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The Coming Soon Contest

We have a ton of new stuff on our Coming Soon page! We don’t know where to begin talking about it…so we want you to talk for us!

Go through our Coming Soon items and post a comment on our blog about what is your favorite item and why! On Monday, we’ll select 3 comments at random, and they will win a Monkey’n Round Jelly Roll!

Remember, tell us what and why before 12 AM, Monday, 11/5. Start browsing and talking!


  1. Oh I have to pick just one?? I think I will go with the Simplicity line of fabric, just because I am dying to see it in real life!

  2. Dennis surprised me with a purple hydrangea potted plant this weekend. The lavendar hydrangea table runner kit will be perfect for me to put it on.

  3. I’m with Claudia – I love the lavender hydrangea table runner kit! The design is adorable and the colors are cheery. This one is going on my Christmas wish list!

  4. I couldn’t just pick one… I love 3. Prairie Paisly, Dandelion Girl and Simplicity. I can already picture them made up in quilts. Charms and Jelly Rolls are my new craze. Thanks for Sharing!

  5. I’m looking forward to the Za Za collection. I love the colors and flower prints – and dots! How can you go wrong with dots?

  6. I’ve got to say that the Two Young Street Collection by Prints Charming wins it for me, only just (behind Strawberry Lemonade by Me & My Sister Designs).

  7. Simplicity Jelly Roll
    3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics
    The 3 sisters jelly roll collection is my favorite. Not only because I am excited about seeing it, but because I have 2 other sisters, besides myself, and this quilt will be going to my sister who is battling a rare form of cancer, and is not doing well at this time with her chemo,ect. This quilt will be made in honor of my ” sissy”, one whom I cherish as my best friend, and confidante..

  8. What a blast from the past !!!! The Hemming House Jelly Roll Tin is way similar to the kind of case I used to keep my curlers in. (I’m telling my age, aren’t I?) well, girls… I still remember rolling my hair at night and sleeping on those dreadful curlers ! Every Night !!!! My mom gave me an old overnight case and thats what I kept everything in. (thanks for the memory)

    Anyhow….I fell in love with Waters Edge at first sight. But how can we pick just one? Next I need the Giggles flannels. mmmm warm quilts for my grandbabies. Hurry Spring and get here.

  9. i’m looking forward to the Friends & Flowers Collection by Mary Engelbreit for Moda Fabrics – I love the bright colors – and the simplicity of the lines and dots…

  10. I love the “Friends and Flowers” fabric line by Mary Engelbreit for Moda Fabrics. The colors and prints in the fabrics make me feel happy and cheerful. They will make several projects come alive. Thank you for letting us see the coming fun.

  11. Okay, it’s between ZaZa by Erin Michaels and Mix & Mingle by Sandy Gervais. I think it’s because of the greens and browns and the simple, chunky, geometric shapes of the “nature” patterns. Or maybe its because my two teenaged girls gravitate toward toward the green/brown/orange hues and I have a built in fan club of any project I finish.

  12. Oh my Gosh! Are you sure…only
    one?? My Favorite would be the
    Bluebonnet Trail since we are in
    Texas. But Strawberry & Lemonade or even Maypole are sure to get you
    into that Springtime, early Summer
    Mode..I can hardly wait!!

  13. I am brand new to the quilting world. i found your site through web searching. I love it and go to it everyday to explore. Picking one is hard, but I think I will go with Star Spangled Quilt because it looks like something a beginner could handle. Can you ever have too much fabric?????

  14. Wildflowers! I’m usually not a big floral fan, but this collection is outstanding! Really pretty selection of flowers! Love it!

  15. The spring 3 Sisters lines are always wonderful, and Simpliciy is no exception. I think it will work up beautifully in the quilt I am planning for my Mom. I also just love the Giggles Flannels!

  16. I am absolutely swooning over them all!! It’s so hard to pick just one because I have dreams for so many of them. Right now I am re-decorating my sunporch and can see a quilt out of Prairie Paisley gracing the back of the rocker. . . so for now it’s Prairie Paisley!

  17. Just one? Okay!

    My favorite is PrairiePaisley- SimplicityAtWatersEdgeDandelionGirl-HemmingHouseStrawberryLemonade- SweetEscapeMotherGooseFriend. Whew!! Say THAT three times!! And the reason I like them — they inspire me!!

  18. I love the Wee Play. I have a brand new granddaughter and I am always thinking of her so these fit wonderfully with my thoughts! 🙂

  19. I love everything on your website; I check it out everyday just to look at all of the pretty fabrics.The ZaZa collection especially appeals to me because the colors are so pretty and cheerful. It would be fun to put pieces of that collection into a quilt.

