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City Weekend by Oliver + S + FUN!

We have a newbie in the house today, well a newbie at least for designing fabrics for Moda… it’s Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S.  She’s been around our world for a bit now, more specifically designing children’s patterns.  Turns out she’s a natural at designing fabric also, as her new line City Weekend turned out to be a real hit… well definitely not rock and roll type hit, but you’ll know what I mean in just one second…  

Do you ever imagine your perfect weekend? City Weekend is about my perfect weekend here in New York, where I live. I would wake up on Saturday morning in my make-believe downtown loft, roll out of bed, and pop down to the corner bakery for a pastry and a coffee. Then I would decide what to do with the rest of my day: maybe take a stroll through the neighborhood park before stopping into a bookstore to browse the titles, meet a friend for lunch, take a nap on the sofa with the newspaper, or go for a bike ride along the river.

The color palette for the fabrics features clear, vibrant colors like blue, turquoise, red, and yellow-orange, with supporting shades of pink and green. The prints are intentionally relaxed and calm to suit the inspiration, ranging from the large Park Ramble branch pattern with plenty of open space (the kind of space you can only find in a park when you’re in the city); to Corner Florist, a scattered bouquet of blossoms; to the more orderly but still wild Treetop with its graphic pattern of autumn leaves.

Ice Cream Dress Pattern

City Weekend includes plenty of smaller patterns, too, since it’s much easier to mix patterns when some of them work more like solids. The Roundabout Dots print works beautifully with many of the patterns, as do the simple and tiny Cafe Dots, picking up the colors in the patterns without grabbing too much attention for themselves. The Urban Grid and Street Stripe work equally well for boys and girls and lend a quiet calm to the collection.

City Weekend Moda Quilt Kit

The quality of the fabric itself is very luxurious: light, smooth, and soft, suiting the fabrics beautifully to clothing (of course), quilts, and all sorts of projects. I designed the City Weekend quilt pattern specifically to feature these fabrics, and Moda has produced a quilt kit for the pattern.

City Weekend also includes interlock knits. This is a wonderful quality of knit that is unlike any other currently in the market. It’s substantial and soft. If you’ve felt the hand on knit fabrics before and haven’t been impressed, I encourage you to try this quality. It will change your mind about sewing with knits.

If you’re looking for things to make from the knits. I recommend our new Hopscotch Dress or Top, the Nature Walk Pants (more about these later), and the Bedtime Story Pajamas, which were actually written for woven fabrics but make up beautifully in knits as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy these fabrics! And may your ideal weekend come true for you.

– Liesl Gibson


So apparently everyone gets another chance at the Red Rose Farm giveaway!  One of the FQB’s was not claimed…

so the new winner is….

Barb in Mi

“For Red Rose Farm
I’d give my arm.

Some dots and some flowers
Will release quilting powers

To create and design
The quilt will be mine.

I need to succeed
Or I will delete

This attempt of a rhyme
That makes you all whine…

What fun – Thanks for the opportunity!”

Congratulations!  To claim your prize email “Stephanie[at]fatquartershop[dot]com with your shipping information.  You have till Monday Oct. 18 @ midnight CST.


Of course not to mention the candy bars of fabrics inside… Well remember how I told everyone to keep their eyes open, because we just might do another giveaway with it.. 

Well today’s your lucky day! With Halloween coming up we have not one, but TWO more tins to play with… thats a total of 4 candy bars!  One tin has two candy bars of City Weekend..

and the other- two bars of Bliss!

So given the holiday, the contest will revolve around it..  

Pick which of these two lines you would like… AND tell me what kind of costume you would make/design out of it.  

Creativity matters here! 🙂

This contest will close Tuesday Oct. 19 @ midnight CST. 


  1. Oh, I love bliss! It is so bright and cheery! It reminds me of summer days picking cherries so with that in mind . . . I think it would make an adorable Cherry Costume for my little one. Sewn together in strips and then those strips into a rectangle, gathered around the neck and lower waist and stuffed. So Cute!! And of course, I would have to come up with and adorable stem hat 🙂

  2. I love City Weekend, and would make a quilt with sleeves. Nad then when someone asks what I am, I would reply, "Warm!!!"

  3. i would love city weekend and i will make a patchwork 50s style apron with matching hot pads for a 50s housewife costume. thanks for the giveaway!

  4. My youngest is planning to be Little Red Riding Hood as well for Halloween. I have the fabric for her cape, but the "Bliss" fabrics would be lovely sewn together for a patchwork dress, and a napkin for her basket. I Love both lines but think that "Bliss" would fit her costume better. Thank you for the chance.

