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Celebrity Quilting Q&A with Kimberly

Hi everyone, it’s Kimberly and I’m excited to share with you another Quilting Q&A with Kimberly video – Celebrity Edition!

For this Q&A, we’ invited some of your favorite quilting celebrities to pose their questions and dig up some facts you may not know about me. Watch our first Celebrity Q&A video and let me know what you think. (Psssttt… stay tuned for Celebrity Q&A part 2 next month, you won’t wanna miss it!)


  1. Really enjoyed the celebrities & their questions and Kimberly seemingly answering so truthfully!
    Thx Kimberly for a pleasurable break to another boring morning of cleaning here!

  2. Kimberly … love your question and answer video! You are the quilter I would most like to have lunch with and laugh laugh laugh :)…

  3. What a great idea! I had an idea for a video – how to make a pouch and have the zipper nice and flat. I watched someone elses and she bombed. And line it they make great gifts and are really simple to make but that zipper thing gets a lot of people!