers including Ruby collections!the design is awesome n gorgeous!cheers!

  116. Hi I'm guessing three is a fib, a little one bit a fib. Loved bliss and super in love with Ruby and the story behind it. Thanks

  117. Ruby is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Bonnie and Camille. I think no 3 is false.
    Joan McClure

  118. I'm pretty sure that No. 3 is false, though it must be a pretty close thing and they surely have enough (gorgeous) quilts between gh to circle the earth twice! Love that scallop print, but my favourite is Retro x

  119. Well I know that B & C share a birthday….super special and I know that C LOVES DrP, so I'll guess that the fabric equation, whilst maybe close might not be true! Love Ruby big time.

  120. I only read the other comments after deciding that is must be nr. 3 as I know her husband to be Dr. Pepper and her favourite food mentioned was different! The birthday thing also recalls something in me, so that leaves nr. 3. Just wonder whether it is more or less then twice around the earth ;-).
    I am so in love with this line since I came across it first. My favourite? Maybe the white cherries? Or the Gray with red circles… no, choosing is just impossible -).

  121. Love the colors, and that it was inspired and named after your great-grandma!
    I think #3 is false, I bet you have enough fabric to circle the earth more than twice!

  122. I love Ruby it's so pretty and I love that it's rooted in family history. I think it's #3, their fabric probably only wraps the earth once! πŸ™‚

  123. What a great tribute to what sounds like a fabulous lady. I'm gonna guess that #3 is false, although that would be pretty cool. πŸ™‚

  124. Love Bonnie and Camille and all the wonderful fabrics they showcase. I'm going with number 3. because all the way around the earth twice is pretty far even allowing for us fabricaholics tendencies…..

  125. Number 3 is false (but probably just barely!).

    Lovelovelovelovelove Ruby. Crossing my fingers and toes on this one!

  126. This fabric is gorgeous-

    You could not possibly have that much fabric between you or you could not stand next to each other – lol

    (I found a great way to falsify that statement didn't I -:)

    Thanks for the Giveaway !!!

  127. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA!
    I love the new line Ruby! Can hardly wait to start sewing with it! I think #3 is false but probably not much off!

  128. I'm going to guess #3 as the false statement — although perhaps just a slight exaggeration. Lol. LOVE Ruby. I bought the FQ pack, but I want MORE. I saw someone was going to do a Dear Jane out of it. That would be lovely. I've been planning to do a Dear Jane — as soon as I finish my Farmer's Wife. πŸ˜‰

  129. Well, we all know Camille's love of Diet Coke, and although I am sure they have a lot of fabric, don't think they have THAT much. So I am going with #3 as false!
    Love their fabric and designs. Just bought Swoon and can't wait to get started!
    MegJill at
    he4rken at yahoo dot com

  130. These guessing games can be so tricky but I want to win this bundle so badly. So I am going to guess that the false statement is #3. (Although I'm sure that all of us with a stash think we have that much!)

  131. The reds and blues are my favorite combo too! I would love to win this fabric. I too think that #3 is incorrect! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  132. My guess is that #3 is false. I do, however, believe they have A LOT of fabric…probably just not THAT much. Thanks for the chance!

  133. I absolutely love the colors in the Ruby fabric collection. I believe statement #3 is a lie. Not sure how they could actually measure that. Thanks for the chance to win.

  134. I believe that #3 is false, although not by much :-)! I received my order of Ruby in the mail yesterday, and it is stunning. I can't wait to cut into it. I'm thinking I just may need to order more!

    Kathy McDonald, Seattle

  135. This fabric line is so yummy and so pretty. I think it's #3 also. Just because that's alot of fabric! Thanks for the great interview. Love these designers.

  136. Love Ruby! And the Swoon pattern which I bought from your shop and I've just started.
    I hope number 3 is false because I can't think where can they keep so many fabric if it's true…

  137. I have been DYING for Ruby to come out. Now if only I could afford it. I am going to go with number 3 is the false statement.

  138. Having followed Camille's blog for a while I know that 1 and 2 are true. So as believable as it sounds number 3 MUST be the lie. πŸ˜‰

    What a wonderful tribute to Ruby! Love the line.

  139. I would have to say number 1 is the lie! Dr. Pepper yes, but not Diet Coke! LOL I loved this article. It so reminds me of my grandma Ruth – Spunky and Spirited at 5' 10" she too was a hoot!

  140. Oh I love Ruby! I bought the swoon pattern when it first came out and have been impatiently waiting for these fabrics. Statement #3 has got to be the false one, but oh what fun that stash would be!

  141. That would be an awful lot of fabric! So I'm saying #3 is incorrect. And if it's true you need to do some serious destashing!:) I do like Ruby, it's so bright and cheery but not overpowering.

  142. It must be #3 – you might have a lot of fabric but circling the earth TWICE? ONCe would suffice forever and ever – even for stashers like us, right?

  143. Enjoyed the interview, love B & C's designs and inspiration!

    Have to believe #3 is false … we quilters LOVE fabric but don't think anyone has THAT much! thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I think no. 3 is false – that would be a lot of fabric: circling the earth once, ok but twice????
    iplatvoet at hotmail dot nl

  145. I know from her blog that Camille is a Dr. Pepper fan, and I believe that they share a birthday, so I believe that number 3 is false.


  146. Love the fabric these two ladies have designed! # 3 is my guess for the lie, but wouldn't that be amazing ( or cumbersome )to have that much fabric?

  147. I love all of bonnie and camille's fabric collections! They are such a great team and so inspiring. I am going to say that #3 to false.
    Fingers crossed….

  148. #3 is the lie. By the way, LOVE the new Ruby line! Can't wait to get some into my stash! Hope I win to help me get started.

  149. I believe Number 3 is the one that is false. That would be a LOT of fabric!!!! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous fabric…love the line. nlundeen at catt dot com