  20. My, My, what fun trying to decide which one I like the best. After much going back and forth, has to be Daydreams by Deb Strain. Love all the colors, green,blue,pinks,brown and the designs. This would make a stunning quilt just for me. Can hardly wait until it is available.

  21. Wow, so hard to pick just one. Thimbleberries Lakeside and Lodge Bear Paw quilts and runners are great. The triple play and Star Spangled Banner quilt and tacle runner are also right up there. The Maypole and Prairie Paisley quilt kits also caught my eye. the lavendar Hydrangea is definetely in the running, but if I had to pick just one I think I would have to go with the Heritage Quilt kit, although I really like working with the jelly rolls, they are so fun, fast and easy! Boy, how can you stop at one????

  22. I can’t wait to dance around the Maypole charm fabrics. I have just
    the perfect pattern for that collection…How many month’s until

  23. Love Simplicity by 3 Sisters – love all material by 3 Sisters!! I can already see the quilt hanging in my dining room! Love it, love it, love it! Also love Hemming House and Water’s Edge, Dandelion Girl and Garden Inspiration by Kansas Troubles – I could go on and on – lovely, lovely fabrics!!!

  24. I can’t decide between the new Mary Englebreit or the American Jane, both are really fun, I love the colors and the prints in both!

  25. Browsing through fabric stores has always been a form of therapy for me. Tonight I came home after admitting my 86 year old mother to the hospital and I needed to unwind. What a treat to find all your wonderful new fabrics.I particularly loved the Hemming
    House Collection, it looks like it will make up great for a very traditional quilt. Thanks for the

  26. It’s so hard to only pick one item from so many lovely fabrics. I especially love the wide variety of Jelly Rolls and the Strawberry Lemonade one from Me and My Sister Designs really caught my eye. I do lots of strip piecing and the jelly rolls really fill the bill

  27. I will have to go with the “Wee Play” by American Jane. The reason I picked that one is because that is the one that made my “creative juices” flow it is a little bit 30’ish, but with a little more warmth than the usual 30’s and it is cheerful!

  28. If I had to choose just one, I would pick the Friends & Flowers Collection by Mary Engelbreit. I could see a really fun quilt or even a pretty apron (or both) out of that fun fabric. Thanks for the sneak peak!

  29. Being a transplanted Texan (a military spouse living in Hawaii for now) I definately can’t wait for “Bluebonnet Trail” to come out for a reminder and a taste of home.

  30. Wow. I really like the Wee play american Jane fat quarters. The colors are so vivid and cheery. I’m always attracted to that.

  31. At Water’s Edge would have to be my favourite. I think Barb and Alma read my mind. Finally, the fabric range with which I can create a simply pieced quilt which will be right at home in a seaside cottage.

    While I am commenting, thanks Kimberley for a TRULY WONDERFUL online quilt store. I live in Australia and your store keeps me up to date with all the lovely new ranges and your service has always been exceptional!

  32. Wow!! Lots of beautiful things on that page! I pick the Heritage Quilt Kit by Fig Tree. Love that quilt and those fabrics.

  33. I absolutely LOVE the new Cover Story II collection. I loved the first set and the new one is fabulous! I’m looking forward to making wallhangings and my dad is going to make wooden frames and hangers for them so I can sell them and buy more fabric and quilt stuff. A family project is ALWAYS a great thing.

  34. Kitty Cucumber!!!!! Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?! I’m jumping up and down with excitement! I’ll be the first one in line for this collection! I feel like a kid that’s just gotten the best Christmas present EVER!

  35. This is WAY to hard a decision to make – and only one cup of coffee in the system!!! Gotta say that Dandelion Girl and Water’s Edge are my very favourite with Za Za right up there. My girls are raving about Posh and Two Young Street. Truly this is a spectacular “coming soon” section. SOOOO Many wonderful selections.

  36. I love the Mary Engelbreit Friends and Flowers Collection. I love her colors and designs. I have several of her fabrics.

  37. I have to agree…how on earth can I pick just one!! I do believe that I will be fabric rich in the upcoming year…fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop. I love “All You Need is Love” by Deb do I need 2 Jelly Rolls or the Fat Quarter Collection?? HMMMM.


  38. If I have to pick just one it would be the Dandelion Girls fabrics. I am so enchanted by those beautiful, warm fabrics – makes me think of a lazy summer day with time to look at the clouds and read a good book in the backyard.

  39. It’s really hard to pick just one, but I love the Friends & Flowers Collection Mary Engelbreit for Moda Fabrics. I’ve always been a big fan of her designs.

