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Debbie’s Recipe Box: Pear Coffee Ring

Back by popular demand, it’s the return of our Debbie’s Recipe Box! Today’s recipe is a scrumptious coffee cake treat, rich & sweet!

Pssst…tomorrow is Kimberly’s birthday…feel free to send her birthday wishes!

Click on the image for a printable PDF!


  1. There's no coffee in this cake??

    Hm, I'm Australian and I guess this a cake to have with cofee….maybe an
    american thing…

  2. Dear bluegecko,
    No, no coffee in a "coffee cake". You were right – coffee cakes are usually eaten with a cup of coffee. I don't care for coffee, but I LOVE coffee cakes. They are usually not as sweet as a layered, frosted cake, and usually have cinnamon as one of the ingredients.

    Coffee cake tastes really good in the morning hours, and if you're not a coffee drinker, milk also goes really good with this type of cake.

  3. Ah, like madeira cake doesn't contain madeira (like a sherry drink)

    It always reminds me of a Seinfeld episode about coffee cake….I always thought it was coffee flavoured ha ha

  4. I'm also Australian and don't know what a can of biscuits is??? Is it a batter or do the bikkies come in a can? Also not sure what powdered sugar is… but presume it is what we call icing sugar. Despite this, the cake sounds lovely, would love to give it a try. Even without coffee in the cake which is a little different. Quilty hugz, Robyn

  5. Hi Robyn,

    I was in Coles (supermarket) and saw they had Apple teacake….
    a plain butter cake with apple on top and it definitely doesn't contain tea :-)) So I guess that's our version of coffee cake.

    Biscuits in America are like our scones. We used to have cans of dough for rolls and croissants. It was a cardboard cylinder with metal ends and you twisted it and the cardboard broke into a spiral…and maybe they have scone dough like this?

  6. Hey Bluegecko & Robyn! Yes, our American biscuits are like your scones. Round, flat-topped baked bread. And yes, icing sugar is the same as powdered sugar!

  7. And here is Debbie's reply:
    The biscuits used the in Pear Coffee Cake are made by Pillsbury and come in a can ready to bake. I don't know if you have anything similar in Australia. Powdered sugar is probably the same as your icing sugar. This breakfast cake is called "coffee" cake in the US because most people have it in the morning with their coffee! It's a breakfast cake! Hope you try it! It's very yummy especially right out of the oven!

  8. I have made these 2 times now and they are wonderful. Love the recipe and so did my family. I was trying them out for my quilting meeting this week and it is certainly a winner.