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Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms

We are delighted to introduce Camille Roskelley, the talented new designer behind Thimble Blossoms! Read on because she is bound to become a household name!

Hello all! My name is Camille, and I have a new pattern company called Thimble Blossoms that I am SO excited about! I have an all-out addiction to fabric, I just can’t seem to stop collecting it, and not a day goes by that I don’t create something with it! In the beginning, I started creating things just for fun, and then when others wanted to make the same project, I found myself overwhelmed with so many people needing me to guide them through each step. I decided to make some patterns of the projects I had been working on, and ta-da, Thimble Blossoms was born! Each step has been so exciting for me, from the original design to creating my pattern covers, to the photography, and now my new website, it has combined so many of my favorite things to do (along with very little sleep!). I set up my website as a blog because I am such a blog junkie, and can spend hours linking from blog to blog seeing all the creative genius everyone has. So many of you are brimming with creativity and talent! I love it!

My inspiration for patterns comes from such a variety of things, like colors, fabric, scrapbooking, etc, but I find one of my most useful sources to be dreams, oddly enough! I actually dream about fabric quite frequently, and find myself waking up in the middle of the night with some crazy idea. I have a little book I keep next to my bed (and carry everywhere with me during the day) that is filled with ideas. Hopefully if everything continues to go well, you will be able to see many more of them! My design process is also a little crazy, it consists of thumbing through that little book, pulling out the giant bins of fabric (and chocolate) until I find the exactly what I’m looking for, and sewing all night until it is pieced, stippled and bound. I then turn to my handpicked ultra-creative design panel (a few extra-special friends) to get feedback before deciding if it is pattern-worthy or not. So far, so good!

As a mom of a 3 and 2 (barely!) year old boys, things have gotten a little crazy at times! Thank goodness I am a night-owl and can work all night long! My boys are my best critics, and helpers, and more than once my little Aiden has looked at what I was working on and said “Ooh, I like this one, Mama! It’s the best!” A couple months ago, I realized that they may know a little too much about quilting when my 3 year old asked me to please “move the table topper” off the table to make room for his snack.

I grew up in a creative home where my mom taught me, as her mother taught her, to appreciate things that are hand-made. I have stacks of quilts in my home, and I love each and every one of them. My hope is that I can help others to realize that they absolutely can create those things for their homes, families, and friends, and also that they might feel that amazing sense of accomplishment when they finish that very last stitch.

– Camille

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  1. She’s very amazing and talented. I love all of her patterns and own just about all of them. Thanks Camille for making the coolest patterns and answering all of my quilting questions.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Camille. I just ordered one of her patterns. I am excited to make it for my little boy.

  3. What a great blog! I too am a blog junkie, especially if they are related to sewing or quilting. It’s so nice to get to meet some of the designers behind those fabulous quilt patterns out there! It’s just sew inspiring!

  4. This quilter has such a great sense of style. Her quilt patterns are awesome, I’m definitely BUYING her patterns!