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Deck-ade the Halls: Holiday Homecoming

Happy Monday, quilters! Are you ready for the latest installment of the Deck-ade the Halls Quilt Along? Let’s add a touch of Christmas charm to our quilt with a classic wreath! The Holiday Homecoming block invites you into the Christmas season with a sense of warmth and welcoming!

There is something special about a home decorated for the holidays, topped off with a wreath. You can almost be sure that the home behind the wreath is filled with warm cocoa, a trimmed tree and plenty of gifts for giving! We are bringing that sense of welcoming to our Deck-ade the Halls quilt with the Holiday Homecoming blocks. Our three wreaths are accented with the cutest red bows. Come on in, we will show you how to make them!

The Holiday Homecoming blocks just might be the easiest in the quilt. The wreath is centered around a snowball block, building a larger ring around it. You can find all the patterns for this fun novelty Christmas quilt in our Peppermint Lane Block of the Month Book. To make the piecing process as smooth as can be, we filmed an instructional video highlighting the techniques used when constructing the blocks. Watch the video to master corner square triangles, and this block will be a breeze!

You can find all the patterns for this fun novelty Christmas quilt in our Peppermint Lane Block of the Month Book.  We accompany each block with an instructional video filled with tips and tricks, to make your piecing as problem-free as can be.

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  1. Thank you Kimberly and Jocelyn for another Monday block for Deck-ade the Halls. I cannot tell you how much I love this quilt, having followed every other Monday with your fantastic quilt kit from FQS (my only on-line fabric shop).

  2. I'm just finishing my presents from the last step and can't wait to start the wreaths…they are so adorable. But then I think I have said that about every step/block so far! Thanks so much for all this fun!

  3. I am just loving Deck-ade The Halls. I am using my. Own Christmas fabrics and am impressed with each pattern. I am almost caught up. Can't wait for the next one.

  4. I enjoy your blogs. Although I consider myself a traditional quilter, I am finding myself drawn to the newer more modern fabrics and designs. Who says an old dog can't change its spots?