  5. I love the City Weekend. I could make a cute mermaid costume out of that fabric, the teal dots would make a great bra top and the river fabric could be the scales for the tale.

  6. Well, my son wants to be a boxer and my daughter wants to be a black cat. Maybe I could convince her to be a calico cat instead? It would certainly be way more creative and adorable made out of that Bliss!

    P.S. This contest ends on my birthday, so if you'd like to let me win for that reason…LOL

  7. I would like "Bliss" and I would make a 1950's house dress with a pocket and a hanky sticking out of it. and of course an apron to match. it so reminds me of the "Leave it to Beaver" show! CUTE! LOVE IT!

  8. I would choose Bliss to make an Alice in Wonderland costume for my daughter.
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  9. I would love to get the Bliss candy bars to try and fashion a flower costume for my daughter. I'm thinking lots of layers like a peony! 🙂

  10. Oh how fun! I love the Bliss, and would make a scrappy apron out of it and go as June Cleaver. I would wear a twin set, pearls, pencil skirt, and heels with the apron. 🙂

    Sandy A

  11. Well I'd choose the City Weekend and I think I'd be Maria from the Sound of Music. I can see her running & singing the Hills Are Alive in this fabric

  12. What a wonderful giveaway! I'd love the City Weekend and make a patchwork version of an Alice in Wonderland costume.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    ~Teresa 😉

  13. Out of the Bliss fabric, I would make an old fashioned 1880's style swimsuit … complete with pantaloons, a big collar, and a large bow for my hair.

  14. City weekend, I love Liesl's patterns! I would make a quilt with the squares, and wear it for halloween. Maybe add a pillow and be a bed, all snuggled up.

  15. Bliss, though making us choose is cruel and unusual, ha! I would make a multi-colored clown costume, for a pretty little girl. Or a little pioneer girl in a long dress with a sunbonnet.

  16. Wohooo, just wanted to say thank you so much! I am the replacement winner of the Red Rose giveaway! What can I say, but what a perfect timing: just dropped of a bunch of food at the local food bank – and then come home to find out I won! How much better can it get?
    Thank you!

  17. Well either one would be great but I think Bliss would be my pick.
    I would be a baby and would make the cutest baby blanket with it so then I could enjoy it for a long time.

  18. Well since I was lucky enough to pick up a FQ bundle of City Weekend at Market in May but couldn't get any Bliss I'll have to go with the latter on this one!

    Hmmm, I think Bliss would work really nicely for a Princess costume or for a flower costume!

  19. I would love the Bliss, and I think an I LOVE LUCY apron and baker's cap (like she wore in the scene of eating chocolates off the conveyor belt) would be an excellent idea for the tin of candy bars!

  20. City Weekend and funny thing is my 17 year old drummer boy does need some sort of costume for a party and because he loves the out of ordinary and is a stand out kind of guy….boxer shorts and tie…that's my idea for the costume. He for whatever reason reminds us daily that he is "amazing"…his costume would allow me to show of what he also calls himself "his awesomeness!" Anybody want to adopt a 17 year old? LOL

  21. I love both of these lines; however, my sister would probably prefer the City Weekend line. The costume? NOt really a costume after all seeing as my sister is into roller derby! She'd love a little ruffly skirt made with girl colors to go kick some butt in!!

    Life is goooood!!

  22. Our granddaughter is going to be "Dorothy", with her sparkling red shoes and carrying her basket with Toto. What a cute little quilt BLISS would make for Toto to cuddle up in while out on a chilly night going Trick or Treating.

    And Dorothy could have a matching scarf around her neck to keep her warm. (A cute pattern for a neck scarf is available on Moda Bake Shop, – Wouldn't this be darling from "Blissful Bars??)

    Dear Granddaughter, click your heels three times.

  23. Well I wrote a poem, then realized you're not looking for a poem this time… oh well. You still get my poem…about the costume I would make with Bliss…

    Take some Bliss,
    Give it a kiss
    for luck and not to miss
    When outfitting Sis.
    Now don't hiss or dis,
    She'll make a great Chris
    Kringle in Bliss.

  24. I would love to add a Jelly Roll of Bella Solids in White to City Weekend and make a really "old time" striped prisoner's costume. Stripes all the way. 🙂

  25. I would definitely pick Bliss! My costume would be the candy bars pieced together and gathered to make ruffles for a cute clown costume. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. I love Bliss 🙂 I would make a "girly girly" chef's outfit — making ruffles at the bottom on the apron and the chef's hat out of the squares 🙂
    I love reading the other project ideas too!