  40. There are several that I will buy. I suppose I LOVE the Urban Chicks’ “Swell”…jealous of all the ladies that bought it at market! haha

  41. Such lovely things are on the way for us. I think my favorite from all of these is Prarie Pasily. It is nice to see red, white and blue that isn’t only patriotic or Americana.

  42. I can’t wait for Red, White, & Bold by Sandy Gervais to come out. I have a friend whos husband has spent the past 15 months in Iraq and I want to make something for her from this line as a thank you for the what her and her husband have been doing.

  43. Well picking just one thing is super hard, since I’d pretty much take them all. But, I do really love the new line Dandelion Girl by Fig Tree. I love her fabric lines, and the prints in this one are just so cute. Also I can’t wait to see Simplicity by 3 Sisters. Another favorite!!! I’m also in love with Jelly Rolls. They are so so fun.

  44. I agree it’s difficult to pick just one. I love the Simplicity line. The colors are always so pretty. I’m also one of three sisters. 🙂

  45. You weren’t kidding about all the great stuff coming soon. I love so many things, but if I have to pick just one I would say I absolutely love the new Mary Engelbreit Friends & Flowers Collection. I’ve always been a ME fan!

  46. I can barely pick just one. I think I’ll go with Giggles for Girls, just because it is always great to have baby quilt fabrics on hand. =)

  47. What a great idea! I love the new April Cornell fabrics – Maypole and Maypole Plaids, especially. My mom is grieving the loss of her local April Cornell store, so I’d love to make her something with them. I have a great idea for those monkey fabrics, too!

  48. I love the Simplicity line, both the print and plaids. They would look wonderful in some of Brenda Riddle’s (Acorn Quilt and Gift Co.)
    new patterns. I also love Garden Inspirations, because I have already made two quilts with the Kansas Troubles fabrics.

  49. So many beautiful fabrics coming … So many wonderful quilts to sew… March promises to be a great month for fabric lovers, but there is plenty between now and then to sink your fingers into. February looks pretty wonderful, too. I’ve been just waiting for this month for Urban Indigo to be ready for sale, but now I may have a new “coming soon” favorite: Dandelion Girl! Best hurry up and finish my Allspice Tapestry quilt and the my Yuletide Blessings projects. I just love the soft colors and pretty patterns from my favorite designer, Fig Tree Quilts.

  50. Ohh Kimberly, you make it so impossible! I love the URBAN CHIKS (have I mentioned I know the chiks) and the new Mary E stuff looks wonderful, and Susand Branch.. well how can we choose?

  51. Oh there are so many things that I like. But my favorite is the hydrangea table runner kit. I love flowers and have alot in my yard.

  52. What a challenge! I kept going from one line to another. At this very minute my favorite is Prairie Paisely by Minick and Simpson. I just love the reds and blues. In addition, I have a soft spot for paiselys and roses. Looks like a fabric line designed just for me.
    Thanks for a wonderful website and a wonderful blog!!!

  53. So many good ones coming! I have to say Dandelion Girl is my favorite for the soft colors and I even love the name. I also love Maypole and the quilt kits made with it for their striking look.

  54. I just love the simplicity quilt kit. But also all the other modafabriclines I just love. Almost want to buy another jellyroll as I love working with them a lot.

  55. Well, if you can’t beat the Dandylions in your yard, you might as well enjoy them in your sewing room – LOVE LOVE FIG TREE GIRLS!

  56. How in the world can I choose only one? I guess if I have to, it would Posh by Chez Moi, but Flirtations and All You Need is Love would be second and third…..

  57. Love the Posh range but leaning towards Two Young Street because I’ve got a 16yo who would love the funkiness of it.

  58. I am really looking forward to the new Prints Charming collection. I have some from the Follow Your Imagination series (working on a baby quilt with it). They have the lovliest prints and silky smooth fabric.

  59. I have to say my favorite thing to come has to be the new line by April Cornell called Maypole prints. I seem to have an addiction to charms and this charm pack is bright and Charmingly beautiful. 😉

    Of course I have already preordered Strawberry lemonade. So I guess that is two favorite lines that are coming soon.

  60. Well…i thought i would have no problem picking one out and therefore could help you! WRONG! First the rose one….then the sand and surf…then the quilt kits! Help..i am officially indecisive on which one to pick! They are all beautiful and i could be happy sewing with anything…after…i am a fabriholic!

    You have a great site by the way!

  61. Well, if I have to pick just one, I guess it will be Maypole. It just reminds me of being in sixth grade and doing the Maypole. The girls would have to wear skirts and white blouses and the boys had to wear dark pants and white shirts with the criss cross ties with the snap in the middle. And they had to be red, green, or blue. And the crepe paper that was used to wrap the Maypoles were in the same colors. It was quite fun. Unfortunatly, they don’t do it anymore. The kids are really missing out.

