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Dance With Me by Jennifer Paganelli

Jennifer Paganelli has done it again with her newest collection, Dance With Me. It is cheery enough to get everyone in the summer mood. This collection uses bright graphics, and elegant florals to create a look uniquely her own. We can’t wait to see what new patterns she comes up with to complete the carefree look of Dance With Me.

No coincidence that Dance With Me spins out right after Flower Power and Pretty Please. I wanted to do a multicolored line that played off the previous collections, and yet significantly strayed from the obvious Sis Boom Signature style. The feedback has been sensational.

Across all lifestyle products Dance With Me has captured the mood of what quilters and the world want right now, which is to be entertained. Tired of the same old same old, I think Dance With Me is a refreshing departure for any sewer!

The quilts I’ve seen are light, but saturated with color. Make certain to find the quilt Marsha Moore did on the Free Spirit site she poked fun at the octagonal cheater by making an octagonal quilt. I love the cheater for all that it is! It has a Lilly-esque quality that was a coincidence but nevertheless Lilly Pulitzer is one of my idols!! Happy is as happy does and these fabrics make everyone happy. Just so you know when this launches there will be a raffle for a pile of Dance With Me fat quarters over at my place for a week.

Dance With Me is a mood, so put on your favorite music and revel in the syncopated beat. It truly is a line to celebrate. Big thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for allowing me to do some shameless cheerleading . . . love you guys!!

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