  27. I am in love with Bliss! I would make a Strawberry Shortcake costume for my 4 year old daughter. The colors would come together nicely & she can't seem to get enough of Strawberry Shortcake!

  28. I would pick Bliss and make myself into the cutest (and biggest) patchwork handbag you ever saw! Do you think if you trick or treat as a purse people will give you money? 🙂

  29. I would love City Weekend. I would make a flower costume. I would make a patchwork headpiece with petals like a flower to wear around my face and then use the twigs fabric for the shirt and pants like the stem of the flower.
    Shawn in Michigan

  30. So I love city weekend! I would use the red or teal colors with the branches on them for a kimono and the other patterns for the belt, or cuffs and then make pants as well to complete a geisha outfit!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Bliss…..the raggedy ann costume never got made years ago and now my 27 year old goes on "zombie pub crawls"….maybe I'll make a "blissful" zombie?

  32. Having 4 daughters and made a few costumes, City Weekend would be a real treat to work with. With all the vibrant colors I would make some kind of gypsy custom, with a flowing skirt, (to dance around a campfire). Lots of fun, thanks for the great contests!

  33. Hi there, I would love to try City Weekend. My costume would be made with card board covered in fabric. On top of the head would be a panel of blue for the sky. The body would be a combo of red, turquoise and yellow tree branches, and the bottom would be green and yellow grasses. A walking walk in the park. 🙂


  34. City Weekend please – I already have a lot of bliss. I would use it to make a Raggedy Ann costume for my new granddaughter, because the fabric has a slight 1930's look to it, and would fit well for that purpose. Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. I'd use all the lovely Bliss 50's – prints to make a nice, sweet looking "Kim"-costume to match my husband's "Edward scissorhands"-costume. Wouldn't that be a great match?

  36. My granddaughter wants to be Tinkerbell this Halloween – City weekend is more natural with the leaves but wouldn't she be a standout in Bliss!! Never-never land would definately be Blissed!!!

  37. I would like the bliss package. I think I would make a patchwork red-riding hood costume out of it. Perhaps just the cape. I think it would be so cute and fun.

  38. City weekend is so spring to me. I think I would have to make an Easter Egg costume. I think it is so fun to dress up for different holidays of Holloween.

  39. I would choose Bliss.

    For my costume, I would get
    three dolls, all boys, and carry them around with one arm.

    I would have a Dr. Pepper in the other arm.

    I would put a camera around my neck.

    And then I would make a superhero cape out of Bliss (with a quilt-y look).

    Who would I be? (The super-perfect and very talented) Camille Roskelley.

    (It sounds like I want to date or or something, doesn't? Really, I just envy her.)

  40. I love them both but forced to choose I would go with City Weekend. I would then make a hobo costume with a patched shirt and pieced bag to carry from a stick!

  41. I would love City Weekend. I think it would make an adorable apron or skirt for Little Bo Peep.

  42. Bliss Candy Bar TuTu costume. Because of the limited amount of fabric, I would supplement with netting in colors to match Bliss. Make a wide elastic waist band for the tutu skirt. Tie strips of netting onto the band and also knot at the bottom. The more pouffy the better. Then, tack (or stick if can find something that will stick to netting) the bliss candy bars (short end) along the netting like little pennants. Pair with a leotard (or tee shirt and shorts) and ballet flats. On the leotard/tee, write in fabric glitter paint "Bliss Candy Bar". That's the costume for a little girl – twirly skirt and all. Benefit – afterwards can remove the candy bar fabric to reuse and the little one has an addition to the dress-up box. Please choose my Bliss Candy Bar Tutu costume as a winner! Thanks.

  43. i wouldlove to work with Bliss and make a drss in the style of Little Women. If I was limited to the candy bar pieces, I would use them for a bonnet and perhaps a drawstring purse bag and then get yardage for the dress.
    Love the opportunities you provide to win fabric.

  44. Well, since the fabric pieces are not that big, maybe a blissful little red riding hood costume for the little dolls I still store at my parents attic 🙂
    Or maybe that red riding hood costume for their cat which might be more fun for us; for her probably not that much 🙂

  45. thx for this giveaway opp!
    'city weekend' for me plz 🙂
    i'm thinking puffed sleeve blouse with cutesy apron – vintagey Heidi of the Alps or Betty Boop style:))
    Love your creativity ! it's inspiring ..,

  46. I would choose Bliss and make a costume where I would either be a matching set of kitchen storage containes or have them on my outfit as decorations.