  62. There’s too much to mention!! This if the first time I’ve been to your site/blog…. LOVE them both… Will be back often!!! Is it 2008 yet?? 🙂 Ok .. Is it Monday yet… the Jelly Roll is mine right? 🙂

  63. I am absolutely in love with the Prarie Paisley line of fabrics. It makes me think of a warm homey porch and time to visit with friends. I can’t wait to use it in something for my home.

  64. All I can say is WOW! There are SO many great collections coming! I guess I’d pick the Posh Collection by Chez Moi for Moda. I really like the brights,and the stylized paisleys. I can see a bright, cheerful and happy wallhanging made from this collection. Very beautiful. Dandelion girl is the *perfect* soft color collection, though!! I would definitely make a bed quilt (and table runner, and tote bag, and, and, and…) from this collection.

  65. Heavens to Betsy!!–I love them all! A girl can never have too much fabric. I especially love Simplicity–it reminds me of Paris Flea Market meets Seaside Rose, two lines that I loved. I love the bright summery colors of both Two Young Street and Summer Lemonade. Swell looks “swell” LOL as does Prairie Paisley & I can’t wait for Verna’s line of fabric to come out–I already purchased one of her patterns after reading about her here. So, after saying all of that, it all looks fab!–Can’t wait!

  66. Picking just one was impossible so I narrowed it to three…hope that is okay??? First up is the new Simplicity line by Three Sisters..LOVE IT! Next, Swell from Urban Chicks. I can’t wait to play with those fabrics. And, last but not least, Posh from Chez Moi. I am stopping now lest I carry on about the other 3-4 things that are sure to be favorites too!

  67. I have been a huge Mary fan since high school, for over 10 years now, so I have to go with the Friends and Flowers as my favorite.

  68. My favorites are; Swell, Daydreams, and simplicity. It is exciting all the new and up and coming fabric. My husband will be mad at money that I would like to spend. 🙂

  69. Pick one?? No way! But I’m glad you had this contest – I hadn’t been on the Coming Soon page and there was so much great stuff to look at.

    Must Haves: Dandelion Girl; Wee Ones and Maypole collection sure looks like it has possibilities.

  70. The fabrics just keep getting better. I’m going to go with wee play because I am completely addicted to these vintage kids prints. I can’t wait!

  71. Hello there Ladies-
    I just wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments about my newest line, Dandelion Girl. I appreciate all your kind words! Don’t worry about adding me to the drawing, just thought I’d drop by & say thanks for the compliments. Gotta love Kimberly & her wonderful new blog!
    Happy Sewing,

  72. Difficult to pick just one, so many wonderful fabrics! It has to be either Simplicity because of its lovely soft colors or Prairie Paisley because I like red, white and blue.

  73. I would have to say that the Posk collection and the Wee plays are my favorite. But there are someother collections that I have patterns in mind for!

  74. I absolutely love the Two Young Street by Prints Charming!! I am a brights girls and love their fun prints…can’t wait to see them!!

  75. Friends and Flowers- It was sooo hard to pick just one! The reason I picked Friends and Flowers is the fact that I believe friends bring so much into ones life. I have a beautiful group of women in my life that I’m so thankful for.

  76. I would love to hear how other quilters like the rolls of 2 1/2 inch jelly rolls. I really get excited about trying them but want to hear what others have to say. The Fat Quarter Shop has best selection.

  77. I love all of the beautiful new fabrics-especially Simplicity by Moda. I love 3 Sisters designs and the combination of aqua and pink.

  78. It’s difficult to choose, but I would say the Simplicity Quilt Kit
    is my favorite and has been since you first described it after Quilt Market. I have loved every fabric line by 3 Sisters and I am looking forward to being able to buy the Simplicity line. Next favorite would be Hemming House, Prairie Paisley, and Red White & Bold.

  79. I would have to pick Posh by Chez Moi. I have bought both their other charm packs and LOVE the funky colors! I also know my mother in law will just LOVE Dandelion Girl because she has been talking about making a quilt using neutrals, so there you go! Too bad we have to wait until Feb and March for these goodies! Can I just have one of each please? Haha
    By the way, LOVE the blog and LOVE the Fat Quarter Shop. Am cutting out my Frenchy Bag and can’t wait to assemble it. (Bought it from your Friday Special in September)

  80. What I super web site. I loved the recipes. I work and love fast easy recipes so that I have time for the important things like quilting and piecing quilts!