    This looks so much like 1950's styles to me. 🙂


  47. I'd love City Weekend, but I think about a yard of Bliss would make a fine costume to dress my two year-old up as a sack of flour 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Shoot, I'd be perfect happy with either, but if I have to choose, I'd go with Bliss and my daughter is going to be a rock star, so I'm thinking it wouldn't work for her–too sweet, maybe I could make it into a quilt to carry with me in case it's cold…

  49. I like the City Weekend line and would use the fabric to make a flying fish costume. The little semi-circle prints would be the scales. The leaf prints would be the larger "wing" fins (because they look like feathers), and the stripes would be the smaller fins. For the face, I would layer all the different dot prints. Of course I would have to have a fashionable bag for my treats, so I would use the remaining prints to make a tote!

  50. Do you remember Strawberry Shortcake from the '80s? I'd love to use Bliss to make a Strawberry Shortcake costume–I can just picture a large puffy patchwork hat–the colors in Bliss are perfect! Now, where to find those green and white striped tights? (And do you think they'd make my you-know-what look big?) And I WAS thinking it's about time to touch up the gray so why not go red? Perfect!

  51. Both are incredible collections! I would pick bliss and make Strawberry Shortcake costumes for my 3 and 4 yr old girls! Who would have known that after all these years Strawberry Shortcake is back and just as popular! I bet you could even use some reds and blues from the Bliss line to make Ragedy Ann and Andy costumes too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Bliss seems to be the favorite with others, but City Weekend has my heart. I would use it to make a darling princess dress for my little girl and a matching dress her American Girl doll.

  53. Love the Bliss line. I would make a apron/dress 50's style for my daughter. She's a waitress by night and student by day so she would like that.

  54. I would love to make an Invisibility Cloak so I could sit at my machine and sew and no one would know where I was. How cool would that be?

  55. Well, they are both LOVELY, but I a leaning towards City Weekend…

    In reality, it would become a quilt, but…

    For a fantasy Halloween costume idea, I would make a giant quilted tea cozy, pop myself in it with some hand-outs of very special home-made spiced tea bags for the grownups.

  56. Oh my my – I would pick Bliss – it is not anywhere in town and it is crying out to me – do u hear it now??? – o.k., I do – thats what counts! hee. I would make out of the brights and sweets and princess like fabric – a princess costume for my boxer dog – gracie – or Princess Grace! and i would make her wear it – and parade her all over town all halloween day or maybe week!!!!!of course i have no idea quite how i would make it – but there is always a way!!!
    Tami in Tucson

  57. If I were a little girl, I would have wanted the City Bliss collection to turn into a little house on the prairie costume, complete with those cute knicker pants. If I were to make an out0fit today, it would be a sleeping beauty costume for my niece. She is into princesses and those light blues just sing to me!

  58. I would love those Bliss bars! Something about them makes me think of making a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  59. Patootie Blooms

    I would select the Bliss fabrics….all those pinks, reds and greens take me away to my garden with the Bliss aquas providing the perfect sky backdrop to get in a
    sunny mood. I am always the last on the street to put my garden to bed each year, never having the heart to pull up my impatiens or cut back the
    perennials while they still have traces of pink blooms and specks of green foliage. So I am usually out there in late October with a scarf and a winter coat, freezing my patootie off….

    So my costume would be a walking windowbox adorned with appliqued pink and red roses, hibiscus, dahlias, astilbes and strawberry blooms made from the scarlet, tulip and sweet shades, accented with cinnamon twigs. Inside the costume, the Bliss flannel coordinates would be the perfect lining to keep me and my patootie warm while
    I finished up my last gardening activities for the season before going out trick or treating later that night on Halloween.

    All these bright and vivid blooms would be the perfect inspiration during the long cold winter, when I have more free time to catch up with my many quilting UFOs. And the Halloween stash would help fuel my creative energy until the spring gardening season begins again next year!! Never mind what that stash would do to my patootie…..

  60. Bliss is my favorite. I would make a Laura Ingalls dress with her holding Nellie Olsons decaptated head. Im not a violent person but maybe Iv watched to many episodes of Little House On The Prarie. Happy Halloween and thanks for the chance

  61. I love bliss. I would make a beautiful makeup bag for my niece who lives in N.Y. She loves to show off all the things I make for her, to her friends. Thank you for everything you do to make us quilters happy.